Awesome Music / The Little Mermaid

The Disney Movie
Sebastian managed to make romantic music on a fly.

  • The singing that Ariel does when Ursula takes her voice - and then uses to seduce Eric. It sounds like a real life version of Siren song. And it becomes even more awesome when the shell breaks and Ariel gets her voice back.
  • From the Screen-to-Stage Adaptation:
    • Ariel gets a wondrous Act I opener in the form of "The World Above", which leads into an extended version of "Fathoms Below".
    • The revised production gives Ursula a new introductory Villain Song, "Daddy's Little Angel", which tells her Start of Darkness backstory and her revenge plot against Triton and his daughters.
    • Ariel's sisters sing the Motown-style number "She's in Love" following her rescue of Eric.
    • "Her Voice" is Eric's answer to "Part of Your World".
    • Scuttle and the gulls have the catchy tapdance number "Positoovity" as Ariel learns to walk as a human.
    • Ariel's Inner Monologue song "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" describes her astonishment with the human world.
    • In Eric's "One Step Closer", the mute Ariel learns dancing as a language.
    • The Eleven O'Clock Number "If Only" is a Distant Quartet where Ariel, Eric, Triton, and Sebastian lament their inability to communicate their desires to one another.
    • The Finale Ultimo, following a Triumphant Reprise of "If Only", gives us a glorious extended triumphant reprise of "Part of Your World".

The Animated Series

  • The song "In Harmony" from the televiosn series episode "The Evil Manta". Ariel completely derails the Manta's plans and drives him away, all with a single upbeat song.