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Western Animation: The Little Mermaid
A series by Disney based on the 1989 The Little Mermaid that aired from 1992-1994. Set during the period right before Ariel met Prince Eric, but after The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. (Note that this came before that movie, so there Ariel's Beginning brings in some retcons, such as the music ban and how Ariel met Flounder). This show was part of the set of spin-off cartoons based on successful movies that Disney produced during the decade, others including shows based on Aladdin, The Lion King, Hercules, Tarzan, The Jungle Book (though not complient to TaleSpin), and 101 Dalmatians that set up a backstory for the characters or a continuation of the adventures.

The series debuted as a Saturday Morning Cartoon on CBS, then was rerun on the Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and (as of April 2013) Disney Junior. It had three seasons and 31 episodes.

In this series, there was a musical number in every episode, and the tone was usually light and comedic, sometimes going onto the bizarre (a recurring comic villain was called Lobster Mobster, complete with an Edward G. Robinson imitation voice).

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