Awesome Music / One Piece
"Bink's no Sake wo,
Todoke ni yuku yo..."

As should be expected, an epic series like One Piece deserves an epic soundtrack.
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  • Nothing beats the original opening song, "We Are!", by Hiroshi Kitadani, which can in many respects be considered the series' theme song. While One Piece has many great opening and ending songs, this is the only one that sounds apart from mainstream J-music, and more like something specifically written for the show (it was composed by Kouhei Tanaka, after all). It's cheery, upbeat, and has a great singer, and the accompanying animation is impressive. And if you've been a fan of the series for so long and look back upon it, it's bound to strike a few chords in your heart.
  • The intros to the English version of the second opening, "Believe" and the third opening "Toward the Light" are pretty inspirational.
  • "Kokoro no Chizu", the fifth opening theme.
  • Opening 6, "Brand New World" is possibly the best opening, as one of the few that shows exciting scenes from the current arc.
  • Opening 8, "Crazy Rainbow Star", definitely needs acknowledgment.
  • The Ten Year Anniversary remix of "We Are". Knowing that an anime has lasted for ten years and is still going strong is definitely a triumphant moment for fans.
  • "Share The World" continues One Piece's legacy of having great openings.
  • The 12th opening, "Kaze wo Sagashite" ("Search for the Wind") definitely upholds the standard for great One Piece music. In addition, the TV version is accompanied with epic animation to set up for the Marineford Arc.
  • If we must speak of the new One Piece songs, we must not soon forget the 13th opening: "One Day" by The ROOTLESS. It fits the epic and tense feel of the Marineford saga perfectly, and also describes the brotherly relationship between Luffy and Ace quite nicely.
  • The fourteenth opening, "Fight Together" by Namie Amuro, is absolutely epic, capturing the feel and tone of the series post time-skip perfectly. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment if you watch the animated opening it plays on.
  • "We Go". It's a follow up to "We Are!", so you know that would be awesome before even listening to it. The English dub is worth listening to as well.
  • "Wake Up", by AAA (the same artist as the 2013 remix of "We Are!") certainly deserves a mention. So gosh-darn happy!
  • "Jungle P" by 5050 (the 9th opening) is an epic yet catchy song that fits the Thriller Bark Arc like a glove.



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