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Trivia: One Piece
  • The Marine that Jango hypnotized into thinking that he had captured Captain Kuro went on to become Captain Axe Hand Morgan, one of the first villains in the series.
  • Whitebeard's full name is Edward Newgate. Blackbeard's full name is Marshall D. Teach. If you take Whitebeard's first name and Blackbeard's last name, you get Edward Teach, which is the historical Blackbeard's real name. On a related note, Oda has stated the discovery of one of Blackbeard's ships was what inspired him to make a manga about pirates.
    • Thatch, Whitebeard's 4th Division Commander, and the guy who Blackbeard killed for the Dark-Dark Fruit (yami yami no mi), is based on an alias the real-life Blackbeard used.
  • The way Luffy activates Gear Third, by putting a thumb in his mouth, biting into the joints, and blowing to inflate his arm's bones, is visually similar to one of the more common ways Popeye the Sailor would bulk up after eating spinach.
    • Given that Franky's character design is 50% Popeye with 50% Jim Carrey, this was likely intentional.
  • In one SBS column for volume 56, Oda answered where each of the Straw Hats would live in the real world: Luffy: Brazil, Zoro: Japan, Nami: Sweden, Usopp: Africa, Sanji: France, Chopper: Canada, Robin: Russia, Franky: America, Brook: Austria.
  • Gecko Moria is the tallest (22'8") and oldest (48) out of all the known Warlords of the Sea, while Hancock is both the youngest (29) and shortest (6'3").
    • After the time-skip, Trafalgar Law's 26 makes him the youngest Warlord. Although Buggy the Clown's height has never been revealed, he is known to be only slightly taller than Luffy's 5'8˝", making him easily the shortest Warlord.
  • One Piece was originally only supposed to run for 5 years. Oda has admitted that one of the reason it has become such a Long Runner (passing such luminaries as Dragon Ball and InuYasha) is that he simply enjoys writing it.
  • Oda based the concept of One Piece on a vision of manliness, since Dragon Ball already did everything a kid could be happy about.
  • At 345 Million copies sold, One Piece is the best selling Manga in the world.

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