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Fanfic Recs: One Piece
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth becoming King of the Pirates for here:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for One Piece fanfics, all of which have been signed by people. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain 'fic. No-name recommendations will be zapped.

Feel free to add a fanfic recommendation of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found herenote . Just copy'paste the source code and fill in the work specific fields. Do try and put in your recommendations by category and alphabetical order.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexualnote  or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Reviews of fics are encouraged, but if you choose to write one, please make it substantive, and give specific details about what you liked / disliked in the fic. If you want to give a fic a thumbs-up without writing a full review, you can add your troper handle to the Recommendations Line.

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If you're still not sure how fanfic recommendations work, check out the main Fan Fic Recommendations page.

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Authors that are definitely worth a look.

  • Recommended by Zephyr7, Niniviel
  • Pairings: None. Focus is on friendship.
  • The author's style is very well-written. The focus is on Luffy and Zoro friendship, with a good helping of the other Straw Hats and other characters on the side. Breathtaking In So Many Ways is an excellent story of each of the crew (all of them involving Luffy in some way)'s reaction to finding Zoro after his Heroic Sacrifice from Kuma. Moments Like This are an amazing collection of Luffy and Zoro moments throughout the series. Next Time Won't You Sing With Me has sweet and short one-shots based on the alphabet relating to the Straw Hats' interaction (with others like Ace and Vivi) with each other.

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  • Velkyn Karma
    • Recommended by Zephyr7, Pezt
    • Pairings: None. Focuses on friendship.
    • The author really does their research when it comes to things and their writing style is just delightful to read. Velkyn Karma does a great job writing the Straw Hats in-character and their interactions with each other. Fortunae Gauntlet is an awesome story where the crew gets involved in a fight-to-the-death combat challenge. Mindshattered is another amazing yet heartwrenching story where Sanji has to help a severely starved and tortured Zoro. Muzzled was a hilariously entertaining one-shot where Zoro, Nami and Usopp get captured by the Marines and Zoro makes sure that no one separates them by resorting to biting any Marine that comes near them. And Velkyn Karma's latest completed story Asteria Nightmare has the crew fighting for their survival and to get their dreams back that were stolen by the monsters inhabiting the island.

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  • Taisi
    • Recommended by bakafia
    • Pairings: Mainly focus on friendship, except for a few Zoro/Luffy old stories.
    • The author never fail to deliver sweet, heartwarming nakamaship one-shots. Through stories like A Funny, Traveling Tale or Chasing Flowers or even Perpetuate Warmth, and obviously Grateful-day; you can almost feel the crew's love for their captain (and vice versa) melts in your mouth.

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  •      General Fics 
    Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance. Arranged by alphabetical order.

    An Officer and Some Gentlemen by Y St. Ace
    • Recommended by Chaos Undecided, Pezt, USA Bobcat
    • Synopsis: Smoker and Tashigi attend a fancy dinner party: Hilarity Ensues.
    • Comments: Though nothing particularly jaw-dropping, it's a fun, well-constructed little character comedy that's more than worth the time it takes to read through.

  •  1 reviews
  • Candy Boy by Hatheny Lurey Dralaw.
    • Recommended by Arc Varanus
    • Synopsis: The secret Ivankov hinted at during Impel Down... the secret a certain Level 6 escapee wants to keep secret - revealed!
    • Comment: The terrible secret revealed... Ivankov's dirt on Crocodiles' past! Hee-HAW! Very short, but an interesting look into Croc's mind nonetheless.

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  • It Won't Die, Beyond Resurrection by Katkero
    • Recommended by fakescorpion
    • Synopsis: His left hand always brings back those memories. His past clings to him, and he to it. There is a thin line that connects pirates and revolutionary, trust and betrayal, freedom and dream... and everything in between.
    • Comment: One of the most realistic and heart-breaking speculation of Crocodile's past, very different from the one recommended above. Set during the Timeskip with multiple flashbacks.

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  • Cat's claw by incandescens
    • Recommended by: Dreamy_Hunter
    • Synopsis: Smoker's missing, Tashigi needs to rescue him, and Black Cage Hina has a plan. Set shortly after the Alabasta arc.

  •  2 reviews
  • Existence by Skriblerier
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Characters: Mainly on Zoro, with the other Straw Hats involved.
    • Synopsis: Zoro finds himself standing alone after his crew has forgotten him. They are treating him like the enemy, and at the same time he has to fight against time to avoid being erased from the surface of the earth.
    • Status: Sadly the author has stated the story is discontinued.

  •  1 reviews
  • Coffee Talk by Lonicera Japonica
    • Recommended by: Dreamy_Hunter
    • Synopsis: A day in the life of CP 9. Jyabura winning, Fukurou losing, suspicion, and conversations held without words. Shouldn't they be hurting something? Maybe doing some paperwork? Ah, well. At least there's coffee

  •  1 reviews
  • A Darker World by AngelDormais

  •  1 reviews
  • Flying With Albatrosses by Amethyst Turtle
    • Recommended by Rookiez78, Dreamy_Hunter
    • Synopsis: Thirty-six different friendship pairings, told as thirty-six drabbles. Who needs romance when you have nakama?
    • Comments: Undoubtedly one of the most adorable friendship fics in the fandom, where each nakama pairing is captured perfectly. All thirty-eight (yes, despite what the summary says) chapters is its own self-contained snippet of Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, Funny, or both. Highly recommended for fans of the series.

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  • Gorgon Zolo: Ace Attorney by Amaxing
    • Recommended by fortune cookie, Dreamy_Hunter
    • Synopsis: When one of the Strawhats is accused of murder, Zoro is forced to be the attorney. Starring mostly Zoro and Nami (no pairing). Hilarity Ensues.
    • Comments: Amaxing's Gorgon Zolo series is the best comedy One Piece fanfic in this troper's opinion. It's very well written, funny, has very well done gags and cool twists during the trials. There's a sequel Gorgon Zolo: Trial by fire which is just as hilarious as the first. The third one though isn't up the level of the first two. But it's only been two chapters, it might get better.

  •  1 reviews
  • GyoJin Pride by Razell
    • Recommended by Johnny B Goode
    • Synopsis: Fishmen in a human world.
    • Comments: One of the more interesting One Piece fics I have read, it focuses on the fishmen after the events of Arlong Park. Although it seems like it would just be about one character, almost all the existing fishmen (even minor ones like Tom) and a whole host of new characters. It also focuses a lot on how humans and fishmen view each other. All in all, a creative concept executed well.

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  • Hanley by NibelungVelocity
    • Recommended by: Vassalof Nobody
    • Synopsis: Amano Hanley wasn't looking for adventure and even when she was swept into a world full of it the idea took some getting used too. Fortunately monkey D. Luffy has a knack for getting people do what they need to do, whether they like it or not. A girl's desire to return home becomes a woman's part in the tale of One Piece. Begins shortly before 'Romance Dawn'.
    • Comments: An OC Insertion Fic that avoids the cliches normally associated with the idea. Much of the AU is a result of the author having filled in parts of the canon that had not been released when the story began. While different the author works hard to keep to the spirit of One piece. With epic length chapters and excellent grasp on characters I would say they have succeeded.
    • Tags: Alternate Universe

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  • Homecoming Hill by TreeStar
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Characters: Zoro and Luffy (leaning into Zo Lu but shipping is not the focus) and appearance from other familiar characters
    • Synopsis: In a mansion with a long bloody history, countless people have vanished and are trapped, and no one knows it. Or how or why. Luffy is a traumatized outcast, there is a war going, and now Zoro's moving in.

  •  1 reviews
  • The Incident of Nami's Skirt by S. Sakurai
    • Recommended by: Dreamy_Hunter
    • Synopsis: Actually, that's not the title. The real title is not G Rated. Nami suffers a case of gluteousmaximitis, and chaos descends in this silly, silly story.

  •  1 reviews
  • Lock And Load by Everlude
    • Recommended by HorrorGirlLucy
    • Synposis: "If you have the guts to hold a gun, make sure you have the guts to pull the trigger."

  •  1 reviews
  • Loyalties by AstroKender
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Synopsis: Loyalty is important when facing the dangers of the Grand Line. The difference between life and death loyalty is the last thing you want to fail. Zoro's actions lead the others to question his intentions, especially when he comes after their lives!

  •  1 reviews
  • Marie D. Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age! by Phalanx
    • Trope Page here
    • Recommended by The Otaku Ninja, Niniviel, Pigeonbrain
    • Synopsis: A girl falls into One Piece and finds herself on an abandoned 'Thousand Sunny'. What happened to the Straw-Hats? How are the Heart Pirates connected? A very different take on the typical OC-falls-into-OP story, parodied/deconstructed with a macabre twist.

  •  3 reviews
  • Mystery Cake and Free Entertainment by karaleyn
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Synopsis: Luffy convinces the crew to leave Going Merry for a few hours while he gets ready for a Celebration no one else knows about. It's all worth it when they see what he prepared, though.

  •  1 reviews
  • Oh the Places You'll Go by peroxidepest17
    • Recommended by Niniviel
    • Synopsis: She remembers all their adventures together. A Tear Jerker from the writer of Zoro's Directions. One-shot.
    • Status: Completed.

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  • On the Alteration of Species by Olafpiol
    • Recommended by Aryashi
    • Synopsis: The Strawhats are surprised to find themselves in the spotlight of a rather unusual show, but is the magic act they are involved in as innocent as it seems? A little Sa Na, but just a good old One Piece romp in general.
    • Comments: As you can probably infer from the title, this is a 'Strawhats get turned into animals and Hilarity Ensues' story. As you also may have guessed, this is not your average 'Strawhats get turned into animals and Hilarity Ensues' story. The author sounds like an intelligent college student, instead of the teenager-written, horrible grammar and spelling filled story you usually find. It can be a bit meaty, but it never wanders into Purple Prose territory. The plot is complex, and it really feels like something Oda himself would come up with. There are a lot of OCs, and all of them are wonderfully 3D and interesting characters. The villain is despicable, threatening, and wouldn't look out of place in the normal One Piece line-up. In This Troper's book, its check marks all the way down. So read it. Read it NOOOOW!!!!

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  • Orchestral Manoeuvres by Augment
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Synopsis: Brook has a unique way of watching with his ears.

  •  2 reviews
  • Once Again by TheVictor
    • Recommended by Dhana Ragnarok
    • Synopsis: A 7-year old Luffy is approached by his future self. It seems Luffy's entire crew died at the hands of Fleet Admiral Akainu right after defeating the Yonkou Kaidou. Follow a much stronger, smarter Luffy as he repeats his adventure, hoping to avoid the same fate as well as correct some mistakes. Slight Luffyx Robin pairing on the side.
    • Comments: The best One Piece fanfiction out there IMO. Luffy is technically about thirty years old and traveled a lot, meaning he's gotten much smarter and insanely strong, but deep down he's still the silly guy we all love. There's a lot of changes to canon brought by his knowledge of the future, and the story his filled with hilarious and heartwarming moments. it is also the only time travel fic that made it past alabasta. and is currently at E.Lobby.

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  • Perchance of a Dream by HeroR
    • Recommended by Eliptl
    • Characters: The entire Straw Hat cast, as well as the other two-thirds of ASL
    • Synopsis: With much on his mind, Luffy keeps watch for the night. When he spots a small intruder and gets tapped in the forehead, he collapses and falls into a deep sleep that the rest of the Straw Hats can't awaken him from. Luffy is trapped in a dream where he isn't captain of the Straw Hats... but running a crew co-captained by Ace and Sabo where he never lost them, and everyone of his friends had already achieved their dreams. Did he then, really want to wake up? Or let go and accept this 'reality' they claimed?
    • Comments: Wonderfully IC, with many allusions to small things in canon that may have been forgotten. Deeply emotional, the drama feels real and the supporting OC's felt natural. As worded by the author, written as a hopefully satisfactory way for Luffy to find more closure with himself following Marineford. Only criticism here is the presence of some grammatical errors on occasion.

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  • Pirate Papa by ZeroTheDestroyer
    • Recommended by Darth Lord
    • Characters: Switches between Robin and Luffy.
    • Synopsis: Time Travel. In one time line, Luffy dies saving Robin in Enies Lobby. In another, an 8-year-old Oharan saves a castaway named...
    • Comments: Instead of finding Jaguar D. Saul, what if Robin found Monkey D. Luffy? Extraordinarily logical for a One Piece fanfic and characters are surprisingly in character. If you're a fan of slow build up, this one is for you.

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  • Sansen Sekai by lily22
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Characters: Mainly Zoro and Robin (no romance involved) and the other Straw Hats
    • Synopsis: They say that death is final, but no Strawhat would accept that without a fight. Now Zoro and Robin must struggle through a bewildering maze of alternate universes in order to find their memories, their selves—and each other.

  •  1 reviews
  • Seven Deaths by X-parrot
    • Recommended by fortune cookie, Niniviel, Mycomp
    • Synopsis: The story centers around Sanji and Zoro bonding (no yaoi), and has a really interesting plot.
    • Comments: So far this troper's favourite One Piece fanfic. Everyone loves this one. If you haven't read it, you haven't even entered the fandom. A well paced and well developped plot with action, feels and character development while keeping the characters in character.

  •  1 reviews
  • Sharp and Pointy Things A Tale of Machismo by Asenath
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Synopsis: "Takes some bravery to trust another man to put something on your body that can never come off."

  •  1 reviews
  • Skyrider by Kagetaka
    • Recommended by RubberLotus
    • Synopsis: Assured life in imprisonment, or a gamble with death in freedom? After the God Eneru has been toppled, one of his priests finds himself confronted with this riddle.
    • Comments: Quick show of hands; who remembers who Shura is? You know, the orange-clad guy from Eneru's Quirky Miniboss Squad? The guy whose very existence was pretty much to show how badass Wiper was? This one-shot, believe it or not, adds unimaginable depth to what would have otherwise been a forgettable, one-shot villain, and, indeed, to all three of Eneru's remaining priests.

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  • The Supernova Eleven by Phalanx
    • Recommended by Lustheron
    • Synopsis: In any other reality, they would have been called the Eleven Supernovas, and each of them would be notorious in their own right. In THIS reality however, they would come together under the same captain, be part of the same crew: The Straw-Hat Pirates. AU
    • Comments: A highly unusual idea of putting all of the Eleven Supernovas in one crew and thus replacing Luffy's entire crew minus Zoro. The other Strawhats have different roles (such as Nami working for the marines) as a result. Only a few chapters long so far but shows a good deal of promise.

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  • Talking Blues by Chou
    • Recommended by The Otaku Ninja
    • Synopsis: In an era of jazz, booze, dames, and guns, a young con-man named Monkey D. Luffy leads a crew of thieves to a big heist. An AU fic.

  •  1 reviews
  • The Execution by X-Parrot
    • Recommended by The Otaku Ninja
    • Synopsis: Finding the One Piece had always been the goal. But had any of them truly realized the cost of becoming Pirate King, the most wanted man in the world?

  •  2 reviews
  • Though a Bird Can't Fly, That Doesn't Mean it Never Will by Phalanx
    • Trope Page here.
    • Recommended by Pom Rania, Andyroid
    • Synopsis: What might have been if Kuina had survived her fall down the dojo stairs. She and Zoro strive to become the greatest swordsman in the world, disabilities and promises notwithstanding.
    • Comments: Basically, an AU where Kuina didn't die when she fell down the stairs but instead lost her sight. It follows her on her own quest to become the world's strongest swordsperson (my term, not the author's) regardless. I am terrible at summaries, so don't get turned off of it because of what I wrote. This is one of my top ten ongoing fanfics (as of this writing in late August 2010) and one of my two favourite AUs across all fandoms. The author is literate, a good writer, and writes three-dimensional OCs to flesh out parts of the world we didn't get to see in canon. It is also utterly hilarious in places.

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  • 'Til You Feel It All Around You by Tonko
    • Trope Page here.
    • Recommended by Red Savant, RFD Blaze, Niniviel
    • Synopsis: Zoro, Usopp, and Robin don't return as expected from a foray into an island forest. After setting out to locate them, the rest of the crew finds their nakama each missing significant portions of their whole lives.
    • Comments: Easily one of this troper's top three fanfictions of all time, 'Til You Feel It is an example of a fic that does everything right. There's so much Warm Fuzzy in this fic that it qualifies as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming almost every single time the Strawhats interact with each other. My highest recommendations.
    • Comments It's also scary towards the end, and one of the few fics that takes the de-aging of characters as the serious problem it is.
      • RFD: A little formulaic in regards to which 'kid' impacts who closer to the end, but other than that minor gripe this is easily one of the best fanfics I've seen in a long time. The interactions and depth to the characters presented in the fic made me rethink my own interpretations of them, which is a sign of damn fine writing indeed. That it also has some heavy emphasis on Franky at times and especially Brooke, who are sadly often forgotten by fanfiction given how recent they are relatively speaking only makes it all the more awesome.

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  • Troper Tales: Volume One by RubberLotusShipper

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  • A Quiet Walk in the Noonday Heat by Elin B
    • Recommended by Zephyr7
    • Synopsis: A somewhat surreal, Zoro-centric fic in which the swordsman is wandering around an unfamiliar city while in the company of talking birds.

  •  1 reviews
  • Zoro's Directions by peroxidepest17
    • Recommended by Alacron
    • Synopsis: Zoro gives directions.
    • Comments: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, this is a hilarious one shot about how Zoro gets around.

  •  1 reviews
  • For want of a nail by Aoi24
    • Recommended by Ciabella
    • Synopsis: Garp dies a few years before the start of the series, leaving Ace and Luffy with Dadan. AU. Spoiler alert for the Marineford War.

  •  1 reviews
  • Diary of a Potato Bag by nothing new in this world
    • Recommended by Hi Hikari No Kaze
    • Synopsis: An OC named Kim sets out from her little home island Flowa and quickly gets caught up in various complex and hilarious situations...all because of the "Psychopath Extraordinaire" Garp and "Psychopath Number 1" Marco. Set 20 years pre-canon.

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  • 100 Days of Ace Being a Buttwipe by Auntie Nadeshiko
    • Recommended by Hi Hikari No Kaze
    • Synopsis: A bunch of one-shots of Ace time before and as a Whitebeard Pirate. It started about Ace's 100 days attempt on Whitebeard's life, but soon the days became more than within the 100 days and showed Ace's time as a pirate under Whitebeard. It's hilarious, well written and the characters are consistent. There are O Cs of course but they don't steal the spotlight. A great read for anyone who's looking for a non-pairing, familial, funny Whitebeard Pirates fic

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  • Mist of Memories by HeroR
    • Recommended by bakafia
    • Synopsis: Guilt, regret, if left alone these feelings will consumed even the strongest of souls. That is the reality the Strawhats face as they go into their captain's memories to save their precious crewmate. To free their captain's from his guilt, they must first understand the depths of his pain and lost. (A stand alone sequel of the author's previous work, "Perchance to Dream")
    • Comment: A "Straw Hats watches Luffy's memories" plotfic. If you are looking for a dramatic nakamaship story with angst and a dash of humor, then this would be a perfect story to try on.

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  • One Day at a Time by penniless1
    • Recommended by behindthesky
    • Synopsis: What happens on those few days between the Florian Triangle and Shabondy Archipelago, when there are no battles? A few insights into the typical Straw-hat day. Language warnings and sexual references, because these are pirates, not saints.
    • Tags: humour, explicit language

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  • Colors And An Attempt by Nekoi Kurona
    • Recommended by: Skky Kat
    • Synopsis: As Death recollects Firefist Ace's soul, he thinks about the four times that he had met the boy in flesh. Based on the Book Thief.
    • Comment: If you have never read the Book Thief by Markus Zusak, then just know that the whole book is narrated by Death who ferries souls from corpses all the while trying to find the meaning of life. This fic is very similar as it shows the life of Portgas D. Ace through the P.O.V. of Death in the four times he sees him. A short oneshot but very emotionally beautiful and poetically deep.

    Witt And Witticism by nvzblgrrl

    • Trope Page Here: Trope Page
    • Recommended by: Glassed
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Synopsis: Prompt - You can go to any fictional world you want, but as the opposite sex. Mercy DeWitt; student, general wallflower, and girl becomes Mercy D. Witt; pirate, first-mate, general lunatic, and mistaken male relation to Monkey D. Luffy?
    • Tags: Adventure, Humor, Slight crack.

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  • The Bounty of Dead Bones Brook by chibikaty
    • Recommended by: readrunners
    • Synopsis: The question of wanted dead or alive becomes a difficult question concerning Brook
    • Comment: This fanfic pointed out the hilarious potential of Brook, being skeleton and all, aside from the typical repetitive skull joke.

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  •      Shipping Fics 
    Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Carousel by the scarlet butterfly
    • Recommended by Aegis Evolution.
    • Pairings: Cabaji/Alvida
    • Synopsis: While out shopping one day, Alvida finds a clockwork carousel that reminds her of childhood days she spent at a carnival. Cabaji, wanting to impress her, decides to build her a carousel of her own.

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  • Demon Tail by Era Fey
    • Recommended by blubber
    • Pairings: Eustass Kid/Trafalgar Law
    • Synopsis: AU fic. Eustass Kid is a brothel owner, and Trafalgar Law is an incubus. Hilarity ensues. Warning: do not read if you're uncomfortable with man-on-man sex.

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  • Memories by StarkBlack
    • Recommended by Quixotice
    • Pairing: Sanji/Zoro
    • Synopsis: A modern AU fic. Sanji lost a year of his life to a coma after a suspicious car accident, but it turns out he's lost a lot more that. He can't remember anything, or, for that matter, anybody in the year before the accident. Zoro must start anew and try to win the cook over all over again.
    • Comments: The premise is pulled off with astounding panache. There's plenty of plot, asskicking, hilarity, and other fun stuff. A must read fanfic if you ship ZoSan, and if you don't, it'll convert you.

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  • Naked Sailing by nauyro
    • Recommended by Pingo T Best
    • Pairings: Luffy/Nami
    • Synopsis: All the cloth on the Thousand Sunny is taken by a strange old man, leaving the crew naked. Now, being days, perhaps even weeks away from reaching land, sexual tensions mount amongst the Straw Hat pirates as they battle their carnal urges...!
    • Comments: Not only is the story well-written and humorous, it probably has some of the most in-character dialogue this troper has ever heard in a One Piece fanfiction. Don't make the same mistake she did and read while drinking, unless you have a sponge close by.
      • RFD: Wouldn't quite call it solid writing, but all it really needs is a little tightening up some of the weaker bits and you have something really good right there, and it's certainly above the mediocre crap you'd usually find. The Lulz induced by the situation and the way it simply works with the characters reacting much like they likely would in this scenario makes up for any complaints I'd have on the writing. Really the only real complaint is that poor Usopp is not having a very good day.

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  • Sun Comes Up by Late Night Iridescence
    • Recommended by Jumping Beans
    • Pairings: Marco/Ace
    • Synopsis: Ace is drawn, inevitably, towards what he's never had. Marco/Ace, Thatch, Whitebeard
    • Comments: This has to be one of my favourite One Piece fanfictions of all time. Sound characterization, with a simple but nevertheless emotional writing style. Overall, wonderfully well-written. Even if slash isn't your cup of tea, I will still recommend reading this.

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  • The Nature of Black by AllBlueChaser
    • Recommended by Metantei Triforce
    • Pairings: Sanji/Zoro
    • Synopsis: Zoro could always see the threads of emotion connecting people, but not until he saw Sanji's did he care. Sweet, fairly simple, but suprisingly profound.
    • Comments: A great idea, good writing, and a nifty little lesson; black is what you get when you mix too many colors.
      • Seconded so hard. This fic perfectly describes the Zosan relationship in 3 lines.
      Sanji: "You're such an infuriating idiot. I love you. I hate you. I respect you. I want to beat you. I don't understand you and yet I somehow do. You piss me off. You make me hot. I want to protect you and yet you don't fucking need it. I want to help but you wouldn't accept it. I'm jealous of all that stupid strength and how easy it is for you to risk everything without regret or hesitation. I admire and hate that stubborn pride. I won't betray you or stand in your way. I'll make you acknowledge me even if I want you like no man should. I want you to be happy."

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  • The Vanity Princess by Confession68
    • Recommended by Aegis Evolution.
    • Pairings: Luffy/Nami
    • Synopsis: What is the best way to alleviate someone's boredom? How about reading them a story? Especially since they really can't do much else. LuNa, rated M for mature content later.
    • Comments: After being left temporarily blind after a particularly brutal battle,Luffy is bored out of his skull when Nami offers to read him a story.While Reading, Luffy suddenly suggest replacing the characters names with those of the Straw Hats. And they both are in for surprises as they discover how different AND similar the characters are to their "namesakes", and how the story-within-a-story unfolds...

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  • Warmth For A Flower by SpyralHax
    • Recommended by RubberLotus, Darkholm
    • Pairings: Luffy/Robin (with occasional sides of Nami/Zoro)
    • Synopsis: Thirty little chapters. Some connected, some not. Some that could fit neatly into canon, some full-blown AU Fics. The one thing tying them together? The bond between Straw Hat and the Demon Child.
    • Comments: Call it a Crack Pairing if you will, but there are reasons why people such as myself support this ship. With the possible exception of Raphael Fitchburne's When A Flower Gave Me A Pleasant Dream, this is the pinnacle of FFN's (tiny) Luffy/Robin archive.
      • Darkholm: This fic certainly deserves to be up here. I'd have to agree with the above statement and once again bemoan the pitiful lack of LuRo. The various oneshots range from suggestive to steamy to cute to mega cute to nose-bleed inducing.

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  • Water Sector by aznillusion183
    • Recommended by Red Savant.
    • Pairings: Zoro/Sanji, Franky/Robin, Luffy/Nami
    • Synopsis: A modern AU fic. In the city of Navarone, Sanji and Zoro meet under coincidental and peculiar circumstances. How do they deal with social stigmas, financial problems, or...each other?
    • Comments: A well-written AU fic that places the Strawhats and many other familiar faces in the modern city of Navarone. There are many, many nods to continuity, and plenty of little jokes— for instance, Spandam owns a bar called Cipher Pol, where Lucci and Fukuro work as bartenders. It only gets better from there. The ZoSan content is minimal, if such things bother you; and it's worth a read even if you're opposed to the ship.

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  • The Will Of D by The Animaniac Dude
    • Recommended by Youwintheprize
    • Pairings: Luffy/Nami
    • Synopsis: Luffy loses his entire pirate crew to marines in a final battle at Raftel, only to find there never was any treasure there. When a man long thought dead instead appears and takes Luffy under his wing, nothing is as it seems. the Will Of D lives on. LuNa.
    • Comments: Unfortunately, appears to be dead. Hasn't been updated since the end of '11.
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  • Strawhat Theater 2: Our Mrs. Monkey by Andrew Joshua Talon
    • Recommended by Lustheron
    • Pairings: Luffy/Nami, implied Sanji/Nojiko and Zoro/Vivi
    • Synopsis: Wherein Nami learns that blurting things out and practical jokes might lead to happy endings...
    • Comments: The basic premise is that Nami accidentally asks Luffy to marry her after he defeats Arlong. Hilarity Ensues. The wedding has to be seen to be believed.

  •  1 reviews
  • Contiguity by nekked
    • Recommended by: lax
    • Pairing(s): Luffy/Nami, Robin/Franky
    • Synopsis: Everything we've ever done, we've done because someone convinced us to. — LuNa; M for sexual content
    • Comments: The best example of dense and naive Luffy trying to deal with non-platonic feelings I've ever read.

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  •      Crossovers 
    Stories which mix elements from two different worlds

    GETSUTide by UNseated4TH
    • Recommended by fakescorpion
    • Crossover: One Piece and Bleach
    • Has a tropes page.
    • Synopsis: It's amazing how a single moment of carelessness can change everything. After a dumb mistake and losing Zangetsu, Ichigo is stranded in a world very different from his own. Forced to seek refuge with a strange but friendly crew of pirates who think HE'S the odd one, they embark in search of his sword, adventure, and so much more. But all isn't quite what it seems...
    • Comments: A truly original story that treats both fandoms with respect.

  •  1 reviews
  • Shinobi of the High Seas by Kenchi 618
    • Recommended by {{tropers/Lord Gale 119}}
    • Crossover: One Piece and Naruto
    • Synopsis: Naruto's age has passed him by as his time is over. Now he attempts to seek out a place for himself in the new world, and it's bigger than he ever figured it to be!
    • Comments: Take Naruto. Make him immortal and immensely powerful. Place him in One Piece. Sit back and enjoy the ride- hanging on doesn't work. An extremely enjoyable fic, with witty writing, amazing fight scenes, hilarious comedy, endearing fluff, and some moments will just make you grin with a strange sort of pride, despite the fact that you personally have NOTHING to do with the fic's creation. The Author is not joking when he says it will be "epic in length".

  •  2 reviews
  • The Adventure of the Man of D by lalunaticscribe
    • Recommended by {{tropers/Rubber Lotus}}, Oztrickster
    • Crossover: One Piece and Sherlock Holmes
    • Synopsis: A storm sweeps the Thousand Sunny into the centre of the British Empire, in the summer of 1889 of the Victorian Age. The foremost detective of the century is about to have his logic challenged by one man... the pirate captain, Monkey D. Luffy.
    • Comments: It's an unorthodox crossover, to say the least, but it's competently written and keeps both universes rather in-character. A nice introduction to the Holmes universe for One Piece fans not familiar with it. True, it's rather short, and there's nothing really at stake (not even a villain to drive things along), but it's a nice, humorous little tale in the vein of "What if the Strawhats were transported to a totally mundane sort of world?"

    Fly Free by phoenixyfriend
    • Recommended by DragonShinigami
    • Crossover with Naruto
    • Has a tropes page.
    • Synopsis: Robin knows what it is like to live a hard life. When she finds that Kuma has sent her to a town called Konoha, she becomes an unofficial therapist for the town's troubled children. After all, only a broken bird can teach these children how to fly again.
    • Comments: What happens when you add the most level headed Strawhat to Konoha? The answer is one of the most hilarious and original crossovers of the two series. It starts out pretty standard for a crossover, but soon branches into its own style as soon as the first five chapters.

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  • A Bond Beyond Worlds by symbal21
    • Recommended by phoenixyfriend
    • Crossover with Naruto
    • Synopsis:When someone meddles with the line that divides worlds, to very different worlds will collide and two young men caught in the middle of it will meet for the first time! Battles will be fought, emotions will be tried, and ideals will be contested!
    • Written close to the of both manga keeping character personalities.

  •  1 reviews
  • Thirteen Going on Fourteen by peroxidepest17
    • Recommended by Merkitten
    • Crossover with Bleach
    • Synopsis: Zoro and Sanji bust their way into the Court of Pure Souls. Hijinks ensue.
    • Comments: One of this tropers favourite crossovers in the One Piece fandom, it hilarious, lighthearted, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Very in line with the tone of One Piece and all the logicisms and shenanigans that entails. It's composed of a series of oneshots and it is complete, so it makes for a nice quick read.

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