Reviews: Marie D Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age

Insight into Mary Sues

It isn't the usual 'bash Mary Sue' parody fic. It is a serious take on 'Mary Sue tropes', incorporate it with the universe's reality and taken to logical conclusion, which created an amazing plot by itself.

Most fics bash Mary-Sue fics, but this fic explained Mary Sue for what it was : A wish fulfillment, not necessarily written with evil intention. Let's face it. Most writers who did write Mary Sue are simply doesn't know better.

The writings is good, balancing humor with the dark tone, there's plot twist in the end, and the OC is likeable.

The down side of the fic is probably the narrator sounded annoying to some people, and some 'disturbing' dark part. YMMV, I personally really like the narrator who constantly lampshading things, and for all the dark parts it is still rated T though.

This is still a fanfic though, so it was written with the assumption the reader are familiars with the OP universe. It's probably hard for reader who aren't familiar with One Piece. If it isn't for that, I'll encourage anyone to read this as the Mary Sue insight, which applied to nearly all fandom, not just One Piece.

Mary Sue fic done right

Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Age! starts as a clichéd Mary Sue fic with only one exception: the Lemony Narrator is aware of Common Mary Sue Traits. However, TMNA! is not a parody but a deconstruction of Mary Sue fanfics. Is it really what it claims to be? I answer to that later.

TMNA! starts as a typical parody. The ironically named main character Marie "Mar" D. Suesse starts as an ordinary girl who falls in OP world, eats a Devil Fruit and meets obvious Mary Sue characters. (Edit: A re-writing clears my main complaints about the story's beginning and its aimlessness.) After the unoriginal premise is over, the plot kick starts and the reader realizes the real genre of the story: mystery / suspense.

I’m not kidding you. The reader is as confused as Mar is when she stumbles onto pieces of an incomplete puzzle shortly summarised as WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? The story becomes surprising dark, filled with well-written action and suspenseful scenes. When the final reveal comes, I need to facedesk because of my own stupidity since suddenly all foreshadowing and tiny hints make sense. The ending is written beautifully and even the Genre Savvy Lemony Narrator feels like a snarky friend.

Mar is a good Action Survivor even though she is a sixteen year old teenage girl. However, her so called crew is much more interesting. The reader is soon introduced to amazing OC characters: a Bunny Ears Lawyer, a Dark Action Girl, a Badass Abnormal and a Badass Normal.

Phalanx is a great writer but her narrative choice is a Broken Base. Narrator’s snarky remarks make an emotional mood whip lashes and genre shifts from drama to parody and back.

The Mystery New Age is a well written fanfic despite its poor start and unconventional writing style. The story started as a writing challenge of sorts and bloomed into a plot-driven mystery. But does it succeed in its goal to deconstruct Mary Sue stories? Hell yes! I don't want to spoil anything so let's just say that even if a character has a multitude of Common Mary Sue Traits, she can be an interesting, sympathetic and well-written, round character.

I recommend TMNA! to the genre savvy fans of action, drama and suspense. 9/10. (Edit: before the re-writing 8/10.)

Now, for something completely different

Initially I thought this fic would be a Shallow Parody of Mary Sue stories like most of its kind, but on reading it I quickly realized this fic is possibly quite unique.

While it mercilessly pokes fun at bad writing normally found in One Piece fanfictions, it doesn't rely on Mary Sue bashing for appeal. Instead, it actually has a plot that somehow manages to be alternately scary, funny, mysterious and tragic.

The plot is basically this: OC falls into the One Piece world, loses her parents, finds herself of the mysteriously abandoned ship of the Straw-Hat Pirates. In order to get her parents back, she needs to solve the mystery of what happened to the crew.

"Sunny, what happened after that? And where did the survivors go? And why did they leave at all?"
Only silence. But for some reason the lion figurehead looked almost as though it were crying.
"You don't know, do you?"
"Do you want to find out?"
"Look, I told you before, I want to find out what happened here too. So let me make a deal with you. I ate the Logic-Logic fruit. It makes me all logical and stuff and as Sherlock Holmes says, that makes me a good choice for finding that out the truth. I swear on my word I'll help you find out what happened to the rest of your crew, but please, help me find my parents. Please?"

There is also a Lemony Narrator who will say stuff like this:

If this narrator were to have Basil Hawkins' abilities, and were to read the cards on what is likely to happen after, this would be the prediction:
"Probability of the meeting not sounding contrived and actually making sense: 10%. Probability of Trafalgar Law acting in character: 9%. Probability of the character being being a passably attractive girl with an ability that might benefit the Heart Pirates: 90%. Probability of romance: 100%. Probability of plot: 5%. Probability of the fic not being abandoned after the story runs out of steam because the writers will realize once the two characters get together there is nothing to drive the story on: 0.01%."
Fortunately for this narrator's sanity, this was not how it happened to Mar.

Despite the light-hearted narration and humor, this story is very dark and may be quite unsettling at parts, but worth a look if you want something completely different.

Review originally posted by The Otaku Ninja

A delightful send-up of Mary Sue fics in which over-the-top OCs are dispatched in a variety of ways. The main cast is quirky enough to be part of the OP Universe, and our hapless heroine is not as annoying as a lot of other main character OCs. All in all, an enjoyable read.

Note: This review was originally the posted by Troper The Otaku Ninja in the now-defunct comments section, reposted here by Pezt on their behalf.