Drinking Game / One Piece

  • Drink every time someone says that they're going to be the Pirate King. Drink twice if it's not Luffy.
  • Sip every time anyone screams. Do not try this alone.
    • Hard mode: Sip only when a scream is held for more than five seconds. The result won't be much different.
    • Harder mode: Sip only when a single SYLLABLE is screamed for more than five seconds. The result still won't be much different.
  • Drink every time Zoro gets lost.
    • Two if Zoro's still rather close to one of his crewmates. Three if he gets lost in a way that is seemingly impossible
  • Take a drink and tie a bandana around your head if Zoro dons his own bandana.
  • Take a drink every time Sanji prepares a special meal or drink for Nami and/or Robin. Two if his male crewmates complain they didn't get food of their own.
  • Take a shot every time the Going Merry suffers damage. STOP when the ship reaches Water 7, or you will be crying in a puddle of your own booze.
  • Drink whenever someone explains their power. Drink twice if it's in the middle of the battle.
  • Drink if someone does something physically impossible with their powers.
  • Drink at every Michael Jackson/zombie movie reference you can find during Thriller Bark.
  • Drink every time they make a joke about Luffy and meat. That includes hungry jokes, manic eating, "I want food", and the like.
  • Drink at every new Devil Fruit the show introduces.
  • Drink every time a named character doesn't die when they should have (powerful attacks, No One Could Survive That!, stuff). Drink twice if someone actually dies.
  • If ever a part of the song Binks' Sake is sung, pause the episode/chapter, pour a full glass, find the song and do your best to sing along while taking a swig every so often. If you still have some left when it's done, drain the glass.
  • Drink every time the strawhats fight amongst each other. Drink again if it's not Zoro and Sanji who are fighting.
    • Hard Mode: Drink every time the straw hats fight amongst each other, and it is NOT Played for Laughs.
  • Drink every time someone says nakama. Dub notwithstanding.
  • Drink every time someone has a demon head and yells at someone else for doing/saying something stupid. Drink twice if it's not Nami.
  • Take a shot every time there's a Flash Back. Take two if said flashback is Stock Footage. Down a cup if it's a Flash Back inside of another Flash Back.
  • Drink every time part of Luffy gets stretched. Multiple stretches at the same time still count as one. Drink again if it's not Luffy deliberately stretching himself.
    • Mercy Rule: Don't count Luffy's named attacks.
    • Suicide Rule: Count everything. Even the jokes.
  • Take a shot whenever someone cries. Take two if it includes Inelegant Blubbering.
  • Drink every time Nami's Money Fetish comes up.
  • Drink when Usopp has suddenly a can't-get-into-island disease. Drink twice if he is totally ignored. Three if he claims it will kill him.
  • Take a drink everytime 2 people or more Speak in Unison.
  • Pour a full glass and drink the whole thing every time a character mows down a huge bunch of enemies. Do only half a glass if it's Luffy mowing them down. This could save your life when you get to the Enies Lobby arc.
  • Drink every time Brook jokes about not having the body part he just referred to and laughs afterwards. Two if he says, "SKULL JOKE!" Three each time he laughs "Yohohohoho!!"
  • Drink every time Brook asks to see someone's panties.
  • Drink every time Ace acts like a Wangst or makes crying/choking noises during Marineford.
  • Drink every time someone shouts out the name of their attack.
    • Two if it involves the name of their Devil Fruit.
  • Take a drink every time Zoro drinks. Two if he actually gets drunk.
  • Take a sip for every individual Face Fault or Wild Take. Two if it came from Usopp.
    • During the Pirate Alliance Saga, also take two if it came from Law.
    • Take another sip if the screen has to wind back and show said fault is coming from a character in the foreground from a corner yelling at another character's idiocy in annoyance.
    • Another if they smack their hand back and it makes a slapping sound.
    • Another if you hear an abrupt trumpet (BA-DUHH!!) as the scene focuses on the idiocy or the annoyed character(s) watching said idiocy. A sip for any other goofy sound effect, because the trumpet is the most prevalent.
      • Impossible Rule: In the highly unlikely, rarest of rare events that Robin has a Wild Take- a real one- take TEN THOUSAND SHOTS.
    Sanji: "You Idiot! Don't you know what happens in Dressrosa? Dammit, Zoro! Who said you could make the rules!?! Not everyone can stomach as much booze as you, Moss Head!"
    Zoro: "Aw, screw you, you pervert chef! You're just trying to play knight in shining armor with Robin again! Go back to the kingdom of lame-asses!"
    (they start fighting)
    Robin: "...Should I be here for this? Because I really don't see why people would mind this chat."
  • Take a drink any time someone Hand-Waves their illegal/unsavory actions with the justification "I'm a/We're pirate(s)".
  • Take a shot every time Usopp makes the Badass Boast he has 8,000 loyal men at his command.
    • Take a drink whenever Usopp lies.
    • Take a sip every time Usopp trembles.
    • Finish your drink if Usopp inserts a "Rubber Band of Doom" into one of his relentless attacks.
  • Take a shot every time Zoro and Sanji argue. Two if Sanji calls Zoro "Moss Head".
  • Take a shot any time Nami gets pissed. Two if someone gets hit. Three if it's Luffy or Zoro.
  • Take a shot any time Nami makes someone pay a debt to her or mentions that doing something is going to cost them a high price of Berries. Two if it has insane interest or she brings it up repeatedly. Three if she cons someone out of money.
  • Drink whenever Nami gets excited at the mere mention of money or treasure.
  • Take a drink whenever Nami uses her Clima Tact and makes a weather forecast. Two if it does something she did not expect it to.
  • Take a sip any time Sanji hits on a female. Two if it's someone he just met. Three if it's perverted. Three and a half if it's Vivi. Four if it's Robin. Five if it's Nami. Six if he calls Nami "Mellorine". Seven if he gets a nosebleed. Eight if Zoro deflates him. Nine if Sanji actually cringes at an ugly woman and/or okama. If he gets Wingding Eyes, add one additional sip. And to round it all off, a good ten sips if Sanji's has pink heart eyes and/or his cigarette smoke fume puffs turn into hearts. Ah, what the hell- let's go Up to Eleven. Take eleven sips any time Sanji has a fantasy about a woman, rapid-fire if it involves Nami and/or Robin.
  • Take a drink if Sanji's crappy wanted poster comes up in conversation.
  • Take a shot whenever Sanji lights up a cigarette.
  • Take a shot any time Luffy says something is a "mystery".
  • Finish your drink any time someone compliments Chopper and he tries not to be bashful about it by saying it doesn't flatter him, when in reality, he's doing a Happy Dance and is obviously lying about it.
  • Take a shot any time Robin has a Nightmare Fetishist moment. Two if she gets angry at Franky's antics.
  • Take a shot any time Robin is reading a book. Two if she is reclining in a deck chair while doing so.
  • Similarly, take a shot any time Nami is relaxing in a deck chair. Two if she's sunbathing. Three if she's so relaxed she's kicked her shoes off. Four if she's in a bikini top.
  • Take half a shot any time Nami changes wardrobe. A full one if she has on a new shirt with a word emblazoned across it, wears a new pair of shoes (almost always sandals, but she likes boots every now and then, so we'll go with shoes), or dons a new hairstyle (pins it up, pigtails, glasses, longer, etc).
    • Two if you think her boob size increased since the last episode, or her outfit is comparably skimpier. Action Dress Rip counts.
  • Take a shot any time Franky yells, "SUPER!!" Two if he does the forearm star tattoo pose. Three if he starts dancing. Four if someone calls him a pervert.
  • Take a sip for each unique function Franky exhibits on his cyborg body per episode, or new weapon, vehicle, robot, etc. Another if it's brand new. Two if it's really vulgar. Three if it's just plain silly.
  • Take three drinks any time Zoro acquires a new scar.
  • During the G-8 filler arc, take a shot every time Inspector Shepherd is refered to as "Condoriano".
  • During the Pirate Alliance Saga:
    • Take a drink every time Law is clearly exasperated/horrified/irritated by the Straw Hats' behavior. Two if he gets a Face Fault or Wild Take (as listed above). Three if he gets a Demon Head.
    • Take a drink every time Kin'emon chastises Nami on her looks/behavior. Take another if she yells at him for it. Another if Sanji also gets mad at him.
    • Take a drink whenever Momonosuke uses his Cute Kid factor to get special privileges with Nami or Robin. Another if Sanji, Brook, or Kin'emon get mad at him for it. Another if Momo makes a perverted face while this happens.
  • Drink any time Chopper freaks out. Twice if he forgets he's a doctor. Thrice if he jumps into water and forgets he can't swim.
  • While Usopp is posing as Sogeking (Sniper King), take a drink every time he goes into his alter ego persona. Another if he says Sniper Island is in your heart. Another if he does his Sogeking theme song. Another if Usopp reverts back to his cowardly true personality and drops the act- or gets so annoyed that he starts screaming at someone in his own voice.
  • Take a sip for every unique laugh you hear from a character.
  • Take a drink every time Spandam has a clumsy moment. Two if he gets hit with something and/or struck by somebody. Three if it's in the face. Four if he deserved it.
  • Any time Luffy, Usopp, or Chopper have a Bishie Sparkle moment at the sight of something incredibly awesome, have a sparkling drink. Finish it if one or more crewmates is pissed off at them because of their reactions
  • If Sanji gets fired up because someone is threatening Nami, take a shot. Take another if he actually catches on fire. A third if fire is coming out of his eye. Four if he goes outright Super Saiyan.
  • Finish your drink if Sanji re-arranges someone's face.
  • If Franky puts on pants, stop drinking.
  • Sip for every individual appendage Robin generates with her Hana Hana No Mi powers.
  • Drink whenever Tashigi falls over.
  • Drink any time Hina refers to herself in the third person.
  • Pound your drink down whenever Whitebeard mops the floor with someone.
  • Drink any time Shanks is shown drinking. Two if the whole crew is drinking.
  • Take a drink whenever Peeply Lulu pushes on his cowlick and it just pops up somewhere else on his head. Two if it ends up somewhere else on his body. Three if it migrates to someone else's body.
  • Take a drink every time Tileston yells. As in, every time he speaks.
  • Take a drink whenever Paulie freaks out at a scantily clad woman and calls them a harlot or immoral. Two if it's Nami- two and a half if he says "Harlot Girl/Immoral Girl".
  • Finish four drinks when the Straw Hats celebrate a party after defeating a particularly powerful group of enemies. Throw in a fifth if there is a scene that shows everyone crashed out after partying all night.
  • Take a drink whenever Sweet Pea says "chapter" at the beginning of her sentences.
  • Any time Sanji refers to something as "crappy", take a crappy drink.
    Usopp: "Eugh! No thanks, I'll pass."
    Zoro: "Who's idea was this rule, anyways?"
    Robin: "I do not know. I suppose we should avoid this rule at all costs."
    Zoro and Usopp: "Agreed."
    Sanji: "WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!?"
  • And finally, take a light sip any time you see Kokoro drinking or visibly drunk with blushes on her face. Any more and you will pickle your insides.
  • Watch the second and third acts of the Dressrosa Arc (when Luffy and Law reach Doflamingo for the second time) and take a shot every time Luffy screams "MINGOOO!!". Warning: you will die.
  • Take a shot every time a noble or royal prick does a heinous deed and justifies it by them being nobles and their victims as "trash". WARNING: do not do this alone during arcs featuring the World Nobles, as it may kill you.