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Drinking Game: One Piece
  • Drink every time someone says that they're going to be the Pirate King. Drink twice if it's not Luffy.
  • Sip every time anyone screams. Do not try this alone.
    • Hard mode: Sip only when a scream is held for more than five seconds. The result won't be much different.
  • Drink every time Zoro gets lost.
    • Two if they're still rather close to one of his crewmates.
  • Drink whenever someone explains their power. Drink twice if it's in the middle of the battle.
  • Drink if someone does something physically impossible with their powers.
  • Drink at every Michael Jackson/zombie movie reference you can find during Thriller Bark.
  • Drink every time they make a joke about Luffy and meat. That includes hungry jokes, manic eating, "I want food", and the like.
  • Drink at every new Devil Fruit the show introduces.
  • Drink every time a named character doesn't die when they should have (powerful attacks, No One Could Survive That, stuff). Drink twice if someone actually dies.
  • If ever a part of the song Binkusu No Sake is sung, pause the episode/chapter, pour a full glass, find the song and do your best to sing along while taking a swig every so often. If you still have some left when it's done, drain the glass.
  • Drink every time the strawhats fight amongst each other. Drink again if it's not Zoro and Sanji who are fighting.
    • Hard Mode: Drink every time the straw hats fight amongst each other, and it is NOT Played for Laughs.
  • Drink every time someone says nakama. Dub notwithstanding.
  • Drink every time someone has a demon head and yells at someone else for doing/saying something stupid. Drink twice if it's not Nami.
  • Take a shot every time there's a Flash Back. Take two if said flashback is Stock Footage.
  • Drink every time part of Luffy gets stretched. Multiple stretches at the same time still count as one. Drink again if it's not Luffy deliberately stretching himself.
    • Mercy Rule: Don't count Luffy's named attacks.
    • Suicide Rule: Count everything. Even the jokes.
  • Take a shot whenever someone cries. Take two if it includes Inelegant Blubbering.
  • Drink every time Nami's Money Fetish comes up.
  • Drink when Usopp has suddenly a can't-get-into-island disease. Drink twice if he is totally ignored.
  • Take a drink everytime 2 people or more Speak In Unison.
  • Pour a full glass and drink the whole thing every time a character mows down a huge bunch of enemies. Do only half a glass if it's Luffy mowing them down. This could save your life when you get to the Enies Lobby arc.
  • Drink every time Brook jokes about not having the body part he just referred to and laughs afterwards
  • Drink every time Brook asks to see someone's panties.
  • Drink every time Ace acts like a Wangst or makes crying/choking noises during Marineford.
  • Drink every time someone shouts out the name of their attack.
    • Two if it involves the name of thier devil fruit.
  • Take a drink every time Zoro drinks. Two if he actually gets drunk.
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