Reviews: Shinobi Of The High Seas

  • Pezt
  • 17th Dec 14
  • 3

YMMV, quite heavy on the Gary Stu

I checked this out based on the fanfic recommendation and regretted it. This fanfic can be best described as "The Spotlight-stealing Adventures of God-Mode Stu Naruto If he were in the One Piece World". Despite Naruto getting his own crew in this story, the plot still very unoriginally trudges through The Stations Of The Canon.

For the first 8 chapters, any real divergence from canon seems to be Naruto stealing most of the canon character's roles. Thus characters such as Luffy and Zoro are rendered irrelevant and forgotten unless the plot requires a mention of them to move on. Unless the characters are female of course, in which case Naruto will start flirting with them in an incredibly Out Of Character manner. Almost everyone, by the way, seems OOC.

Example of writing found in this fic:

Nami looked into his eyes with her mouth slightly ajar. Naruto shrugged to himself and moved in, gently placing his own mouth against hers. After a moment he pulled away, "You're sweet Nami-chan."
Nami touched her lips with a massive blush on her face, "W-What was that for?"
Naruto smirked, "Well you just looked so cute and confused right then, I had to take my chance. You aren't going to kill me now, are you?"
Name shook her head with a giggle, "No Naruto-kun, it's just no one has ever had the courage to do that to me before."

All this is valid up to the 8th chapter anyway, as I could not force myself to read any further.

There are some occasional flashes of passable humor, but even that can't save this story from the poor characterization, senseless plot, and lack of spelling and grammar checking.

If the reader really really likes reading about the adventures of Overpowered!Gary Stu!Chick Magnet!Naruto and his harem, and find the idea of him effortlessly and cold-bloodedly killing OP villain after OP villain entertaining however, they can go for it I guess.

A good read once you hit the Grand Line

The above is correct to an extent. Then Naruto starts facing enemies like Kizaru, Aokiji, and 3 Pacifista. So it should be noted that while Naruto is FAR stronger than anyone outside the Grand Line, unlike the other heroes he doesn't get significantly stronger over the course of the story. Naruto has also noted that once Luffy gets as strong as he can be, he'll likely give Naruto the fight of his life.

This troper will admit that it is somewhat frustrating (though at times understandable) that Naruto becomes romantically with as many women as he does. In Nami's case, Naruto was the one to defeat Arlong and Robin's, while Luffy did defeat Lucci, Naruto managed to (barely) beat Aokiji.

Spelling and grammar do have a few occasional flaws but nothing that hinders comprehension. As for Naruto being OOC, he is over a century older than canon Naruto. While he is different than canonNaruto, it's not so much that he's unrecognizable.