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Recap: One Piece
Welcome to the recap page for the manga/anime series, One Piece.

Now the chapters and episodes from the series are very, very, very long and there's no way to archive them all. So how do you recap such a long running series? Why, focus on the story arcs of course. This recap page is meant to detail the main arcs of the series and the tropes contained within.

The only rule we ask of tropers here is not to go into too much details such as who said what or the blow for blow of the fights. That said, please contribute.

Oh and of course, there will be spoilers. No really, there are little to no spoiler tags on this recap. So read at your own risk if you're not very far into the series.

Story Arcs

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     East Blue Saga 

     Alabasta Saga 

     Skypiea Saga 

     CP9 Saga 

     Summit War Saga 

     Fishman Island Saga 

     Pirate Alliance Saga 


     Anime-Only Filler Arcs 

     Special Anime Episodes 

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