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Lucifer fell because Philemon had shown him the truth about YHWH.
The way it would appear, this being Megaten and all, is that Lucifer never truly fell. He just was like a protagonist who got to know a thing or two about God, namely that he hit the reset button every time he got bored. He likely decided to stop that lunacy but was overpowered in the process so he started planning. First, we get the first game where he isn't very mature about what he can do and just wants to screw up the game God set up, then we get the second game where he learns a few things and fakes his redemption in the eye of YHWH to get the dragon but fails again and the world is reseted, then we get to the third game where he got a few millenia to think about his plan and created a demon with the heart and will of a human to see if can be a feasable option,and then as it proves very good indeed he gives some of his powers to him after he has proven capable of holding his own against Lucifer,and they start the second rebellion,where it would appear in the probable SMT 5, and then if they win and the universe isn't screwed again we get to the Persona series.

YHVH is the player
  1. YHVH destroys the world whenever it doesn't go his way. The player loads save data whenever the world doesn't go his way ( Often, given the series' difficulty).
  2. YHVH does this to more than one world, that is other video games the player plays.
  • So that makes his goal . . . to defeat himself??
    • After beating the game, the player puts it down, and thus that world is saved from future reloads.
      • No, later, the player starts a new game, resetting the world, because they're bored.

The key nail for the various games happening is that Atlus is a Mega-Corp
Nocturne has Atlus in the soft drink business explicitly. The rest of the games put Atlus/Jack Frost everywhere.

Kamala is a diclonius soul
  • Think about it:
    • She has cat-like ears (horns?) on her head.
    • She hates humans, calling them more cruel than demons.
    • Her soul color is pink.

  • In Shin Megami Tensei I, Gabriel was male. In Shin Megami Tensei II, Gabriel is female. I don't think gender change was a coincidence.
    • The reason Gabriel is depicted as female is because of art of said angel having a feminine face.

Persona 5 will prominently feature the Seraphs (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael).
  • Time to lay this one out. We know that, thanks to SMT If, Thor didn't nuke Japan in the Devil Summoner / Persona universe. And afterward, in Devil Summoner and Soul Hackers, most of the Abyss demons from SMT 1 and 2 got taken care of... but Team Seraph was conspicuous only in their total absence. If they were supposed to be around in SMT 1, but SMT 1 didn't happen in the Persona timeline... then where'd they go? Note that Persona 1 and 2 feature a fight against, basically, the personification of Chaos. Persona 3 and 4 are all about fighting the "negative", fatalistic aspects of Neutrality. It's about time thematically to take on Law, and an appearance by the Seraphs would tie up a lot of loose ends in the timeline if handled right.
    • Consider this: In 3, almost all of yours allies' personas are from either Greek, Roman, or Egyptian Mythology. In persona 4, they came from japanese mythology. I'm going to go ahead and suppose all the personas in 5 are going to be Judeo-christian figures.
    • Given that Ally Persona differ from the standard designs, any hope of seeing the "mass of eyes with eye covered wings" cherub and co?
      • And the final boss will be Metatron in all his 36-winged and million-eye-covered glory.
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    • There's still Norse mythology, so I'm hoping for both Judeo-Christian and Norse Personas for the M Cs.
    • It may feature other Angels as well. The other main Arch Angels of Judaism, Roman Catholic, Islam, Eastern Orthodox, and even Zoroastrians equivalent of Arch Angels appearing as minor bosses or flunkies during the main boss battles. Remiel could even show up and be the voice of reason amongst them during the events of game. While minor Angels that have never been in the series before and the Nine Orders we have seen throughout the series appear alongside Shadows during battle. The Final Battle could even be a teamup of Michael, Metatron, and Satan with them fusing together after they get beaten to become the final boss.
      • Or they could pull a Majin Tensei II scenario and have Ahriman (Zoroasterian Devil) as the final boss. Either that or Mikaboshi (Which would make sense as it wants the universe to return to nothingness where it can reign once more.)
      • The four allies will use the Seraphs as Personas. The MC will use either YHVH, Satan, or Metatron. The final boss will be Lucifer, Metatron, or YHVH respectively.
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    • Although they are not actually very prominent as characters, in a real way this is confirmed! All four of the Seraphs are minibosses on the way to the showdown with the final boss, and despite the early bosses taking the form of Lucifer's crew of demons, the ultimate villains of P5 use personae or are entities typically associated with the Law alignment and both of the game's Big Bads are law-alignment villains.

Persona 5 is caused by an attempt to save P3MC by implementing Law/Shijima
Having no self would definitely stop people from wishing for death. It also fits well with the above.
  • Who's going to try to implement it? Elizabeth?
    • Alas, Jossed, as P5 does nothing to further the plot hooks from P4A.

Dr. Victor is a time lord
He is alive as early as the 1920s and as late as 20 minutes into the future and appears younger in Soul Hackers.

Lifestones are rich in Magnetite
Digital Devil Saga states
1.All things contain some amount of Magnetite.
2.Demons need Magnetite to survive.
Why do you think demons want them so badly in negotiation?

The "YHVH" seen so far (except possibly in Devil Survivor) is an impostor
Devil Survivor uses the quartet of Remiel, Izuna, Sariel, and Anael rather than the normal group of Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel (and in SMT 2 all but Gabriel was already working for the demiurge) and not to mention the attitude 180 suggest the DS God is separate from the "normal" "god" from older games.
  • Jossed, at least as far as Devil Survivor is concerned. In Naoya's Eight Day, Metatron shows up in person and acts pretty much exactly like YHVH usually does in YHVH's name. After losing to Abel, he attempts to summon Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel to nuke Earth but is interrupted.
  • For Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, however, confirmed. At least somewhat. The game takes a notably Gnostic view in that YHVH/Yalbadaoth and the "Great Will" are semi-separate entities: YHVH thinks He is the sole creator, but He is part of the larger Great Will, which is significantly more benevolent, or at least non-malevolent. Weirdly, however, in the "interim" (assuming there is one) between Devil Survivor and SMT4A, Anael seems to have switched sides from the Great Will to YHVH, and it's Mastema who is mostly working separately from his angelic brethren to enact the desires of the Great Will, though this being Mastema, it's hard to tell either way.

The fourth great summoner/Kuzunoha will appear in an upcoming title
We know there are four, but only the Raidou, Kyouji and Geirin lines get named, while number 4 is suspiciously absent...
  • Perhaps it's Naoto? She just doesn't have the same last name because of family marriages.
    • Kuzunoha is a title, not a proper name. If Naoto was one, she'd be Whatever Kuzunoha the Howmanyith.

Strange Journey is the prequel to the entire Megaten 'verse
There seems to be a comprehensive lack of rapport or understanding between humans and demons, and the Schwarzwelt itself seems more like an initial expression of confusion or mockery at the things humans rely on or prize. Meantime, the DEMONICA could easily be a tactical-to-practical prototype for the COMPs seen in later games, what with its comparatively cumbersome appearance. Depending on how things go, this could lead into If... which then leads either into the normal SMT series or the Persona series...or it could just lead directly into SMT I with If... just an unrelated side story leading directly to the Persona series.

The reason why God Is Evil in the early Megaten games is because of Mem Aleph.
It goes with the above theory that Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is a prequel to the SMT series, as YHVH doesn't really seem to mind so many people opposing him, and would rather let his subordinates do most of the work. Ever notice how Mem Aleph's role is pretty much the same as YHVH's in this game, except in the opposite faction? Notice how Lucifer does next to nothing in this game besides spark the people's rebellion, instead of the subtle manipulation he usually uses? And where are the Archangels in all of this? My theory is that Mastema also had a hand in this, as he wasn't exactly following YHVH's orders for the greater good. Frustrated with the MC's victory over him, he strikes a deal with Mem Aleph to overthrow YHVH and rule together as one being. Thus we have the YHVH that has both Mastema's hostility and Mem Aleph's role as regular destroyer of the world, and made the Archangels to be their personal Lickspittle.
  • It's more than implied that Bonus Boss Demiurge and Metatron from those two NG+ quests are God. What with being called Pieces of God and it's stated by the Piece taking Metatrons form that God forgot his love for humans. So God is already evil before this happens. Heck even if you help him but aren't Law aligned he makes it very clear that he's going to punish you one day just to show how much of a Ungrateful Bastard he is.

YHVH is becoming more and more of a positive figure due to the events at the climaxes of Persona 2, Persona 3, and Persona 4
He is almost certainly shaped in personality by the minds of his worshippers; this is why Word of God has stated that his evilness early on in the series isn't his fault- its due to the corruption of humanity. However, as the timeline goes on and the cycle of events where most of the more recent games take place occur, Nyarlathotep is defeated, the Great Seal is formed, and the Fog of Deceit is lifted from the collective unconscious. Each of these either reduce the amount of sinfulness in human nature, or simply reduce the amount flowing into YHVH via mystic channels, as negative emotion coalesces less and less with each success. This is the reason he's such a more positive figure in Devil Survivor. Presumably, such was Philemon's plan all along.
  • Jossed. In Devil Survivor Updated Re-release Overclocked reveals that he intentionally caused the Cain and Abel to get a Martyr and a Murderer and that Naoya's hatred for God is not unjustified.
    • There's nothing "Jossed" about this. Even if we go by the multiple universes thing the Cain and Abel incident would have been thousands of years before the events of any Persona games. All that shows it that the Old Testment YHVH was a twatter which we already have plenty of information on.

YHVH is becoming more and more Good because He finally died for once
Work with me here, since I'm going on bits and pieces from what I can understand of the series mythos (I unfortunately have not played/beaten all the games)

Anyway, If I recall correctly, Part of the reason that YHVH became so psychotically corrupt is because he didn't enter the cycle of reincarnation like all the other Daemons/Spirits of the series. However, at the end of SMT 2 He was effectively killed by the hero, who was later punished for Deicide. You can't very well kill an immortal, especially a true blue one, but he somehow did it and YHVH Died for a period of time. But Then he came back. Assuming that the reincarnation rules work out that you essentially start out neutral and then move on to whatever alignment you support/came from/who you were in the past. As YHVH is the BIG leader of Law and Order He pretty much had no choice BUT to go back to that position. However in being reincarnated he had seen the horrible horrible HORRIBLE things he had done so many times. As a result, he's no longer the Evil Leader of Law and Order but still the leader. He supports for the most part the things they are doing, but he's finding the extremes they go to less and less acceptable. So he's ordering a rule change and it's taking time for it to get down to everyone (it would surprise me little to find that the Law Side was something of a bureaucracy) and in the mean time, well...He still signed off on the order for killing the world and it would be wrong to NOT do so, rules and all, but beyond a point, Unacceptable. We're not doing it this way anymore guys.

Or at least so frequently.

  • Except YHVH was killed at the end of Megami Tensei II as well, and he is apparently at his worst in the later SMTII. How does that work with your theory?
  • The Three Wise Men, Mastema and most of the angels you speak to, most of them in Sector Grus, are fervent idealists who believe in The Evils of Free Will and think a World of Silence is the magical response for everything wrong on Earth in Strange Journey. I find it too hard to believe such echelons are still willing to defy YHWH's will even if the outcome is exactly what they were planning on. Even if they succeed, what are they going to do? Go to the Big Man Upstairs and show him how they've washed clean the slate he wanted to preserve, all the while with a smile on their faces?
    • If everyone in the Vortex World is either dead, a Manikin, or believes in themselves as God, doesn't Demi-fiend's deicide become permanent?

Persona 3DS is actually an remake of if...
Guardians will be re-worked into Persona, and released as "Shin Megami Tensei if... - Persona 0" or something to that effect, using the Persona 4 engine with Negotiation instead of the flying cards. Two more companions will be added (one for each gender to give reason to play as both), more Guardians, and a choice between the original soundtrack or a J-pop soundtrack ala the Persona 2 remake.
  • This sounds like such an improbable idea, yet I want it so bad. And I want Call-Forward moments in Tamaki's route a la P3P.
    • The five party members are Tamaki/Tadashi, Charlie, Yumi, Akira and Reiko.
  • Sadly, this seems to have been Jossed mostly because it looks like the "Persona" project on the 3DS was either cancelled, was mistaken for Shin Megami Tensei IV, or was turned into Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse mid-development.
    • Funnily enough, however, if... is gaining more acknowledgement from Atlus in the form of DLC for Persona 5 and whatnot, and in many ways is being treated like "Persona Zero" at this point.

Angels hate Humanity so much because we are essentially an experiment to create a slave race that Went Horribly Wrong.
In Devil Survivor, we learn YHWH placed a shard of the demon king Bel within his favored son, Abel. Before that, humans were the lowest caste of angels, created to be workers or laborers, a slave race for the higher-ups. YHWH, originally not such a bastard, began dicking around with demon energies and unlocked the capability for greater strength, more devotion and higher intellect when adding Bel's energies to the genepool, trying to improve upon the original design. Lucifer was just an angel then, and happened to notice the changes and decided it was wrong to treat humans as slaves, seeing they could be their equals or superiors if given the chance. His opinions sat very badly for everybody else in Heaven; he was expelled, and created the Chaos side.

YHWH's experiments backfired massively when Cain committed the first wilful murder, starting a chain that embittered everybody in Heaven as Humanity slowly started drifting away from pure Light-Law into Neutral, and some into Dark and Chaos, to their horror and Lucifer's bewilderment (who'd thunk his greatest enemies would create such strong warriors for him?), naturally expelling them to Earth, where the remains of Bel's power in the blood of humans were splintered even more as humans used their collective faith to pour that power into creating the series' entire pantheons, mythological figures and monsters, making them dependant upon humanity for belief and power; this became a source of even greater horror at Heaven when the first humans began seeing YHWH as a dick or worse and their belief made it so through the power of Bel.

It came to bite the old gods on the ass when they were finally forced to retreat or vanish into Humanity's subconscious when upon its enlightenment and advance of civilization humanity denied its magical potential. Comments from the angels in Strange Journey in Sector Grus make it clear the angels want us to obey and serve them. Mastema clearly sees humans as tools and often preachs against The Evils of Free Will and gladly empowers Zelenin, who's essentially played doormat for him at all times. Angels in virtually every game (Metatron comes to mind) are repulsed by Humanity and boss humans as much as they want. YHWH, now on full-blown bastard mode, now can only think of humans as the miserable little nothings he made them as and refuses to accept He failed at any point most of the time.

He did soften up a bit in Devil Survivor, as the result of the sealing of Nyx and the defeat of Izanami, reducing the negative energy he's being fed, seeing there might be something worth rescuing on humans... but obviously He was back to his old self in Strange Journey. Therefore, the Persona series comes before Shin Megami Tensei and not afterwards, with Devil Survivor next, then Strange Journey, with the Neutral ending in which humanity didn't learn anything and precipitated the conditions for the apocalypses ravaging the Earth in Shin Megami Tensei's series, in which every hero seems to have an affinity for hitting the Reset Button in Neutral endings in I and II, then IMAGINE; this last one returned control of Earth to humanity, letting it all culminate on Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, which is the final battle for dominion of all with the destruction of Kagutsuchi and the end of all time.

Humans Are Special and Humans Are Bastards, indeed.

This is the plot of the next Shin Megami Tensei game
It just makes too much sense.

SMT is "rated M for Mara"—that is, the only reason the less violent games still get M-ratings is because of Mara.
Devil Survivor has arguably one of the more horrifying premises in the series, yet it only got a T-rating. Mara is absent in this game. Meanwhile, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, while not much more violent, is rated M. Mara puts in an appearance.

Persona 5's class trip will be to Tsukigata Village
Only it is using its history of assassination (and possibly the King Abaddon incident) as a Tourist Trap.

The info on the Conception given in Nocturne is largely false
Every single bit of it comes from Lucifer or a direct servant (Lady in Black). He already tells one major lie (that the Candelabrum were stolen). His motive for doing so is pretty clear (create a powerful champion for his army). Hijiri is alive because he made it in the front door on time, not because he is Aleph.
  • No dice. Lucifer's not the only source on the Conception info. Hijiri supports the Lady in Black's explanation just as you meet him in the first Terminal Room in the hospital's basement. And Hikawa and Yuko's limited understanding of the Conception jibes with the Lady's explanation, too. Not to mention Lucifer had absolutely no reason to lie about Aradia, who in her own actions again confirms the Lady's stories. Unfortunately, it's more a case of More Than Mind Control than an outright lie. Lucifer does not lie per se - he will happily tell you the unvarnished truth (just as long it's the part of the truth he wants you to hear).
    • Yuko and Hikawa info could ALSO come from him. I also never said it was entirely false, some details (there is a multiverse, possibly with other worlds undergoing a Conception at differing times) could be true.
      • ...what's left then for him to lie about?

The flaw of the universe began as a result of the schism between YHVH and Mem Aleph
When pursuing the free-the-Demiurge quest, a female voice—Mem Aleph, given that you've shut down the remaining female archons of the Schwarzwelt—implores you not to free the father of the Schwarzwelt. Well, given that Mem Aleph is the mother of the place, as it were, there's an implication that YHVH (which Demiurge is a component of) and Mem Aleph were once co-creators. Or, better still, once the same entity. Unfortunately, something happened to split the original Neutral entity into law-elemental YHVH and chaos-elemental Mem Aleph...who suddenly regarded each other as anathema, with the Schwarzwelt's possibility-swath as their initial battlefield of choice. Both were planning to use it for the same purpose, to "purify" the now-defiled (to them) world of its taint. Mem Aleph is arguably in the lead, but only because she's been successfully keeping it roughly slanting towards her purpose of Law-abolition.

The notable point here is that the angels don't have a high opinion of humanity...but neither do Mem Aleph & Co., who think humans will only be "good" once they've been transfigured into demons. Law and spirit are probably both meant to have been as ancient as creation, thus originally both seen as good by whatever created it. Unfortunately, now it seems only humans and a select few Light-aligned characters share that opinion. Both parts of the creator have turned on the creation, because both have lost their original combined wisdom. And yet...what caused that to happen? {looks at Lucifer}} You got anything to say on what happened, or do we turn to Abraxas?

  • Personally don't believe that the female voice is Mem Aleph as even the chaos route she does not call herself by name. Instead saying that if your spirit aligns with the Mother of the Earth to turn back. Regardless it should be known that Mem Aleph has been with the earth since the beginning. As all organic and demonic life originated from her. Even demons and the Mothers do not deny this. But YHVH and his Angels appeared later and with them came mankind. He was in fact just another God amongst many back in day before worship of him allowed him to become as powerful as he does. Both Mem Aleph and the Angels treat as being created by her and YHVH with Mem Aleph creating the human soul and YHVH most likely creating the rest. The earth being tainted according to them isn't completely wrong either as Gore will admit after regaining his senses that mankind brought the Schwarzwelt upon itself. The Schwarzwelt being used as a battlefield between the Angels and Demons has not shown any signs of happening in the past either. As Mem Aleph succeeded in cleansing the sinful civilizations and intelligent life that came before mankind in ages past and the Three Wise Men treat is as them getting what they deserved for their sins.

Human beings are responsible for YHVH being evil.
So, Word of God says that YHVH did not start out evil. So, what happened? Well, SMT is in a world in which As Long as There is Evil and Clap Your Hands If You Believe seem to work in unison with each other. Who's to say that the "flaw in reality" wasn't negative human emotions getting too far out of hand and corrupting him?
  • Isn't this canon?
    • Strange Journey has Lucifer and the Three Wise Men say YHVH was already like that before he created Humanity. So... uhhh... back to the drawing board?
      • Apparently, there were cases of intelligent life getting out of hand even before humanity, each time shut down by Mem Aleph and/or the Wise Men. It seems to be an endless coil with Chaos ruling; at some point, something starts to stultify (because it succeeded in overpowering everything else in the vicinity, meaning there's no point in struggling; just a waste of energy), and try to stultify everything else so it can stay in comfort and existence. The ABCD ring in Strange Journey is how Chaos sees this as actually playing out (you probably want to start with Bootes). Arguably, the angels, and ultimately even the Wise Men—themselves one with the Earth—got sick of this coil. But if demons, the angels included, reflect the desires, goals, and impulses of sapient life, then it implies that life itself was getting sick of the Chaos coil, no matter how often Mem Aleph claimed nothing could be better for existence than the painful-yet-exultation-perfecting eternal roil (hence her idea of a solution in SJ—imbuing herself directly into creation so she can personally make it impossible to stop struggling). But with each turn of the coil through ruin, life's aggregate resentment of Chaos's seeming scorn (which is, admittedly, real enough; look at Ouroboros's patronizing view of matter as sinful, apparently meant to be shackled by spirit/energy/flux) became all the greater. Each coil imbuing YHVH, the essence of Law, with greater fanaticism and fervor. So...can the Earth be said to hate itself, somehow, whether or not there's a civilization around? With the enmity between Law and Chaos as the embodiment of that self-hatred, and Neutrality's exemplars (Gore, Taishang Laojun, etc.) as the attempt to assuage said self-hatred?
  • I would just add that the demons themselves are intelligent life capable of belief. (Think of the fake YHVH created by the hand clapping of the Archangels in SMT II; also the relatively high power level of beings like Metatron, who isn't as much revered by humans, could indicate this too) Now this just deepened the Mind Screw. I think the process of faith creating is way out of control long ago, we are just the smallest and newest and pretty good for scapegoating (yes, we aren't helping mattes but we certainly didn't start it). So as weird, alien, powerful, terrifying etc. the demons of the series might be they could very well be a case of Not So Different.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be localized as Goddess Emblem
Because why not?

The whole series will turn out to Gnostic: YHVH will turn out not to be the real god and the series will conclude with the righteous Sophia ruling as the world's true, benevolent deity.
I get major Demiurge vibes from YHVH in this series. A powerful being who acts like the supreme master of all but is really just an arrogant bully who delights in tormenting anyone who goes against his wishes? It just fits too well. But, also, the title of the series seems very suspicious to me. "True Goddess Rebirth"...? Could it be that we're going to see Sophia at some point down the line? Is YHVH just a pretender to the throne of supreme deity and, when we finally kick his ass, she'll be able to return and take her rightful place as the just deity this Crapsack World needs to set it straight? In fact, perhaps the "flaw in reality" that turned YHVH to the dark side is her absence. The question now is how she was parted from her world.

... I have no basis for this whatsoever, but I have a feeling Lucifer had something to do with it.

  • It's worth noting that Sophia already appeared in NINE, where it's revealed that she was cursed to reincarnate as a human constantly as punishment for giving birth to Yaldabaoth/Demiurge, and regains her goddess form in the Neutral-Neutral ending. It's been speculated that the golden statue that appears in the Neutral end of SMTII is also Sophia, but the statue appears at the very end of the credits without any context.
    • NINE is probably not canon. To add to this theory, Strange Journey has the Demiurge being a part of YHVH, so this is all but confirmed.
  • "Shin Megami Tensei IV" shows even more Gnosticism by shedding more light on the relationship between YHVH and Demiurge. In that world at least Demiurge is, according to Lucifer, a Godly demon (even though it says he's a Vile if you have him) that broke away from YHVH to rule a silent world and deluded himself into believing he was the creator. After you defeat him Lucifer says that the real creator and true enemy is much more powerful, so this pretty much proves that even though Demiurge is an avatar/piece of God they are pretty much separate beings. This adds more Fridge Horror when not only is the False God evil but also the True God.

Lucifer will defeat YHVH... and things will go From Bad to Worse.
Eventually, we will finish YHVH off for good. However, as soon as we do, the forces of Chaos will take over existence and the following games will all be set in an even more Crapsack World where anarchy reigns supreme. And then the flaw in reality that affected YHVH will start corrupting the new guy in charge of everything: Lucifer. Now, take his aforementioned chaotic dream world and multiply it by however much this flaw corrupts beings. Yep.

The event that turned YHVH into the poster-boy for God Is Evil? Lucifer's fall, or the Original Sin.
It's been revealed that YHVH manipulated Cain and Abel, meaning that He's been evil for much longer than we thought. Unless whatever's turned YHVH evil can alter His whole history(which is even worse than this theory), there's only two other major events that could be responsible for His dickery: the fall of Lucifer, and eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The former might have been a massive, personal betrayal that shattered His optimistic worldview, beginning his Start of Darkness. The latter could take the idea of the Tree of Knowledge being a Cosmic Keystone, and when man messed around with it, reality was screwed up, thus screwing up YHVH.

Nocturne's True Demon ending is actually the lead-in to the ultimate Good End for the multiverse
Ever wonder why all these alternate universes always seem to end up with a version very alike modern-day Earth? There is an essential flaw in the nature of reality itself, and Earth - and YHVH's evil - are a reflection of that flaw. Like light through a damaged lens, all you get is the same Earth over and over again just like you would see the same flaw when looking through that lens. YHVH and most of the angels are too marked by that flaw to realize something's wrong, while Lucifer was able to disconnect himself from YHVH to gain the needed perspective. You can't fix it with a little surface polish, or by turning the light off and back on, you have to replace the lens entirely... which in this case, means replacing reality entirely. And the only way to do that at this point is to break everything, melt it down and filter out the impurities, and attempt to recast the whole multiverse once more. Only then will a better world and a better God be possible. It's just that Lucifer's the only one willing to take the hammer to everything to break it down and start over, but he needs the help of someone like the Demifiend because even Lucifer is not enough on his own.

YHVH is really just another avatar of the Great Will, and there are plenty more
But before you panic, not all versions of YHVH are insane despots; just the first two. The main avatar is the Great Will of Nocturne, but all we know of Him comes from two extremely biased sources - who knows if they were lying just to get the Demi Fiend on their side? Furthermore, this could explain why God hasn't been all that evil recently. Since Nocturne and IV all but outright state that the games are in multiple universes for the most part, this would be a good explanation for why YHVH seems to be so different in each game: They're completely different people. Devil Survivor's God, for example, doesn't seem to be as tyrannical as the original two avatars, but instead a truly loving, if flawed, deity who made a few mistakes in the past and is willing to give humanity another chance. This theory goes all the way back to the Famicom - the original YHVH states that He is only one of many deities that make up the Great Will.

SMT 1's Adam and Eve Plot symbolism
If the hero and heroine really are Adam and Eve, then it goes beyond just the whole 'repopulate humanity' thing. Around the start of the game, the heroine (Eve) is the first to take power and responsibility into her own hands by becoming the leader of La Résistance (eating the fruit of knowledge). She convinces the hero (Adam) to do the same by asking him to take care of Gotou and Thorman (Eve persuaded Adam into eating the fruit). By their actions (although it really isn't their fault in SMT), Japan is nuked (banished from Eden.) Both the hero and heroine survive the new world and eventually repopulate it.

Look at YHVH and Satan in Shin Megami Tensei II, and compare them to what those figures look like more recently. YHVH clearly likes Aleph more if Aleph takes the Law path, implying that His will in II really is for the Law side to win forever. And while Satan is split in half in both games, neither of those halves is Lucifer. Gabriel's characterization is different than it is in IV as well: she goes from the Only Sane Man of the Heralds to just as much of a Knight Templar as the others. The mainline continuity between II and the IV duology has included two games: Nocturne, and Strange Journey. YHVH isn't very active in SJ, being too busy being broken up with one piece trying to pull Himself back together. But back in Nocturne, we had an ending where the Demi-Fiend joined Lucifer, ended time, and made war on the entire cycle of the universe as overseen and maintained by the Great Will of which YHVH is a part. YHVH is back on his feet, so to speak, by the time of IV, while Lucifer... This isn't the Lucifer of old. Lucifer Classic was the rebel against God's will, not half of Satan like the new one is. Sure there was some damage, the Heralds weren't half of Satan back then either, the Demi-Fiend killed three of them in the main game and might have killed Michael after the credits rolled, but it's clear. At the end of the final battle, the one left standing was not the Demi-Fiend or Lucifer, but a damaged, broken, yet surviving YHVH, ready to re-create the universe, but different this time, with Himself behind sides of the Forever War. And this goes whether or not you take the Stephen battle DLC into account, whether the Demi-Fiend went back to beat Lucifer or not, though Stephen himself yet survived the destruction.
  • As a corollary, it was a sort of mixed bag. While Lucifer and the Demi-Fiend were indeed killed and YHVH was spurred to become the puppetmaster for both sides of the war, it succeeded in drawing the Great Will's attention. Since the biggest guy of them all is now fully aware of the extent of the damage, and more crucially, how to fix it, it was a matter of time until YHVH's shown the door. Since the Mad God's still licking his wounds, his chances are... pretty bad, ensuring the victory of the Great Will's champions.

Devil Survivor is in a continuity predating the fall of YHVH
We know that Eternal Recurrence is part of how YHVH manages the world, with YHVH or other factors periodically annihilating and rebooting the world through various mechanisms. Devil Survivor is set in a previous iteration of the universe, when the Great Will's avatar hadn't yet descended into solipsism. Instead, YHVH is honestly working to test and develop humanity, which means he's capable of dick moves still (exhibit A: Cain), but is overall a force for good. The Lockdown is a classic example of this: in a later universe, he sees humans summoning demons as a sign that it was time to drop Thor's Hammer on the world, but instead he wants to see whether humans can clean up their own mess, even if it means he might get kicked out of the universe, and he's sent angels to help as well as to test humanity (such as Remiel).

In the first and second games, only the main character can use the COMP because...
  • The other characters don't know his password, and for some reason he refuses to tell.
  • No one knows how to operate a computer.
  • It breaks when he dies, and only he or the healers know how to fix it.
  • Attempting to use his COMP to summon demons is dangerous because the demons are only contracted to him.

In SMT 1 and 2, the Hero and Aleph can use more demons than later characters because they're not fueling demons with their natural Magnetite
  • The Hero of SMT 1 can summon up to three and then four demons at a time, due to the COMP hardware limitations. Aleph can summon five right away. Meanwhile, the Demi-Fiend, Flynn, and Nanashi are limited to three at a time due to the Press Turn system. Apocalypse's database states that hunters fuel their demons with naturally produced Magnetite, and the same goes for Raidou and his demons. The three demon limit for Flynn and Nanashi is intentional; Stephen most likely had a better version of the Demon Summoning Program by the time IV rolled around, and managed to make a program that summons lots of demons at a time. But Stephen also realized that most people can't find enough Magnetite to keep the demons around long enough to protect them, so he made the program to power the demons by the user's Magnetite. More than three demons at a time would strain the user too much, so the cap is at three. Also, since everyone with a phone can summon demons, more than three would be too dangerous for everyone else.

The new Switch game takes place in a world where humans suddenly vanished
  • The trailer shows lots of buildings that look completely intact on the outside, but the inside is full of greenery, a bit like Life After People.

Dying in a SMT game results in going to the River Styx by default
From game to game, the Game Over screens change. SMT 1 and 2 both show a river and a promise that every soul returns to the other end. The fourth game is almost identical, except Charon is up to his neck in souls and paperwork. Charon or the dialogue box claims that every soul passes through there. Nocturne and Apocalypse are different in that Nocturne involves angels coming to pick up Demi Fiend's soul, and Apocalypse shows Nanashi on a strangely abandoned train track to the afterlife. Angels are probably taking Demi Fiend's soul because he's a demon that is dangerously powerful, working for Lucifer, or both. Apocalypse is an oddity in that there's no reason why Nanashi wouldn't go to the River Styx other than the fact that the game wouldn't happen if he didn't meet Dagda. Maybe he believed more in Yomotsu Hirasaka than the River Styx before he died? It's not like Dagda was specifically searching for him.

The first Law Hero was designed after a standard JRPG protagonist
  • From his perspective, his story has a lot in common with most JRPG s. First, he finds out that demons are killing people, so he goes out and fights them. He is unjustly imprisoned, and he takes the initiative to grapple with the guard. His main motivation is finding his girlfriend. He dies in a Heroic Sacrifice, passes the torch to the hero by telling him to destroy the evil robots, is resurrected by God, and becomes the savior of his people. Only too late does he realize that his treacherous former friend is actually The Hero.

Now that Apocalypse is out, SMT 2 will get a western release
  • Since God Is Evil and you kill Him in Apocalypse, and there wasn't any controversy over that, there's no reason not to release SMT 2. Besides, well, remaking and retranslating the whole thing.

In Strange Journey Redux Maria will be similar to Amaterasu in that she was meant to be one of the Mother Goddesses
  • I don't know, maybe it's the Ma in her name

The game for the Switch will be a remake of Megami Tensei 2
Many of the ideas from that game were recycled in later games. What else is there that we missed?

The protagonists of SMTII are descended from characters in SMTI
That is, they were made using their genes. Daleth and Beth were designed by the game's artist to look like the Hero and Heroine, so they probably have their genes. Maybe Daleth was given some from the Chaos Hero to seem more intimidating. Aleph was meant to be the Messiah, so he gets genes from the Heroine and Law Hero, who were both said to be the Messiah.

The Heroine of SMTI, in Tokyo, is at least 20.
If you go into a bar before Tokyo gets nuked, the bartender will refuse to serve her alcohol. It could be that she's underage, but it could also be that she's old enough to drink, but unwilling to reveal her real name by giving someone her ID.

In one way or another, Belial and Nebiros knew Alice when she was still a normal girl.
There are few possibilities :

Alex in Deep Strange Journey is from the future of the Neutral ending
Years after the Neutral Ending, humanity continued to slowly destroy the world. The Schwartzvelt is the last point in history when everything could be fixed.

Alex is Aleph
Both names start with Ale-, and the letter Aleph looks a lot like an X. She could be Mem Aleph, too.

Deep Strange Journey will explain Bugaboo better
Nocturne Maniax expanded upon the Vortex World, Hijiri, Aradia, and Hiwaka inside the Labyrinth of Amala. Deep Strange Journey could follow that.

YHVH is insane because too many people believe in him
Clap Your Hands If You Believe is in full effect in the series. What would happen if a demon or god had too many aspects? YHVH is splitting apart.

If there is a Nocturne remake
  • Flying demons will not be damaged if you jump of Mantra HQ (unless that's still possible)
  • Aradia/Ms. Takao will have an ending.

Mara is genderfluid.
Traditionally, Mara has always been male, but in Strange Journey, Mara is female. I think he/she/they are trying to tell us that dicks know no gender.

YHVH is a Cromulon
Let's see here:
  • Big giant disembodied head.
  • Can destroy worlds on a whim.
  • Followed by fanatical zealots.
All that's missing is a demand for musical talent.

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