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"I don’t know whether this is the definition of Megaten or not, but comparatively, popular RPGs have got a lot of "babyface"-like facets compared to it and even if it won in a challenge, it wouldn’t be an actual victory; but I think this “heel” role is what is specific of Megaten. I did say "heel" but the main point is that it’s "dark". More than being actually "gloomy", it’s actually being able to say its story in a straightforward manner... show it with no dishonesty. Not only looking at or showing the good parts, but also the reverse. "There really isn’t a conclusion, but this way of thinking exists too, right?", that is, not us saying or showing many things, but leaving the player room to spontaneously to reflect about the game. This is what I believe Megaten is".
Kazuma Kaneko

"Another thing that bothered me was the trend of the main character always being portrayed as someone special — a legendary warrior, for example. It was the equivalent of saying you can't succeed unless you're from a wealthy family, and I just couldn't stand that. I wasn't born with special genes, and I'm sure most other players weren't either. No matter who you are, if you're given a chance and have the guts to try your best, you can become a hero... That became the concept of Megami Tensei".
Kazuma Kaneko

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