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Theories regarding K.

It's not over just because everyone lost their powers
.Possible season 3 plots:
  • they mysteriously start getting their powers back and have to find out why
  • there's another source of superpowers and they need to fight it without theirs
  • Some Strains kept their powers. The K All Characters story about the Prime Minister reveals that he kept his x-ray vision power (and is now under house arrest and not allowed near women). So ... how, and what does it mean for the plot?
    • If the Clans no longer have their powers, but Strains do, it'll be difficult for the Clans to keep Strains in order.
    • The Clans get their powers from their Kings, who get their powers from the Slates, so power flows from the Slates, to the Kings, to the Clans. Destroying the Slates cuts off the power to the Kings (and apparently sucks the power that they'd already taken back in), but it didn't immediately take the Clansmen's power - as if they have some sort of reservoir of it within themselves. Maybe Kings have this too, but not enough to power Munakata's Sword (which disappeared almost immediately), and only enough to keep Shiro in Hieda's body long enough for him to say goodbye. None of the post-series stories have indicated that any Clansmen still have powers as of a month later, but the PM still has his two months later. Maybe it just takes less from the reservoir?
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    • It really did seem like there just were no more powers, at least for the Clansmen, but it's possible that Clansmen without Kings could still have the amount of power that Clansmen of dead kings still had - which can be a lot, judging by how quickly Kuroh and Misaki curb-stomp that huge group of Jungle users in the movie.
      • In the After Stories chapter featuring Saruhiko and Misaki, they still have powers, but they think their powers will fade after a while. It's possible that this is also the case with Clansmen of dead Kings - HOMRA got a new King after less than a year, and it's possible that Kuroh and Yukari's new Sanctums were somehow fueling their Colorless powers, as well. And in another side-story, Scepter 4 didn't know what would happen to HOMRA after Mikoto died. (Did the older Blue Clansmen still have powers before Munakata became a King?) Or it could be that the powers just sort of stick around. They really seem to not know, though. After all, not even Kokujouji or Weismann seemed to have all of the answers on this.
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  • Worth noting: Their powers were sort of terrifying. To them, I mean. Yeah, they're cool, and a lot of them like feeling like they're in an anime, but they all know about the Kagutsu Crater, and they all know that it was caused by a King with powers like theirs. (Totsuka's K: All Characters chapter is about this, with him thinking about how Mikoto must feel with that power). So if their powers were to return, they wouldn't really be happy about it. Or, the less mature character (like Misaki) would be sort of excited, but most of the others would be worried.

The Next Kings if the Slates return
  • Silver King
    • Still alive.
  • Gold King
    • Kukuri
      • She could be related to Kokujouji - their hair ornaments are similar. And the way that she found Shiro when he landed, as if she were drawn to him... she's around too much to be completely normal.
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    • Kuroh
      • It's possible that having two colors, especially if those colors are Silver and Colorless, could make one more likely to be chosen. Also his relationship to Weismann is similar to that of the (only) previous Gold King...
  • Red King
    • Fushimi. In the finale he obviously still had some sentiment for HOMRA. I think Season 2 will have him struggling with his alliances and who he truly is, and he'll finally step up as the new red king.
    • OR eliminate the king system all together?
    • Jossed. The new red king is Anna.
  • Blue King
    • Still alive.
  • Green King
    • available...
    • maybe Sukuna? allows for a reference to the Iwa and Hisui relationship, except with Yukari and Sukuna and them avoiding repeating the mistakes of the past.
  • Grey King
    • available...
  • Colorless King
    • available...

Seven Stories theories.
What will the new animation project be?
  • Part prequel, part sequel - some post-Return of Kings scenes will be included...
    • Ending with a major Wham moment that teases another season after this?
  • The six Kings in the visual stuck in some sort of alternate place/dream world. And they don't realize things happen, but then they start to. And it turns out some Colorless King put them there (for good or bad reasons) - either of the two who appear in the show, or a new one, or a previous one. And they have to overcome inner demons to get out, or something.
  • Notice how the first season works as a whole by itself, without any of the later material. If it hadn't done well enough, they could have just left it at that. Then the novels and manga introduced more things that the movie and second season resolved (like Jungle). It's possible that they set up Return of Kings like this, as well - it could work as a stopping point if they need to stop, but they have things in the background that they've planned already, that can be elaborated upon if they want to continue (e.g. any of the below WM Gs, or similar theories that people here haven't spotted yet).

Totsuka was a Strain.
That could read auras. Come on, a middle school kid with absolutely no bloodlust or ability whatsoever can tell Mikoto was a King. Sure, maybe his ways with the others can be interpreted at him just being really good with people, but knowing what Mikoto was? There had to be something supernatural going on there; or at least he was well-informed.
  • Or he had some sort of connection to the Slates (or to some other supernatural force - the Slates are not the only magic in the series, since the manga and novels talk about Kokujouji's onmyou powers. He didn't just notice that Mikoto was "special" - he called Mikoto a king, before the Slates had chosen him as one. Also, his personality is so similar to Shiro/Weismann that several people had guessed before that twist that either of the two had actually been body-swapped with Totsuka. Plus... it's possible that the "dream" that Anna has in the movie is more literal than you might think at first. We don't get to see many other Kings awakening, but when we do, e.g. Munakata in one of the novels, Shiro in the flashback, it doesn't seem to involve seeing the dead and having them talk to you. This could all be symbolic - showing him as almost like a spirit/angel in human form, to emphasize his goodness... but with this show, it could be more than that.
  • Or what if he could see the future (like Miwa)? He seemed really calm when he was dying. You could just say that's his personality, but... what if he saw two paths - one where he died on that rooftop, and one where he didn't, that ended up being a lot worse (like Jungle achieves their goal and the world becomes a huge might-makes-right dystopia), so he went to that rooftop calmly knowing he would die, to prevent the worse future.
  • Semi-jossed, semi-confirmed, in Kingdom of Red - Totsuka met Ichigen once, briefly, several years before meeting Mikoto, and Ichigen told him that he would someday meet his King.

Where do the Slates come from, and who put them in the wall of the church?
Probably the biggest unanswered question. As to whether it matters or not, well, if the series continues ever, it probably will.

The Slate was made to craft an army to fight off The Fair Folk
Or some other threat of that level. Why make something that big and with dangerous powers unless you had to face something that required that amount of power? The Slate is, at the least, super old so they shouldn't be facing enemies of that level...unless you aren't talking about human enemies.
  • ... and with the Slates gone, they see their chance. Kokujouji might not even have known about them - they could have stopped trying anything while he was there because they knew they were no match for his power. Or they tried small things, but they were mistaken for Strains. And there's some folder of unsolved Strain cases from early on (like the 1950's or so) that were actually this group.

The Silver and Gold Kings did something in the early 1960's
If you listen closely to their phone conversation in episode 12, it's implied. "... thinking you had finally returned after being gone for half a century" (that's 20 years short). Also, the Colorless King tells Weismann, "What you really want is a life like the one you're living now, but you've had that life, many times before." (Not just once? And what he had in Dresden wasn't exactly a fun adventure life...). Regardless of time, I get the sense there's some implied incident when Weismann came down from his ship once or twice before the start of the series. I wonder what happened there...?

Chiho will join Scepter 4
The student council president. Munakata will offer her a position with them after she graduates from college (because Shiro recommends her?) and Sakura, her fangirl, will follow her there. Just a fun thing to think about, powers or no. (after all, S4 and HOMRA are still around...)

The first Blue King...
...was Roy Mustang. This explains the fire powers, the uniforms and especially the TINY MINISKIRTS.

     Settled in Season 1, Missing Kings, and Return of Kings. 
Neko is Yashiro's little sister!
And her real name is Isana Mari. My theory is - heck she can make illusions. What if Neko herself is an illusion, created by a poor lost little girl who is hospitalized as a form of Astral Projection? And Yashiro's forgotten about her due to Laser-Guided Amnesia - the Yashiro that still remembers her will be Evil!Yashiro, who is doing all his evil stuff for the sake of Mari. Doesn't that sound like something?
  • It is implied as of Episode 11 that Neko is actually Claudia Weissman, the older sister of Adolf K. Weissman, who is Shiro. Which means that this might be partially true.

    • When was that implied?
      • top troper must be referring to the Episode 12 preview where Shiro is seen affectionately hugging Neko. Don't ask this troper why, she dun get it either.
      • Jossed as of Episode 12. That implication was simply an over-interpretation of the episode preview which the episode itself does nothing to confirm or prove. Neko is just a Strain who happened to meet Shiro and bear more than a passing resemblance to his sister, but she's not related to him nor is she an actual reincarnation or whatever.

Izumo is a Mole.
Izumo may be selling Homura out, somehow. The Homuras went to the abandoned warehouse because Izumo told them to. And then, Fushimi Saruhiko by chance appeared at the same place after receiving a mysterious call from somebody. If the caller was Izumo, it'll make sense. Not to mention he has some kind of link with Seri...
  • They probably just happened to receive the same information at the same time. Nothing else in the series has suggested he's been secretly betraying HOMRA for personal gain, especially when he and Mikoto are already established as longtime friends. His friendship with Seri also doesn't seem to make him willing to betray his clan since he looked prepared to fight her in Episode 12 when they met while their clans were still fighting.

Anna is a Strain.
Her powers don't seem to be connected to fire much at all. I think she's a Strain whom the Homura people took in.
  • Confirmed in the summary of the novel, K Side: Red.

Yashiro is a lot more competent than he lets on.
Considering the random flash bombs in his bag and that the efforts of several members of Homura to kill him failed to make him so much as drop his bag or umbrella (not to mention his tendency to use Offscreen Teleportation), it's rather unlikely that he's really the normal student he claims to be.
  • Well, the flash-bombs were likely just something he got while buying the fireworks for the student council. Though that still eaves questions...
  • As of Episodes 5 and 6, he's confirmed to be neither normal nor a student. However, he was apparently as shocked as anyone else to find out about that fact, possibly due to False Memories...
  • As of Episode 11, definitely confirmed - he used to be a war scientist during World War II. He still retains some of his skills, like his ability to pilot a helicopter.
    • Though it should be noted that his amnesia was confirmed to be legitimate, so for most of the series he was more or less who he said he was.

Yashiro really was the guy in the video who killed Tatara
He's definitely more competent than he lets on. He could be an incredibly good liar and using the video for some elaborate plan of his. Or perhaps he inflicted amnesia on himself to lay low from the Kings' war. Some mix of both is also possible as well.
  • Seemingly confirmed by the fourth episode. Seems he doesn't remember it though.
  • Bonus WMG: He was the guy in the video, but he was being controlled against his will somehow.
    • Actually jossed. Shiro isn't even in his real body in the first place...

One of the female characters is going to turn out to become a King.
So far, all the Kings are male. There might turn out to be a plot twist where someone like Neko or Anna turns out to become a King. Or heck, even Kukuri. Nobody will expect that!
  • A Gold Clansman once tried to make Anna into the Blue King during the decade when the Blue Clan lacked a King(before Munakata was chosen), so it seems like it's possible for a female to become a King - the experiment failed in the end though, so jossed for Anna. Also jossed for Neko and most probably Kukuri as of the latest episode.
  • Confirmed. The Movie reveals that Anna is the new Red King.

Neko or Kukuri is the Big Bad.
Best plot twist ever! Not to mention Neko definitely has something to do with everything that's going on, being a Strain and all...
  • Neko is definitely not a villain and loyal to Shiro, but Kukuri does get possessed by the Colorless King, so she's evil by proxy at the moment?

Seems like the most likely explanation for the video where "he" shoots Tatara...
  • Jossed. The Colorless King is confirmed as a separate entity from Shiro who has body-snatching powers. He merely took over Shiro's body at the time when he shot Tatara and then swapped bodies with the Silver King afterward, making it only seem like Shiro was the killer because he had amnesia.

Mikoto is a Death Seeker.
Mikoto just wants to die, and Izumo and Anna are helping him with it. That's why in Episode 3, when Izumo tries to find another explanation for Mikoto's capture to fool Misaki Yata, Anna called him a liar.
  • Mikoto's capture has nothing to do with him being a Death Seeker. Yet, the later episodes do imply that he is one, as he knows fully about his Weismann level reaching its limit but continues using it, accepting the fact that he is going to die but doesn't mind as long as he gets to join Totsuka.

Adolf K. Weismann is the Big Bad.
If this show really has no creativity, then this is likely to be true. His name is Adolf, he is a White Hair, Black Heart boy and has long hair, and engages in an Evil Laugh in Episode 1. And is an Expy of Sephiroth. And has a foreign name. He's Obviously Evil. And so if he does turn out to be the Big Bad, then meh.
  • One of the last episodes is entitled with his name so it's a possibility. But it would be much more interesting if The Evil!Yashiro was the Big Bad.
    • Epicly Jossed. Yashiro IS Adolf... and he's a good guy.

Tatara is coming back.
He appears in the Opening, once in the promotional videos, and has a character profile. It's all too much for a mere Posthumous Character.
  • Tragically jossed. His appearances in the promotional videos were just flashbacks...

Adolf K. Weismann is Yashiro's father.
Both of them have white hair. Yashiro's parents are never shown. Adolf stalks Yashiro. Also, it's possible that the cat-lady he's dancing with in Episode 3 is Neko's mother. If that's the case, it's possible that Neko and Yashiro are siblings.
  • Jossed: Shiro is Adolf.

Yashiro is not meant to be a student of the school he goes to.
He doesn't even have the standard issue PDA cellphone which all the students use, and yet he acts like it's nothing. Instead he sneaks in and out of the school like a bandit. Possibly linked to the Chessmaster Yashiro theory above.
  • Episode 4 shows that the school staff (and the students) are...not very strict about background checks, so this is a definite possibility.
  • Pretty much confirmed in episode 5 where Yashiro doesn't seem to be enrolled in the school, and Kukuri doesn't recognize him.
    • Confirmed with the first theory and Jossed with the second. Turns out that Neko implanted Fake Memories in everyone.
    • However, Episode 11 implies the original body of Shiro, at least before Adolf Weissman's soul went into it, did belong to an ordinary high school student (who even had a PDA!) before getting his body stolen from him by the Colorless King.

Anna is Yashiro's little sister.
Both of them have white hair, and it's the same shade too. Anna doesn't appear to have a family, and neither does Yashiro.
  • Jossed, the K: Side Red novel indicates that her parents died and that she was taken in by her Aunt in the novel. No mention of a brother.

Misaki is a girl.
Heck, the kanji for his first name is written as "beautiful bloom". Though, that does make Saruhiko's stalking of him a whole lot creepier...
  • Jossed as of K: Side Red. Just a pretty skinny and malnourished boy.

Yashiro isn't really Crazy-Prepared.
He only has flash bombs in his bag because he just came back from buying fireworks for the student council, and bought them on the side for fun.
  • Turns out that either those were the fireworks, or he bought them instead of the fireworks. So...confirmed.

Anna has a Precocious Crush on Mikoto.
It's possible.
  • Most possibly jossed. Their relationship seems mostly familial.

Saruhiko and Misaki are Childhood Friends.
Then they turned into Forgotten Friend, New Foe after Saruhiko betrayed Homura.
  • Confirmed. Saruhiko and Misaki used to go to school together, long before they joined Homura. They even recall their days in the cafetaria, and how Misaki apparently doesn't like drinking milk.
  • Jossed as of K Lost Small World Novel. Saruhiko and Misaki were only middle school friends unless you consider that age-range to be around one's childhood.

Seri will become a Defrosting Ice Queen thanks to Izumo.
They seem to have some kind of "private partnership", don't they? Sounds shippable.

Yashiro has super speed/flying as his power.
  • He managed to outrun Yata on his skateboard in episode 1.
  • It would explain how he was able to get into the pug outfit so quickly in episode 2.
  • Possibly could explain the hole in the roof in episode 4? And how he got back to the school from the murder scene so quickly.
  • Or maybe he has time-freezing powers!
    • Jossed for the flying bit at least. He fell down from the zeppelin purely because he can't fly.
    • Actually confirmed for flying in episode 12. Part of his Silver Sanctum's ability is to manipulate gravity, but unlike his immortality, which is innate, it requires conscious effort and presumably awareness on his part to use, explaining why he wasn't able to use it to avoid the fall.

The job of the first king, the Silver King, is to create this King system. The job of the final king, the Colorless King, is to destroy it.
It's pretty much confirmed from various clues that Adolf K. Weismann, the First King, is the one who set this whole King system up and possibly distributed all the power. Thus, it makes sense for the Seventh King (which is the last one, and colorless no less) to be the one to destroy this system. Miwa Ichigen was an idealist - he was supposed to destroy this system which is tearing apart the country by the seams, but he tried to do it by relentlessly persuading the various kings to let go of their crowns, which they clearly did not, and he later died in his peaceful mission. Yashiro was taken care of by Ichigen before that, just that he's never met Kuroh, and he was specifically raised to be to become the next Colorless King by Ichigen, lest he fails. But Yashiro watched as Ichigen's ideals were struck down over and over, and he grew increasingly cynical. Ichigen saw that too, and that's why he told Kuroh to kill the "next Colorless King if he turns out to be evil". Yashiro succeeded in Ichigen's place, and tried to destroy the King system by killing Totsuka Tatara and thus setting all the clans against each other in hopes of a mutual destruction.
  • Well the part about the Silver King being the one to set it up is true so far. The other theories have not been fully confirmed.
    • Basically Jossed. The "role" of the Colorless King, if you could call it that, is to be a Wild Card. As the Seventh King, the Colorless King is the weakest of the Kings, but every generation has a power unique to that King. Munakata describes the Colorless King as one who instigates reactions and change amongst the other Kings by their very nature. This was highly implied with Ichigen, the previous Seventh King, with his precognitive abilities, and demonstrated by the current Colorless King's uncontrolable lust for power. Shiro is also not the Colorless King—"Shiro" is actually Adolf K. Weismann, the First and Silver King, amnesiac and trapped in the last body the current Colorless King possessed before snatching Weismann's. Thus, the Shiro in the video is actually the Colorless King before he/it took Weismann's body, which allows him to basically frame Weismann who can't hope to prove his innocense because he doesn't remember anything.

Ashinaka High School is the lair of the Green King.
Unlike the blue filters over the city (which seems to signify that Scepter 4 is in control of the area, Ashinaka seems to have a greenish filter over it. Which means it's possible for perhaps Kukuri or Mishina to be the Green King, or serving under him or her... Heck, maybe the student council president, Chiho Hyuga, is the Green King!
  • In the opening of the manga K - The First, there is a mention of the Green King in a panel The clan members are depicted to be donning the Ashinaka school uniform, so the possibility of the Green King's territory being at Ashinaka seems plausible.

The color filter on the series will be removed by the end of the series, or as the series goes on.
The elaborate colors and hues that overlay the show will slowly be stripped away as the 'Colorless King' gains more ground, and each colored King is eliminated or incapacitated. By the end of the show the scenery will either be plain old unfiltered or even slightly desaturated.
  • Only Episode 11 had one of no color when the Colorless King activated his sanctum while trying to take over Shiro's body. Even the last episode looks like it'll have plenty of colors/filters.

The stolen truck and weaponry are in the school
In more than one episode we hear that there is a truck, a drug dealler and a whole stash of weapons missing. After killing Tatara, other!Shiro takes the truck and uses it to get to the school in less than an hour(which otherwise would be impossible). When he gets there he immediately goes and hides the stolen stuff (and maybe a corpse). But where? He goes into the school's warehouse storeroom and hides something there...and then either some of the stuff he was hiding goes off or some of the fireworks hit and make a hole on the roof. Cue Kukuri arriving to see what had happened. She sees this white haired boy she never met before so she takes his picture...but then her memory is manipulated and she starts believing she knew Shiro already. The cellphone picture she took shows Shiro with his jacket buttoned up, something he doesn't normally do, so he was probably hiding the bloody shirt he hadn't had time to take off yet.
  • No mention is ever made of those weapons and the truck again, as of the end of the anime.

The reason the trash robot freaked out at Shiro in episode 4 is because he is not on the student registry
The trash robot probably has a database of students registered in the school and Shiro is not in it because he is not a registered student. That room doesn't belong to him, but somebody else.
  • Confirmed, Yashiro isn't registered in the schools database so the robots wouldn't know who he is.
  • Kuroh is registered as a guest which is why the robot didn't pick on him
  • Maybe it knows about Yashiro's apparent crime or Split Personality, since it was recording what his face looked like and it mirrored the pictures often shown when the murder film is shown.

Yashio's assumed Super-Powered Evil Side/Split Personality only has control of him during the night
In episode 4 Yashiro doesn't seem to be able to remember what happened that night and treats it like a regular occurrence. Adding on to this, what if Yashiro is Adolf K. Weismann's vessel. He has some kind of mind altering power.
  • Jossed. Yashiro is Adolf K. Weismann (with amnesia), but not an alternate evil personality that can only take control at night. The Colorless King only possessed him momentarily when he committed the murder of Tatara Totsuka while going after the Silver King.
    • Actually, the body Shiro has for the series is the body of a regular high-school boy that the Colorless King possessed for whatever reason. He uses that body to kill Totsuka, then presents himself to the Silver King, Weismann, to steal his body and powers. Weismann's abilities protected his soul and powers from getting taken over by the Colorless King, but he still lost his body, and his soul, bereft of a vessel, went into the discarded body of the schoolboy. This event causes him amnesia, which is why he could not use his Sanctum's ability to manipulate gravity to help himself after the Colorless King, now in Weismann's body, dropped him from his own airship. After crashing through the storeroom's roof, with some helpful input from Neko's memory-altering powers and use of Line-of-Sight Name, "Yashiro Isana" is born.

Yashiro/The Evil King(?) and Tatara somehow got their bodies switched.
Think about it. Shiro doesn't sound like the person on the video but somehow sounds like the person who is shooting the video clip. Who, as we were told, is Tatara Totsuka. Under weird circumstances, they got their bodies switched. And then Tatara forgot his real identity and resumed his life in the body who is known as Isana Yashiro. With fake memories.
  • If that's true, that'll be kind of sad, given that Homura wants to capture and possibly kill him...
    • Jossed. Shiro is Weismann.

Kuroh, Reisi and Saruhiko are brothers, or just related somehow.
C'mon, they all have black hair and blue eyes! Surely that must mean something?
  • Jossed. For all intents and purposes, their designs just happen to look similar. None of them are related.

Neko is the real Colorless King.
Video!Shiro is a filthy liar or possibly covering for her. Neko's reality folding powers are a lot like what Kuroh displayed, and he got his from the previous Seventh King. So maybe Neko isn't a Strain, but actually the Colorless King. We really only seem to have Video!Shiro's word that he's the King. He could have easily lied. In fact, his declaration seems very, very staged...
  • Jossed - Shiro makes his Sword of Damocles appear in ep. 7.
    • Not really, It was Neko's illusion after all.
      • Yes really, Neko's illusions disappear after contact with an object or in that episode 7, the Blue King's Aura. That and it would not make sense for Neko to make an illusion of Shiro releasing his Sword of Damocles because it'd make him a bigger threat to Scepter 4 and they would use harsher tactics in order to capture them. That part where Shiro disappears because of Neko's illusion is just her ensuring that Shiro will escape. She is able to use her illusion powers after Shiro used his aura to blow the Blue King's aura away.
      • Still, Neko's powers are sensory manipulation. She could easily just manipulate Reisi's sight to give him visions that his power is being negated, when actually he's just shooting his blue Aura into blank space.
      • Neko's illusions aren't completely blank space, they do take some kind of substance because upon contact they disappear. There is proof in the second episode in which Kuroh hits the fake illusion cat for it to quickly disappear after and the part where Seri touches the illusion person walking only for the person to disappear. So Reisi shooting his blue Aura would have blown the illusion away instead of it having to clash with Reisi's Aura.
      • And Reisi's destruction of Neko's illusions was a gradual, slow degradation of a very large, and likely difficult to maintain, construct. Nothing was stopping Neko from trying again with a briefer illusion. And making him a "bigger threat" is completely irrelevant; he was trying to catch their attention and he was already a high priority target, and Kuroh was in danger.
      • If that's the case, nothing is stopping her from coming up with a different idea than making it seem like Shiro is a King. There are other ways to catch their attention. Also this theory of it all being Neko's illusion will toss out Shiro's reason for apologizing to Kuroh for not being honest with him. In other words a cop-out. What was the whole point of that then?
      • Misdirection, which is something Shiro has already proven himself an expert at—the apology was for the benefit everyone watching, i.e. part of the act. And while there were other ways of catching their attention, displaying a Sword Of Damocles would be one of the more effective methods, both for its extravagance and for the fact that displaying abilities of a king, which Scepter 4 knew him to be, would be intimidating.
      • Jossed even more in episode 11. The Colorless King is the fox spirit that went around possessing people. He manifested his transparent Sanctum when he attempted to take over Shiro's body again.

In the murder video, Colorless says he was waiting for someone.
He's waiting for Neko. Neko, to come and start using her illusion powers to fake his new self. It was a week, enough time to make himself seem known at the high school.
  • Jossed - Neko did create his Fake Memories, but he only met her after crash-landing into Ashinaka.
  • Well, he definitely wasn't waiting for Neko there but he really was waiting for someone: the Silver King, who picked him shortly after he murdered Tatara Totsuka.

Mikoto will die by the end of the anime.
Probably during episode 9, which is titled "Knell", implying that someone may die. And that someone seems more likely to be Mikoto than anyone else.
  • Jossed, at least the part where he dies in episode 9.
  • The preview to the final episode, however, still leaves his fate uncertain...
  • Confirmed. Sadly so.

The Colorless King in the video who shot Tatara was Adolf K. Weissman.
Maybe he was possessing Shiro's body somehow, or mind-controlled him. Either way, it's probably not going to be on his own will, and he was being manipulated somehow by Weissman.
  • Epicly jossed. Shiro is actually Adolf, and Adolf is innocent. He is not in his rightful body, though...

Shiro was waiting for Adolf K. Weissman that night.
He probably made a deal with Adolf somehow, and was waiting for him on the rooftop - which seems likely as after all, Adolf was aboard a blimp which can probably land on the roof. Then he ended up being backstabbed and thrown off the blimp, as seen in Episode 7.
  • Pretty much confirmed in episode 8(save for the backstabbing part, that one's still up in the air). Adolf's blimp did pass by the rooftop on the night of the murder. In fact, his blimp's erratic flight patterns only started after the murder.
    • Actually jossed. Shiro IS Adolf. Unless you mean Shiro as in Evil!Shiro, who is an entirely different person/spirit altogether.
    • I think the original author of this WMG just used 'Shiro' to indicate that person in the video who shot Tatara, regardless of who was in that body at that, technically it's both confirmed and jossed depending on your viewpoint.
  • Confirmed. Adolf Weismann really did come to pick him up like he said in the video. It wasn't actually Shiro himself though, but the Colorless King possessing his body.

Shiro is the real Adolf K. Weissman.
Who is in fact immortal, being the first king and all.

He established the king system along with the gold king (who has aged since then) and made a clone of himself (current psycho!Weismann) who he uses as a vessel he can possess or have a connection with. The clone rebelled however, possibly aided by the Gold King, and managed to exploit the 'connection', possessing Shiro and killing Tatara.

  • Confirmed!
  • The clone part of it is jossed though - Tatara's murderer is the Colorless King, whose powers involve body surfing.

Shiro truly summoned a Sword of Damocles in Episode 7.
Yes, the "Sword of Damocles" that appeared in the stadium apparently just turned out to be Neko's illusion as a plan to distract Munakata and let Kuroh escape. But there are clues to show that it might be real, as seen below:

1) Neko created the illusion of Shibuya crossroads, but the sphere of influence only extended to the stadium, and the SCEPTER4 members in it. The anime even put in the effort to show that Fushimi, who was outside the sphere of influence, wasn't affected and neither was Munakata. However, for the Sword of Damocles illusion, Fushimi, who was still outside the stadium, clearly gasped and was surprised just like everyone else.

2) Shiro later only praised Neko for the Shibuya illusion, and not the Sword of Damocles one, even though he would be completely aware of both. It implies that Neko actually did not do much. It's perfectly possible that Shiro actually did conjure a true Sword of Damocles, but outside the stadium, and all Neko did was to project that happening into the stadium.

  • Neko's illusion powers seem to disappear after contact with an object or aura (in this case the Blue King's). So she would only be able to conjure her illusions after Shiro blew away the Blue King's aura with his own aura.

    • Jossed. Shiro's true Sword only appears in Episode 11.
    • Not necessarily - the very fact that Shiro and co survived the blimp explosion and Kukuri witnessed a silver light in the sky indicates that Shiro is able summon his sword even before The Reveal in episode 11, and the point that Neko's illusions cannot handle a direct clash with a king's power still stands, among others.
      • It indicates nothing of the sort, considering a Sword of Damocles is neither seen nor mentioned. The silvery light in the sky was the distant appearance of the blimps explosion, which is how large explosions appear from a distance in real life (common knowledge for anyone who handles explosives). As shown in episode 11, Neko's powers are easily negated by a King, but it is not automatic and takes effort on their part (she is able to manifest a perfect illusion in Mikoto's presence). The Sword Of Damocles seen back in the arena could have easily been projected by Neko successfully as Reisi was distracted and the illusion was quick and temporary.
      • False, it really was Shiro's Sword of Damocles in those previous episodes. If that really was Neko's illusion then when it hit contact with Reisi's aura it would have disappeared, but it didn't, it collided with Reisi's aura, and it's seen multiple times that any contact with Neko's illusions make the illusion disappear. Therefore it really was Shiro and not an illusion, Neko just used her illusions to make Shiro disappear so they can escape.
      • No, that's not true at all. A King's aura can only dispel Neko's illusion if it's used with the specific purpose of dispelling the illusion. Reisi did not suspect the Sword of being an illusion at all, and thus his aura didn't negate it. There's absolutely nothing to show that Shiro's revealed a true Sword of Damocles. His true Sword only appears in Episode 11, and before then he has absolutely no idea that he was a King.
      • Still false, there is no proof that the illusion disappears only with powers that have the specific purpose of dispelling the illusion unlike the proven fact shown in episode 2 (when Kuroh attacked the Big Cat illusion it disappeared shortly after) and episode 7 (Seri touched the illusion people it disappeared shortly after). Both of those are after the illusion makes contact with both Kuroh and Seri which is proof enough that anything that touches the illusion will dispel it. The explanation of "A King's aura can only dispel Neko's illusion if it's used with the specific purpose of dispelling the illusion" has multiple holes. One, this theory implies that there is only a certain way to dispel the illusion. Which means that they would have to figure out how to dispel the illusion, however the Blue and Red King easily dispel it with their aura, not needing to even try to figure out how to dispel it. Two, as already explained above, and Seri and Kuroh dispel the illusions just with physical contact, unless this theory can be disproven then this argument still holds strong. Three if it really was an illusion then the stadium would have had some damage from Reisi's aura, however after Shiro disappears there is absolutely no damage done. Shiro doesn't have to know he's a king to be able to pull out the Sword of Damolces. While it's true that he's not really sure who he was at the time, it is evident that he does retain some of his abilities when he was Weissman, such as the ability to hack a phone, his smarts, his love for the sky, his affinity with animals, his ability to pull out the Sword of Damocles, etc.
      • Jossed in the novel, it was Neko's illusion. Though no explanation was given as to how Neko's illusions withstood Munakata's powers despite being known to dissolve at the slightest contact (i.e. Awashima's arm, Kuro's sword sheath).

Shiro will start fighting with his parasol or using it to deflect attacks in later episodes.
Apparently, K: Side Red and Side Blue reveal that Kings, Strains and their clansmen cannot be hit by bullets or normal attacks, and all of them would be "deflected as if the King were holding a huge umbrella" - thus explaining why they seem Made of Iron. Now, about Shiro's parasol...
  • Wait! That doesn't make sense what about Totsuka's death?
  • Totsuka has been repeatedly described as the type who doesn't fight, and perhaps the bullet deflecting thing only occurs with their aura surrounding them.
  • Besides, Totsuka was shot by a King. It's possible that Colorless' bullet had his own aura around it to pierce the protection.
    • Shiro did use his parasol to deflect an oncoming strike by Munakata when he interrupted the Blue and Red Kings' battle, so...partly confirmed?
  • He does in season 2.

Saruhiko and Misaki were victims of the previous Kagutsu Crater.
The Drama CDs heavily implied that after they went to school together, something bad happened (They were injured? Orphaned? Left homeless?) that they had to be "saved" by Mikoto "taking them in". The previous Kagutsu Crater occurred around 10 years before Reisi Munakata became the Blue King, and he was stated to be a "recently born" king.
  • Most possibly Jossed. Saruhiko and Misaki still went to middle school together.
  • Jossed: The only survivors were Neko, Iwa, and Nagare, to the extent that you can consider Nagare "alive".

The Weismann we see now is an impostor
1. Nobody knows what the Silver King looks like. Or if he even exists.

2. We only have the Gold King's words that the current Weismann is indeed Weismann. But that scene was ambiguous and it involved Shiro in some way (episode 1). See this post

3. In episode 8, Munakata mentioned that the blimp changed its usual course after Tatara's death.

  • Confirmed. He is Shiro.

The mouse experiment at the beginning of episode 9 is foreshadowing Mikoto's death
  • The swords that appear above the mice resemble that of Red and Blue's.
  • The red mouse becomes too powerful, causes an explosion and destroys the maze, and then dies. This could foreshadow Mikoto causing another disaster and killing everyone.
  • Another mouse other than the red one was also shown dead. This could possibly foreshadow the death of another character, most likely another HOMRA member.
    • The other dead mouse might as well have represented Tatara who was murdered before things went out of control.
  • But the mouse didn't actually die in that scene. It was still twitching when the camera focused on it.

Shiro is the real Silver King, who has been forced out of his body by the murderer of Tatara(possibly the Colorless King).
As an extension to one of the above WMGs, I would like to suggest that, not only is the current Weissman an impostor, but the current Shiro is the real Weissman, and the impostor is the evil Shiro who killed Tatara.
  • The past Weissman during WWII acted very much like the current Shiro - his way of speech and gestures resembled current Shiro to an unnerving extent. It would not feel unnatural at all if Shiro were to perform the exact same actions and say the exact same words.
  • On the contrary, current Weissman acts nothing like the Weissman back in WWII. We could potentially interpret the Silver King's 'unchanging' ability to not only apply to his body, but his spirit/personality as well, and the change from past Weissman to current Weissman is certainly too jarring to be natural.
  • We're also shown the Silver King's Sword of Damocles. Unlike the swords of the other kings, it was just a sword-shaped white glow with no discernible details. Doesn't that resemble the sword that Shiro has manifested in episode 7?
  • Many have noted the similarities in personality between evil!Shiro and the current Weissman. The person who called Mikoto also had the same maniacal way of speech. If Tatara's murderer somehow had the ability to jump from body to body, it would explain why he so eagerly blew up Weissman's blimp - Weissman's body wasn't his, and he could always just jump into another body, which happened to be an unfortunate high school student.
  • The Silver King is the 'immortal king', whose special ability is 'unchanging'. If the current Shiro is truly the Silver King, then his immortality would explain why he survived the fall from the blimp. Tatara's murderer might've mistakenly believed that the Silver King's immortality is tied to his body, and thus thought that he could get rid of the Silver King by forcing him out of his original body and then killing him. This would also explain why Tatara's murderer(now in Weissman's body) was exclaiming "Why....?" at all those pictures of Shiro - he wasn't expecting Shiro the Silver King to survive. His realization that the Silver King's immortality was not tied to his body might also be what prompted his attempted takeover of Mikoto's body, perhaps in the hopes of attaining Mikoto's powers.

    • Confirmed in episode 11.

Neko is the reincarnation of Claudia Weismann.
While Kuroh is a relative of Kokujoji, and Shiro is the real Adolf K. Weismann. By some odd streak of luck, the three end up as friends...
  • Nah. There's been nothing to link Kuroh to Kokujoji at this point, and the episode preview where Shiro was hugging Neko was taken completely out of context. The episode itself does not reveal she's his reincarnated sister even if she might look similar to Claudia.

Kuroh will end up killing the evil Colourless King, just like his master requested.
Except Shiro isn't evil or the colourless king. He is the Silver King, as said in some of the above theories. The real colorless king is the evil one who's been possessing Shiro's body and Weismann(possibly Shiro's real body)'s.
  • Jossed. Mikoto does.

Shiro's Powers
According to Munakata, the Colorless King's powers vary per each incarnation and the current Colorless King's powers has yet to manifest. In Episode 11's preview, we get to see a big white sword with Power Crystal with one of each color that represented a king. What if Shiro gets All Your Powers Combined?
  • Or if, as many above WMG' s theorized, if Shiro is actually the Silver King, those crystals may indicate his dominion over the other Kings. In which case, his power would involve immortality.
  • Immortality would definitely explain how Shiro was able to survive falling from a blimp and crashing through the gym's roof.
    • Confirmed in episode 11 to be immortality.
  • A subversion of this WMG. It does seem that his powers give him the chance to get All Your Powers Combined, it feels like that he plans on taking over Reisi and Mikoto's body after they finish their fate so that they wouldn't be strong enough to resist.

Uwaharu is the kitsune spirit and Big Bad
We got this mysterious new sexy female character in the Lost King game called Uwaharu. What if she's the Big Bad who's been possessing people?

Yata and Fushimi attended an all-boys school
Could possibly explain why Yata has a hard time dealing with girls is because he's never had any experience dealing with one and growing up with no experience further alienates him from the other gender.
  • Jossed. Lost Small World reveals that Saruhiko's second cousin Aya went to school with them.

Kukuri is the Colorless King.
And the Big Bad of the story, one who's been using the fox spirit to take over others' bodies. At the end of Episode 11, when she apparently gets possessed by the Colorless King and stabs Shiro, she wasn't actually possessed. This is her original body from the beginning. It explains how the Colorless King seems to be able to act in-character so well as Kukuri.
  • It also explains why she's a rather oblivious dolt most of the time—her "spirit" or whatever is busy possessing others, leaving a relatively empty shell behind.
  • As well as why she keeps "unintentionally" doing things that could've resulted in Shiro's bloody death - in Episode 1, she called Shiro to grab fireworks, which caused him almost to be killed by HOMRA members and Kuroh; in Episode 2, she leads Kuroh directly to Shiro, and in Episode 4, she gives information to Kuroh that will lead to him suspecting Shiro.
  • And how she seems so... used to everything that's happening. In Episode 5, when Yata approaches her with a blood-covered shoulder to ask if she knows who Yashiro is, she's the only one who seems unperturbed with Yata's clearly disturbingly fresh injury when all the other students were running far, far away...
  • Episode 12 more or less contradicts this theory. Kukuri's cry for help at the end of Episode 12 shows she's just another helpless victim of the Colorless King, and not the one behind it all. The Colorless King is only controlling her for now until he can possess one of the Kings.
  • Jossed in episode 13. The Colorless King and Kukuri are two separate beings.

Fushimi is going to die by the end of the series.
There are only two episodes left, and his tearjerking situation with Yata is far from resolved. There's no way writers would introduce a conflict only to leave it hanging - there will be some kind of resolution, one way or another. But the only "quick" way to settle a resolution like this that doesn't seem like a total Ass Pull is to probably have Fushimi die, utter a Dying Declaration of Love and have Yata cry profusely over his dead body. And viewers will cry.

Though there is another possibility - which relies on the fact that Totsuka died in Yata's arms in Episode 6. The fact remains now that one man whom Yata really cared for died in his arms, with him not being able to do anything about it. Now, it is unlikely for the writers to use the same plot device and end in the same way. If anything, they might make it seem like Fushimi is about to die, and Yata cries profusely, but then he realizes that he doesn't want to be helpless this time and lose another person he loves right before his eyes with him unable to do anything. And he'll find some way to save Fushimi somehow. This troper sincerely hopes that it will be the latter.

  • It still doesn't look like Fushimi's going to die as of Episode 12 where he and Yata even team up temporarily to fight Kuroh. Actually, it seems rather doubtful whether he and Yata will even get a resolution at this point since they're getting rather sidelined, and the final episode looks like it'll be focusing more on resolving the Colorless King's body shenanigans as well as stopping the Red and Blue Kings from killing each other.
    • Jossed as of the first season at least. There is no resolution so far to Fushimi and Yata's relationship, but neither of them die.
    • If this holds true for season two is another matter entirely.

Totsuka is the Big Bad, and the fox spirit/Colorless King.
Just a Nice Guy character who dies because he's Too Good for This Sinful Earth? I'm not buying it.He's up to something. Given how the Colorless King apparently has the ability to Body Surf, it's likely for him to have simply left his body after he allegedly got "shot".
  • Wasn't the Colorless King exhibiting his trademark crazy evilness while in Shiro's body, at the same time that Totsuka was being his Nice Guy self while filming?
  • Episode 12 has shown the Colorless King talking to himself, acting generally deranged, and expressing multiple personalities. At this point, it would just seem really out of place if Tatara was the one responsible since he showed no sign of mental instability in the past.
  • Jossed. The Colorless King just killed Totsuka For the Lulz.

Colorless is being controlled by Green.
This troper read somewhere a list of possibilities for the last episode, and one of the possibilities is the reveal that Colorless is being controlled by Green. It makes sense, since we still haven't really seen Green anywhere (yet?).
  • Aside from one throwaway comment made by Fushimi alluding to their existence, the Greens haven't shown up at all. Having them appear suddenly in the final episode without any prior setup as The Man Behind the Man would only weaken the story at this point and make it seem like an Ass Pull.
  • K The First Manga confirms that it was the Green King who influenced the Colorless King to try and steal the other King's powers.

Totsuka isn't the Big Bad, but he's not such a nice person.
Totsuka is dead, after all. It's common for people close to the one who died to end up painting their memories such that the dead person seems as if he's a way nicer person than he actually was, out of sorrow. Totsuka's just made of memories now. Who is to say that those memories weren't overly glossified?
  • Do you mean to say Totsuka was actually a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing? If so, there hasn't really been much to go on to prove that he has a nastier side to him. Even the side materials have indicated he really was a pleasant, happy-go-lucky guy even if he couldn't fight anyone to save his life.

The Colorless King is manifested out of bits and pieces of existing characters, the parts of them who hate and spite the world.
Episode 12 established that the Colorless King is some sort of Mind Hive. What if these "minds" are all bits and pieces of existing characters? From what we've seen in Episode 12's Kukuri's actions, some of the existing personalities in the Colorless King are:1. The crazy psycho one, who is often dominant. (Acts kind of like Fushimi.)2. A rather easily fed-up one with Hair-Trigger Temper (Acts kind of like Yata.)3. A cute, bubbly, blushy one. (Neko?)4. A clueless, nice-girl, kind of ditzy one who keeps asking questions. (Kukuri)5. A serious business, no-nonsense one. (Seri)

The voice at the end of Episode 12 saying "Help me" isn't from Kukuri, but from the Colorless King.
It's not Kukuri temporarily regaining control of her body and crying for help. It's the Colorless King himself/herself/themselves, desperately wishing for someone to save them. The Colorless King will turn out to be a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds and a Tragic Villain.

The Colorless King keeps a part of each personality from the people he possesses.
If you think about it, it might make some sense. It's either that or he has a serious case of Split Personality.
  • Confirmed.

Shiro will end up using all of his powers as the Silver King to resolve the situation.
But he'll kill himself before his Sword can come crashing down and kill more people.Before he dies or disappears, he leaves his red ribbon as a final memento to Kuroh. Kuroh ties it to the hilt of his Kotowari (a few official art images show Kuroh with a red ribbon at the end of his Kotowari) in remembrance of Shiro and everything he's done.

Neko's resemblance to Claudia is due to Shiro subconsciously giving her a human form similar to his older sister.
This troper is not a supporter of all the 'Neko is Claudia's reincarnation' theories, but can't deny that the two women do have more than a passing resemblance to each other in appearance. Episode 7 revealed that Neko was either unable or unwilling to take on a human form before her meeting with Shiro (all her flashbacks showed her doing things typical of a cat), so perhaps it is possible that the appearance of her human form is influenced by their meeting somehow.
  • But Neko's powers aren't shapeshifting, just illusions through manipulating the senses. She says she's a cat, but all evidence points to her actually being a human girl.
  • Word of God has been intentionally ambiguous on whether Neko is truly a cat or a girl while giving us contradictory evidence - all her behaviors indicate she's a cat, but the robots do perceive her as a human, and nobody has given an official answer to it yet.
  • K Black and White Novel reveals that Neko is really a girl.

Kuroh is a Strain.
We know that Strains can still be clansmen (Neko becomes the Silver King's first clan member) and we know that all clansmen lose their powers when their king dies (episode 13). So if Kuroh still has powers despite his king, Miwa Ichigen, being dead, then he's probably a Strain.
  • But he really only had really amazing fighting ability and didn't show any profound skills until he became Shiro's clansman.
    • I think OP may have meant Kuroh's plasma hand thing. Ichigen isn't mentioned to have had that power, and even if he did, Kuroh should have lost it upon his King's death.
  • To add to this point, clansmen generally obtain powers similar to that of their King's, but Kuroh's plasma hand seems completely unrelated with Ichigen's ability to predict the future.
  • Kuroh also seems to have shapeshifted into a dog at the end, like Neko. It might be an illusion, but they were shown carrying a sword and parasol on their bodies as animals, which shouldn't be necessary for an illusion. Who knows.
    • This troper thinks that they used that illusion because it would be more suitable to show visually for the ending than invisible shadows passing by.
    • Also Kuroh's manga mentions nothing about him being a strain nor does it show him ever transforming as a dog or being one for that matter so far.
      • Yes, but Kuroh's manga is only two chapters long so far, and it would make sense that they would make sure that information on one of the anime's main characters would be kept under wraps until the anime finished. Besides, if he isn't a Strain, then how do you explain his power? Ichigen doesn't have that ability, so where would he have gotten it? It's made clear that the only way humans/animals gain power is through being a clansman or being a Strain.
      • If Kuroh was a strain then it would have been mentioned already because withholding that kind of information would just seem like an Ass Pull. There really is no need at this point to withhold this kind of information. Especially since there really is no reason to keep it secret. As for Ichigen not having that ability, it's just never mentioned if he even had that power, it doesn't mean that he never had it. A lack of information is not sufficient proof to claim he never had it. Also ever thought that maybe Ichigen is the strain and not Kuroh and his strain power is him being able to see the future. I think that would make more sense. Also Kuroh's power in a sense is similar to Ichigen's ability to see the future. Kuroh's power is like an aura of a hand that can extend to long distances and affect whatever it touches. The ability to see the future is like extending a long hand into the future and affecting it. So there's the connection. That explanation of mine pretty much sounds like an Ass Pull, but the K universe's powers are more base on an aspect than rather being quite specific. Weissman has the power of inviolability, but he can also fly. Though a way to explain that is that he can cancel out abilities and other things as well. In this sense he can cancel out gravity or the laws of physics. Neko's ability is illusion, but she can create illusions in a person's mind as well. Making them think they had a memory they really never had. Which is in a sense an illusion since they see something there that's not really there at all.
      • Kuroh also has a side novel coming out in early spring of 2013, which details his time with Ichigen. The manga starts off with Ichigen having died already, we have no idea what their relationship was like prior to that other than a brief flashback in Episode 05. It's most likely being saved for that novel. Plus your explanation still doesn't account for the fact that when a King dies, the clansmen lose their powers. In the preview insert for the second season, one of the floating quotes reads 'It doesn't matter anyway, HOMRA is disbanded'. Their seals are gone, meaning their powers are gone; Yata was surprised that Fushimi retained his red flames despite charring his HOMRA seal, which most likely hints at a connection between the seal and their powers.
      • Wrong, retaining power has nothing to do with one's body, but rather the soul. The Colorless King was able to possess Weissman's body, but not his soul which was where his power was stored which explains why the Colorless King was not able to obtain Weissman's powers. Also there is no official statement that says they lose their powers after their King dies. It is also mentioned in the K Red Side Novel that members of the previous Blue King still retained their powers even after their King is dead. Also Yata was surprised at Fushimi for burning his Homura mark because it was a symbol of their pride and Yata was shocked Fushimi felt that way about Homura since Yata loved Homura, but he also cared about Fushimi. Since when did Yata think Fushimi lost his powers? That would be the last thing on his mind at this point. Also Kuroh is one of the main characters of the series why withhold this crucial information from the beginning? Adding that he's a strain in the novel will not change the view of the story or anything for that matter. It would still be a pointless Ass Pull.
      • Ass Pull it may be, but this show is pretty consistent about playing things close to the chest. If this is a set up for the future episodes, there's a at least a point to it. Also, there is another debate about whether or not Shiro had knowledge and access to his powers before regaining his memories that similarly has little foreshadowing but does have unresolved implications, which is also on this page. Both cases are similar in ambiguity, so we know the writers have a record for setting up these situations.. So its either a coincidence in terms of writing kerfuffles or the writers don't mind writing Ass Pulls.
      • Jossed in the novel. Kuro's powers come from being Ichigen's clansman.

Obligatory WMG: Shiro Is Still Alive
  • Just sayin'. His powers involve invulnerability even more than the other Kings, and his body wasn't found while his parasol was completely intact. On the other hand, Shiro did need to die to stop the Colorless King, who was trapped inside his body. But where there's a will... Oh, and automatic spoilers for the ending for anything below.
    • We saw no indication that Kuroh and Neko lost their clansmen powers, which seems to be a pretty strong indication that Shiro is still alive. Also, that immortal king business wouldn't mean much if Shiro could just be killed by another king—all of the kings can be killed by another king and it doesn't seem like any of them have any risk from non-king—so he might have meant it would take Mikoto to kill Colorless. Take away the Silver King's inability to die and he is no longer immortal, but rather just ageless.
      • There's no official statement that indicates that a clansman loses their powers after their King dies so that can't really be an strong indication.
      • The Blue clansmen in the novel side:red, set during the time when the Blue clan lacked a King, are still able to use their blue auras.
    • There's also the suspicious silver star in the sky, which the camera pans to right after Kuro remembers Shiro calling himself the "Immortal King". Possibly foreshadowing, definitely significant.
      • The star was also cross-shaped, and shining bright. Shiro's Sword of Damocles was a glowing white sword. It's a plot point that a Sword of Damocles breaks apart the instant its King dies, but that star was visible after Shiro's death...
      • But Shiro's Sword of Damocles did disintegrate. Remember how Shiro's sword looked like? I don't think there's a sword so far that is shaped like that. The sword shaped just like it disintegrates right after Kukuri looks back at the school.
      • A King's Sword of Damocles disappearing doesn't necessarily equal to death - it simply means that they aren't using as much power as before (which, in some cases, could be due to death), as a Sword of Damocles only appears when a certain Weismann level is reached. In the beginning of episode 12, Shiro's Sword of Damocles disintegrated in a similar manner simply because he reigned in his powers. Though this is not really solid support for the WMG itself, it does mean that Shiro's Sword disintegrating in episode 13 is not an automatic confirmation of his death.
    • The way that the writers have been talking about Suoh and Shiro seems to be a strong indication that Shiro is still around in some form or another. While their comments regarding the former range from "He didn't regret anything in his life" to "He will live on in our hearts", their comments on the latter only mention that Shiro "disappeared", while explicitly stating that Kuro and Neko's search for Shiro will be a part of the sequel.
    • Practically confirmed as of this writing. One of the writers specifically called out Shiro as being 'related to the core of the sequel' and stated that Kukuri, Inaba and Mishina might meet again with Shiro, Kuro and Neko. Of course, nothing has been said about how he'll return.
    • Let's consider that as an errant soul, he went into the nearest available body to him, which is the body the Colorless King discarded. Now, which is the only body that we know of that currently harbors no soul and is in theory ripe for the taking? Oh right, his original body.
    • Confirmed in the movie. He really was just hiding all along.

In the Sequel Shiro and Mikoto will be reborn
In the series the seventh and colorless king is always reborn into somebody else, like Ichigen Miwa was reborn into the white fox spirit. It may only happen for kings as their powers need to pass on to somebody, but it's possible that because they were kings Shiro, Mikoto, and Colorless can come back again as different people.
  • Since when was the fox spirit Ichigen?
  • That theory would imply that a person chosen to be the next King would have to be born after a King's death.
    • Which is definitely not a rule, since the last Red King was around ten years ago or so, and the current Red King Mikoto is obviously older than that.
      • Then that would imply that their souls can hijack someone's body. Think about it if they aren't reborned as a baby after the death of a King then they'd have to hijack someone who already has a life and identity. Which is not the definition of reborn. Taking that rule out would show that there wasn't really much thought into the subject and result in a huge plot hole or logic that makes no sense.
      • Even if your "logic" was halfway coherent, you just made up a plot hole that doesn't exist. The Dresden Slate choosing living hosts is already established. There is no way that creates a plot hole in itself.
      • So Mikoto will be reborned into an already living person with already established past, etc and will also retrain his memories from when he was Mikoto because the Dresden Slate only chooses living hosts to hijack their bodies?
      • There is no evidence that the new king would retain Mikoto's memories, and no evidence Mikoto would be "reborned". The Dresden Slate doesn't "hijack" bodies. This isn't reincarnation, mental or otherwise; a new host is simply chosen by the slate. This is how the system has been presented, and all evidence supports it. This has already been established. Once again, no plot hole exists.
    • It would also imply that the Colorless King featured in the show is a baby or a toddler.

The protagonist of Season 2...
... Will be Misaki.
  • Plot Twist, it actually turns out to be Fushimi instead.

And he will not be happy about it. From what we can tell, the Dresden slate picks new kings more or less at random, without thought as to who actually wants to be king or not. Cue Misaki constantly angsting over feeling that only Mikoto is the red king and that he isn't good enough.
  • Jossed in the movie. Anna is the next Red King.

New Clans will be introduced in the sequel.
And Clans we already know about, such as the Gold and Green Clans, would receive further elaboration. It always bothered me that, despite the many different colors playing a key role in the story's plot and design, the other Clans, aside from the Blue and Red Clans, were pretty quiet when it came to the situation with the Colorless King. Even the Gold King was more or less preoccupied with Weissman, instead. I'm not complaining—I like all the focus the Blue and Red Clans received—but ever since Fushimi's offhand comment in Episode 2 about how Scepter 4 didn't want the 'Greens' to get involved, I've been curious.
  • Confirmed with the 100daysxvisuals project and in the movie as well, the Green Clan plays a significant role.

In the sequel, Yata is going to be a king but not the next Red King.
He is going to be the next Colorless King. Like the what is stated in the WMG above, he will not be happy about because not only he does believe that he can't amount up to Mikoto, he will be burdened with the constant reminder of what his predecessor did.

The English dub will have an All-Star Cast
Think about it, this is being done by Studiopolis and they are known for casting top veteran voice actors in their anime dubs. Also, Bryce Papenbrook will voice Yashrio, Johnny Yong Bosch as Kuroh Yatogami, Travis Willingham as Mikoto Suoh, Troy Baker as Izumo Kusanagi, and Sandy Fox as Anna Kushina are most likely the top choices if you consider the typecasting.
  • Mostly confirmed; it is an All-Star Cast featuring the top anime voice actors. However, some of the people in the list are Jossed or casted into different roles.

Mikoto is gay.
Come on. His relationships with Totsuka and Reisi definitely say a lot, but the icing on the cake is this scene from the manga. There was no reaction at all...
The Colorless King's efforts to possess the other powers of the King were really fruitless in the beginning.
The Colorless King's powers only allowed him to possess the natural skills of those he possess and never any special powers that they had. He managed to possess a Red and Blue Clan member but it was never shown that he could use their powers.
  • The powers of the Kings and their clan members are tied to their souls and when the Colorless King only possessed their bodies, he failed to possess their powers.

The second season will end with Munakata's death, probably while he takes out the Green King.
Reisi has now killed a King, with the attendant automatic damage to his Sword, even aside from his personal emotional response (platonic or romantic) to Mikoto's death. There also seems to be massive trouble brewing between the Green clan and the others. Having him sacrifice himself in taking out the Green King would complete the parallel between his and Mikoto's arcs (and the theme of the Kings' responsibility to self-sacrifice that runs through the show), as well as being a way to finish that battle without either Shiro or Anna losing their lives. (Bonus points if Munakata dies directly saving Anna, which would provide him with closure for not having been able to save her predecessor's life.)

Kuroh really does have to kill Shiro in the end.
Shiro personally requests Kuroh to kill him before his Damocles down destroys the city after he uses all his powers to stop the evil King's plan.

The Green King's evil plan is to become Jesus.
Nagare Hisui was worshiped like Jesus on the internet, but he wanted to become a real Jesus instead of being a useless NEET forever so he hatched a plan to turn himself into a real Jesus.

Nothing concrete will ever be said about the sixth king or his clan
In the same vein as the mysterious sixth level 5, since the writers are a group of light novel authors who like to make references to other works.
  • Jossed as episode 7 of Return of Kings reveals that Iwafune Tenkei from JUNGLE is the 6th king, the Grey King.

The true reason behind Fushimi's decision to leave Scepter 4 isn't revealed yet.
To be honest, I'd be very surprised if he left for such a stupid reason as the argument with his king.
  • My first theory would be that he's doing it for one of his relatives, Aya, who made it her goal to gain the Green Aura from Jungle.
  • Another reason could be that he's trying to get the green aura. That'd give him 3 different aura's, which seems something someone like Fushimi wouldn't mind to achieve.
  • He's not very serious about joining JUNGLE, but sees it more as a way to 'punish' Munakata/Scepter 4 for belittling him.
  • He'll serve as a spy, after a while. Helping out the blue, red and silver clan.
  • Strangely, but true, he fears becoming the new Blue King after Munakata's eventual dead, and hopes, getting a new King will prevent that from happening.
  • Munakata might've planned this entire thing, since he was seen fiddling with his hands as he argued with Fushimi, and after Fushimi runs away he puts his hands together, as if he'd come up with a good idea.
    • Confirmed. Munakata told Fushimi to infiltrate jungle in case of the Slates being stolen, but failed to tell anyone else until Episode 12.
  • He wasn't trying honestly help JUNGLE *or* spy for the alliance - besides wanting a third aura, he might think have some reason to think that this will lead to him becoming a King (either from three auras, or from being close to the Slates, or something else).
  • What makes Fushimi's betrayal believable is the fact that he's someone who's loyalty is not set in stone. He's also a prideful individual who enjoys kicking people down except when it's a Kick the Dog moment. Although he did kick Neko in a alternate side story that may not be tied to the main story when she was in her cat transformation.
  • Episode 11 reveals why. He becomes a J-Rank member so that he can help Munakata infiltrate JUNGLE from the inside, and quits as soon as he's done the job.

The next Blue King will be Saruhiko.
Reishi is obviously losing power and in the beginning of the second season, Sukuna mentions that 'the blue king won't last very long'. Every episode we get more and more evidence that Munakata's time as King is pretty much over. Even before Saruhiko turned into a traitor, he seemed like a very favorable candidate to become the new Blue King. After he turned his back to Scepter 4, this concept seems even more interesting, as I hardly believe the Blue clansman will be able to accept a new King that betrayed them.

Douhan was strong enough to become a J-ranker, but choose to remain a U-ranker.
Douhan knew that becoming a J-ranker meant that she would be put in a situation where she would be directly involved with the events and thus consider it to be too risky for her since she values her life above money and cares not for Jungle's true goals.


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