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    Season 1 
  • Episode 5 has a rather twisted one starring Saruhiko and Misaki. At first it just looks like they're honestly trying to beat the living daylight out of each other. When Saruhiko throws the knife at Misaki you think "what an ass". But when you take a closer look he actually threw two knives, which he heated up before using (that made sure the wound wouldn't get infected), but only one connected. The other went way to the side and the wound itself was really not deep, a handkerchief was enough to bandage it. So, in other words, even though he is a crazed lunatic with certain tendencies, he is still trying to not hurt Misaki if it can be avoided.
    • In episode 13 it's shown again that he worries a lot about Misaki. Kuroh throws him around and then throws Misaki onto him at high speed. He's obviously in pain but the moment Misaki starts screaming because Mikoto is close to death and the HOMRA mark is hurting he completely ignores that to check on him. It's a Heartwarming Moment and somewhat of a Tear Jerker given their personal history.
    • Before episode 5, after tracking down what HOMRA is doing, Fushimi is disappointed to not find Yata...and then soundly Curb Stomps four members of HOMRA. Yata also shows the ability to take on Scepter 4's lieutenant and win. And yet both will spend five minutes or more fighting each other words they are holding back. A very strange heartwarming thing to consider.
  • Episode 7:
    • Neko running away with Shiro, seemingly as if she only cares about his safety and leaves Kuroh to face his fate with SCEPTER-4, but then later conjuring an illusion of Shiro and a fake Sword of Damocles in the stadium to distract Munakata so that Kuroh can also escape.
    • Neko and Shiro's first meeting. It turns out that Shiro seems to have been the first person to actually be nice at all to Neko for a long time, if ever. Once Shiro shows that he's not a threat and tries to reach out to Neko, she leaps right into his arms purring. And judging by the first episode, they were inseparable since then.
  • Episode 9:
    • Mikoto's reaction when the Colorless king threatens Anna. Although he is never really expressive towards her, his reaction shows how much she means to him, and the threats against her, along with pinpointing the Colorless king's location are the main catalyst for him to break out of prison.
    • Fushimi reminding his comrades not to try and stop Mikoto from leaving as per Munakata's orders. It shows that although he seems indifferent, and a real jerkass, he respects his captain enough to follow his orders, and point it out to protect his comrades. Also, the fact that Munakata gave that sort of order shows how much the Blue King understands, and respects Mikoto; he is also trying to protect his men from danger.
    • Fushimi defending Seri, staying in front of her to shield her from the resulting explosion, and later standing protectively in front of other members of Scepter 4. It's a sweet sign that despite his general jerkassery and, he really does care for his comrades.
    • After the credits, when HOMRA joins back up with Mikoto, and Anna returns to be his side. They all walk off together, with a brief shot of Anna holding Mikoto's hand.
  • Episode 10:
    • There are some very sweet moments between Mikoto and Anna. Mikoto lying around on the ruins of a structure he destroyed in Ashinaka. Anna tries to climb up to where Mikoto is, falls, but is caught by Mikoto just in time. He picks her up from behind the neck, like a kitten while she looks pretty sheepish, keeps his arm around her to prevent her from falling as they converse, and then creates a red bubble to keep Anna warm, even letting her use his arm as a pillow when she lies down beside him, and asking her if she doesn't feel cold.
    • At the end , Neko, Shiro, and Kuro have to leave their bombed-out dorm room to take names and rescue their friends. Kuro decides to help them of his own volition, instead of asking for orders from his dead master. Neko, despite clearly being afraid of leaving their home behind, comes as well. As they leave, Neko quietly bids their room farewell.
    • The talk between Mikoto and Reisi. After Mikoto sees and approaches him, reminding him that he'd once said that breathing the same air as him makes him sick, Reisi smiles and confesses that he doesn't mind breathing toxic air before offering Mikoto a cigarette. After accepting the offer of a cigarette, Mikoto even lights up Reisi's cigarette for him, surprising him, and causing him to smile. Although initially formal when asking Mikoto to relinquish the school and let him take on the burden of killing the Colorless King, the urgency of Reisi's request is obvious between the lines, and when Mikoto indifferently refuses, Reisi snaps. He reminds Mikoto of the danger he is in, and the danger he is dragging others into - particularly the innocent high school students who are unaware of clans and power. When Mikoto just shrugs it off, much to Reisi's disgust, his expression upon realizing that the Red King's mind won't be changed speaks volumes. Especially when Reisi swallows his pride and admits his pride, and says his reason for coming there is to "see a friend"; the look on his face when he says it is a welcome glimpse into the kind heart the Blue King hides behind his composed demeanor, and somewhat cold attitude.
  • Episode 12:
    • Shiro asking Neko if she will be his first clansman. She says he's stupid for asking because she's always been his.
    • Shiro talking to the Gold King, Kokujoji, one final time in decades, before he leaves.
    • Anna sitting on Neko's lap while Shiro is talking with the Gold King on the phone; they look absolutely adorable.
  • Episode 13:
    • During the opening scene, after Mikoto expresses his annoyance at Munakata's overly polite manner, Munakata reveals that although it is his duty as the Captain of Scepter 4, and one of the Seven Kings to defeat him, as a human being, he wishes to save Mikoto.
    • After Mikoto kills the Colorless King, Mikoto apologizes for making Munakata do all the dirty work. Munakata angrily tells him not to give him that rubbish while looking at peace with himself before asking why he didn't do something before all of this happened. Munakata's voice cracks as he speaks, showing exactly how desperate he'd been to save Mikoto, along with his despair knowing that he failed, and the latter seems to understand it, closing his eyes in acknowledgement of the Blue King's efforts although they'd constantly clashed before telling him that he's said enough. It is a tender moment between the two friends before the other says goodbye... Forever.
    • After Reisi is forced to run Mikoto through, the latter leans forward, and rests his hands on his friend's shoulders, reminiscent to a tender embrace - to comfort the Blue King for the decision he was forced to make, and to thank him for trying to save him as he bids him and Anna goodbye before he dies in Reisi's arms.

    K: Missing Kings 
  • Anna's dream sequence involving Mikoto and Totsuka.
    • Anna running toward Mikoto, tearfully hugging him and calling him an idiot.
    • Mikoto is gentle and loving toward Anna; he caresses her cheek and comforts her with words of encouragement. Although he was never really expressive towards her when he was alive, he takes this chance to show her his heart, and how much she means to him.
    • The general notion that Mikoto is at peace and together with Totsuka.
    • Munakata saving Anna from the Green Clan's attack while giving a satisfied smile; he couldn't save Mikoto, but he is able to save Anna whom he earlier described as " Mikoto Suoh's memento "; his expression when stated it shows that the previous Red King's passing still affected him.
  • The members of Scepter 4 announcing their names and drawing their swords and respectfully making way for Anna to meet directly with Munakata. Their whole exchange was touching and it showed how mature and understanding Anna has become of the situation she has found herself in; even Munakata seems impressed.
  • Munakata greeting Anna. Although they are from rival clans, Munakata shows his warmer side during their meeting; it's also noted how he went out of his way to save her after she fainted during the Green Clan's attack; during the said exchange between them, he is smiling at her gently, which is different from his usual smile. That smile could melt an iceberg.
  • The final part of the movie that involved Kuroh and Neko finding out that Shiro is indeed alive. Their year of constant searching for their king, even though they had no clue to follow whatsoever, is finally rewarded.

    K: Return of Kings 
  • The action packed Flashback opening of the season has Fushimi throwing a knife at Yata...which he easily catches and twirls. Considering how good Fushimi is with his knives, he did that deliberately...and Yata's ease at using the knife speaks of familiarity with a similar trick.
  • Episode 1 has JUNGLE call out HOMRA and quite firmly pisses off all of them by pressing all of their Berserk Buttons. Yata is particularly upset...and then he runs into Fushimi. Despite their relationship still being on the rocks, Misaki noticeably relaxes slightly before Saruhiko deliberately needles him at the sight of his old best friend showing up.
  • In Episode 2, Munakata shows a warmer side of himself, offering Kuroh and Neko protection from Scepter 4 since they are the main targets of JUNGLE, and although Kuroh kindly refuses, resulting in him teasing Kuroh, he takes the rejection pretty well. Anna later offers Neko the same protection, although she also kindly refuses the offer; both Kuroh and Neko give the same answers that they already have a home which is where Shiro is. Just as the members of the Blue and Red Clans are loyal to their respective kings, so are Kuroh and Neko to their own king. And when you remember how the trio started out in the previous season, it just makes the loyalty they currently show towards each other all the more touching. Later, Neko meets Kuroh on the bridge on the way back to the school, and hugs him, telling him that everything will be alright.
  • We get to see our first glimpse on how the higher ranked members in JUNGLE interact with their King in episode 3. Even though they're the main antagonists in this season, it's adorable to see how well they get along with one another.
  • Shiro saving Kuroh from being killed by Yukari in the third episode, similar to how Kuroh saved Shiro's life in the first episode from being killed by HOMRA.
  • Episode 4:
    • The reunion of the Silver Clan. Neko is clearly overjoyed, and despite Kuroh putting up a serious and unfazed front in front of Shiro, it's very obvious from the brief moments of him showing overwhelming emotion that he is just as happy to see Shiro again.
    • A blink and you'll miss it moment, but Yata saves Fushimi's during their tag team fight against Sukuna.
  • Episode 8: Anna serves as The Heart when Shiro and Reisi are feeling down, being the only one of the 3 to still be optimistic.
    • Also, the end of the episode shows that despite being annoyed at his many faults, Scepter 4, Izumo and Yata still care deeply about Fushimi, showing concern when he runs away after an argument with Munakata, leaving his whereabouts unknown.
  • Episode 10: The scene where Shiro gives Kuroh and Neko an insignia of their clan symbol, and Kuroh naming their clan (despite the meaning being quite hilarious). It establishes how close they have grown from strangers to loyal friends and clansmen.
    • While barely noticeable, as Shiro discusses their plan to destroy the Dresden Slates, he assures them that the plan involves him coming back alive. It's as if he is aware that they're worried that what happened with the Colorless King will repeat itself, and he lets them know that it won't happen a second time.
    • During a flashback during the discussion at the HOMRA bar, Munakata and Mikoto's conversation as they fight shows how much they respect one another as Kings despite their difference in opinions; their constantly repeating each other's lines is heartwarming, and hilarious at the same time. It's also obvious by the way that they are smiling that they are enjoying themselves.
    • Reisi Munakata resolving to fight until his last moment despite knowing that he is at his limit, and might just follow in Mikoto Suoh's footsteps before hearing the latter's voice telling him that it isn't like him at all. Munakata's reaction, and response show exactly how Mikoto's passing affected him.
  • Episode 11: When Seri resigns her post as lieutenant and assigns Akiyama as the acting captain of SCEPTER 4, what is the first order that Akiyama gives as captain? Defy the government's orders to remain on standby and assist Munakata and Seri in attacking JUNGLE. When Seri protests, one of the members explain that as she is now a regular citizen, it is their duty to protect her, and even returns her sword to her. One might want to rethink of HOMRA being the only clan with bonds thicker than blood.
    • As it turned out, despite his apparent Face–Heel Turn, Fushimi is actually helping Munakata from the inside as he uses JUNGLE's technology to help Munakata breach the headquarters. When confronted by Nagare, who still offers him one last chance, this is his reply.
    Fushimi: If I stay [in JUNGLE], I won’t have to deal with idiots or be forced to obey a superior’s reckless orders. Then my answer’s obvious. No thanks.
  • Episode 12: Even though Yata is still clearly angry with Fushimi for his betrayal, he got angry at Munakata when he realized that Fushimi "betrayed" SCEPTER 4 under Munakata's orders, worrying that it might get Fushimi killed. Even when he was provided with a mission to clear one of JUNGLE's bases, he wanted to save Fushimi first. His True Companions notice and encourage him to go save him, completely confident he will not only save him but manage to pull off his mission.
    • Munakata's confidence that Fushimi would never betray him to join JUNGLE as he tells Yata the truth, revealing that Fushimi is in fact loyal, and ultimately paving the way for him and Yata to mend their friendship.
    • Then in the latter part of the episode, Fushimi and Yata finally patch things up. For years, Yata thought of Fushimi as a traitor, but then tells him that if he was willing to risk his life for Munakata, then it means that Fushimi isn't a traitor; he is just truly meant to serve the Blue Clan and the Blue King, and he deeply respects and admires Fushimi for that. To the many fans who wanted them to make up, they finally got what they asked.
      • Note: These two should thank Munakata since he not only ensured Fushimi's safety by telling Yata the truth, but he also made it possible for them to patch up their broken friendship. Shows how much he cares for Fushimi as one of his men.
    • A small bit, but earlier in the episode, Fushimi mutters that no matter what he would say to Yata, the latter would never understand. Therefore Yata asks him to tell him in a way that he can understand, or as many times as needed until he finally understands. And later, Fushimi tells Yata that he'll try his best in doing so. The fact that both will have a clearer communication from then on is enough of an indicator that their friendship is mending.
    • Munakata ensuring Fushimi's survival, first by telling Yata the truth about Fushimi's undercover mission so that Yata would go running to his rescue, and then paying the green clan mercenary to get Fushimi to safety after Yata has to go carry out his part of Shiro's plan - just in case Yata doesn't make it in time. Smart move, since Fushimi almost ended up in trouble again after Yata's departure.
    • It is pretty clear that although both Munakata and Fushimi's lives are on the line through their plan to infiltrate JUNGLE, Munakata put Fushimi's safety before his own despite the fact that his own chances of coming out alive were next to impossible. This is one of the scenes where it becomes apparent that Fushimi really is Munakata's favorite among his men, and he had been very worried about him all this time.
    • When Munakata says to Yata, "There is one way for him to get out alive - to actually betray me and join Jungle. Do you think that's something he would do?" Because up to that point, Yata had thought that. For years. But just the way that both he and Munakata understand Fushimi then, and the way that Munakata understands Fushimi's relationship with Yata, even though he didn't know them together.
  • Episode 13: As Munakata watches Anna harnessing her power to make way for the Swords of Damocles to crush the Slates, Mikoto appears behind her to guide her one last time, and glances at Munakata in greeting, which causes the latter to smile. Just like Munakata had tried to help him throughout Season 1, and saved him from being crushed by his own Sword of Damocles during the last episode (although it meant carrying the burden of what he was forced to do), Mikoto is there to lend Anna his strength, and save Munakata as well.
    • When Kuroh defeats Yukari, and Yukari asks if Kuroh is going to kill him.
    Kuroh: ... though our colors may differ/ we're Ichigen's seeds.
    Yukari: I don't know that poem.
    Kuroh: It's mine.
    • Kuroh runs off, and Yukari remarks (to Master Ichigen) that Kuroh's grown up beautifully.
    • Munakata gazing down the shaft where the Sword of Damocles fell to destroy the Slates, clearly worried. When Fushimi emerges with Douhan, and confirms that their mission has been accomplished, Munakata smiles in relief, and welcomes him back, complimenting him on a job well done.
    • The final scene, which shows Neko and Kuroh continuing to reside in Ashinaka High, albeit with a few changes: Neko is now officially a student, and Weissmann, in his original body, now works as a teacher in that school.
    • Neko gives Nagare a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech detailing why he's wrong and nobody needs the slates.
      Neko: A lot of bad stuff has happened to me before and I'm sure it might happen again. But when it does, it's not the Slates I want. What I want is some good food...And someone to eat it with! That's all that matters. That's all that I really ever wanted!
    • The ending credits show that Saruhiko and Misaki's friendship has definitely mended, and they seem to be horsing around like in old times; Seri is with Izumo. It also shows the members of HOMRA happily posing for pictures with Anna, Yukari and Sukuna with Kotosaka eating together, and Anna talking with Sukuna at a street corner. Munakata is also shown to have been reinstated as the Captain of Scepter 4, posing for a group picture, and seems to be at peace with himself.

  • K Radio Drama 8: Fushimi seeing Anna stuck between two vending machines, and tried to help out, even though he was unable to do anything about it in the end. Anna doesn't fail to recognize the effort and thanks him for at least trying.

  • K: Days of Blue: Munakata finds a Strain baby outside of Scepter 4's headquarters, and takes him under his wing, showing a fatherly side of himself - along with his Hidden Heartof Gold, and Friendto All Children side - when he doesn't mind carrying the infant around, and sending his men into an uproar; he eventually asks his men to look after the baby while he also takes care of business, and although they goof up ( Seri included ), and are saved only by Kamo's knowledge of how to take care of a baby, their efforts are hilariously cute. Later, when Fushimi is alone, and obviously annoyed by the baby's antics, although he doesn't do anything harmful, his heart shows for a brief moment when the baby grabs onto his finger. When Reisi chances upon Fushimi voicing his opinion that the baby might as well be better on his own if his parents don't care about him, he also offers some fatherly advice on family, his choice of words indicating that he is aware of Fushimi's painful past; he also points out that if your family doesn't love you, there is no crime in you cutting ties with them, and finding another family to call your own. After pointing this out, Reisi slips a control bracelet onto the baby's wrist before taking him from Fushimi after Seri informs them that the child's mother is at the gates, and embracing him gently - the way a father would. He also resolves to support the child in coping with his powers when he grows up.
  • K: Days of Blue: After the White Bean Tofu Stew panic is over, Saruhiko is lost in thought about Tatara's parting words to him, only to have White Bean Tofu Stew rouse him from his thoughts by licking his ear ( another indication of his Hidden Heartof Gold, and Friendto All Living Things side ). When he expresses his annoyance, Reisi points out that the said horse was worried about him.
  • Post-Ro K Short Stories:
    • The story that was included with the 7th bluray volume in Japan, which features Tooru Hieda, the teenage boy who just got his body back at the end of the series. He goes to meet Scepter 4 and HOMRA, and he's surprised at how nice they are even though he doesn't know them - or remember knowing them, anyway. And then he goes to the school and meets HAKUMAITOU. The whole thing is unbelievably heartwarming.


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