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Tear Jerker / K

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  • For the entirety of Episode 6.
    • Tatara's death, for one.
    • Shiro going back home only to find that it doesn't exist.
    • Shiro asking Kuroh to kill him once he realizes that all of his memories of being an Ordinary High-School Student is nothing but a lie, which means he could really be a murderer without knowing it.
  • In episode 10, the flashback with Yata and Fushimi. You could feel how desperate Fushimi is to get Yata's attention and even burns the tattoo in front of Yata to get Yata to hate him. This analysis right here might hit home...
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  • The ending of Fushimi and Yata's Drama CD. It really shows how much of a Jerkass Woobie Fushimi is. It especially hurts when Yata gives him a mild "The Reason You Suck" Speech telling him that Fushimi should just move on in life despite having nobody who cares about him. And it can be so clearly seen how they both are hurting from what the other had done, but neither of them could understand each other well enough to patch it up.
  • Here is an heart-wrecking character analysis on how lonely and possibly broken these characters are...
  • Most scenes with Adolf K. Weismann, from how he began his research into the Dresden Slate with the notion that it'll bring happiness to everyone - only to be selected as the First King with the power of immortality, cursed to live as his sister dies -, to how he voluntarily exiled himself from the world for over half a century due to mourning (probably longer if not for the Colorless King stealing his body) just because he'd rather not involve himself with anyone that he'll eventually have to watch die. His relationship with Kokujouji Daikaku is also particularly tragic given their recent conversation in episode 12 - his oldest friend waited for him for over half a century, only to hear the words "I'll have to say goodbye again..."
  • Just about all of Episode 13.
    • After Mikoto kills the Colorless King, Mikoto apologizes for making Munakata do all the dirty work. Munakata angrily tells him not to give him that rubbish while looking at peace with himself before asking why he didn't do something before all of this happened. Munakata's voice cracks as he speaks, showing exactly how desperate he'd been to save Mikoto, along with his despair knowing that he failed, and the latter seems to understand it, closing his eyes in acknowledgement of the Blue King's efforts although they'd constantly clashed before telling him that he's said enough.
    • Munakata's expression as he sees that Mikoto's Sword of Damocles is about to fall; it shows the extent of his fear and worry for the Red King, and as it falls, he chooses the less of two evils, and runs Mikoto through with his saber, while keeping his eyes closed against what he's been forced to do. As Mikoto weakens, he leans forward, and grabs onto Munakata's shoulders while the latter remains silent with a numb, saddened look as he listens to his old friend say goodbye to Anna before catching him as he dies.
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    • Mikoto's death. The thought that he could have renounced his throne to avoid it but chose not to for the sake of vengeance for Totsuka (which he ultimately succeeds) makes it the more heart-wrenching. Anna's reaction and HOMRA's "No blood! No bone! No ash!" repeatedly, while crying, were particularly heart-wrecnching. Even Munakata looks obviously pained after killing his old friend despite his attempt to keep stoic in front of his men.
    • The fact that after Totsuka's death, Mikoto only lived twelve days before joining him.
    • Shiro/Weismann's death. He has finally found a reason to live on the ground alongside humans but ultimately choose to fulfill his responsibility as a king for the first and the last time to save their lives. Both Kuroh and Neko's reactions are tear-jerking and Kukuri, even though she doesn't remember, can clearly feel someone is missing. Subverted as Shiro being the immortal King survives.
  • Most of the lines shown by the second season preview sound depressing.
  • The final chapter of K: Memory of Red. HOMRA is planning to surprise Anna on her birthday which is on 8th December, then you realize that Totsuka was fatally shot on 7th December at 11:45pm. The chapter goes on to show how everything led to the murder, expanded on Totsuka's death scene and the aftermath which leads directly into the opening of the anime. And you will know by now that Anna will soon proceed to lose Mikoto shortly after losing Totsuka...
  • Every flashback of Misaki and Saruhiko is just incredibly sad. When you bring them into chronological order (including the ones from CD Dramas and the Mangas) you can watch their formerly wonderful relationship crumble and then brake into pieces without Misaki noticing and Saruhiko unable to stop it.
    • Watching them interact when you know that they used to think that what belonged to one belonged to the other as well is heart wrenching! The fact that they obviously suffer and miss one another doesn't make it any better.
  • The Movie has a few tear jerking moments as well.
    • The beginning of the movie where Munakata is watching the city and holds out his hand. A raindrop falls on it before rain begins. Wordof God says it is supposed to resemble Munakata's remorse about the high school incident.
    • Yata sitting alone in a living room, rewatching Totsuka's old home movies, particularly one showing everybody celebrating Yata's 18th birthday. Yata curls up into a ball on his couch, shedding tears, unable to get over the fact that Mikoto and Totsuka are dead, and Homra has completely fallen apart.
    • Just before Anna's awakening as the new Red King, she dreams that she has woken up in Homra and Totsuka is there. Then Mikoto shows up, and Anna tearfully runs over to hug him. Anna comments on how his red is still warm, and Mikoto replies that the red belongs to her now. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Munakata meeting Anna and showing her the sword he killed Mikoto with. The look on his face shows how much it cost him - not only as a King, but also as a person.
  • Daikaku's death at the end of the movie. He and Shiro could only reunite shortly as friends before they passed by each other once more again. Even more of a Tear Jerker if you read the accompanying chapter in K Countdown with the Gold King's closest clansmen reminiscing about the past with his King.
    • The Missing Kings drama CD also contains one with Yata's spectacular breakdown in front of the entirety of HOMRA when he learns that Kusanagi is is closing the bar and HOMRA is being temporarily disbanded. The voice acting is especially heart wrenching to listen to.
  • Seri's worry throughout the ROK episodes that Munakata's Sword of Damocles will fall. and her consisting wishing to aid him. A Heartwarming Moment occurs in Episode 11 when she resigns from Scepter 4 to go aid him against the fight against Jungle. The other remaining Scepter 4 members also join her, despite the direct orders not to.
  • In the 8th episode of K: Return of Kings, Saruhiko storms off angrily after arguing with Reisi, and his whereabouts become unknown to the other characters. Despite knowing his faults, the rest of Scepter 4, Seri, Izumo and even Yata show clear concern for him when they can't find him.
    • Blink and you'll miss it but during the argument Munakata's fingers twitch just before he delivers the final blow and afterwards his hands clench. Causing his favourite this kind of emotional pain even if it's just an (most likely not rehearsed) act hurts him deeply.
  • In ROK Episode 8 too, we get a flashback of the destruction of the Kagutsu Crater and standing in the midst of it is The Grey King, Iwafune Tenkei when he was Ootori Seigo. We then learn he led his clan to try and stop the former Red King and as a result, his entire clan died. In addition, Iwafune finds 11 year old Nagare apparently trapped under a boulder and immediately tries to help him, only to be horrified and saddened when the rock is shown to have killed the child.No wonder he underwent a Cynicism Catalyst afterwards. Even till now Iwafune is shown to still be deeply affected by the loss of his whole clan, realised by Anna commenting how 'cold' his fog was in Iwafune's fight against Munakata in Episode 8 and in Episode 11, Iwafune asking whether Nagare could change the past which would enable his clan to have been saved.
  • In ROK Episode 10, we get to see Anna and Izumo desperately trying to warn Munakata not to overstretch himself, otherwise his sword will fall. Munakata even laughs at this, reminiscing how the positions are swapped from a year ago when he tried to persuade Suoh to step down. Later on when Munakata makes his decision to fight, he hears a memory of Mikoto's voice, showing how deeply affected he is by what he had to do then up to now.
  • In ROK Episode 12, upon realizing that Reisi's Sword of Damocles was further deteriorating and he could not undo the Sanctum, Seri immediately stood beside the former to prevent anyone, especially Zenjou, from killing Reisi to stop his Sword of Damocles from falling, declaring that she will do the deed if necessary. The way she hesitated and how her sword shook at the very thought of killing her captain was particularly saddening.
  • In the finale of ROK, Nagare may have been the main 'antagonist' but his death is a huge Tearjerker. Seeing him having a flashback of him and all the J-rankers happily eating a meal together, and realising that what mattered most to him was them and not the Slate seconds before the Slate is destroyed is truly saddening. His final words are 'How unfortunate...and yet I am satisfied.' as he dies with a small smile. Kotosaka flies to Nagare's side, calling his name. To make it even sadder, in Dream of Green Chapter 2 Kotosaka is revealed to be Nagare's first clansman and Iwafune even commented that 'The first clansman must stay by his King's side to the end.' Which Kotosaka did. Iwafune comes seconds later, saying he needs to tidy up here and the Silvers should go. Iwafune has set off explosions in Jungle's secret base, after ensuring everyone has left so he and Nagare can die together. He then proceeds to pick up and cradle Nagare's body in his arms, smiling and looking up at the Silver Clan before him and Nagare are obscured from view.
    • Even sadder is although Iwafune was badly injured, he might still have survived, but chose to commit Suicide by Cop so he could remain by Nagare's side. It really drives in how close their bond must have been all those years.
    • The glance Shiro gave at the beginning of episode 13 at jungle's coffee table all set for their celebration once the battle was over which never came true. There was even a spot for Fushimi.
  • The side materials have quite a few sad moments as well.
    • Anna who is only 7 years old at the time of SIDE Red having to deal with the deaths of her mother and father and even torture. While she is rescued by Homra at the end even her aunt forgets Anna is her niece.
    • Takeru Kusuhara dying a pointless death in SIDE Blue taking the bullet for Munakata, as Munakata being a King means he wouldn't have even been killed so easily.
    • Zenjou Gouki having to kill his King at the Kagatsu Crater many years ago to prevent his King from causing the disaster to happen again.
    • Totsuka's, Fushimi's, Neko's foster parent's and Sukuna's parents all mistreating/neglecting their children.
    • Chitose in a side story revealing that while he may flirt with attractive women, he can't get into a serious relationship because the woman he loved died a horrible death from illness and is still mourning her till today.
  • On a meta level, all four analysis posts on Yata and Fushimi's relationship. It's arguably one of the most beautiful and tragic character bond ever written in anime history.

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