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Headscratchers for K.

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     Adolf's affiliation? 
  • Adolf was a war scientist in world war II. Did the show say either way whether he was a nazi or affiliated with them? Sure, the former is unlikely given the kind of person he was, but I'm just wondering if he could have been working with them even if he didn't necessarily sympathize. I mean, they were the only people he could have been working for while in Germany, right?
    • He probably was working for the Nazis, but that doesn't mean he's bad. He clearly had good intentions of wanting to save people and bring happiness.
    • Judging by the depiction of Dresden during and after the bombing, his sister was killed during the Firebombing of Dresden, which was a joint effort by the British and America.
    • They were funding his research, but he was clearly very uncomfortable with his creations being used for war. It fits with his character, particularly before everything happened, that he would just try not to think about what was going on in the world and focus on his own work. He's not a very strong-willed person. His sister was killed in the firebombing. The revelations of what had actually been happening might have been part of what provoked his decision to leave. When he says "the war is finally over," he doesn't seem upset that they lost.
    • See also his reaction to Nagare's plan in RoK when they're on the roof of the school. Look at what Nagare says that makes him give a suspicious face. It sounds familiar.

     Adolf's "death" (RoK Spoilers) 
  • In the first season we see news reports that "International magnate Adolf K. Weismann" died in the wreck of his airship. After season 2, he's teaching at Ashinaka High School. According to the short stories that came with the BDs, it's implied that he's using his original name (though Kuroh and Neko still call him Shiro). So how does he square that with recent news reports that he died at the age of 90? Does he say he's "Adolf K. Weismann III", the original's 23-year-old grandson or something? Even then, the students would realize he's related to someone famous, plus he'd have to make up fake parents. I guess Scepter 4 could figure something out. Or maybe he is using a new name and the short stories just sort of implied that for clarity's sake...
    • Particularly considering the rumors that he was immortal, and (if you believe the rumors) would have become immortal at around the age of... 23. Who hangs out with a guy who every member of JUNGLE knows is supernatural because he was worth the most JUNGLE points. And they're (likely) spotted around Bar HOMRA quite often.

     How much of a Masquerade is there? 
  • How much to ordinary people know about the supernatural, and what are the implications after Return of Kings?
    • In one of the Blue novels, some ordinary police officers are aware that Scepter 4 exists to deal with supernatural cases, but they don't seem very interested, except for the one that ends up joining S4.
    • In s1e5, Seri tells Saruhiko and Misaki not to fight "out here in broad daylight," as if there is some attempt to hide their powers.
    • In the "All Characters" story for Nagare, witnesses to the Kagutsu Crater incident can see the swords clearly, as swords (in the anime, it's never clarified that ordinary people to recognize the shapes of swords, as opposed to just bright lights or unclear shapes - though, the powers issues with the swords at the time of the crater might have disrupted that kind of fogging effect, meaning there might still be one).
    • Crowds gather to watch the tower from afar in the movie (the swords are out).
    • Out of crowd scenes and other background characters talking about HOMRA, no one seems to say they have powers - they just say things like "they're really dangerous".
    • People in the news report in s1e9 have varying beliefs about the Silver King - "a living god", "a cult leader", "just some eccentric rich guy". None of them mention the Kings. Fushimi seems to think he's just an urban legend (or pretend to think so, anyway, considering Lost Small World), and he's in the Clans.
    • In s2e2, Munakata specifically says to Kuroh that the E- through U-rank Jungle members aren't (necessarily) aware of Kings and the Slates (though some, like Douhan, seem to be).
    • After JUNGLE releases the Slates, everyone knows that there's at least *something* there.
  • Now for speculation:
    • It's possible HOMRA and Scepter 4 can carry on business as usual - if no one knew they had powers in the first place, no one's going to lose respect for them after they lose their powers. (It's unclear how much the Prime Minister knows/ believes).

     Why doesn't Neko just create illusional clothes? 
  • Since Neko hates wearing clothes, and is so talented at creating illusions, why doesn't she just make clothes that others can see but she doesn't feel?
    • She's a cat. She doesn't see why she would need clothes.
  • She might just be doing that. In a weird sequence in episode 6, she shows up out of nowhere wearing a nice suit, which is clearly an illusion. Likewise, the pink sweater that she eventually settles on was never actually shown to be bought or found.
  • Her movie/season 2 clothes aren't illusions, as we see in s2e3, but that probably shows her becoming more human.

     Why didn't Neko use illusion to sneak in like she always does in the movie? 
  • Neko has always used her illusions to sneak into places, but like why do they just rush in to the building clearly visible? It is also shown that Neko's illusions do work on the Green clan although they are wearing helmets. She can also trick them into thinking that she and Kuroh are Green clansmen as well so like why doesn't she?

     What the (spoiler) fox tells Shiro in s 1 e 11 
"You've walked away from all of your responsibilities, without even realizing it"
"What you really want is a life like the one you're living now, but you've had that life, many times before."
  • Considering the source, it's possible he's just making up things that sound likely, but that doesn't quite square with how he's supposedly been up in the air the whole time. With no contact with anyone (aside from random people he picks up to chat with - see the short story "Sky Whale", in which he picks up a random high schooler, gives her tea, and chats with her, and puts her down again. Unspecified time before season 1. So... did he have responsibilities as the Silver King? What were they? And had he descended before? When, why, what did he do, etc?
    • Specifics are up in the air, but he obviously had to descend some point after originally leaving Daikaku, because the latter wasn't a King when they initially parted. It's also clear from their discussion towards the conclusion of the High School incident that they've had some kind of contact in the decades that have passed since Weissman first set off into the sky. Logically, he couldn't have been in the air the entire time, since he first decided to distance himself from humanity. Or at least, if he was, he was having regular contact with a few people to some extent. After all, he managed to pass the title of King onto Daikaku and then make it so that 5 other Kings could show up after him. And it's described in the series that Daikaku is the one who holds the entire country together, it's backbone, with even more authority than the Prime Minister. Seeing as he gained the power to do so from Weissman, it seems likely that Weissman at least had some small part in helping him to set that up. It could also just be that, as the oldest and First King, Daikaku see's it as Weissman's responsibility to get more involved in matters. A kind of With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility thing.


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