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With a series full of Bishōnen characters that share different relationships and backstories, is anyone even surprised? It's worth noting that some of the series' manga have been stocked in the BL section in bookstores in Japan.

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  • Shiro blushed when Kuroh pulled him close in the first episode, mesmerized by Kuroh's facial features. Shiro has even joked about Kuroh being his wife, more than once. Not to mention that they look similar to Shion and Nezumi from No.6...
  • When Shiro is trying to get in touch with anyone who would know who he is he drops his parasol to grab Kuroh's hand, and continues holding onto it while making a call.
  • At one point in episode 8, before he's cut off, Yashiro blushes and begins to tell Kuroh something that sounds suspiciously similar to a confession—a few scenes in prior episodes established that he has a slight crush on him.
  • And then there's the movie, where it's revealed that Kuroh and Neko have spent the past year separately searching for Shiro with no confirmation that he's even alive at this point. At the end of the movie they find out he's alive, and Kuroh looks like he's about to cry, asking where Shiro is now.
  • In general Shiro blushes a lot around Kuroh, and Kuroh takes up some Tsundere tendencies while around him. Official art doesn't help, often showing them touching quite intimately (and yes, more often than not having one or the both of them blushing), and one piece of art has Shiro lying on top of Kuroh while trying to take off his shirt.
  • The official art outright ship teases them, case in point the crowns, ballroom dancing and the couch
  • In the supplementary novel Side Black and White Ichigen Miwa comments that whoever "decides to become one with" (marries) Kuroh will be someone "big-hearted and bright, who marches to the beat of their own drum." It's left ambiguous whether he was using his power of foresight in that observation or not, but if he was, you get no points for guessing who he was alluding to.
  • And then there's Go RA saying that the two are essentially yin and yang to each other and that without the other they're both in an incomplete state.
  • When Shiro returns in Return of Kings Kuroh tries (and fails) to hide the fact that he's about to cry, and near the end of episode 10 tries (and fails) to hide the fact that he wants Shiro to praise him, and maybe even pat him on the head like he did for Neko.
  • Kuroh goes from wanting to kill Shiro to being very protective of him, especially when Mikoto approaches them with the intent to kill. He's shown standing protectively in front of Shiro and Shiro acts concerned when Mikoto attacks Kuroh.


  • After their relationship got more focus it became obvious that there is some massive Foe Yay to it and Fushimi shows Stalker with a Crush tendencies towards Yata especially after his betrayel. Their audio dramas show this in more detail, with Fushimi knowing Yata's birthdate and blood type when Yata has never told him either. Or his height, which Yata himself doesn't know and to the nearest 0.1cm at that.
  • In the first anime opening there's a point where Yata and Fushimi are shown on screen to lyrics which sound like "Search, and kiss, and destroy."
  • The flashback to Fushimi announcing that he's leaving HOMRA for Scepter 4. Yata looks a few seconds away from crying while Fushimi is acting like a masochist about having Yata's (angry) attention on him.
  • In episode 13 Fushimi realizes Yata's HOMRA symbol on his shoulder is glowing by pulling the collar of his shirt down. The view of him pulling down Yata's shirt while sitting above him is very suggestive.
  • In Lost Small World, Yata monologues after his and Saruhiko's first adventure together (along with Saruhiko's cousin) that he wants to befriend him "because he felt so excited his whole body trembled. Because he wanted to see him laugh." When waking up to see Saruhiko's father the first time, he sleepily thinks "ah, that guy with a quiet face will grow up to be this handsome." Later on, his asking Saruhiko to move in with him is written very much like elopement, with his eyes sparkling as he tells him that he means the world to him, and Saruhiko flushing in response.
  • Most of Days of Blue gets filled with Fushimi thinking back to his friendship with Yata, being all regretful. And in Memory of Red, he and Yata get stuck in a basement underground...which sounds like the start to a yaoi doujinshi and certainly has plenty of subtext with how Fushimi thinks and how Yata at times slips and show how desperate he is for their friendship to be reformed. He's even the one to break Yata's fall after Yata wakes up and realizes he landed on top of Fushimi who's grumbling at him to get off.
  • Yata's unique PDA (built into his watch)? Yeah, Fushimi made that. And he still has it.
  • In Return of Kings, Yata shows concern when Fushimi disappears for a while, and when he finds out why, he abandons his mission temporarily to save him. When Fushimi solemnly says that he feels like Yata won't understand his pain, Yata tells him that he can tell him as many times as he wants until he finally understands, and the two end the series as best friends once again.


  • Suoh and Munakata have some of this, too. Munakata gets really close to Suoh when he's imprisoned at the SCEPTER 4 Headquarters. And when Munakata tries to negotiate with Suoh in Episode 10 even more so.
    • Mikoto seems to trust Munakata (entrusting Saruhiko to him when he indicates he wants to be in the Blue Clan) and in the flashback that tarts the second season off, they give the impression of playfully flirting; they're smiling, and enjoying themselves during their fight.
    • On the sad side, killing Mikoto is, for Reisi, the worst thing to have ever happened to him since it is what causes his own Sword to decay, and he places priority in making sure HOMRA (and Anna in particular) are looked after in the aftermath.
  • In Episode 13, While fighting, Mikoto seems to flirt with Reisi during their fight when he asks him if that is all he's got, and he knows that he can do better. Reisi flirts right back, joking that he doesn't have his glasses, and even annoys his friend at one point. When Reisi admits that he wishes to save Mikoto, a tremor seems to go through his eyes, indicating his desperation.
  • After Reisi is forced to run Mikoto through to save him from being crushed by his Sword of Damocles, Mikoto leans forward and seemingly hugs him to comfort him, and be close one last time before he dies in his friend's arms; Munakata catches him gently, and looks at him after he breathes his last.
  • Extra materials reveal that Munakata "disliked" Tatara. Was he jealous by any chance?
  • Their interactions in general have an overall vibe of "had to break up for some reason but remained on good terms" which doesn't get better in season 2 where Munakata keeps hearing/seeing Mikoto during emotionally loaded moments.


  • Mikoto and Tatara probably win at most heartbreaking tragic pairing in the show. Episode 6 hits it home. Although Totsuka never got much air time, the time he spent on screen spoke volumes about his relationship with Mikoto.
  • Totsuka was the one who came up with the nickname of 'King' for Mikoto and had the utmost faith in him even when Mikoto himself didn't.
  • In Episode 6, Mikoto can be seen smiling subtly at Totsuka's antics.
  • Despite being warned off by Kusanagi that being around Mikoto will only result in him getting hurt, Totsuka still chose to stick around 'King', survive beatings and support him
  • After Totsuka's death, Mikoto can be seen wearing the same earring that Totsuka was wearing at the time he died.
  • Gora's writer Blue tweeted that they had a "special relationship" that was kept a secret because otherwise it would be considered "unmanly" in their gang.
  • Mikoto only lived for 12 days after Totsuka's death. He would not be deterred from killing Totsuka's murderer, even if it meant his own death and leaving his clan behind.


  • Reisi Munakata and Kuroh Yatogami show a few signs of this. Munakata got too close for comfort during their fight in Episode 7 of Season 1. Episode 11 shows where Munakata saves Kuroh who was mere inches from death during his fight with Mikoto, and when Mikoto tries to attack him again, Munakata blocks him off.
  • Return of Kings gives us a scene where Munakata offers to give Kuroh and Neko protection under Scepter 4. When Kuroh refuses, Reisi backs him into a wall while expressing disappointment, saying he thought they had good chemistry together.
    • He is referring to their fight in episode 7 in the stadium which features some interesting swordplay
  • Shouhei and San-chan (as he calls him) get this in the manga with their close camaraderie, San's tsundere nature, and tendency to bail each other out of tough situations.
  • Chapter 3 of the memory of red manga has Chitose and Dewa on the cover with the title "Strange Love".
  • Sumika Inaba is a good friend of Kukuri Yukizome and when HOMRA attacks their school they spend a good amount of time in an intimate Security Cling.
  • Sumika also blushed furiously when she saw Neko.
  • Sakura Asama has a very obvious crush on Chiho Hyuuga.
  • Yata greatly admires Mikoto to the point of getting angry at Fushimi for badmouthing him. He's even worse in MoR as he gets all sparkly eyed and cheerful at even the smallest bit of praise, even if he reads things somewhat wrong. Seri knows to that saying Mikoto is fine and mostly causing them trouble is the best way to get Misaki to back off from a fight.
  • From the very few interactions we get, Zenjo seems to have had a thing for his former king Habari. Not only is he completely fine dying beside him, he actually fights his way through a Damocles Down to die by Habari's side, claiming that he's satisfied with that outcome. The fact that he could kill Habari and save millions of people that way doesn't even cross his mind as a possibility to consider. When Zenjo does kill Habari, he doesn't seem to realize he's doing it - leaving one guessing whether it's actually his doing or a subconscious order from Habari influencing him - and when he comes to his senses he's devastated. Fast forward to present day Zenjo and he's a broken man with little to remind us of the carefree person he used to be. The parallels to Reisi and Mikoto and the burden of killing a King and someone you care about write themselves here.



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