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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Episode 5, Saruhiko lands a clean throwing knife stab into Misaki's shoulder. While it is not very deep, and Misaki was clearly in pain, he managed to move on after that by simply bandaging the cut with a handkerchief, without any hint of an infection. A wound like that may fester pretty badly... Until you realize that Saruhiko threw the knife after heating it up with his ex-Homura powers, which pretty much sterilizes the blade like a high-temperature bullet. Also serves as a somewhat twisted Heartwarming Moments because even in his lunacy Saruhiko still takes care not to hurt Misaki too badly. You might notice that he actually threw two knives but only one connected and only barely, whereas the knives he threw at Rikio were more than effective.
    • Both Yata and Saruhiko are technically the top fighters of their teams, disregarding their Kings. And yet somehow neither of them have seemingly managed to beat the other, only ever shown ending in draws...
  • In Episode 1, the robot clearly reacts towards an invisible Neko whom Kukuri can't see. Then it turns out that Neko's powers aren't so much invisibility and illusion-creating than simply screwing with the sensory perception of other human beings... Robots not included.
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  • Many times we see Neko interacting with the cleaning robots at the school, especially when they're around Shiro in public. She was doing this because she knew her powers couldn't affect the robots, and that if they saw Shiro, they would have tried to get rid of him in front of the people he interacted with.
  • In Episode 4, the robots tried to clean Shiro up as "trash" in a supposedly comedic moment, but the robots are programmed specifically not to target students or their belongings as trash. Then, he turns out not to be a student.
  • Kuroh's behavior in early episodes is weirdnote . Then, it is later revealed that his late master had the power to see the future. He most likely has had taught Kuroh lots of weird things for the inevitable encounter with Shiro...
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  • Kuroh's fight against Reisi in episode 8 gives an impression that he is being stupid for not using his magic arm thingy or his sword. But then, he is against the Blue King who obviously has far greater supernatural power while he can't draw Kotowari against anyone other than the Evil King. It means, the only chance Kuroh has against Reisi (a chivalrous person himself) is in normal, unarmed combat.
  • Shiro seems overly competent at points, such as knowing how to pilot a helicopter, deducing information like a scientist would, and knowing exactly how to work flash bombs. Then it turns out that he is actually Adolf K. Weismann, a German war scientist during World War II...
  • Shiro only stutters once while lying, when making up a name for his equally made up sister, even though he pulled off a very fluent lie earlier about how she's confined to the hospital and how lonely she is. He actually does have a sister, even if he doesn't remember her, and she died tragically. The stutter was probably caused by his suppressed memories.
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  • The color balances/filters of the anime's various locations might very well represent the territory of each Clan. If you pay close attention, a great majority of the city has a distinct, blue tone to it. Guess which Clan has unfettered access to the city's various resources and surveillance? Scepter 4. See the red/magenta blanketing everywhere in Izumo's bar? That's HOMRA, the red clan's, headquarters. The interior of Weissman's blimp was pretty silvery. The Gold King's territory was littered with yellowish accents. And in Return of Kings, the color green starts getting more prominence (color filter's, plant life, etc), signifying how the Green Clan is everywhere and rapidly gaining traction.
  • Another thing is that after reading Story of Stray Dog, one realises that Kuroh has actually met Totsuka but doesn't find out his name until after he's been killed. And that in fact, it is right after Kuroh leaves Totsuka's care that the HOMRA member is shot by the Colourless King.
  • In the first season, Anna doesn't do much aside from scry, cling to Mikoto, dress in Elegant Gothic Lolita, and act as the general Morality Pet and "princess" of HOMRA. "Princess" ends up being a very apt description, as in Missing Kings, she succeeds Mikoto as the Red King.
  • Yatagarasu is, in lore, a three-legged crow that is a messenger of kami. Three legs: between Yata's own legs and his skateboard which he almost always is seen using, particularly to fight, it certainly fits him!

Fridge Horror

  • Tatara died on 23:45 of December 7. Anna's birthday is on December 8, just 15 minutes away. Think about it. The side materials sort of hint to the fact that Anna may never be able to celebrate her birthday like a normal kid ever again. Confirmed via the manga Memories of Red. In the final chapter, we see much more of the circumstances leading up to Tatara's death—specifically in their relation to Anna.
  • Adolf K. Weismann's entire life.
    • He seemed to seriously think his work would be used to bring peace and happiness to everyone, and to hate the possibility of it being used for war. Sometime after the war ends, he must have found out what his employers were actually doing to the world. He goes to live alone in his airship because he's immortal and he wants to escape from it all. There's the horror, both to him and to the viewer, of what would have happened had he completed his work, plus the horror of what might have happened with him personally when he thought about that, had he not been immortal...
    • Then, after the start of the series, he lives for over a year in someone else's body. He has two sets of memories of two different pasts, and the one that matches his body is fake. And if he thought about trying to get intimate with Kuroh (or anyone else), he'd not want to on two levels- on one hand, he'd be using that poor kid's body. On the other hand, he probably feels dishonest about creating impressions based on Hieda's looks - in his original body, he's not as small and cute, and he's also not Japanese. He's beautiful, but he probably doesn't realize that...
    • After Return of Kings, becoming close with Hieda and seeing him often, while still remembering his fake memories about being a person who never existed, in Hieda's body. Awkward, yes, but more than that. Sort of heartbreaking and terrifying.
    • And through it all, he's so cheerful the whole time.

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