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Ho Yay / Kado: The Right Answer

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Don't be fooled by the heavy political themes and the overall First Contact main plot of the series. There is plenty of these moments.

  • Hanamori constantly ends up in a Security Cling to Shindou.
    • When he sees Shindou screaming in pain in response to zaShunina's failed attempt to communicate with him through telepathy, Hanamori almost instantly overcomes his fear of the the Alien Geometries that was surrounding them (as well as the traumatic experience that was getting trapped inside of Kado in the first place) and rushed to help him.
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    • When he finally exits from KADO in episode 6, Hanamori is running to Shindou while shedding Tears of Joy and almost jumps on him before barely stopping. Shindou than gives him an Affectionate Gesture to the Head.
  • When Kojiro and Asano meet again they end up hugging each other in relief. Now remember Japan's cultural standards regarding hugs...
  • The biggest one, however, is whatever is going on between zaShunina and Shindou. Seriously. A human shouldn't feel that comfortable around an alien. This was noted even InUniverse.
    • The fact that they are essentially turning more and more into Heterosexual Life-Partners with each episode really raised quite a few eyebrows, not just among the Yaoi Fangirls.
    • In the preview for episode 6, zaShunina seems to be giving Shindou a hug from behind.
    • After the episode was released, Yaha-kui doesn't exactly hug Shindou, but he is still had No Sense of Personal Space around him.
    • Yaha-kui openly says to Shindou in in episode 6 that he is glad how much Shindou got accommodated to the anisotropic.
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    • In episode 12, they exchange a (one-sided at least) Headbutt of Love before their deaths.
    • Yes, this is official artwork. They look like they're engaged!
    • A similar official art is recorded in a now-archived Image Boards post.
  • Episode 9 has two instances in the same episode: Hanamori saying that he "likes" Shindo, and zaShunina revealing that he developed feelings for him, but in a very different and unhealthy way.

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