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Ho Yay / Kämpfer

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Does it really count as Ho Yay when the target is actually the opposite sex? Let's find out!

  • From the get-go, the ending theme and opening theme crank this Up to Eleven.
    • Same with the Karaoke Box scene in Episode 4. All three girls sing what could be construed as lesbian love songs...
    • All in all, Natsuru's school seems to have a problem with rampant lesbianism.
    • Episode 3 loves this trope; upon female Natsuru's arrival to the girl's side, the collective reaction of her new female classmates is to perform what is essentially a large, simultaneous group-glomp. Following that, the remainder of the episode features nothing but the rest of the school's female population depravedly fawning over her, with a few even going so far as to capture her and tie her up so they so they could play with her as much as they wanted.
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    • Sakura towards female Natsuru.
    • The Assistant Committee Chairperson is a little too attracted to Natsuru's female form.
    • The OVA straight up brimming with actual yuri. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

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