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Avorion is a 4X Space Game based on ships made from blocks and procedurally generated factions and universe. You can mine asteroids, making ships out of them, and explore a thriving universe in search of the Galactic Core. Standing in your way however are hostile Starfish Aliens named the Xsotan. And progress-impeding subspace rifts.

This game is developed by a team of three led by a Konstantin 'koonschi' Kronfeldner, and has been available on PC through Steam Early Access since January 23rd, 2017.


Avorion contains examples of these tropes:

  • After the End: The game begins after a cataclysm which triggered an alien invasion that made people flee the Galactic Core. The player begins 450 sectors or so away from the Core and the game's "difficulty" "increases" towards the center.
  • April Fools: With a giant cube in place of a fish
  • Arbitrary Maximum Range: All weapons. Especially so for Torpedoes, which suddenly disappear, which is very confusing if one is going towards the camera.
  • Armor Is Useless: Averted. Armor is the best block in the game to make hull from, instead of hull blocks, as it is has a better mass-to-health ratio and needs less crew to maintain.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The AI's fight model is pretty simple, but has problems overestimating their ships' ability to brake. But it's going better over the development cycle: ships crashing into asteroids and each other are less frequent.
    • Now ships crash less into asteroids, but have problems muscling through dense enough asteroid fields to mine them, and they don't register damage done to what they're mining/salvaging so they can get stuck just beyond the edge of their weapons range while they are technically in range.
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  • Asteroid Thicket: Most non-empty sectors have more or less big asteroid fields, which can number up to six thousand and even more.
  • Bigger Is Better: One of the main constants of the game. Bigger means more upgrade module slots, up to 15, therefore more turrets to defend against ships and especially torpedoes, and usually more health.
  • Boring, but Practical: The current metagame to make ships with is the good old cube.
  • Bonus Boss: Fidget, Specimen 8055 and the Big Brother. The last two are ogonite-level. Also, the Xsotan Guardian Prototype, probably.
  • Breakable Weapons: Inverted in Creative Mode, where destroying a turret used to give you two back (before a recent patch caused turret amounts to be "infinite").
  • Broken Base: koonschi added a (moddable/removable) evolving ship limit of roughly three ships per material (not counting stations). Most players weren't affected a lot by the change, but builders of huge fleets 😓...
    • The Plan: It is however temporary in order to finish the retail version of the game, as it'd be too much work to tackle the issue (the need for a simulation state between "fully loaded" and "unloaded") before the deadline as it'd need a lot of engine work.
    • Also, when koonschi stated that solar panels were a "early-game block" and won't have its energy generation increased with material unlike generators. Solar Sail lovers sure were miffed out, especially as the hyperspace core energy usage increased dramatically soon after...
      • ...and then the Solar Panel Block had its health values reduced to (more or less than) one-eighth of a similar hull block, forcing solar sail builders to actually cover their sails to avoid getting them blown up...
    • Another broken base point was the decision to make common pirate factions permanently at war with the players, making pirate playthroughs impossible.
  • Call a Hit Point a "Smeerp": Damage per second is called omicron.
  • Collision Damage: Avorion has realistic collision damage, meaning most collisions are very damaging, especially with asteroids as they are made of rock, which is much denser than hull and armor. You can turn collision damage off or on quarter by quarter alongside the difficulty level.
    • Discredited Trope: However, as better materials are found and collision damage stay the same, collisions become less of an issue later in the game. See Early Game Hell.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience:
    • There is Color-Coded Item Tiers: Petty(grey), Common(white), Uncommon(green), Rare(blue), Exceptional(yellow), Exotic(a very red orange) and Legendary(purple).
    • These tiers coincide with the different materials blocks can be made of: Iron(beige), Titanium(white), Naonite(green), Trinium(blue), Xanion(yellow), Ogonite(orange) and Avorion(red)
  • Cool Starship: Of course, since it's a voxel game where lore or less any kind of ship can be made, players have made wonderful creations ! Avorion integrates an interface to the Steam Workshop to publish and download ships.
  • Difficulty Levels: There are seven difficulty levels: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Veteran, Expert, Hardcore and Insane, which scale the amount of damage all ships that aren't ships currently piloted by players do. On Expert the NPC do as much damage as the player(s), and in the latter enemy ships and weapons start becoming really big.
  • Early Game Hell: Build mode does not pause the action (in multiplayer), and apart from rare "neutral" sectors, hostile Pirates can spawn anywhere every eleven-or-so minutes, and starting sectors are very rarely neutral ! It went much worse with the advent of Torpedoes which can and will intercept a fleeing drone, causing several post-spawn sad deaths. It's much better to make a Creative Mode galaxy as a "shipyard" to make ships to export to non-Creative galaxies.
    • Also, most of the beginning sectors' resources are Iron, the densest material, which cannot be made into Energy Generators, forcing the player to either find the rare Titanium asteroids to power their dampeners, or add a lot of (very inefficient) Solar Panels.
    • Slow-Paced Beginning: Like a lot of sandbox games, Avorion is slow paced at the beginning where credits are a severe limitation on what ship player can make, but then the player starts finding new ways of making credits (and resources) and it gets easier thay way too.
    • Since 1.0, also subverted as it became Late Game Hell, a la Terraria since as one destroys the final boss (and maybe even before), Xsotan invasions start happening...
  • Made of Explodium: The true main point of the game. Most blocks explode ! Explosions are exciting ! Needs more explosions !
  • Enemy Summoner: The aptly-named Xsotan Summoners which start appearing as the player breaches the Barrier.
  • Game Mod: Most of the game content is made out of free-to-edit Lua scripts ! But some things happening in-engine are inaccessible. Of course it's one of the game's objectives to make all ot the mechanics accessible to modders.
  • Gatling Good: The most primitive and first military turret type you'll see is Chainguns. They fall squarely into Boring, but Practical territory, firing at a relatively short range, but all the time (compared to most other weapons who need to cool down).
  • Guide Dang It!:
    • Station building ! Finding what supply and demand is in a sector gets harder and harder with each economy update... until 0.29 came with (mappable!) supply and demand ratios, trading system upgraded behavior and per-good station buy/sell behavior !
    • Ship building. There is no fixed scale, so most new players make nice-looking ships which are in fact way too small and weak. And even experienced ones will have problems approaching the right equilibrium between the different ship systems.
      • Especially, making a ship that can jump through hyperspace without having energy problems, since no interface element shows how much energy her core will use after jumping and the formula's secret, until, of course, comparing energy usage before and after a jump. Patch 0.20 also increased said energy usage, so so even ships that ''were'' jumping nicely may have problems...
      • So it's actually simpler to make bigger ships as some of the problem are linear while the power curve is exponential because of the Square-Cube Law !
  • Healing Shiv: There are repair guns, either repairing hull, shield or both.
  • Hyperspeed Escape: Hyperspace jumping is instant, as long as the ship looks the right way, isn't jammed, and has a destination that the navigation computer has calculated.
  • Let's Play: There's several, like the Alien Ant ones, the Sindroms ones or the Lathland one.
  • Mega-Maw Maneuver: When mining too hungrily, you can and probably will charge the asteroid with your Mining Drone, sculpting a maw on the asteroid with its laser, then getting bitten by crashing inside.
  • Mile-Long Ship: Very possible. In fact, at high enough difficulty levels, the player will have to make one (unless they do a balanced squad of smaller vessels to spite the trope) !
    • However, when blocks are too big, their textures become too big for the memory... It'll get better, hoperfully.
  • Needs More Love
  • Not Completely Useless: Iron, the lowest material, used to be this. It's heavier and more fragile than all the other materials, but the only one that can be made into Inertial Dampeners (automatic space brakes) besides Avorion''. But then a patch made thrusters also cause passive deceleration.
  • Old-School Dogfight: Defied, until the moment you get into Trinium and its hangars, which launch Fighters which more or less dogfight as they're really tiny.
  • Oxygen Meter: Lacking. There's only an alarm if Life Support stopped working (due to crippling energy problems or careless energy prioritization). Beware sudden crew losses !
  • Randomly Generated Loot: Turrets and ship upgrade modules have randomly-generated stats (and appearances for turrets). Some of them are better than others: you may encounter common turrets of a give material and tech level that'll be better than exceptionals of the same material and techlevel. There are Turret Factories that can churn out turrets of a given rarity and type, and those are also generated with a fixed random seed proper to the factory.
  • Recoil Boost: Most projectile weapons have recoil but Cannons have it the most.
  • Robot Buddy: The player may be one, as you begin as a tiny and vulnerable Mining Drone.
  • Rogue Drone: Inverted with the "The AI" boss. It just follows its programming of "Destroy all Xsotan things".
    • Asteroids Monster: When the "The AI"'s blocks crumble, parts that can still make a ship get new weapons and becomes a new ship, which causes the boss's damage ability to rocket exponentially.
    • Tactical Suicide Boss: The "The AI" has invincible shields when not attacking, but "reroutes energy from shields to weapons" when it detects a Xsotan Artifact on the player's ship.
  • Sequence Breaking: Merchants generated with "random loot" such as those that spawn under attack by pirates or those in passing fleets can spawn with any kind of cargo item, including Avorion Scrap and Ore. Avorion Hyperspace Cores can make the ship jump through rifts, bypassing the eight necessary quests to open a gate through the Barrier.
  • Solar Sail: There is a Solar Panel block which makes energy relative to it's surface, so they used to make great sails ! Until their HP got nerfed that is. They can also be very good as radiators as there is no recognition of block or sun exposition and can be crammed inside a ship with no negative consequences.
  • Space Fighter: Once gotten into the Trinium tier, the player can make Hangar blocks out of it, allowing the deployment of various fighters made from any turret type, including military turrets, but also civilian mining lasers, salvage lasers, force turrets and repair turrets. There are also Cargo Shuttles, made from no turret at all.
  • Space Friction: A very minute amount, which is then demultiplied by Inertial Dampener blocks.
  • Space Pirates: Of many flavors. There are "usual" Pirate factions that randomly attack sectors and are at permanent war towards the player. There are also Pirate factions that function in ordinary normal faction way, and their variants the Syndicates, which also begin hateful or abhorrent towards the player.
    • As per 0.29, it's impossible to become friendly with them since there is no way of stopping the permanent war.
  • Space Whale and Living Ship: The Xsotan. They are actually lifeforms made of organic and metallic matter behaving like animals...
    • Horde of Alien Locusts: ...and eating away at most things. They "infest" Avorion asteroids to make more of themselves and it is rumored that Avorion is actually organic and metallic matter assembled by the Xsotan to that effect.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Persecutors, ships that hunt ships that are deemed too weak for a given sector once near enough from the Core (from 300 to 425 sectors). They are always equipped with advanced torpedoes to One-Hit Kill their prey, and even follow it through hyperspace.
  • That One Boss: The Mobile Energy Lab. Its overcharged lightning guns do fixed damage of 3 million hp per shot, one-shotting your usual solo player ship. Unless the player reads the Avorion Discord Server or interacts with the M.A.D. Science Satellites they're supposed to kill to read logs about how to be entirely immune to their damage, they're probably going to meet a very abrupt, lightning-fast end.
  • The Little Detecto: The C43 Object Detector module. It's not very useful as ore asteroids glow brightly and other things are either easily findable... or not interesting enough (like Secret Stashes and Reclaimable Derelict Ships).
  • The Unpronounceable: Randomly-generated faction and ship names ! The funniest part is, some factions have prefixes and suffixes like "The United States of X" or "The Coalition of X".
  • Too Fast to Stop: There is a Module that reduces energy production and increases the ship's Maximum Velocity to a arbitrarily high value, so she can accelerate indefinitely. This trope is what will usually happen after installing. Also, it will also happen with ships with very few or no Inertial Dampener volume and low rotation speed.
  • Unfortunate Names: Avorion tends to be read by search engines as "abortion".
  • Unstable Equilibrium: Like most Wide Open Sandboxes, when the player gets loads of resources (enough materials to make a huge ship, enough credits to make several stations), she'll tend to get more and more (with said huge ship cleaning sectors with no competition and said stations producing and selling goods). Conversely the player can get stuck punched around by Persecutors (and now Bounty Hunters and faction-warring pirates) if they gets in a tight spot near enough for them to spawn.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: Tries to be one. There is sure plenty of space in the million of sectors the galaxy is made of. Most sectors are empty, some have factions visible by normal scan, and some have other things and are only highlighted by deep scan.
  • Worthless Green Rocks: Naonite. Awesome once player finds it as they can make shield generators with them, basically doubling (or more) the health of their ships. The next material, Trinium, surpasses it in every regard, can be made into armor unlike Naonite, and is arguably ''the most'' practical material due to its lightness, turning poor Naonite into the material the player uses to mask the fact that Trinium is so useful players usually use it for everything. Then the next material, Xanion, has the same gimmick of "technological material" as Naonite, making it useless in both practice and theory.


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