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Trivia / The Legend of Zelda

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Works with their own Trivia pages:

Trivia for the franchise in general:

  • Link's name and appearance:
    • It was revealed in an interview Miyamoto gave to a French website that Link's appearance was, like Mario before him, influenced by the NES's graphical limitations. Miyamoto wanted Link to be easily recognizable, and able to visibly use his sword and shield. The weapons were thus made big and easily visible, and Link was given his trademark pointy hat and long ears so that he could easily be distinguished from his equipment despite the sprite's small size. The pointy hat and long ears, in turn, reminded Miyamoto and his team of elves, most notably Disney's Peter Pan, hence the decision to color Link's outfit green and make his design more elf-like.
    • From the same interview, it was also revealed that Link's name came from an early idea for the series: the Triforce was meant to be a bunch of electronic chips that the hero would collect by traveling between the future and the past. The hero was named "Link" to symbolize the fact that he was the Link between the time periods. Even though the series ended up taking on a totally different approach, the name "Link" stuck ever since.
    • His name's also doubly appropriate in a Bilingual Bonus sense: "Links" is German for "left". In most games that don't have motion controls, he's left-handed, plus there's also the "Four Swords" games where he splits into multiple Links.

Tropes for the franchise in general:

The live-action movie:

  • International Coproduction: The film is being co-produced by the Japanese Nintendo and the American Sony Pictures.note 
  • Saved from Development Hell: According to Shigeru Miyamoto in the initial press release, a Zelda movie had been in the works since 2013. While there have been attempts to make the film a reality, it wasn't until Sony Pictures picked up the rights in 2023 that it would become a reality.
  • Self-Adaptation: Much like The Super Mario Bros. Movie prior, Nintendo is directly involved with the film's production, with the press release confirming that Shigeru Miyamoto will be a producer for the film alongside Avi Arad.
  • What Could Have Been: This isn't the first time a Legend of Zelda adaptation had been attempted.
    • Imagi Studios, prior to their closing, showed a short pitch to Nintendo to produce an animated film based on Zelda in 2007. Obviously, the pitch did not succeed.
    • Nintendo and Netflix were in early talks for a Legend of Zelda TV series in 2015, but the project was abandoned when this information was leaked by a Netflix employee before anything was finalized.