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In common

  • Every single time Link gets the Master Sword is a Crowning Moment of Awesome. And so is when he places it back.
    • You'd think that, in OOT where you do this at least three times (and another three when you place it back) as part of a game mechanic, and after getting it several times in many different games, the grandeur would wear off. No, the Master Sword is just that awesome.


  • In this adaptation, Bagu is an enormous giant. When Ganon blackmails him into stealing the Triforce of Wisdom, he and Link get into a one-on-one grappling match where, courtesy of the Handy Glove from The Adventure of Link, Link wins! The cover of that issue perfectly summarizes that same moment.
    • Followed by Bagu getting an Offscreen Moment of Awesome after he borrows the Glove (and Link's horse) and proceeds to rescue both of his frogs, recover the Triforce of Wisdom, and return to the castle while Link is left waiting outside all night.
      Link: [Re-enters the castle having believed Bagu betrayed him] How am I going to explain this to Zelda...?
      Zelda: [Petting one of the frogs and having a drink with Bagu] Explain what?
  • Zelda destroys a jar sealing the magical powers of the queen of Link's old homeland. The queen proceeds to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to all of the monsters that previously had her and Link pinned down.
    • Earlier in that same story, Zelda shoots Link's hat off of his head while he's riding away.
  • In one comic, Zelda has used up all of her magic and nearly all of her energy to escape from a cell. Barely able to walk and relying on her bow for support, she encounters a Darknut who taunts her about her situation and powerlessness, but she still wins by tricking him into falling into a bottomless pit and pulling herself out with a Heroic Second Wind.
  • Link's sticking of I Gave My Word and his unmasking Ganon in "He Also Serves" not only ends up saving himself, but also causes Ganon to get caught in his own trap he'd set for Link.