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Awesome / The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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  • Awesome Music: Right near the beginning, when you find your sword at the beach, a short jingle plays and the music fades out. But then, a moment later, a heroic fanfare plays, Link performs a spin attack, and the Zelda theme kicks in as he raises the sword above his head. It isn't much, but for its time it was a nice effect and quite atmospheric when you saw it for the first time.
    • What's more, if you're close enough to the spiky enemy when picking up the sword, it will be obliterated by the spin attack!
  • Near the end of the game Marin gets captured by monsters and placed on a solitary platform high in the mountains. Of course, Link comes to her rescue, firing the hookshot across a gap and grabbing her in midair.
  • Of all the dungeons in the game, the Eagle Tower is the most remembered... for a puzzle where Link has to smash four pillars holding the upper levels up, causing a portion of the tower to collapse! Badass!
    • The Nightmare of this dungeon (Evil Eagle) also provides a rather exciting fight, being a side-scroller boss like the giant fish from dungeon 4, only much more challenging.
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  • The ending sequence contains two very effective moments: the opening of the final dungeon, when the Eight Instruments of the Sirens play out the Ballad of the Wind Fish to open the Wind Fish's Egg. The other is the Badass Boast Motive Rant the Nightmares give you right before the final battle.
    We were born of take over this world, we made the Wind Fish sleep endlessly! If the Wind Fish doesn't wake up, this island will never disappear! We would have been the masters of this place...But you had to come here and disrupt our plans! Heh heh! You can never defeat us! Let's rumble!
  • Beating the game without dying lets Marin escape the island. Depending on the version, she either has wings like an angel, or is turned into a seagull.
  • More than 25 years after it was released, an announcement was made near the end of the 02/13/2019 Direct.

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