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Funny / The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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Heads up, Marin!
  • After stealing from a shop, which, on top of renaming you to "THIEF" for the entirety of the game:
    "Guess what? You got it for free. Are you proud of yourself?"
    • Also, if you go back into said shop after shoplifting it...
    "I wasn't kidding when I said pay! Now, you'll pay the ultimate price!!"
  • Most of the photo ops in the DX version, particularly:
    • "Heads up!": Marin falling on Link if he leads her down the well.
    • "Link plays with BowWow": BowWow trying to eat Link.
    • Tarin forcing himself between Link and Marin when they get a picture taken at the rooster statue. Even better is their expressions; while Tarin has a wide and oblivious smile, Marin and Link just give him annoyed looks.
    • The photographer falling off a bridge while trying to take your photo.
    • And of course, the 13th picture, "Game Over": Link appears beaten up because the photographer did not take "No" for an answer the first time he takes your picture.
  • A lot of stuff that Marin does when she's following you. The well and statue photographs seen above come during this part, but you can also have fun taking her to the Trendy Game, where she asks you to buy her a turn. It's well worth the 10 rupees.
    • Play the ocarina with Marin and she'll tell you you're not very good at it. When Link questions her she says he's hearing things.
    • There's something funny about Marin calling you a "bad boy" when you throw a pot. No matter how you say it, it just doesn't come out serious.
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    • The first twenty times you attack a Cucco, Marin will chide you. After you hit it some more:
    Marin: Ha ha ha! Do it! Do it! Do it moooore! ... ... Hunh? No, it's nothing... I didn't mean it.
    • Try digging and you get this:
    Marin: Great! Dig it! Dig it! Dig to the center of the earth!
  • Hell, when you first get Marin... You lift her up and the Item Get! jingle goes. To quote Chuggaaconroy: "Link is a master at Picking Up Chicks."
    • You could also say that he swept her off her feet, or that they just became an item.
  • After the third dungeon, Tarin asks if he can borrow a stick you're carrying (as part of a Chain of Deals). When you do, he chooses to... strike the nearby honeycomb. It goes about how you'd expect. You can later find him recovering in bed, saying he's lost his taste for honey.
  • "You got the Magic Rod! Now you can burn things! Burn it! Burn, baby, burn!"
  • "You k-k-k...beat my brothers!". Whether it's purposeful as a parody of Never Say "Die", or accidental and thus full of unintentional Narm, it's still worth a good laugh.
  • Learning Manbo's Mambo. OH!
  • "LINK checked the chest. Wow, this is a nice chest!"

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