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Funny / The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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  • The Bomb Bag pickup text. "You found bombs inside! Now you can set them to C and blow stuff up! What a lucky guy!"
    • Keep in mind also that it's technically Navi saying this.
  • In the Spirit Temple, when the miniboss battle with the huge Iron Knuckle is about to begin, a single chord of the miniboss battle music plays, at which point the Iron Knuckle realizes that it doesn't have its gigantic axe, so the music stops, the Iron Knuckle snaps its fingers to summon the axe, and then the battle theme starts over and the sequence properly begins. It's just so out-of-character for the game, like something out of Looney Tunes. See it here.
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  • In the Bottom of the Well there is a Skulltula that drops down from above the ceiling. While this is normally Nightmare Fuel, if you check the sign (which is impossible to check without triggering the Skulltula) it reads "Danger Above".
  • There's something humorous about young Link playing Epona's Song and getting pushed by Epona.
  • Darunia gettin' down tonight when you play Saria's Song, complete with psychedelic background!
    Darunia: What a hot beat!
    • If you look during that sequence you can see Link back away very slowly in response as if Darunia is trying to become a seductive God.
  • The ending of the Dodongo's Cavern in Ocarina of Time. Darunia decides that he and Link are now Sworn Brothers, and gives him a hearty pat on the shoulder… which knocks Link to the ground. After Link recovers, he decides to celebrate his and Link's new brotherhood by giving him two gifts. The first is the necessary Plot Coupon, the Goron's Ruby. The second? A Goron Group Bear Hug. Cue Link running off screaming.
  • Link's reaction to seeing Ruto after seven years. His facial expression is priceless.
    Ruto: It's me, your fiancee, Ruto! Princess of the Zoras!
    Link (and player):
    • When you finally get the Zora's Sapphire from Ruto, she says you have to marry her now. The following narration is hilarious. Paraphrased, it goes like this: "You got the Zora's Sapphire! Ruto says you have to get married. You're not quite sure what she's talking about, but…"
  • After the defeat of Phantom Ganon, Ganondorf's last bit of the text:
    Ganondorf: What a worthless creation that ghost was! I will banish it to the gap between dimensions!!
  • King Zora moving over. Ouweep. Ouweep. Ouweep. Ouweep. 
    • Not the longest cutscene in the game Note , but it sure feels that way.
  • Koume and Kotake, the witches who are collectively known as Twinrova, arguing after they've been defeated.
    Koume: I'm only 400 years old!
    Kotake: And I'm only 380!
    Koume: We're twins! Don't try to lie about your age!
    • While that particular part takes the cake, the rest of their argument is pretty funny as well, especially considering the fact that they seem to be more concerned with bickering with each other rather than the fact that they're dying.
    That's no way to talk to your older sister!
    • In addition, while they're arguing, they've both inexplicably gained Holy Halos and are apparently ascending to heaven instead of getting Dragged Off to Hell.
  • Ingo's groveling when you come back to the ranch after defeating him.
  • You got the Megaton Hammer! Use it to smash and break junk!
    • And later on, you get to use it to smash Volvagia's head in. The way the battle goes, you might feel like you're playing "Whack-a-Mole" with a dragon, which is really inherently funny.
    • One of the best ways to defeat Shadow Link is to use the Hammer since he can't attack with anything besides his sword. Who needs elegant sword skills when you can just whack the opponent to death with a blunt object?
  • Some of the animations in the Dance Party Ending might get a chuckle out of you.
    • One of them is a dancing Redead. (Which might explain where they got the idea of dancing Redeads in Majora's Mask.)
    • The Gerudos dancing like Rockettes are notable, too.
    • The guy in the windmill being held upside down by a trio of Korikiri girls.
    • For an added Brick Joke, if you caught the Fisherman's hat and lost it in the water, he will still be not wearing it in the ending sequence.
  • Link's reaction to first seeing Twinrova, followed by Twinrova winking at him.
  • Sheik getting tossed around like a rag in the scene where Kakariko is on fire. It's otherwise a very serious part of the game, but that animation just looks ridiculous.
  • Most would consider this Nightmare Fuel, but seeing live cows inside a giant fish, some of them stuck in the "walls" and still mooing, make the MQ version of Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly one of the funnier ones.
  • Ruto gets a little too close to Link following the defeat of the jellyfish in Lord Jabu Jabu's belly, and causes Link to freak out and move away so that he accidentally falls into the water.
  • The simple fact you can pop gastric bubbles and kill enemies in Jabu Jabu's belly by throwing Ruto into them. This becomes especially egregious when you realize that an aquatic-dwelling amphibian princess who basically spends all her time in a watery environment, can kill Biri and Bari, deadly electrified jellyfish by chucking her at them. Maybe it's because she's the Sage of Water and has the power to purify evil on contact.
  • The "doors" in Jabu-Jabu's Belly are really sphincters. Yeah… don't think too hard on that.
  • The freaked out reaction from the head of the Skulltula House when you show him the Mask of Truth.
    • His reaction to the Skull Mask.
    "If I wore something like that...I'd be a real Skulltula...AAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • The Carpenters in Kakariko Village look pretty tough, but when they walk, talk, or do anything else, it's pretty clear that they're not just Ambiguously Gay.
  • Link's Idle Animations are pretty fun to watch, especially in the ice dungeon where he'll shiver and sneeze. Equipping the iron boots and hearing their loud clanking is also pretty funny.
    • On that note, just seeing Link walking in the Iron Boots on land is funny. He's clearly struggling with the weight.
    • If you equip the Iron Boots before entering Kakariko Village when it's on fire, he will run at normal speed but the clanking sound will still play.
    • If he stands on the mechanism of the Windmill Hut long enough, Link starts to get woozy.
  • During the Mask-Selling sidequest, when you give the Spooky Mask to the kid in the graveyard, this text box pops up:
    You charged him the full price of 30 rupees?! And he didn't even mind paying!
  • Being ambushed by cuccos. As irritating as it may be sometimes, there's no denying how absurdly funny it is seeing Link getting his butt absolutely handed to him by a bunch of squawky chickens.
  • Naming Link Zelda:
    • "Zelda… Strange, it sounds somehow familiar."
  • One of the Gorons in Goron City has this gem. It's basically proof that Gorons don't go outside much.
    Goron: Oh? We don't get many visitors way up here. Where are you from? The forest? What's a "forest"? It's where a lot of "trees" and "plants" grow? Now I'm even more confused! Nothing grows around here besides the Bomb Flowers… We don't have "seeds" or "nuts" around here either. Even Deku Sticks are very scarce around here!
  • After you get the Goron mask from the Happy Mask Salesman, put it on and talk to any Goron and they'll think you're a child Goron. They even tell you to make sure you eat your green rocks.
  • During the start of the game, Navi (somehow) bumps into one of the holes in the fence. She also says "Hello!" to the girl who teaches Link Z-targeting (L-targeting in the GameCube version and the 3DS remake).
  • The Flavor Text for when the weird egg hatches.
    Look! a chickennote  hatched from the egg you were incubating! It's the miracle of life!
  • The fights with Phantom Ganon and Ganondorf are a bit less terrifying once you realize you're basically playing tennis.
  • If you let the Poe Keeper be and watch him for a while, his captured Poe souls on display will misbehave and try to make a jailbreak. The Poe Keeper will then smack the cages with his staff and scare them all back inside. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel, because if the Poe Keeper is scary enough to keep ghosts in check and doesn't even have to look at them to know they're getting away, just what is he?!
  • There's a crazy Goron who loves rolling down Death Mountain, leaping into the air when he's about to stop and landing with a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Bonus points for funny if you happen to be squished in the process.
  • Whenever Mido is acting as an NPC Roadblock, you can engage in some vaudeville-esque slapstick by getting him to waddle back and forth as he mirrors your movements to block you from going forward a la "monkey see, monkey do".
  • Ganondorf apparently provides his own theme music.
  • Talking to people in Hyrule Market while wearing a mask.
    "A mask… I wore masks around when I was your age. What? You say you can't imagine me doing that?"
  • Link trying to dive into the frozen water of Zora's Domain. Sure, he'll get hurt if he does that, but it's so amusing that he would even try that.
  • Link can actually hookshot the statue's nipples in the Spirit Temple.
  • Some of the pits you can bomb open have inexplicable cows in them.
  • Navi's hints may be annoying to some, but there's something legitimately funny about seeing Navi's hints for a specific area while you're at that area. For example, her wondering where Zelda is even though she's right in front of you, or telling you to go to Kakariko Village to get the item Sheik told you to get while you're in Kakariko Village. Looks like even fairies can leave their contacts at home.
  • One house in Kakariko Village has the back door closed if you go in as a child. If you try to get inside, the person in the house will scold you about how only bad children try to sneak through the back door... before he immediately decides you're perfect to share some gossip with.
  • Hearing Darunia's son (who is named after whatever you name Link) talk about how much he loves his name can be downright hilarious if you choose to name Link something ridiculous.
  • When you light the last torch that makes the giant jug in Goron City start spinning, Link spins in place for a couple of seconds, as well. One gets the impression that it's a bug they left in because it's funny and doesn't hurt anything.
    • In the 3DS remake, Link doesn't spin when he gets the jug spinning anymore... but a number of the puzzles makes him spin when he solves them now!
  • After Koume and Kotake (Miniature Senior Citizen Wicked Witches) combine into Twinrova (Statuesque Stunner Hot Witch), she winks flirtatiously at Link. Link just double-takes in shock, horror, and confusion.
  • The Marathon Man will always beat you by one second, no matter what. If you have a cheat device, you can lock the timer at 0 seconds, and he will still beat you by that much. In other words, he completes the race in -1 second, creating the funny mental image of him going back in time to beat you. Can't do that with your fancy time-space temple!
  • Anyone who attempted to smash a Skulltula-type monster with the Megaton Hammer's jump attack would find it has oddly no effect on them. The funny part is that this is a nod to something that happened during development where Eiji Anomura, freaked out over a spider appearing, tried to kill it with jumping hammer strikes and failing.
  • Some of the interactions with the Gossip Stones are pretty funny. Sure, you probably know about the interactions when using the Mask of Truth, or that smacking it with a sword gives you the current time of day, but there are others. Smash it with a hammer, it goes flat for a bit before springing back into shape. Hit it with magic (from magic arrows or Din's Fire), and it spins around a bit and then elongates, again before springing it back into shape. Explode it with a bomb or Bombchu, and it counts down before taking off like a rocket.
  • Ordinarily, it is not possible to get behind the gateway blocking the bridge in Gerudo Valley as Child Link. If, however, you somehow manage to do so using glitches, you can get caught by the guards, who will proceed to throw Link into the river.
  • The 3DS version of the game is programmed to every once in a while remind you to take a break via Navi's dialogue, where she'll mention how tired she is and that maybe it's time to close the game for while. While the timer for these messages is reset if you shut down, it's not if you merely leave the console in sleeping mode. So it can be quite funny to close the 3DS, come back the next day and have Navi complain about how tired she is merely a couple of minutes into the game.


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