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WARNING: As a Moments subpage for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. Venture past this point only if you dare! You Have Been Warned.

  • In the Thieves' Hideout, there is a crystal switch that when hit opens up the floor underneath you to a bottomless pit. At first you may think it's a joke by the developers aimed at people who poke their noses into everything. Then when escorting the Thief Girl and heading towards the boss room, you get jumped by monsters right by the crystal switch. Quickest encounter ever.
  • Ravio staying at Link's house and slowly taking over:
    • He asks to stay.
    • He says he's a merchant and he would like to sell some stuff here.
    • He starts advertising for adventurers to come visit his shop.
    • He dumps all of Link's belongings into the corners of the room and sets up shopping counters.
    • Using logs stacked at the side of Link's house, he puts up a massive billboard with his face on it on top of Link's house.
    • Last, but not least; he changes the name on the sign from "Link's House" to "Ravio's Shop".
  • When Ravio sets up shop, did you notice the one thing that wasn't dumped to one of the far corners of the room and mysteriously disappeared instead? It was the pots.
  • Getting the Great Spin from Mother Maiamai. By this point, you've upgraded every last piece of your gear. Mother Maiamai sucks it up while her babies chant. She does the same thing when upgrading the Great Spin. To you. it has to be seen to be believed.
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  • It's pretty funny how after Yuga merges with Ganon, he goes on to hijack the plot at the end. Looks like he got more than the Triforce of Power out of the deal...
  • When you collect a baby Maiamai, it chirps in time with the famous Zelda item jingle.
  • Try using the sand rod on a Geldman (those sand monsters in the desert area).
  • Rosso's...mine. You go through all of Death Mountain, including a GIANT chamber that could easily fit all the dungeons in the game, all while signs point you further and further to where Rosso mines his ore. You get to the near bottom of the mountain after being dragged through room after room after room, follow the last signs, and... Rosso's 'mine' is just a pile of rocks. Only two of which are even all that big. In a rather small, enclosed space at the base of Death Mountain. You'd be forgiven for missing the mine entirely, running around the area wondering where the hell the entrance to the mine is.
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  • Considering the game is built on Anti-Frustration Features, it's not that hard to only get killed once in the whole game (at least on Normal Mode). So when you finish the game, and your records show up, you'll have several dozen thousand Rupees whirl by on the counter... and then one time defeated. It feels like you're watching Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Getting the Bee Badge, which stops all bees you find from stinging you, is handy enough. However should there be any enemies in the area, they will immediately begin attacking it. It is entirely possible to just stand there and watch a bee kill lower level enemies for you.
  • When Link dies, all his items fall out only for Sheerow to pick them up and fly offscreen. We then see Link reaching for the items before collapsing. It's actually pretty funny to watch.
  • Just the fact that the Bomb Flower scientist spends the whole time you're talking to him rapping at you.
    • He even flashes a gang sign at you. Yeesh.
  • The Moldorm Lettuce Burger.explanation 
  • After braving the "advanced" level course of the Treacherous Tower twice, you're rewarded with an upgrade on one of your items: the bug catching net. The item description sounds just as confused as the player.
    "Eight times the attack power of your old net... whatever that means!
    • The real kicker? The old net had one-half the power of the Forgotten Sword. Eight times the attack power results in the Super Net having the same power as the Level-3 Master Sword. note 
  • As he climbs the stairs to the Triforce of Courage, Link receives various bits of encouragement from the Seven Sages... until he reaches Gulley, who just tells him that the blacksmith will probably just go on calling Link lazy regardless of everything that's happened.
  • Gulley not quite understanding the concept of the Sages, and calling himself a Sevensage.
  • Link finds a well-hidden cave that has a runaway shopkeeper inside. He's hiding from his wife, who got angry after he used all their money on a delicious apple. He asks Link if he deserved his scolding, and Link can tell him that he deserved it, prompting the shopkeeper to say:
    Shopkeeper: You sound just like my wife...
  • By the time you've received the Master Sword, you have probably requested the help of Irene the witch on several occasions, during which she chastises you, advertises her grandmother's potions, makes snarky comments, complains about the bell, etc. as she flies you to various places on her broom. Once you get the Master Sword and have to return to Hyrule Castle, you'll probably want her help getting to the castle as quickly as possible so you won't have to walk. This time, only her broom shows up, with a dialogue box simply containing "..." and nothing more. Until the Fridge Horror settles in as you realize what this means as she's one of the Seven Sages that Yuga nabbed, it can initially come across as very comical, as if Irene was so fed up with helping you that she didn't even bother to show up this time.
    • After you successfully rescue Irene, using the bell for transportation she talks to you through her broom. A Wizard Did It indeed.
  • Everything looks quite normal while being in the top-down view. But once in painting mode one can see (when on certain walls) that many of the worlds objects (like grass) is tilted and looks hilariously offset as if the worlds gravity pulls everything at an angle. A side effect of a normal 3D world looking rather boring from a top-down view is that a 3D world designed for a top-down view looks ridiculous from a normal view.
  • The cover of the Hyrule Castle theme ends with the flute player having several long notes, then taking a very audible breath. What makes this rather hilarious is that the game's soundtrack isn't a live recording, meaning they had to deliberately add that in.
  • During the ending just before Lorule's Triforce reforms, Sheerow can be seen flying over a knocked down Ravio, Circling Birdies style.
  • Most of the characters connected to the Sages become distraught when Yuga turns them into paintings, and are put to ease when you tell them they've been rescued. The Zora attendant, though, didn't really pay Queen Oren's disappearance much mind and realizes he probably ought to have been more worried when you tell him about the crisis you averted.

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