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  • "Song of the Hero". Crowning Music Incarnate. You spend the third act of the game busting your ass to collect pieces of the final song, and each time you do, the Dragon belts some unrecognizable lyric. Then, as you learn the fourth part and celebrate... WHOOSH. Your harp is gone, and instead of simply congratulating yourself for a job well done, you are surrounded by the Dragons as they put it together for you, revealing it to be one of the most glorious, iconic themes in video game history. DAMN.
  • The fight with Koloktos, which is one of the best boss fights in Zelda history. You even have to use a BFS it itself uses in a similar manner to using weapons dropped by enemies in The Wind Waker, a feature absent since then.
    • The battle is very reminiscent of an Iron Knuckle fight. Link goes up against a large armoured humanoid with a massive weapon, and they're both pretty powerful and a lot of fun to fight. Add in a touch of being able to use its own weapon against it, and the sheer epicness of the battle (as well as the awesome music), and one can see why Koloktos is regarded as the Best Boss Ever.
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    • The Ancient Cistern. Yeah, it's a little annoying at first, but then you realize that Link is practically acting out an Indiana Jones movie. Between the whip and the trap upon finding the idol/big key, it's something to behold. Oh, and it's hard not to laugh when you're being chased by Zombie Bokoblins up a rope.
  • Link going up against an army of Bokoblins, Stalfoses, and Moblins in order to get to Zelda and Ghirahim. The numbers of the Bokoblins and Moblins have to be seen to be believed. Link then fights Ghirahim in his One-Winged Angel form, having to push him off the edge of the platform he is on. Ghirahim unleashes everything on Link right after they are on ground level, including wielding a HUGE sword.
    • At this point, a single strike of the Master Sword can send three-four Bokoblins flying: these are the same Bokoblins which were probably a challenge in the early part of the game when most players are still learning to use the motion+ controls. This makes this scene the best one to display Link's growth in strength and skill, which is helped by the fact that Ghirahim himself does not even try to hide to his own troops that he is sending them to certain death
      • The fact that they can't even block without being knocked back only adds to it. And the fact that they block doesn't stop Link's attack anyways.
      • At any time during that sequence, use a horizontal Skyward Strike; it will cleave through tons of them like they're paper.
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    • The Death Glare he sends the storming army of Bokoblins alone justified the choice to make the graphics a halfway point between WW and TP. He looks as badass as in TP, but that's the sort of facial expression that can only be properly shown via cell-shading.
  • The sword fight between Link and Demise in a stormy, sky-like realm, complete with one of the most epic pieces of final boss music heard in any Zelda game.
    • Try using the Skyward Strike during the second phase of this battle. You will cheer.
  • Groose helping Link take out the Imprisoned the second time with a cannon.
    • Even more so the third time. When rubble blocks the path to the bomb flower, Groose decides to launch Link at the beast, allowing him to finish the job.
  • "Am I late?" It's not every day the Heroic Mime gets to be a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Link riding on his Loftwing toward a GIANT WHALE IN THE SKY, then having to fight a parasite on top of said whale. Your opinion may vary on the fight with Bilocyte, but the setting is amazing.
    • The same with Tentalus. Yes, he looks silly, but the amazing atmosphere and equally cool subversion of the now typical Boss Room makes the fight seem really epic.
  • Groose standing between Ghirahim and the Time Gate, and protectively in front of "Granny", knees shaking all the while.
  • Fighting Scervo. You're fighting a robot skeleton pirate, making it literally Walk the Plank. Same goes for Dreadfuse.
  • Ghirahim losing his cool and revealing his darker, twisted, Ax-Crazy Blood Knight demon side, before his second fight. Actually, ...every single thing he says! Both creepy and awesome. Well, Creepy Awesome.
  • Link's Death Glare after finishing Demise. If looks could kill...
    • Additionally, the final strike on Demise. Link takes a flying leap into the air, spinning while lightning strikes his sword, then slams down into the middle of the biggest bad's chest. A moment later, lightning flashes in the background. Epic.
    • Link's death glares in general!
    • This one he gives to Ghirahim after he interrupted a rather heartwarming moment by kidnapping Zelda and announcing he's going to sacrifice her to Demise beats every single one. THAT is your signal to crap your pants and run away scared out of your wits, because Link will KILL you.
  • The final "Jam Session", playing the song of the hero, and hearing the main theme for the series play for the first time in the game; it has a special meaning because this is the first Link, which means it's chronologically the first time it's heard.
  • Zelda. Zelda herself is a CMOA. After falling from the sky into a world she wasn't entirely sure existed, she managed to get herself through monster-strewn woods while being actively pursued, fought her way through the Skyview temple alone and unarmed, and made it through Eldin Volcano. Yes, she ended up getting captured and would have been caught by Ghirahim if it wasn't for Impa, but the fact that she made it there in the first place is pretty amazing. And, even after all that, she's still willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the entire world. You know someone is pretty damn amazing when even Demise gives some reluctant props.
  • Pulling the Master Sword out of its stone is something Link has done in many, many Zelda games to date. In Skyward Sword, however, it is actually YOU, the player, who does the pulling thanks to Wii Motion Plus. And it is a glorious moment.
  • Who ever thought that Impa would be a badass old lady? Surviving thousands of years in the Sealed Temple so when Zelda arrives she can set in motion the right things. THAT is awesome.
    It took you far too long to get here. Looking at you, I fear the goddess is mistaken in her choice of agents. If this failure is any indication, you have no hope of defending Her Grace from those who seek to assail her. Do my words anger you, boy? Do my words sting? Let them. If I had not come when I did, your Zelda would already have fallen into the hands of the enemy. The truth of it is you were late. You were late, and you failed to protect her. I sent Zelda ahead to learn more of the fate in which she is destined to play a part. Listen well, chosen one. If you wish to be of help to Her Grace, you must summon a shred of courage and face the trials laid out before you. Only when you've conquered the trials will you be of use to Zelda. No sooner. Am I understood?
  • Ghirahim finally, finally receiving a well-deserved death at the hands of Demise. Sure, it was likely part of his plan, and he seemed to be enjoying it, but just knowing you're finally rid of the Smug Snake is gratifying.
  • The moment when Zelda upgrades the Master Sword into the True Master Sword. After hours of gameplay, Zelda fans finally get to hear the Master Sword theme. And it is epic.
  • The death of the Imprisoned. After sealing him so many times, Link finally uses the full power of the Triforce (for the first time since the end of A Link to the Past) to drop a piece of Skyloft onto The Imprisoned just as he was getting out of his recent seal.
  • Link's Big Damn Heroes moment at the Temple of Time. At first, Link can only watch as Ghirahim fights Impa and Zelda, but then he realizes that the barrier preventing him from jumping in is weakening, so what does Link do? He jumps into the air, and slams right into Ghirahim just as he's about to finish off Impa. Made even more awesome if you choose the Ironic Echo dialogue choice.
  • After Link has been robbed of all his items, forced to go through Eldin Volcano without so much as attracting the attention of Bokoblins, getting the bombs. You got your Bomb Bag back! Time to blow something up.
  • Real life example: Many composers who prefer MIDI music to orchestrated music say this because they believe that Variable Mixing is impossible to do with orchestrated music. That would mean that Skyward Sword did the impossible, because the Sky overworld theme is completely orchestrated, but uses Variable Mixing. Even the MIDI tunes in the game, which are actually recorded like the orchestrated music, use Variable Mixing.
  • When Ghirahim kidnaps Zelda after her awakening, Link is thrown aside like a rag doll. Groose, the very definition of The Unchosen One, steps in front of him, ready to protect Grannie and fight, unarmed and very clearly terrified.
  • An understated one. Link's courage in standing up to Demise is so great that Demise chooses to honor him with a duel because no other mortal had ever done that before.
  • One for the animators/programmers in this game as well. With nary a spoken word, they managed to convey more emotion and character in Link than some characters achieve with hours of spoken dialogue. Through just his facial expressions, you can feel Link's joy, sorrow, fear, and rage, and it paints the picture of the most complex and heroic Link yet.
  • The prequel manga included with Hyrule Historia gives a CMOA to the very first Link ever. On the edge of death following a direct attack from a never-sealed Demise, he rides the Crimson Loftwing to where the three dragons can see him, whereupon they bless the reforged Master Sword with the power of the Triforce. He proceeds to send a chunk of land, which would eventually become Skyloft, into the sky with a Sword Plant. All this, while dying.
    Goddess-Era!Link: Long live the beautiful land of Hylia!

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