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"To the one who has overcome the Trial of the have proven your hand worthy of the legendary Master Sword."
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  • The sheer size of the game's environment, and the fact that you can go almost anywhere at any time. Everyone can have their own independent journey from everyone else, their own unique experiences and tribulations. That in and of itself screams "awesome".
  • Wolf Link can be summoned to help the Link of this game.
  • It's been a little over a decade, but after being overshadowed by other villains such as Vaati, Malladus, and Demise, Ganon finally returns as the Big Bad.
  • The battle against Calamity Ganon starts with Link battling a twisted amalgamation of the Divine Beasts piloted by the monster's presence. Despite being defeated, Ganon's desire to reincarnate goes wild. By drawing on The Power of Hate, he assumes the form of the Dark Beast Ganon. What follows is a steady, sombre affair where Link continually plugs his opponent with arrows from the Bow of Light until it finally falls.
    • The final shot deserves special mention. The sky is coated in a red, blood moon-like hue as Ganon's forehead starts to split, revealing the very core of its being. Link can't fire a shot in it fast enough before it closes, but then he rides the updrafts off one of Ganon's attacks up before drawing his bow for a slow-motion attack straight into the core.
  • Let's all take a moment to appreciate that snowboarding's back!
  • Horses aren't the only available mounts: you can also attempt to ride a deer.
    • Deer are for wimps. Real men ride bears. So can Bokoblins.
    • How about a horse the size of a bear? Even cooler, it's the exact same breed Ganondorf once rode! It's also strong enough to trample nearly anything in its path, and even harm a Guardian by ramming into it!
    • All of that? Babystuff. There's a random event where Satori Mountain will be inhabited with glowing blue animals that drop rupees when shot with arrows. One of the animals is a horse-like creature called the Lord of the Mountain, and just like any other horse, you can ride it! It has the best stats out of all the horses in the entire game. Sadly, the Lord of the Mountain can't be registered, and it vanishes a few seconds after you inevitably dismount.
  • How did Prince Sidon become so respected by his people? He defeated an Octorok that had eaten many warriors before him, and he did it even when he was the only heir left to the throne.
  • Taking advantage of fire attacks to ride an updraft to safety. Or, if you're feeling bold, you can dive right back into the danger with a Jump Attack.
  • Anytime you successfully parry an attack, but especially when it's an particularly powerful blow, such as a Lynel's strike or a Guardian's beam. Doing it against a boss is even more satisfying. Using the parry to finish a guardian or Boss with their own beam attack takes this Up to Eleven. It's also extremely satisfying and flashy to pull off against a Guardian Scout's Spin Attack.
  • DRAGONS! Gigantic, swift, flying, glowing, un-killable spirit dragons that you can find just wandering across the night skies! Even better is they aren't trying to kill you; even when one's corrupted, it isn't causing anyone any trouble, and their main means of hurting you isn't intentional on their part, so they are serving only as visually incredible means of testing your skills.
    • You're gonna need to get materials from them to fully upgrade some of the outfits and unlock three shrines, particularly this Link's iconic Champion's Tunic and Hero of the Wild set, which considering they are his most "canon" pieces of equipment makes them seem almost required to go hunting for at least once. So how do you do it? Wait for them to emerge after learning each dragon's preferred "path", take an updraft near them, avoid the elements their very presence summons around themselves, and aim carefully because you can only collect one material a day and what you get is dependent on what part of the dragon you happen to hit first.
  • Killing a Guardian with a single Ancient Arrow.
  • The fact that you can be so ferocious in your attacks, that even Guardians will start panicking and wildfire their laser to try and get you to back off.
  • She's been a ninja, a pirate, and even a goddess, but this incarnation of Zelda might just be the most badass yet. She keeps Calamity Ganon locked in Hyrule Castle for one hundred years. Respect!
    • So the final battle is finished, and you're expecting Link to strike the final blow...only nope. In pure, holy light, Zelda finally descends and summons a huge Triforce out to seal Ganon away.
      • This needs to be elaborated a little more. It’s not just “a huge Triforce”. Zelda summons a massive explosion made of holy light that is far bigger than Dark Beast Ganon, thus sealing Ganon away. This truly is The Legend of Zelda.
  • Collecting new items or items from chests give the mineral/critter jingle from Skyward Sword. The Paraglider, the Champions' gifts, the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, and the Bow of Light, however, have their own bombastic remix of the classic "item get" tune, which makes getting them feel all the more satisfying.
  • Learning how to cook and doing it well. Beginner's recipes give you a minor boost in health, but as you progress, you get better and better materials as you explore the world. Soon enough, you'll have crazy dishes that give you a maximum recovery and as many as twenty additional hearts. And the health boosts aren't the only benefit. You can cook dishes and elixirs that give you speed, strengthen your attack and defense, and keep you from bursting into flames. It reflects how Link has gone from someone who can barely survive this world into a One-Man Army.
  • Managing to solve any of Kass' riddles, and any of the badassery that follows even if the riddle was easy. And even if you remain unimpressed, the gear you get from each shrine will more than make up for your trouble.
    • Equipping a metal weapon, letting it gain a charge, and calling down lightning upon a mound of stone. Doing so gives you pants that resist electricity.
    • Sneaking up behind a mountain buck, mounting it, and then leading it all the way to an altar. Keep in mind, mountain bucks are absurdly hard to sneak up on. This one gives you an electrically charged sword.
    • Using the Gerudo Tower as a sundial to unlock a combat trial. You get an ice sword.
    • Blowing up rocks in a bay to combine weak wind currents into one strong enough to carry several hundred yards. You get a fire-charged greatsword.
  • Link avenging the fallen Champions by slaying the Ganon phantoms. If the player chooses to go to Hyrule Castle at the start of the game, he can go through all of them one at a time.
  • Taking down any Divine Beast.
    • Vah Ruta: You swim up waterfalls to electrocute the beast, stop the rainfall it's causing, shatter the ice it throws at you, and you do all of this while riding on the back of your lost love's brother.
    • Vah Naboris: You ride a sand-seal across the desert with the Gerudo chief, who summons a forcefield to shield you from Naboris' incredibly strong lightning strikes. You keep up with her and also shoot the beast's feet with bomb arrows to force it down to your level so you can mount it.
    • Vah Medoh: You and a Rito Warrior double-team the beast; he distracts the cannons while you blow them up. You make use of the constant updrafts to fly like a bird while slowing down time itself to aim well.
    • Vah Rudania: You have to chase the beast, an enormous lizard robot, up the side of an active volcano while avoiding its scouts and volleys of molten rock, and occasionally stopping to attack it by shooting Yunobo at it out of a cannon. Eventually, you catch up to it inside the volcano's crater, floating in the lava.
  • Even though it was ultimately all for naught, Link pre-Calamity was an absolute badass:
    • How was Link appointed to be Zelda's escort? Well, according to Daruk's training journal, a Guardian went wild and started shooting its lasers, causing havoc. Link's response? He grabbed a pot lid and used it to deflect one laser back at the Guardian, saving the day. Such bravery caught the King's eye, and the rest is history.
      • This is actually the best way to fight Guardians in-game, as well.
      • Not only this, but this is doubly awesome when you consider that knights historically were trained as Pages at age 6, and became Squires at age 12. You only became a knight when performing an insanely heroic and noble deed, or reaching age 21. The fact Link even attained knighthood at age 17 is already impressive. Add in the fact that this not only establishes Link as The Hero, but his insane combat prowess. And he did this all despite being technically a Squire or Knight-In-Training! This deed was so heroic and noble that the KING HIMSELF thought of him as a knight worthy enough to protect royalty, his very own daughter! A feat most knights in reality didn't achieve. Yeah, this incarnation of Link is THAT awesome!
    • In one memory, he saves Zelda by striking down a Yiga assassin and, despite being outnumbered, scares the others into flight. It's also the only time in the entire game we see Link outright kill another human or Hylian (all of the other Yiga clan he fights Smoke Out when defeated).
    • In another, the aftermath of a battle is shown although the focus of the memory is that the increase in monsters means that Ganon might soon return, one can't help but notice that there were about a dozen Bokoblin and Moblin bodies, and several Lynel bodies scattered about, with the implication that Link was vastly outnumbered... and won.
      • Zelda also mentions at the start of this particular memory that a cut Link received in the battle wasn't very bad, and the fact that he doesn't look injured or winded in the memory implies that he basically slaughtered the entire horde without getting more than a couple scratches!
    • In the final memory, Link, despite being near death, stands up to protect Zelda from a Guardian. The Master Sword is chipped, rusted, and no longer glowing. In-game, the blade loses power and has to recharge if you use it too much against lesser enemies; this implies that Link fought so many monsters during their escape that the Master Sword literally couldn't keep up, and after it lost strength, Link kept fighting anyway.
    • Then recognize that by the end of the game, YOU have become the badass by game's end, taking on a large group of Moblins and Bokoblins, a feat that once proved daunting, is a walk in the park. (The Lynels, on the other hand...)
  • Finally getting to earn Link's iconic green tunic.
  • During the final battle, who comes to your aide during the final part? One of your horses. Without being called. Good Horse. Even more so if it's one of the unique horses: Epona, the old faithful iconic horse from previous games; the Royal Steed, allowing itself to prove itself against Ganon after one of its kind was seen running away from him; or the Giant Horse, letting you defeat Ganon with the very breed of horse he used to ride!
    • If you completed The Champion's Ballad DLC quest and unlocked the Master Cycle Zero, you simply summon it during the final battle against Dark Beast Ganon and ride that instead of the horse! Nothing is more satisfying than riding your Divine Beast bike into the final battle.
  • Although it's risky, and can very easily get you killed if you mess it up, it's perfectly possible to parry a Guardian's laser back at it. This works with every shield in the game, including the lowly Pot Lid, and doesn't even damage the shield at all.
    • In fact, this feat is what got Link his escort job!
      • Even better? With a bit of practice, it's actually very easy to pull off. You just have to wait until the eye starts glowing and press the block button. A couple of tries is all you need to get the timing right, and then, it's open season on those pesky Guardians.
  • Managing to kill a Silver Lynel. Bonus points if you don't use/have Urbosa's Fury.
  • Getting Revali to shut up, albeit temporarily, upon clearing Vah Medoh. Link doesn't even bother to say thank you or even acknowledge Revali, who has been basically criticizing him the entire dungeon. It's very satisfying to see Revali humbled, albeit slightly.
  • The huge Lomei labyrinths in Hyrule are bizarre and fun to explore. But in the Lomei labyrinth island in northern Akala, you can fall into a singular room beneath the maze. It's a Guardian graveyard, with tons of empty husks sitting around. It's also where you get the Diamond Circlet and other good treasure, including the travel medallion from the DLC. But wait—some of the Guardians are still active and will only wake up as you approach to scavenge. If you're here, you probably had a chance to purchase a few Ancient Arrows from the Ancient Tech Lab, but only a few. So a room full of possibly active Guardians full of treasure and very few ways to fight them. you feel lucky, punk?
    • Or, if you have the Master Sword, just run up to them and chop them apart, one by one.
    • As an added Awesome bonus in this room: If you stand by the chest with the Diamond Circlet and have a charge of Daruk's Protection available, three Guardians will all train their beams on you at once, and Daruk's Protection will automatically parry all three of them simultaneously for an instant Multi Kill.
  • With the right positioning, it's possible to get enemies like a Guardian and a Stone Talus to fight each other!
  • The awakening of Ganon in the Hyrule Castle Sanctuary: Link enters the room exactly at the moment Zelda finally loses the ability to contain him. Ganon emerges from his ceiling chrysalis by cutting himself out with a Beam Spam. The blasts fly everywhere throughout the room, but Link stands unflinching and defiant, fully aware none are aimed at him. Ganon then crashes down with Floorboard Failure, falling into a hidden chamber under the palace. Link glides down, then slides gracefully as he lands. Ganon pulls himself up and looms over Link with all the foreboding evil he can muster. If Link freed the Divine Beasts, the scene cuts to each Champion delivering a Badass Boast, before firing a Wave-Motion Gun. The beams converge on Ganon and rain hot Death from Above upon him, draining 50% of his health. He screams in agony at the onslaught, engulfed in a Pillar of Light, then collapses like a mass of burning flesh. After a moment of sullen silence, the Not Quite Dead Ganon stands up, weakened but still ready to destroy Hyrule. He gives a Death Glare at Link again. If Link retrieved the Master Sword, Link now unsheathes it from his back, Weapon Twirling into an Ass Kicking Pose. The Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane, Power Glows to full strength for The Chosen One and the Final Battle. NOW the fight begins, with a Mighty Roar of hate from Ganon.
    • During the fight itself, given enough preparation, the player can craft the battle in a way that allows Link to use all of the Champions' weapons and abilities, just as a way for the player to give one final fuck you to Ganon on behalf of the Champions (and, since the paraglider will obviously be involved too, the King).
  • Entering some of the shrines:
    • To get to Rona Kachta Shrine, you have to face a gauntlet of Decayed Guardians who all target you at once. If you've mastered the shield reflect, you can take out multiple Guardians just from carefully timing your button presses. It really makes you feel powerful, and you earn the monk's blessing.
    • Korgu Chideh Shrine forces you to take on Eventide Island, a zone that's teeming with beasts, with nothing you're limited to whatever you can scavenge on the island (barring exploitation of a Good Bad Bug), and there is no armor to be found. And better yet, you (canonically) succeed.
  • As long as it's not raining, you can climb almost any surface in the overworld. Including to the very tip of the spire atop Hyrule Castle. There's even a Korok hiding up there!
  • A minor one, but in the approach to Hyrule Castle, you can use Magnesis to throw open the doors. After 100 years, the castle has been opened again.
  • Saving a random NPC that's under attack by monsters is awesome enough, but if an NPC is armed with a weapon, they'll actually fight back!
  • In the Abandoned North Mine, you can use the Goron Cannons to blow the enemy camps to smithereens!
  • The orchestral soundtrack for Hyrule Castle is epic without saying. Taken Up to Eleven by the fact it transitions between this outdoors and an Ominous Pipe Organ for the interior sections!
  • After seeing the final memory, Link finds out that all of those dead guardians in the Ash Swamp in front of Fort Hateno were all taken out with a single blast of Princess Zelda's powers. Moreover, since a nearby NPC will say that the victory of the battle that occurred at the fort was the reason Hateno Village still stands after the Calamity, it's implied that Zelda probably also saved one of the few surviving Hylian settlements from total destruction by using her powers there.
    • Link collapsing afterwards shows he was only staying up out of sheer determination to protect Zelda, only allowing himself to fall once she was out of immediate danger.
    • The same cutscene also features a much more subtle awesome moment for Zelda, when she tells two Sheikah warriors to take Link's body to the Shrine of Resurrection. What makes it awesome is that this is the first time in the game she actually gives orders, instead of pleas and temper tantrums, displaying her newfound confidence in herself as a member of the royal family of Hyrule. She finally has the certainty of what she must do, and nobody thinks to question her decisions anymore.
    • Princess Zelda then went to defeat Ganon on her own after the deaths of Link and the other Champions, managing to hold him back for a century.
  • Yunobo deserves some props for his role in disabling Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which involves being launched out of a cannon at high velocity and hittin' the thing hard with Daruk's Protection. He has no reservations about doing so, and his own dialogue suggests that he's been doing this with the Boss long before Link arrived on Death Mountain. Most of the other Divine Beast battles have other characters playing the role of support to give Link a chance to deal damage. But with Vah Rudania, it winds up being the other way around. Your job is only to defeat enemies and disable the sentries so that Yunobo can get in close and attack. In the words of Daruk himself, "Still goin' strong, indeed!"
  • The simple act of disarming an enemy, catching the weapon as it drops to the ground, and then using said weapon to defeat your enemy.
  • The act of truly unlocking the Master Sword. The sword may have chosen Link on its own pre-Calamity, but the expression on Link's face when he pulls it from the stone makes it clear that both he and by proxy the player truly earned the Master Sword now.
    • That is nothing compared to completing the Trials of the Sword. The feeling of earning the full power of the sword is felt by both the player and Link. If you didn't feel like you earned the sword before, you will now.
  • The final battle of The Champion's Ballad is against... Sheikah monk Maz Koshia, who at first looks like any other shrine monk. But then, he does something unprecedented, something none of the other 136 monks have done: he stands up. And then he starts levitating, teleporting, volleying elemental arrows, wielding ancient weapons and magic, and summoning dozens of illusionary clones at a time to do all of the above in unison. It's basically everything you would expect from a boss battle against one of the ancient Sheikah, and Maz Koshia pulls it off magnificently in spite of being a living fossil that has just finished sitting motionless for ten thousand years... and he isn't even tired afterward. The man is truly a Sheikah first.
    • Not to mention the fact that he actually borrows moves from the members of the Yiga clan. Or rather, he has MASTERED those moves, unlike them. A normal Yiga clan member can teleport to attack you once at a time. Maz Koshia can teleport all of his shadow clones one after another. Kohga can slowly roll a large spiked ball after you with his magnesis. Maz Koshia can effortlessly throw SIX of them. He's faster, stronger, smarter, more skilled than any opponent seen up to that point. In short... he's not just some poser. He's the real deal.
    • And after it's all done, if you go back to him, even if he has nothing else to reward you with... he'll gladly throw down for another battle with you again.
  • All four of the Champions show impressive feats of skill in the memories that were added in The Champions Ballad.
    • Mipha's memory shows her wielding her trident for the first time. She also does some very impressive moves down a waterfall before diving gracefully into the water to retrieve her baby brother Sidon. This scene in itself is unique to Mipha's character, because it shows her being a supportive yet strict role model for Sidon, and shows that she certainly can be assertive when she wants. This scene gives Mipha's character a lot of credit.
    • Daruk gets a moment during his memory, where he and Zelda are walking along the road discussing Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Off in the distance, he spots a group of Bokoblins attacking someone, prompting Daruk to unsheathe his blade and go to town on them hard enough to send a couple into low orbit. Of course... for all that badassery, he shows a hilarious and brief moment of weakness when it turns out the bokoblins had been attacking a puppy which Daruk is terrified of.
    • While Revali practices at his shooting range and works out the kinks in his own power, Revali's Gale (which he is having trouble controlling—yet is still pushing himself to get it right despite being visibly and audibly exhausted), Princess Zelda approaches him and asks that he be the one to pilot Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He agrees, but decides to show off Revali's Gale at that very moment, executing it perfectly, then using his dive and insane accuracy to fire three bomb arrows at once and destroying three targets, before zipping around the entire range and obliterating every target within with the speed and destructive power of a modern-day fighter jet, before landing. He may be an arrogant prick at times, but his skill—and the efforts he poured into achieving it—is without question.
    • While Urbosa is on a walk with Zelda outside the city, two travellers pass by, pretending to talk to each other. Urbosa immediately suspects they are Yiga Clan assassins and calls them out on it. They respond by attacking—and in a brief but beautifully choreographed combat scene, Urbosa uses the diamond on the handle of her blade and her shield to defeat one assassin with the grace of a dancer (and the force of a trained Amazon), before sheathing her blade then using her trademark power to zap the other assassin, before letting them limp away. It is ridiculously satisfying and hilarious to watch in action.
      Urbosa: Out of respect for our princess, you may keep your lives! Now go!
  • While investigating the trial Mipha undertook in the Champions' Ballad DLC, you can read her diary, which recounts when she first met Link, when he was only 4 years old. She writes that even at that age, he was an exceptional swordsman good enough to best full-grown adults. 4 years old, and he was a badass. It's no wonder he was the youngest knight in Hyrule's history.
  • Daruk's Training Journal describes how Link came to be appointed to Zelda in the first place: a Guardian malfunctioned while Zelda and her research team were testing them, firing death beams all over the place. Link did the first thing he could think of he grabbed a pot lid and bashed the beam back into its eye, destroying it in one shot. Note that this is something you can do in-game and that there are plenty of opportunities for using household and farming implements with deadliness, but it was this event alone that caught the King's attention. He probably figured if Link could do that with a pot lid, he could save the world with something with actual combat application, and not even necessarily the Master Sword.
  • One of the main points of the Champions' Ballad DLC has you undertake a series of challenges relating to each of the four Champions. Said challenges are the very same ones that the Champions themselves faced in order to prove they were worthy of piloting the Divine Beasts, and each set of trials features some incredible feats each of them had to pull off:
    • For Mipha, one trial had her take down a bunch of Skywatcher Guardians.
    • Revali sniped the great Fire Dragon Dinraal right in the horns with an arrow.
    • Urbosa did battle with the Molduking, the biggest and most ferocious of the Moldugas.
    • Daruk smashed the Igneo Talus Titan, a giant stone behemoth made from molten rock. Its size alone puts its smaller brethren to shame!
    • And for Link, surpassing all the other Champions' trials earns him a Divine Beast which, according to Maz Koshia, is the pinnacle of all, size notwithstanding (see below).
  • Can we all agree, no matter how out of place you feel it is, the fittingly horse-themed Master Cycle Zero is just plain awesome?
    • After everything you have been through in this game, if you decided to tackle the second DLC quest last after completing everything else and getting the Master Cycle Zero, being able to ride a motorcycle that is your own Divine Beast to Hyrule Castle makes you feel more like a badass. Yes, you can literally ride it all the way up to the Sanctum, blasting Guardians while you shoot them down with your bow and arrows while riding to avoid them. Add putting on the Hero of the Wild armor set before you start grinding dirt, and truly we have the most epic way to end Link's adventure.
  • It's possible to weaponize lightning against your enemies by tossing a metal object at them in the middle of a thunderstorm. Bonus points if you use a metal boomerang and time it to strike mid-toss.

  • It's already being called a contender for the greatest Zelda game of all time! After being unveiled, the game has received perfect scores from multiple more critics.
  • Breath of the Wild is already considered one of the best video games ever. If you look at The Other Wiki's page list of video games considered the best based off of critical acclaim, Breath of the Wild is already third with an average score of 98, behind only Grand Theft Auto IV and the other Zelda contender for the title, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    • In GameRankings, it already is the highest-reviewed game of all time, considering more than 20 reviews. 98.14%, based on 40 reviews. Wow.
    • This is the same in OpenCritic where it is also the highest-reviewed game of all time. Though it hasn't been around for as long, that's still extremely impressive, especially in an age where critics have become much harsher and there are many more of them.
    • And on MetaCritic, it has the highest number of perfect review scores for any game ever.
    • Breath of the Wild won the Game of the Year award, coupled with Best Action Adventure Game and Best Game Direction at the 2017 Game Awards! As the rest of these notes will attest, the game earned those honors.
    • Even notorious Caustic Critic Yahtzee Croshaw praised the game, especially notable since he's such a harsh critic of Nintendo's repetitive use of their mainline franchises. Instead, he liked that BOTW let you play how you wanted, and particularly praised the characterization of Princess Zelda herself as an "Awkward nerd in over her head."
  • It's already Nintendo's fastest-selling launch title ever, which is impressive. But in North America, it also has the highest attach rate ever seen for a video game console. How high? Over 100%! This means that not only was the game was bought with every Nintendo Switch sold throughout the launch month, but there were also people buying multiple copies (most likely people buying the collector's version for show and the regular version to play the game).
  • YOU. If you somehow manage to 100% complete this game, give yourself a very well-deserved pat on the back. Breath of the Wild is so vast and full of sidequests, collectibles, shrines, and so on that not even the devs were sure if 100% completion was possible.
  • That the dev team had so many ideas for DLC content for this game that they decided, to heck with it, let's make a sequel instead.

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