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Awesome / The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games

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Oracle of Seasons

  • In the first stage of the final battle against Onox, he'll enclose Din, the Oracle of Seasons, in a gigantic crystal and use it as a shield. If you attack the crystal, you get shocked. Very early in the game, you acquired the Rod of Seasons, a magical rod that had no purpose other than switching the time of year around. To be able to hit Onox, you have to bat Din away with the Rod of Seasons itself. Epic. Or you could just equip the Green Holy Ring, which renders you immune to shock damage.

Oracle of Ages

  • Ralph, The Scrappy, is for most of the game just a dude who runs around doing nothing, screaming Nayru's name as he runs off. He gets his Crowning Moment when you enter the room right before the final boss battle, and Ralph is there. Veran tells him that the queen she is possessing is his ancestor, and if he attacks her, he will effectively erase himself from existence in the process. Ralph hesitates only a moment before declaring that defeating her is more important to him than his own life, charging her with sword drawn. Of course, Veran stopped him effortlessly, but it doesn't make it any less awesome.
  • Link tells a joke.

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