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Nightmare Fuel / The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games

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"Well, well, Link. We Meet Again."

Thought that a portable outing such as The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games was too "cute" to have the games' infamous amount of Nightmare Fuel? Think again! This is The Legend of Zelda for crying out loud!

  • The very first dungeon in Ages has a Wallmaster right before the boss room.
  • Going to Symmetry City in Ages for the first time in the present could come off as quite frightening, as the entire town had been destroyed and the game's "Sadness" theme was playing in the background, which, coupled with red and brown colors in stark contrast with the lighter palette of other areas in the present, gave the place a very tragic feeling. If Link had previously visited Symmetry City in the past, everyone could be found panicking about the broken Tuni Nut almost causing the local volcano to erupt; the results of said eruption can be seen by using the Tune of Currents and skipping 500 years into the future.
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  • Subrosia is pretty much a Fire and Brimstone Hell: full of fire, suspicious hooded individuals, and dead pirates. Additionally, Onox sunk the temple of seasons there, effectively damning it.
  • Koume and Kotake, better known as Twinrova from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. At the end of an unlinked game, the two witches are introduced with a full-screen view of their absolutely ghastly evil smiles and deformed faces.
  • Oracle of Seasons has Unicorn's Cave at level five, where cute flying helmet-like heads fly around. The "cute" aspect is dropped as soon as they turn around, which is when players find out those things are very difficult to kill. They shoot fireballs, take a few shots, and never get that close within distance.
  • The Jump Scare of Facade from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening showing up in Onox's Castle. This is bad enough to get you repeatedly, as he appears with loud noises and after you walk into the room.
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  • Queen Ambi's guards throw you out if they catch you in the palace gardens, but not in the palace itself. They swarm you at once and try to kill you, and do quite a lot of damage.
  • The trap in the Ancient Ruins that makes the walls close in and kill you instantly if you cannot get to the exit in time. Not helping is that if you dawdle, the entire screen is crushed between the walls, making the room appear much narrower.
  • If the Great Moblin catches you setting his bombs on fire, he will throw you into the exploding building and there is nothing you can do to stop him. He catches you the third time you set a lit bomb in his bomb heap (but not if you use fire seeds).
  • The boss of the Explorer's Crypt, the seventh dungeon in Oracle of Seasons. It's Gleeok, the multi-headed dragon from the original game, but when the fight starts it isn't especially intimidating. Once you reduce its health enough, though, it starts exploding like every defeated boss... and then its animated, headless skeleton starts rushing at you. It's both surprisingly morbid and a real shock.


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