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Trivia / The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games

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  • Fan Nickname: The Maku Tree in Ages is also known as "Waifu Tree".
  • Name's the Same: Labrynna (Ages) is the only Zelda game to have both River Zoras (Evil) and Lake Zoras (Good), and explains that they are separate species that don't like each other; though evolutionary cousins.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The development of these two games is a rather interesting and complex one. There were going to be three games, collectively called "The Triforce Series," and would link to each other to form a complete narrative. The "Power" chapter would have gameplay focused on changing seasons using the Rod of Seasons, the "Wisdom" chapter would focus on puzzles involving color and a Magic Paintbrush item, and the "Courage" chapter would focus on time with the day changing between morning, noon, afternoon, and night. However, it was soon agreed that linking three games together in one continuous narrative, but allowing the games to be played in any order, would be too complex (indeed, you would be able to play through such a combination six different ways). Thus plans were changed to just two games, with story and gameplay recycled into the games that became Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. As The Artifact entry on the main page explains, elements of the original trilogy intent remain in the final product when one knows them to recognize them.
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    • In addition to the above plan, one of the games was going to be a remake of the original NES The Legend of Zelda I.
    • Hyrule Historia reveals concept artwork for Ganondorf, who only appears as a mindless Ganon, meaning he was considered but cut for unknown reasons.
    • Concept art of Onox shows him holding a huge two-headed axe with a flail attached to the handle.


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