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Adaptation Sequence

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"To recap: Saturdays at noon in the early 90s, Argentinian television aired a wrestling show based on toys based on a cartoon based on a movie based on a book."
Art O'Donnell, WrestleCrap (describing Rambo y sus titanes)

This is where a work is adapted, then the adaptation is adapted, and so forth. The adaptations pile on a ridiculous number of times, usually resulting in the actual source material appearing completely unrelated.

This is often done to capitalize on a popular franchise, especially when an expired copyright is involved...

It's important to note that this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the adapted works sometimes end up being genuinely good, or at least lucrative.

This trope often results in (and is not to be confused with) Recursive Adaptation, Adaptation Displacement, Lost in Imitation, and Adaptation Overdosed.


In-Universe Examples

  • Parodied by the Neopets item "LDPBSTSCC", which stands for Lost Desert Paint Brush Stamp T-Shirt Collectable Card. Indeed, it is a collectable card depicting someone wearing a shirt depicting a stamp depicting a Lost Desert Paint Brush.