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  • Jake "The Snake" Roberts tended to waver between Smug Snake and Magnificent Bastard, depending on how cartoonishly evil he was booked.
  • Triple H calls himself the Cerebral Assassin, and usually tries really hard to come off as a Magnificent Bastard, but in full Heel mode, he's always a Smug Snake. He respects nobody, he always loses it whenever he's not in control, and tends to react erratically when things don't turn out the way he plans them. Combine that with the fact that fans believe he uses his Real Life pull to always have things go his way, plus his idolization of the truly magnificent Ric Flair, just accentuates his smugness.
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  • Dr. Stevie, who uses every trick in the book to either hurt Abyss, or try to turn him into his puppet. While slightly effective, his big flaw is that he keeps pissing off the wrong people. For example, he bribed Kevin Nash $50,000 to attack Abyss. Nash succeeded, but Dr. Stevie refused to honor their deal...
  • John "Bradshaw" Layfield spent his entire main event push as this. Despite being WWE Champion of almost a year (a fact he reminded everyone of constantly), the man couldn't win a match cleanly to save his life. Nevertheless, JBL constantly weaseled his way out of title matches via underhanded tricks whenever he couldn't beat the guy... which was everybody he fought. It finally took John Cena to take the belt from him.
  • Wade Barrett from The Nexus slipped into this Trope more and more as he lost control of his own stable.
    • With The Nexus long gone, Barrett would try to recreate it on SmackDown with "The Corre", a stable where everyone was supposedly equal, with no leader figure present. However, Barrett's ego again brought an end to the stable, as his fellow equals in The Corre had enough of him.
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  • Several wrestling managers such as Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart fall into the trope quite well as being managers, they have to rely on their mouths to do the talking. And they do that well.
  • Edge as a Heel.
  • Chris Jericho, specifically during his last heel run.
  • The Miz, Even if he's a face, he's smug.
  • Michael Cole, since his Face–Heel Turn. The crux of his character now is that Cole is a braggadocio, often trumping his superiority and victories (one of them being at WrestleMania against fellow announcer Jerry Lawlernote ), as well as being "The Voice of The WWE". However, Cole ends up being humiliated spectacularly in various ways by superstars like John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Jim Ross.
  • John Laurinaitis, with his smugness especially elevating when he got a position of power and became the General Manager for both Raw & SmackDown. His supposed mantra of "People Power" is an extended excuse for Laurinaitis to abuse his power and to crush those he feels are plotting against him, and he proclaims his role in the WWE with great pride ("Executive Vice President of Talent Relations & General Manager for Raw & SmackDown). In fact, CM Punk even explicitly called Laurinaitis out on this during one occasion.
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  • The Honky Tonk Man as well. He really bought into his own hype of being "the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history", though this only came despite his lack of technique as a wrestler. He relied on some underhanded tactics, weaseling out of losing the belt by count-outs or Jimmy Hart lending a hand when Honky got into hot water. His defeats at the hands of 'Hulk Hogan' and then losing the belt in 30 seconds against the 'Ultimate Warrior' only served to highlight this trope.
  • Vickie Guerrero nonstop. She brags about how she was right about some things. And when someone gets in pain (and if she's the one doing it) she lets out the most annoying evil laugh ever.
    • Though recently, she's toned it down, and her mean side is rarely brought up.
  • Paul Heyman, BIG TIME.
  • Hollywood Hulk Hogan. He will tell people how awesome he and the nWo are, and yet when Sting, The Giant (Big Show), or other big face somehow managed to get the upper hand on him, he will go on full panic mode before someone saves him or he gets the upper hand again.
  • Coming off of reDRagon's loss of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team titles, Kyle O'Reilly offered to buy Roderick Strong a beer so he could drown his sorrows knowing he'd by O'Reilly's first opponent as a former champion.
  • Adam Cole lobbied for Kyle O'Reilly to enter the Hyatt Regency Dallas Landmark Ballroom first on Supercard Of Honor X night 2 on the grounds Cole should be entering as champion since he was 2-0 against O'Reilly. Ever facet of this argument was Insane Troll Logic but in the end, it was simply so he could attack O'Reilly from behind before the bell rang.
  • Taeler Hendrix, for all her effort researching/stalking other wrestlers, frequently fails to take very basic details about her targets into account, eventually forgets her entire mission for being in ROH over a self destructive hatred of Mandy Leon and though she gives a lot of impressive speeches she at one point had a worse WOH record than Dirty Coward Veda Scott and remained in the shadow of Kelly Klein long term. The aforementioned SCOH X is also where she had to manage The House Of Truth in Truth Martini's absence, which in hindsight hastened the downfalls of Daddiego, Jay Lethal and the HOT foothold in ROH beyond herself.
  • Veda Scott herself is a good example. She does commentary on her own matches, sometimes grabbing a microphone before they're even over to congratulate herself on winning.

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