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Zorro is a franchise famous in many incarnations: novels, comic strips, plays, live-action TV series, animated series and films. Being so iconic and popular he was been referenced countless times in other media, usually someone appearing in Zorro's outfit or mimicking the Zorro Mark with his sword on somebody's shirt.


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  • Corny Snaps was a Kellogg's breakfast cereal created in 1975 featuring Snappy the Turtle, a Zorro-like character, with mask, sword and steed, who delivered his corny-oats "S" shaped cereal to the masses, while carving his trademark "S" as he went.
  • A commercial for Duracell batteries from the early 90's featured a masked crime fighter known as "Dorro", who is powered by the newer Duracell battery. After fighting a guard powered by the older Duracell battery, Dorro carves a "D" into a cantaloupe.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Naganegiman from Anpanman, who is a parody of Zorro, slashes an "N" on Baikinman's UFO and robots, which will cause them to short out and break their casing, leaving only the machine components.

    Comic Books 
  • Asterix: In Caesar's Gift, Asterix has a sword duel with a Roman and slashes a Z-sign on his shirt, causing the bulbous-nosed Roman to look completely surprised.
  • Tintin: Zorro can be seen among many other fictional characters in the carnival celebrating crowd of Tintin & The Picaros.
  • Suske en Wiske: In De Raap van Rubens (Rubens' pupil) Lambik travels back in time to meet Peter Paul Rubens, the famous 17th century painter. He decides to have a duel with painter Anthony Van Dyck where they fight with use of their paint brushes. Lambik then paints a Z on Van Dyck's bare chest and says: You don't know him [Zorro], do you? You might learn about him in school, when you're older!
  • In The Dark Knight Strikes Again Batman uses the sharp edge of a batarang to carve a Zorro-style Z on Lex Luthor's face. In fact, in several incarnations, Batman is inspired by Zorro in-universe and the movie he saw the night his parents died was The Mark of Zorro. Many elements, like the Batcave and Bruce Wayne acting like an idiot in public out of costume also were inspired by Zorro.
  • A short Lucky Luke story features a Zorro parody, whose mark is an "X" instead of a "Z" because he can't read or write.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Of course, parodied in Zorro, the Gay Blade; the main character does this with a whip. And not just a "Z" either, the whole name. Also, the first time Zorro makes this mark with a blade, a witness mistakes it for the number 2.
  • Johnny demonstrates his newly developed skill with a sword by slicing the Z into his mentor Zatch's shirt in Surf Ninjas.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Eureka: In a dream sequence, Zorro-style hero Douglas Fargo slices an "F" into the dress of fair maiden Jo Lupo.
  • The 3rd series of UK comedy sketch show Alexei Sayles Stuff had a title sequence that was a parody of Zorro ("This fat renegade carves a 'B' with his blade, a 'B' that stands for 'Bastard'")
  • M*A*S*H: In the fifth season episode "The Colonel's Horse", before Col. Potter goes on a second honeymoon to Tokyo, he tells Hawkeye that Margaret requested him to operate on her appendix if it ruptures while Potter is away. Hawkeye pulls up an imaginary sword, thrusts in the air, and says, "Zorro will leave his mark."
  • In the Shining Time Station episode, "Scare Dares", Tito Swing dresses up as Zorro for Halloween.
  • In a few episodes of Sesame Street, Luis appears as Señor Zero, a parody of Zorro.

  • French singer Henri Salvador's novelty song "Zorro est arrivé" (1964) is an adaptation of "Along Came Jones" by The Coasters, but since this hero wasn't as well-known in France, Salvador choose Zorro instead.
  • Alice Cooper's 1982 album Zipper Catches Skin includes the song "Zorro's Ascent" which is about Zorro facing his death.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Amongst the many western tropes in the "Backwoods Brindisi" setting of Discworld Roleplaying Game is a White Sheep of the Varozag clan, who spends his time running around in an all-black outfit and mask, calling himself El Aguila del Cubo. He's not completely incompetent, but he's too in love with the idea of being a dashing masked hero to be particularly effective.

    Video Games 
  • There Is No Game: When the narrator is trying to speak Spanish, he says "Señor Zorro."
  • In Persona 5, Morgana's Persona is Zorro. It even slashes a "Z" in the air in its first appearance.
  • The main cast of Codename STEAM are all characters from classic literature — with one exception, a Dashing Hispanic woman known as the Fox. Based on her ethnicity and alias, plus the fact that she acts Just Like Robin Hood, she appears to be a Gender Flip of Zorro; and an in-game bio hints that she may be his daughter.

    Western Animation 
  • There is a serial on the animated cartoon series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show that features a mysterious character called "The Mark of Zero". His trademark is stamping the numeral 0 in unexpected places. For example, the score late in a baseball game is 9 to 1. The "Mark of Zero" changes this to 10 to 9 — to everyone's amazement. At the story's conclusion, his talent for stamping "zero" is put to good use as he becomes the scorekeeper for the New York Mets major league baseball team, at that time the symbol of futility in that sport.
  • The Simpsons:
    • The episode E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) starts off with a parody of The Mask of Zorro called The Poke of Zorro. In it, Zorro fights The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, unseen ninjas and challenges The Scarlet Pimpernel to a duel. Inspired by Zorro, Homer defends Marge, challenging Snake to a duel by slapping him with a glove. Victorious, Homer marks Marge's dress with an "H" scrawled out in ketchup.
    • A Halloween Episode features Nelson Muntz wearing what he claims to be a Lone Ranger mask. When that episode was dubbed for Brazilian audiences, the claim was changed from "Lone Ranger" to "Zorro".
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show: The character Zero is a parody of Zorro.
  • Futurama plays this one straight, in a session of Let's You and Him Fight Zoidberg carves a Z on Fry's shirt, and then he adds Dr. above it.
  • One episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog tells the story of the cast's Identical Ancestors in the Old West. Eustace's ancestor was a bandit named The Whip who was quite proficient with his weapon, even leaving a Zorro-style "W" on the clothing of his victims.
  • The Looney Tunes Show: Speedy leaves "S" behind after his cheese thefts in "Queso Bandito".
  • In the Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain episode, "The Mask of Braino", The Brain becomes a masked crime fighter named "Braino".
  • Quick Draw McGraw in his "El Kabong" persona is a direct parody of the 1957 series. Instead of a sword, however, he wields a guitar he calls his "kabonger" that he uses to clobber his opponents on the head.
  • One episode of Duck Dodgers has Dodgers assigned as Galactic Protectorate ambassador to a planet that resembles 18th century California, and donning the guise of "Xero" to free the peasantry.

    Real Life