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Recap / Person Of Interest S 04 E 13

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Season 4, Episode 13


Don't judge a town by its cider. Monsters love small towns.

Following the clue they recovered in the previous episode, Reese and Root track Shaw to a small, apparently idyllic town which is under Samaritan's control. Meanwhile, Fusco teams up with a previous number, Detective Dani Silva, to handle the newest.

  • An Aesop: Reese tells Mrs. Thomson not follow orders blindly. Even when she had no choice.
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  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: At the end of the episode, Root resorts to pleading with the Machine for answers.
  • Batman Gambit: How Silva and Fusco stop Weiss. They know in the past he's killed cops who find out he's a serial killer, so they make it look like Silva isn't expecting Weiss to break into her home. She is.
  • Battle Discretion Shot/Sound-Only Death: Root's rampage.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: Carrow Industries is marketing microchip trackers, and the neurosurgeon is forced to wear a tracking anklet after being framed for malpractice.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Silva and Fusco save each other from Weiss. Root saves Reese from a Samaritan mook.
  • Borrowed Catch Phrase: Root mentions that she's "good with computers."
  • Brick Joke: We don't see what happens to Wicker after Root gags him. After the Mayor is captured and dragged to the same hotel room, she blusters "I warn you, the police will come looking for me." Reese replies, "I wouldn't bet on it." and there's a Reveal Shot of Chief Wicker Bound and Gagged in the bathtub next to her.
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  • Bridal Carry: Subverted; it ties up Reese's arms at a crucial moment, and he's only saved by intervention from Root.
  • Call-Back:
    • Shaw wakes up in a bed with Greer talking to her, much as Kara Stanton did after the Ordos operation.
    • The POI uses lye to make bodies disappear.
    • In the quote at the top of the page, Root is making reference to her own small town childhood, as shown in the flashbacks in "Bad Code."
    • Finch called up Dr. Enright from "Critical" to take care of Delia.
    • A closeup of Fusco's watch resembles the ticking clock shot in "If-Then-Else".
    • Reese recalls the Machine helping him search for Finch after Root captured him at the start of Season 2.
  • Cool Guns: Root and Reese use the Heckler and Koch MP7 PDW when entering the factory. It's also a parallel of sorts to Shaw who early on in the season used the MP7's rival, the FN P-90 in "The Cold War".
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  • Corrupt Hick: Chief Wicker. Justified, as Samaritan is putting its own stooges in control.
  • Disposing of a Body: Weiss' Creepy Basement filled with lye and bleach. Played for Laughs with Root's handy man-sized bag, which she uses to haul the Chief up the hotel stairs past the owners.
  • Face-Revealing Turn: The woman handcuffed to the bed is not Shaw.
  • Faking the Dead: The woman "Mrs. Thompson" used to be is listed as dead after her heart attack.
  • Fanservice: In another rare case for Person of Interest, we see Dani Silva in her bra.
  • Face Death with Dignity: After realizing she's been used, "Mrs. Thompson" stays behind to "quit my job." It is unlikely that Samaritan or Martine will let her live long enough to collect unemployment benefits.
  • The Generic Guy: Weiss' cover. In actuality, he's a "cleaner" for gangs, because no one would suspect an everyman hardware store employee of being a gang assassin.

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