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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 135 Legend Of The Cybermen

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Note: The following recap contains an unavoidable and fairly major spoiler for the two preceding Big Finish audio plays, City of Spires and The Wreck of the Titan. Read at your own risk if you haven't listened to them yet!

The Doctor and Jamie, having realized that their previous adventures since meeting again have taken place entirely in the Land of Fiction, find themselves drawn into a war between two factions of fictional characters. On one side are the troops loyal to the Land's Mistress, fighting to save their home; on the other side... the Cybermen, and their growing army of cyber-converted characters. The Cybermen have a new plan to destroy emotion and imagination by destroying fiction, and the only hope of stopping them lies with the Doctor, Jamie, and another old friend.


Legend of the Cybermen contains examples of: