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"Life is all about chance and coincidence, and luck."

Nicholas Briggs (born 29 September 1961 in Lyndhust, England) is an English actor who decided, when he was quite young, that he wanted to grow up to become the Daleks. He proceeded to do just that, and is currently the voice actor for the Daleks (as well as the Cybermen, the Nestene, the Judoon, the Ice Warriors and Zygons) in Doctor Who's 2005 revival as well as his Big Finish Doctor Who audios.

After Doctor Who was cancelled in the 1980s, Briggs was a key figure in BBV Productions; he wrote several episodes of The Stranger, the film The Airzone Solution, and wrote and directed the Auton trilogy, among others. The Auton trilogy was a licensed spin-off; The Stranger and The Airzone Solution starred as many Doctor Who actors as possible and were considered Spiritual Successors to the series. Briggs also created several Doctor Who documentaries and later had an on-screen role in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Additionally, he starred as the Doctor himself in the very unofficial 1984 fan group project (well, Briggs-with-a-bunch-of-pseudonyms project) Doctor Who Audio Visuals, years before adapting some of its stories into Big Finish episodes.

Briggs is currently Running the Asylum as the Big Finish Doctor Who Show Runner and producer, and has written many of its episodes. He also creates (and stars in) the Big Finish adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and — very hammily — portrayed Holmes in the 2012 stage production "A Study In Fear".


  • Acting for Two: A particularly funny example in "Doomsday" of a Dalek and Cyberman getting into a verbal pissing match, each trying to get the other to identify themselves.
  • Author Appeal: Briggs is very fond of the Daleks, and as such ended season 4 of the New Eighth Doctor Adventures with a full-scale Dalek invasion.
  • Comic-Book Fantasy Casting: the future Doctor from Party Animals and Shayde's appearance when pretending to be a fake Ninth Doctor in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip are visually based on him.
  • Creator Backlash: In the creators' notes in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip's Land of the Blind TPB, he apologises for the misogynistic treatment of Polly in his Second Doctor story "Food for Thought" (his only contribution to the strip), which as its nadir even refers to her in the narrative caption as the Doctor's "fashion accessory".
  • Descended Creator: In addition to producing, writing and directing, Briggs will often have an acting role in various productions. These range from leading parts such as the Daleks, Sherlock Holmes and the Frankenstein monster, to supporting roles like Hunter and Number Two.
  • Evil Is Hammy/Large Ham: As the Revival Series' voice actor for the Daleks, Briggs portrays the Scary Dogmatic Aliens with the same brickwalled shouting that has consistently characterized them over the years.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Having been a Doctor Who fan since childhood who played the Doctor in a series of fanmade audio plays, Briggs went on to become not only the showrunner and producer of Big Finish Doctor Who, but also the Revival Series' go-to voice actor for the Daleks, the Cybermen, and various other monsters.