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"A lot of people have laughed at me over the years. Now they're not laughing so much."

"They're all going to laugh at you!"
Margaret White's warning to Carrie

"If I wanted to [I could commit genocide]. Let's chalk it up to the result of repressed anger while being forced to work 18 hour days for months on end. Although in this case, there is nothing to gain from killing the Fae off, we have everything to gain from making them desperate enough to seek help. And of course I'll be waiting in the wings with an antidote, being the good citizen and caring person that I am." (gives a mirthless laugh)
Lauren Lewis, Change of State

Want to see the world through my eyes? It's easy. Just picture everything you want, and can't have, and multiply that Ten! Thousand! Times! Everyone laughing at you, pushing you aside, unless you take the power for yourself, and make them give you what you want. Luthor knows. Soon they'll all know! And when I get what I want, I'll be the only one laughing!
Doctor Psycho, DC Universe Online

"Pope Urban VIII probably thought he was very clever when he condemned Galileo, but who got the last laugh there? ...Well, he did, when Galileo died in poverty and dishonor..."

"Evil must be confronted." (Many years of abuse later...) "Evil must be deleted."
Teru Mikami, Death Note

This appeared as a moral dilemma. Cause at first
It was weird, though I swore to eliminate the worst
Of the plague that devoured humanity. It's true,
I was vague on the 'how,' so how can it be that you
Have shown me the light?

It's a brand new day
And the sun is high
All the birds are singing
That you're gonna die!

How I hesitated
Now I wonder why
It's a brand new day

All the times that you beat me unconscious I'll forgive
All the crimes Incomplete, listen honestly I'll live
Mr. Cool, Mr. Right, Mr. Know-it-all is through
Now my future's so bright and I owe it all to you
Who showed me the light

It's a brand new me
I've got no remorse
Now the water's rising
But I know the course

I'm gonna shock the world
Gonna show Bad Horse
It's a brand new day

And Penny will see the evil me
Not a joke
Not a dork
Not a failure
And she may cry but her tears will dry
When I hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia.

It's a brand new day
Yeah the sun is high
All the angels sing
Because you're gonna die!

Go ahead and laugh
Yeah I'm a funny guy
Tell everyone goodbye
It's a brand new day

"Who's laughing now?!"
Ash Williams, Evil Dead 2

I was sick and tired of being manhandled, panhandled, pushed around, set up, tricked, played for a snapperhead. Drugged, bopped on the head, sucked into Vortices, dropped into obliettes. Fool me once, said Nini Mo, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I'll kick you in the head.
Flora's Dare

"Now I want you to know how it feels to be on the wrong end of your grand disdain. The little man looking up at the big boss."
Oliver Leek, Primeval Series 2 Episode 6

SamTheMightyMan, from a comment on this YouTube video detailing exactly how epic Magikarp can be.

Hey, Kasumi Sumadera, look at this. Your past self is right in front of you. You feel better now, don't you? You used to be there, but now you're over here. Isn't this fun?! It's fun to torment other people like this. Isn't it pleasant to take something that was done to you when you were weak and do it to someone who's even weaker?! ... Yes. Doing that will ease your pain.
EVA-Beatrice, Umineko: When They Cry

Guys at the office used to laugh at me when I hit the rifle range at lunch. Ain't so damn funny now, is it?
Louis, Left 4 Dead

"Laugh at me." Honeydew dared the evil bonobo.
"Huh?" Those small little eyes were filled with hopeless blankness. Hazel was such a nauseating color.
"Laugh at me," she challenged him again. “Laugh. Laugh at Honeydew. Like you always do! I want to hear your laughter, my sublime stallion.”
Honeydew, Divided Rainbow

"At the risk of appearing to talk nonsense I tell you that the National Socialist movement will go on for 1,000 years. Don't forget how people laughed at me 15 years ago when I declared that one day I would govern Germany. They laugh now, just as foolishly, when I declare that I shall remain in power."
Adolf Hitler to a British correspondent in Berlin, June 1934

"Now who's laughing! Now who's laughing!"
The Pagan Simpsons while burning the Flanders family at the stake in a Imagine Spot; The Simpsons episode "So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show"

Wheatley, to GLaDOS, Portal 2

Genie: (aftering seemingly blasting Jafar into oblivion) Ha ha ha ha ha! Who's laughing now?
Jafar: (reappears, completely unfazed, laughing evilly) I believe it's me!

L67. One of the blue-sky plans that everyone had laughed at. What if a flying saucer lands? What then? Ha-ha. Not only weren't they laughing now, they probably weren't even smiling.

[Wesley runs through a Comedy minion with his sword] Who is laughing now? [minion continues to laugh] Well, you. But I still win.
Angel, "Waiting In The Wings"

“What do you think?” Dash asked her guests. “Angel Bunny baked it himself! For a while, he kept trying to eat the ingredients, but I broke him of that habit, DIDN’T I, ANGEL???”

Dash’s smile was the very picture of gentleness. The bunny trembled before it as though dangling over a shark pool.

“Now, I think that the first slice ought to go to Spike, don’t you?” she sweetly suggested. “As repayment for the carrot cake he made you that one time. Remember that carrot cake, Angel? I do!”
Rainbow Dash, Divided Rainbow

Animals were born to obey!
Obedience is now the only way!
Animals are all meant to serve!
Subservience is all we deserve!
None of us were the least bit nice!
Now we’re all paying the high price!
When we’re told to jump, what do we do? We JUMP!
When we’re told to sleep, what do we do? We SLEEP!
And when it’s time to enter our cages,
We’ll go without flying into rages,
We’ll all behave and never be mean
And always keep this house pristine
Eat every morsel we’re served and then
Not demand to be served again
‘Cause we all know what’s in store
If this song we do ignore
We’ve brought this on ourselves!!!!
Rainbow Dash's animals, Divided Rainbow

Imagine a small child, abused and neglected in his earliest years, who suddenly discovers that he has incredibly potent magical powers of life-giving and death-dealing at the emotionally unstable age of thirteen, and who decides to wreak a terrible vengeance upon all the people who mocked and cuffed him, all those who humiliated him before, who told him that he'd never amount to anything, making him sleep under the stairs, him? Treat him like dirt, would they? Well, they picked the wrong boy to ***k with, the wrong boy. Let's see how they like it when my magical force breaks every bone in their body and rips off their limbs, picking them off one by one in the shopping mall as they run, cowering and pleading - pleading - for mercy hahahahaha! Who's the brat now? Eh? Eh? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. I saw this on a video round at Pete's hee-hee where they hee-hee squish this guy's head like a grape with their telepathic powers, hee-hee. Let's see how that goes in real life my so-called-parents, ha! Ha! Splat! I am vengeance! I AM VENGEANCE! The whole town will PAY – PAY! Oh I bet they're sorry now, I'll make them sorry – HAHAHAHAHA! Die! Die! Die, all of you!
This book isn't anything like that.
—Advertisement for "Hairy Potsdam," The Soddit

The village boys never liked me, said I was plain as a pikestaff. They all fancied that Elena as their sweetheart, her with her blonde ringlets and — how was it they put it — her mischievous eyes. I showed that bitch, and her little bunch of drooling admirers. The followers of the Lord of Corruption didn’t care how I looked, they were all covered with sores and boils and buboes anyway. All I had to do to get the plaguemaggots was devote myself to the Great Decay. It’s not like I was giving up anything, other than the chance to grow older and uglier alone in the village till one day some zealous Witch Hunter would like as not have burned me anyway, Chaos or no Chaos. It was worth it, knowing what would happen when I shoved the maggots under her door. Took about a week for the flesh to start rotting off her pretty face, and all of the handsome boys of the village had the same thing happen to them a day or so after her. The hardest part was keeping the smile off my own face as I walked about my business through all that suffering, seeing the mute expressions of horror on them all as they became so much less beautiful than I.
Olga Langenspiesse, miller’s daughter in the village of Frundsberg (Nurgle Cultist), Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary - A Compendium Of Creatures Fair And Foul

Arthur: It's funny. When I was a little boy and told people I was gonna be a comedian, everyone laughed at me. Well, no-one's laughing now!
Murray: You can say that again, pal!

"Isn't it funny? You know, when I came here seventeen years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me. Well, I have to say, you're not laughing now, are you?"
Nigel Farage


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