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Steffi: Do you have some sort of problem with me?
Gear: Isn't that thinking a little self-centered? I may be here to kill you, but that doesn't mean it's personal.

"There was this kid I grew up with; he was younger than me. Sorta looked up to me, you know. We did our first work together, worked our way out of the street. Things were good, we made the most of it. During Prohibition, we ran molasses into Canada... made a fortune, your father, too. As much as anyone, I loved him and trusted him. Later on he had an idea to build a city out of a desert stop-over for GI's on the way to the West Coast. That kid's name was Moe Greene, and the city he invented was Las Vegas. This was a great man, a man of vision and guts. And there isn't even a plaque, or a signpost, or a statue of him in that town! Someone put a bullet through his eye. No one knows who gave the order. When I heard it, I wasn't angry; I knew Moe, I knew he was head-strong, talking loud, saying stupid things. So when he turned up dead, I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business!"
Hyman Roth, The Godfather Part II

"He looked not only anxious, but deeply upset…I hadn’t meant to upset him. I would have liked very much for us to part in a different mood. But there was nothing I could do to help him…Politics is a merciless business.”
Nikita Khrushchev's impressions of John F. Kennedy, 1961 Vienna Summit

Nothing personal. Just revenge.

"Nothing personal, but I've got orders."
Sword Man, Mega Man 8

"But we've got a job to do, just like they did. Business is business."
Gennadi Yegorov, Warrior Class

"Always business. Never personal."

"You're a stepping-stone... And I'm moving up. Don't take it personally."

Noble Sanfino: "And this conscience of yours lets you gain the trust of perfect strangers and screw them over?"
Jamie Reagan: "You're not strangers. You're criminals and I'm a cop."

"I'm here to kill you, not to judge you."
—"Conversations With Dead People," Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"They blow you up today, you blow them up tomorrow. It's just business."

"Nothing personal."
"Sure, it is. 'specially when it's me you're trying to kill."

"Psssh... nothin personnel... kid..."

Rumlow: I just want you to know, Cap... this isn't personal!
[Cap kicks his ass and throws him into the ceiling]
Captain America: It kinda feels personal.

Skye: All this time, everything we've been through, how could you? Why?
Ward: I was on a mission. It wasn't personal.
Skye: "It wasn't"— you did not just say that. "It wasn't personal"!?
Ward: Skye, listen to me.
Skye: God, you might actually believe that! That is the twisted logic they teach you when you sign up to be a Nazi.

Early: You show yourself, and we finish this exchange, or your brother's brains'll be flying every which way. [to Simon, very politely] You understand, I'm sort of on a clock here, it's frustrating.
Simon: ...I feel for you.

Vila: So why did they pick on me?
Avon: I doubt if it was personal, Vila.
Vila: It felt personal. It always feels personal when someone tries to kill me.
Blake's 7, "Redemption"

"I know I've betrayed you many times before, but this time, it's truly nothing personal."
Loki, Thor: Ragnarok

"sync-1.01; andy; I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry."
— A message in the code of the Mydoom.B computer worm

"You were a cog in the machine. I just hit that machine with a baseball bat."
Victor to Michael Westen, Burn Notice

I do not hate you, Delta. Indeed, I care for you in equal measure to any other sentient creature. But I cannot sacrifice a thousand of my children for one rebellious son.
Sofia Lamb, Bioshock 2

Ben (as Grey Matter): "I thought we were on good terms, Tetrax!"
Tetrax: "There is a collector who would pay a lot of money for a human who can change shape! We're hunters! Don't take it personally!"
Ben: "Attacking my person is the definition of personally!"
Ben 10 (2016), episode "Bounty Ball"

Batman: "Convince me that you're not a suspect in this matter."
Ra's Al Ghul: "Why in the name of heaven above and hell below would I have attempted to murder your wife, Detective? Tell me."
Batman: "I've put you in jail before."
Ra's Al Ghul: "And I escaped, did I not?"
Batman: "I've wrecked many of your crazy schemes in the past."
Ra's Al Ghul: "And I have hatched many, many more, including some you do not suspect the existence of."

Mary Marvel: "I guess that just leaves us."
Illyria: "You shouldn't have taken it personally. I'd have done it to any good-for-nothing American."
Mary Marvel: "But you did it to me."

"Out of the three gangs, the Sons of Samedi has the more... professional violent relationship between the two gangs. The Ronin get personal, the Brotherhood's personal right out the gate, this one here's strictly business. We're just taking their fucking turf and their money from it."
Matthew Metelli describing the Sons of Samedi storyline from Saints Row 2


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