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Perhaps the most common Playground Song that appears in media is "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall", or a variation of it. Usually, one can expect a joke about the song being annoying due to its long length, or one about people using its length as a measure of time. Occasionally, the bottles of beer will be Bowdlerized to bottles of milk or another non-alcoholic beverage, adults being more squeamish than kids.


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  • M&M's: Yellows sings his own version of the song in this ad. Replace bottles with cans and beer with milk chocolate.

  • One Calvin and Hobbes strip has Calvin starting this song (at ten million bottles of beer, no less!) during a road trip in order to annoy his dad into stopping for hamburgers.
  • In one FoxTrot strip, Jason sings his version of this, replacing the bottles of beer with (several thousand) minutes until school starts.
  • An issue of Thor has Asgardian children singing "99 Bottles of Grog on the Wall."

  • In National Lampoon's Vacation, Clark, while lost in the desert and trying to find help, starts the song at 1000, passing out when he's in the single digits.
  • Referenced in The Smurfs 2: when one of the Smurfs wonder what the things Gargamel has in his lair that are used to clone the Smurfs, Papa says "99 bottles of Smurf on the wall..."

  • The bus scene in the camp super special of The Baby-sitters' Club has David Michael starting up a rendition of "a million bottles of beer on the wall" to take up the time. Thinking they're kidding about the number, the sitters allow the kids to continue, only to find out that they are literally counting down from one million.
    "When we arrived at camp, they were still in the nine hundred ninety-nine thousands."
  • Glen Cook's Garrett, P.I. references this in his narration, after having to explain to one person after another after another what he's investigating. He wonders if he'll run out of bottles of beer on the wall before the mystery finally starts making sense.
  • The Mummy, The Will and The Crypt (as "98 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"): the Boy Scouts on their way to Camp Chocorua sing it all the way through before the trip is out. Narration describes it afterward as "the song that is calculated to drive bus drivers out of their minds".
  • Mentioned in Bruce Coville's Camp Haunted Hills #3: The Dinosaur That Followed Me Home as being sung during the bus ride to the titular camp, until one camper overhears a nickname for one of the new kids and switches to a song based on that instead.
  • Imperial Radch: Breq toes the line between The Stoic and The Comically Serious when she starts singing the Radchaai version of this song en route to a highly dangerous confrontation, to Sphene's infinite distaste. It starts at 1000.
    Breq: Nine hundred ninety-nine eggs all nice and warm...
    Sphene: We are no longer family.

     Live Action TV 
  • Left behind on the Lexx for an episode, 790 sings his way up to "790 kisses from Kai on the head."
    "That's one more kiss from the man who is dead..."
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: In "The Mutiny Part 3", Rita Repulsa sings "99 Bottles of Slime on the Wall" as she floats through space in a dumpster. The Rangers and Zordon watch through their viewing globe and laugh.
  • Barney Miller endures a rousing chorus of this by a group of homeless men in the two-part episode "Missing." Det. Harris, having traveled undercover with them, tells Barney "I don't even hear it any more. They started at three thousand."
  • On an episode of Today's Special, Jodie, Jeff and Muffy are stuck in an elevator and sing "99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall" while waiting for help. They have to wait until they get to 34 bottles.
  • One episode of the 1970s Match Game featured “99 _______” in the Super Match, with “Bottles Of Beer On The Wall” as the $500 answer. As an aside, host Gene Rayburn had absolutely no clue what that was, so the panelists started singing, and the audience joined in and clapped along.

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic mentions the song in "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
    Well, we crossed the state line about 6:39
    And we saw the sign that said, "Twine Ball exit, fifty miles"
    Oh, the kids were so happy they started singing
    "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall" for the twenty-seventh time that day

     Video Games 
  • * In Zork: Grand Inquisitor, when you enter the Hall of Inquisition, you hear a Totemized Lucy Flathead singing "9999 Bottles of Mead on the Wall'', though she may have started at a much higher number.
  • In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Guybrush can entreat one of the two friendly pirates on the starting island to sing a song. After a couple semi-bawdy numbers about Elaine, he resorts to this song. You can choose to interject with a random number and he'll jump to it; and if you're patient enough to let him get down to one, the other pirate will say a different number and he'll start there again, meaning he'll keep singing indefinitely if you let him.

     Web Comics 

     Web Original 

     Western Animation 
  • The "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" special episode of Tiny Toon Adventures finds Hamton and his parents singing "99 Bottles Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage On The Wall". When Plucky, who's traveling with them, asks "Isn't it 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall?" Hamton's mom replies, "We don't drink in our family, Plucky".
  • In the Rugrats episode "Where's Grandpa?", Tommy and Chuckie shout to try to get the adults to see that they left Grandpa Lou behind at a gas staton; Didi believes that they want to sing this song, and she and Stu proceed to sing the "milk" version of the song.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode Sleepless In Ponyville, Sweetie Belle sings a ponified version called "99 Buckets of Oats".
  • The Rosa Parks segment on Histeria! had Loud Kiddington singing this, and annoying Charity, who yells at him because she can't stand it, causing Kiddington to lose where he was and start over.
  • The Garfield and Friends episode "Speed Trap" had this variation: "99 kettles of soup on the heat, 99 kettles of soup/If one of those kettles I happen to eat/98 kettles of soup on the heat!".
  • On an early episode of Daria, Kevin Thompson quickly earns the annoyance of his classmates by constantly singing "99 Bottles of Beer". He even hums it while making out with Brittany!
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In "Future Schlock", at the end, when the house is rocketed into space, Heffer sings, "Nine hundred bazillion bottles of root beer on the wall..."
  • In one episode of Ninjago some of the protagonists sing a version replacing the bottles of beer with bottles of tea while on a long mission.
  • A version about hugs is sung in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode "Branch Bum", but Branch stops the song before they get to 98 hugs because he doesn't want to be distracted while driving.
  • The Real Ghostbusters take to chanting mantras in trying to rid Ray's aunt's apartment of a ghost. Egon chants a mathematical formula, Winston chants an African native spell, and Ray and Peter do "99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall."
  • One episode of George Shrinks has the Shrinks family singing a parody called "99 Butterflies Fly In The Sky" while traveling with a researcher to follow a group of migrating monarch butterflies.

     Real Life 
  • This song is a popular programming challenge.

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