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Nightmare Fuel / Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

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To become a puppet is to rid oneself of the pain and harshness of choice. Now nothing you do is your fault, now you belong to something...You belong to me....
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion starts out fairly cute and innocent. But playing through the game starts to reveal some genuine horror under its cutesy surface...

Unmarked Spoilers Below!

  • The encounter with the very first monster in the game - the Slime Monster aka Specimen 2 sure qualifies. Not to mention that it slows you during the chase.
  • Sometimes, instead of the innocent-looking slime ghost jumpscare when said jumpscare appears, you might get to see this Sure, it's nothing dangerous, but still quite startling, especially during a chase.
    • Later in the game an arguably even more horrifying skull can pop out, still harmless though.
    • Even normal jumpscares are quite an inconvenience during pretty much any monster chase, because they stall the player character.
  • Subject 5 AKA Specimen 3. Apparently, it was in testing for some time, but broke out and killed the Generic Lab Assistant. Subject 5 itself is some spider/centipede thingy. However, despite the menacing looks, it is the least dangerous monster in the game.
  • Specimen 4. Her ability to phase through walls and fly over gaps is the least of your worries. While she does make a sound when you encounter her, there is no music playing when you are chased by her. Which means that you'll never know for sure if you've already escaped her.
    • Not to mention her death screen, which implies that the damn thing swallowed you whole.
    • As this video proves, she actually has a chase theme now (it plays at 11:40 in the video), so she is no longer focused entirely on being Paranoia Fuel.
  • Specimen 5 is something that came straight out of Silent Hill. While the monster itself is quite slow, it warps terrain to confuse the player and makes your vision foggy.
    • The build up to it, as well as being a Shout-Out to Silent Hill has a creepy moment near the end of the area where you have to walk over a chain-link floor with some rooms to the side, one of the rooms being an organic room that has loud pulsating noises echoing throughout it. Thankfully the room is optional but still.
      • Here's a video of said room. They've added the sound of a crying baby.
  • Specimen 6, also known as The Puppet or Ben. It is considered the most dangerous monster in the entire game, and for a good reason. It only moves when you're not looking at it, so the typical method of just running for your life, which is what you do with every other monster, is useless. Oh, and it gives you a rather brutal death scene, which is the source for the page image.
  • While Specimen 7 is not too dangerous, and barely even looks creepy, the buildup to it makes for a good Mind Screw.
  • Specimen 8 pretty much has it all - Interface Screw? Check. Voice of the Legion? Check. A rather disturbing death screen? Check. A really creepy buildup? Check. Looks creepy on its own? Check. Deer lord.
    • Shortly before you encounter it, you see a few deer. The second you approach them, they turn into... well,this.
  • This... THING. Whatever it is, it not only looks quite creepy and makes quite a creepy sound when you encounter it, it also instantly kills you.
    • One of the game updates added an entry for it, in the CAT_DOS computers that catalog most of the Specimens, that not only horribly glitches and makes a terrible noise when you look at it, but also mentions that this red face of clay was so dangerous that GL Labs, and heavily implied Spooky herself, had the thing terminated. But that begs the question: Is the thing that exists in the endless hallway some sort of spirit of it, or did they somehow fail to kill it?
    • Thought that this thing stayed only in the endless hallway? Turns out, if you idle too long in a room, this thing will come after you. What makes it worse is that this video shows that it can attack you in the save rooms,as well as minigame and CAT-DOS rooms,where no other specimens can enter...
      • Possibly even worse is the fact that it hits for more than half of your lifebar in this state,and outright pulls a One-Hit Kill in the HD Renovation.
    • From Bad to Worse: Specimen 9 is also the Final Boss and really, really angry.
  • Specimen 10 is a huge snake-like creature with a serious Nightmare Face going on. But just like Specimen 3, it's one of the least dangerous monsters.
    • At least, that was before the new update that added a new Specimen 10. Doesn't help that it first appear with the original Specimen 10 doing its spawn animation before this thing bursts straight out of the old Specimen 10's head.
    • Go on, try to run away from it. If you get too far away, it will immediately change into a much faster form which deals less damage but is, obviously, significantly harder to outrun. You pretty much have to keep a stable distance with this thing throughout the entire chase.
    • Not to mention that, if you access CAT-DOS before room 500, looking at 10's entry will show the metal eel-snake... and say that it's pretty much harmless. Unless you either check CAT-DOS past room 500, or notice that the screen flickers to a "Wrong Specimen Display!" error screen, you get no warning whatsoever about the true 10.
    • And think of being in the situation where you decide to replay the game, having no prior knowledge that they changed Specimen 10. You get to the area for it, noticing that some of the notes seem a little different from what you remembered, and then when you approach the spawn point for Specimen 10 you see it spawn and OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?! This likely causes the player to run in a panic and trigger its second form.
    • And when they updated the game they made the room larger, with the light switch being at the other side of the room away from the exit. And considering the Specimen spawns directly across from the exist, this means that you will have to get right next to it to escape.
  • Specimen 11 not only has a rather disturbing look, but it's so far the only monster that doesn't just kill you, but instead traps you in some meaty pocket dimension before finishing you off. Oh, and when you first encounter it, it spawns out of the only door in the freezer, and unless you're careful, you're going to end up two-hit killed by this thing before you even reach the door. Not to mention how bloody fast it is.
    • This Specimen also has a rather disturbing habit of making doors disappear while you're chased by him, either partially or even entirely. Unless you have memorized the layout of most rooms, you'll most likely end up trapped.
    • Then there's the place where you first encounter it... Let's just say you wouldn't want to ever visit McDonald's or any fast food restaurants ever again.
      • And the play-pen you have to crawl through in order to get the key to the freezer is also "fun". With an ominous sign, the size of the tunnels which make no sense, and the horrible music in the place. Also there is a corner of the play-pen where you can see a bloody chain trying to lift something unseen but whatever it is, it makes a horrible mechanical sound.
    • There's also the Apocalyptic Log you can find there, which details a former worker at the restaurant. The beef there caused strange occurrences, such as making the customers who try it addicted and unable to leave the restaurant, and the managers horrifically violent, especially to children and those who bring outside food. One day the worker eventually tried some beef and became addicted himself. He eventually decided to quit his job though when he fell asleep at the wheel and dreamed he was in a twisted version of the restaurant (likely the place Specimen 11 transports you to) and was face to face with Specimen 11. Fortunately it seems he woke up, but it's unknown what exactly happened to him after that.
    • Apparently, the fast food place in question was dying until Specimen 11 turned up. This leads to the implication that someone there most likely willingly made a very literal Deal with the Devil to save their business.
  • The encounter with Specimen 12 has you enter a mansion-like area, only to get chased by someone wielding a Sinister Scythe. This being a Shout-Out to Clock Tower, you have to hide as he searches the room while calling out to you, as him encountering you inside the mansion is a One-Hit Kill. You eventually have to have him chase you. CAT-DOS also reveals something about the Specimen that makes it worse: that wasn't the actual specimen. The real one is the mansion itself, and it possesses intruders and makes them kill people.
    • Part of its area is also pretty creepy as one part is an underground cave, with one room having dozens of bones on the floor. When you re-enter that room after getting the necessary item, an extremely loud roar plays, almost as if the mansion itself is angry at you.
  • Specimen 13. Basically everything that was terrifying about the water monster, plus it being a mermaid-like creature that likes to eat whales from the inside and lure people into the water to drown them. And then there's its Nightmare Face upon killing you.
  • The build-up to the Final Boss fight. You reach room 1000 and see a metal door covered in chains. Once you enter the door, you enter a sunny field. However, several seconds later, the sky glitches up and an error message appears, along with a defeated-looking Spooky. All seems good until a mysterious roar causes Spooky to brighten up and tells you that you need to pass one final test. Cue a door appearing that leads to a white interior with a radio that plays a cryptic message. When you reach the end of the area, the roar happens again. Cue the screen darkening and Specimen 9 appearing and transforming into an even more horrifying form which has several attacks, including summoning screaming pillars, a shadow hand that summons zombies, and several kinds of Interface Screw at once.
    • Do you want some Fridge Horror? The entity at the radio (implied to be Specimen 9) says that he's nailing together the ""logs" they keep throwing out", and the number 731 appears on a wall. As the game's Wiki points out, this may be a reference to Japan's infamous Unit 731.
  • Spooky. There's positively no way she's as nice as she looks. In one of the Minigames, she is shown gleefully murdering people with a knife, and in another she stabs Pac-Man (quite brutally). Further confirming it, the December update art on the game's download page features her smirking like a little psycho at the bloody corpse of freaking Santa Claus.
    • She is also very callous to the scientists who work for her. On two separate occasions she leaves them to be prey for Specimens 3 and 10 with no other reason than for shits and giggles.
    • And now that the first full build has been released, it has been discovered that the broken arcade machine can play a secret scene note  if a secret code is input. It depicts what is probably Spooky's Start of Darkness, where she(?) remarks that she "just wanted to scare people" and that she eventually got her wish, even though "they overreacted". What did she do? Well, it's implied that she shot and killed someone. As a little girl.
    • Did she kill someone, or did she finally manage to scare someone; someone who happened to be holding a gun? Like she said, you have to die a tragic death to become a ghost...
    • One of the final notes in Karamari Hospital all but confirms that Spooky herself died, as her would-be victim of her scare happened to have PTSD. This makes this more of a Tear Jerker, until a final easy-to-miss note implies that her father tried to use occult rituals so her parents could see her one last time.
  • There is a bit of Fridge Horror with the player character. Three Specimens specifically target those with mental issues. Specimen 5 with those who have had troubled pasts, Specimen 7 with those who are a bit mentally unstable, and Specimen 8 with those who are violent. Note that Specimen 8 attacks you even if you didn't attack any of the deer prior to it. So either they no longer obey those rules or there is something seriously wrong with the player character.
    • To be honest, CAT-DOS attests that they're "effective" against those kinds of subjects, not that they only target those victims. 7 changes appearance based on the victim's psyche, and 5 is heavily implied to do as such (as it's a Silent Hill Shout-Out). Meanwhile, 8 is immune to physical damage, and comes right after meeting the killer deer, which can be killed by the axe. So, violent subjects would've probably killed the deers (thus angering Subject 8 even more) and then tried to attack 8 as well. Cue absorption.
  • The soundtrack has quite a good amount of rather disturbing tracks. To name just a few...
    • "Amputated Marshmallow", which plays when you get trapped in the endless hallway...
    • ...and then "Sour Lemon", which plays immediately after Specimen 9 catches you.
    • "Strange Wiggles" does sound somewhat demented, but not as demented as...
    • ..."Leave your shoes, leave ALL your shoes" which sounds like corrupted circus music mixed with some really disturbing noises.
    • "Your Consenting Mind" sounds like something out of an old horror movie.
    • "Unknown Hug", which is pretty much "Oh, Crap!" in the form of a music track, especially given the fact that it plays just when you encounter the very first monster in the game.
    • The same "oh crap" feeling (although to a lesser effect) also applies to "Writhing Sneezes", which plays when you are being chased by either Specimens 3 and 10.
    • "Lusting Strawberry". Which sounds like something from Silent Hill. Makes sense, considering this is Specimen 5's chase theme, and Specimen 5 is obviously inspired by Silent Hill...
    • "The Merchant" — Specimen 6's chase theme — sounds like something straight out of Majora's Mask. Again, makes sense; Specimen 6 bears quite the resemblance to the Happy Mask Salesman.
    • "OUO", the theme that plays in Specimen 6's intro area. It sounds like a really creepy tribal-sounding theme with ominous vocalizations, and wouldn't sound out of place in Majora's Mask either.
    • "We Have The Beef", despite having quite a silly name, is hands down one of the most disturbing tracks in the game.
    • "Getting There", the chase theme for the new Specimen 10, is the first chase theme in the entire game to sound outright depressing. As well as having some truly alien noises.
    • "Gummy Worms with Gummy Bear Heads" sounds incredibly ominous and seems to be building up to something big, before going back to being low.
    • "Here Comes Trouble" sounds like a chase theme from Clock Tower.
    • "Something in the Water" sounds like if thalassophobia, fear of the the sea or fear of being in the ocean, had a theme.
    • "Fried Calamari" is unsettling for a slightly different reason: for being so much more bombastic than most of the other tracks in the soundtrack, while still being unsettling and dissonant.
    • "A Smile Beneath Your Skin" is Surprise Creepy in song form. It starts off as a pleasant chiptune theme, until it gets increasingly more and more industrial. Naturally, it was used in the 2015 trailer for the game.
    • "Breakfast Was Too Early" sounds somewhat nicer compared to the rest of the soundtrack... but there's something wrong about this track being played while you're being chased by Specimen 4.
      • "Breakfast Was Too Late" is an edited version of the track that sounds like it has been quite distorted.
      • And then there's "Breakfast Was Too Water Damaged", which is the same track, but being played backwards.
  • Think about this: The CAT-DOS entries for the last 3 Specimens (Specimen 9, New Specimen 10, and Specimen 11) share one common theme, which is that their containment procedures are (or were, in Specimen 9's case) failing. Specimen 9's entry claims that Specimen 9 was destroyed, which clearly isn't the case given the endless hallway, Specimen 10's entry implies that Specimen 10 was on schedule to be destroyed (given the "deemed too hard to contain") but escaped before they ever got around to killing it, and finally, Specimen 11's CAT-DOS entry outright says that no matter what they do, Specimen 11 can escape the House. And given that the same containment failure happened with Specimen 3, which is arguably the least threatening Specimen, what's to say that all of the Specimens aren't just completely loose in the house?
  • Speaking of CAT-DOS entries, this is Specimen 11's effectiveness evaluation: "Proved not effective as victims souls do not remain after contact". Which means that the Game Over screen - "Your soul wanders an endless maze" - it's Not Hyperbole.
  • While not Nightmare Fuel for normal people, for claustrophobics the air vent passage in Specimen 10's area and the play tunnels in Specimen 11's room can be terrifying.
    • Even to those who are not claustrophobic, the build-up to Specimen 10 can be pretty terrifying. You enter a dark sci-fi-looking area that wouldn't look out of place in Dead Space or Alien. This mitigates a bit when the lights are turned on. However, later in the area, the lights go out again, and the only way forward is a vent with dried blood on the floor. When you enter the vent, you may notice sounds while you're crawling through the vent and walls of goop that you have to cut through. And when you finally leave the vent and turn on the power switch, you meet with the above-mentioned Specimen.
  • The fact that at least 4 people died from Specimen 1 attacks is seriously horrifying. Specimen 1 are nothing but cardboard cut-outs, after all.
    • To be fair though, those that died likely had heart problems. Still, it's hard not to imagine the situation where a person narrowly escapes a Specimen just to fall victim to a simple jumpscare.
    • Of course a bit of Nightmare Retardant when you consider they might've died because Specimen 1 could've just whacked them really hard in the face. That makes it funnier, but still. That'd hurt.
  • The endings are Played for Laughs, and a text even comes up asking if you were expecting a serious ending. That said, seeing your player character Limp and Livid, with a bloody axe, and with glowing red eyes can give one pause. You see this just after Spooky says that you'll make a fine specimen.
  • Occasionally one of the randomly generated rooms you could go through is an infinite looping hallway with a single locked door that remains locked until a certain number of loops. Now while harmless, there is a chance in it where you can encounter this.
  • In the arcade rooms when playing the Spooky Kart game, there is a small chance that instead of the normal theme for the minigame, a chase theme from a Specimen plays.
  • Karamari Hospital is out and proves to be full of Mind Screw. Of notable mention are the lead-ups to the monsters. Probably the scariest thing about them is that unlike the monsters listed above, there are pretty much no documents which foreshadow them or explain what they are.
    • The first monster is what appears to be a security officer with hideously swollen hands. He is not terribly dangerous by himself, but he can give some self-made jumpscares when you have to backtrack through the hospital, likely forgetting him. Oh, and one of the doors near him contains a room that has a bed with blood rising from it where you can hear screaming in the background.
      • Another room can be found in this area as well, which contains just a single chair. If the player sits in the chair for a while, they may start to see an image of a disturbing face smiling at them. Eventually you are forced out of the chair, with a ghostly apparition leaning in it. On a New Game+, killing it and sitting back in the chair causes a Non-Standard Game Over where the player character wakes up in an alien desert, with the feeling that something is trying to take control of them.
    • The second monster appears in the morgue, where, after the player gets an emblem for a puzzle, the bagged-up corpses suddenly disappear. When you exit the room, you are in a hallway with them lining the sides, leading to one that suddenly rises and chases you, which you then have to run from through a hallway maze where it can head you off. Oh, and when you get to the end, you notice the corpses again, except they are levitating.
    • The third is probably the most bizarre one. It can be found in the basement and is a shifting distorted baby-like face in a 3D cube that can move through walls. Also, it emits an eerie sound when it is nearby and overall has an Uncanny Valley feeling to it.
    • The fourth is a disfigured child-like figure in hospital scrubs that spawns when you get the key in the basement. He has a bandaged-up face, but his open mouth looks a little demonic. This chase sequence is more difficult because not only is the basement much more of a segmented area, but the boy can also teleport, even if you are looking at him.
    • Finally is the fifth one, encountered in the isolation room: a rotting upside-down cow with red eyes and a Slasher Smile. Might sound silly, but the situation in which you face it is tense. You are in a wire-fence maze where suddenly this thing attacks you from behind. It is ridiculously fast, able to catch you while sprinting and the maze has several dead ends, which pretty much guarantees you getting hit by it. And if you manage to be able to look at the top of its model, you can notice some sort of mouth-eyeball thing controlling it like a puppet.
    • Probably the creepiest thing about this hospital is that it is so unknown. From what the notes mention, it seems that the people there were having blackouts, waking up to find they had done things to harm and kill others. This seems to be some sort of Demonic Possession, as described by a nurse who felt as if something was trying to control her and the only way she could stop them was dousing herself in radiation. Oh, and the ending implies that there is more beyond the hospital that is to be seen.
    • There's also the fact that Karamari Hospital averts the standard formula of the main game: reach a checkpoint, go through 10-20 rooms, enter new Specimen room, eventually encounter Specimen, run like hell, then beware of random encounters until the next checkpoint. Karamari has no "generic" rooms nor obvious Specimen rooms, which means on your first playthrough you never know when and where something will attack you.
    • The Endless Mode Update also added some new things to the hospital - first one is a seemingly fake door leading to the Deformity Wing, which takes the Eldritch Location aspect of both the house and the hospital Up to Eleven (highlights include entering a room and exiting through the same door, which leads somewhere else entirely), the whole wing dragging on endlessly, and when you finally do attempt to return, suddenly you have to get through a much bigger stretch than when you made your way in. It's kind of hard to explain.
      • The second one is a seemingly innocent minigame - you find a small Gameboy-like device in the basement, which seems to have a Dating Sim game of sorts. At first it seems like a fairly typical dating sim, but then the dialogue options start becoming either much darker ("Everything is disgusting here", "It's like my whole body", "is trying to peel apart on the inside") or completely cryptic ("The flies are, can't fit any more", "My home is inside you")... And then, on the third day, the girl you were talking to in the minigame suddenly becomes a zombie of some sort, with a completely dull look on her face. (Before that, she remarks she's not feeling well, implying that she is probably suffering from some unknown and possibly terminal illness), and on day four, you are pretty much forced into an endless dialogue loop (well, almost endless, as you can always exit the minigame, but if you decide to keep going, you will be stuck there for a while), where the girl's face slowly disappears as she keeps talking.
      • It doesn't stop in one go, actually - you can choose to replay the game, and it's all but implied that with each time, the girl becomes more and more aware of being stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. So the only way to get her and the protagonist out of this loop is to replay the game over and over, getting new dialogue options (which become progressively creepier, too). Finally, you get the Failure Is the Only Option ending, where the girl reports you and you are both transferred out of the school. The whole thing is a total Mind Screw in and of itself, to say the least.
  • With the new update, we get the Endless Mode that brings quite a few new specimens.
  • Before you run into the restaurant area's entity, one of the incidents that the Apocalyptic Log talks about involves mentions of a teenage kid getting their face burned by the fryers, and not accidentally, either; it turns out that some guy was arguing with him and the guy got so enraged that he grabbed hold of the teenager (strangling him by his shirt while doing so), dragged him into the back-kitchen, and then slammed his face into the fryer and kept holding his head there on the scolding and flaming grease burners, for almost half an hour!

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