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Nightmare Fuel / Spore

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  • "That's My Lunch" appears to be a harmless adventure about a little girl and her kittens, rabbits, chicks lizard babies. You get an invitation to the girl's birthday party at "Hugs Valley". You have to escort the girl to the party, while secretly feeding the animals to these two hungry monsters. To do this, you have to distract the girl with things like a butterfly net. Then you have to lure one of the animals into the beast's lair with candy. Eventually, there's none left, and the girl finally reaches the party. She then looks at the player and says that you've just sold your soul to pay for the gifts. It isn't at all surprising the guys who made Robot Chicken made this.
  • Other things of note are "UBD" creations, some of the more...obscene creatures, and Roadkill Roadrunner.
    • Many of their missions are like that; go play Shenanigan's Funhouse. Monster Clown, death traps, and killer whoopie cushions.

  • The mission from Galactic Adventures called "It Came From The Sky." The mission is about a spaceship that crashed near a research base on a frozen planet. You see green lumps of skin on the ground from the creature that piloted the spaceship, and you talk to some of the researchers working at the base who tell you that most of the other researchers are either sick or dead. You then discover a trail of the green lumps leading to the sole surviving alien from the spaceship, who tells you that he accidentally made the researchers sick, but one of the researchers' daughters has an immunity to the disease. She follows you and then you discover that the researchers have turned into zombies when you see one of them attack and kill another one. You then have to defend the girl from the zombies as you lead her to an extraction point. The creepiest thing about this mission, however, is probably the music.
  • The Maxis Adventure called "The Spirits Are Restless." You start out at a town that's been harassed by wild beasts. The mayor asks you to see a druid at the nearby forest. Said druid then tells you that the forest has been corrupted by an evil presence, causing the beasts to attack the village. He gives you a staff to go cleanse the shrine where the spirit has taken residence. The only thing standing between you and victory are packs of hostile animals and a creepy forest littered with fog, cobwebs and skeletons. All the while, a music track made of scare chords is playing. This adventure is NOT for the faint of heart. At the very least, the adventure has little, if any, actual fighting.
  • The soundtrack "Alien Abduction" and the soundtrack "Echoes Underwater", which is even worse.
    • While editing a mission, you can play two scores at once. It can get especially creepy if they tend to fit just right in a creepy way.

  • Epics in general. They're bad enough if you're lucky enough to see them from afar, but it's surprisingly easy to not realize you're close to one until it's too late. "What was that roar? Why did a pack member vanish from the list?" You turn around and...
    • It's even worse if you have the graphics set to high but have a graphics card that can't keep up; occasionally, a creature will take some time to fully render. As a result, you could wander into what looks like an empty field only for an Epic to literally appear out of nowhere in front of you.
  • The tribe members' reaction to their hut being destroyed. They run around screaming like lunatics until they mysteriously die.
    • If the tribe was stationed near water, they'll run into it and stay there, giving the impression that they drowned themselves.
    • The tribe's species will most likely pop back up into the wild due to the game's generation. Which you can then domesticate.
  • When you finally meet the Grox, you can fly right above one of their cities to listen to their anthem... if we can call it that, anyway, as it is comprised of nothing but a strange droning sound with static, bizarre guitar riffs and various random sounds before a disturbingly human-sounding off-key baritone singer makes his cue. Have a listen here.
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  • The sound that plays when entering a planet controlled by a hostile empire is ear-grating, sudden, and can be unnerving to a young player.
  • In Galactic Adventures, if the temperature of the planet is turned up high enough, the oceans will be replaced by molten lava. And, of course, touching the lava in any way can be fatal for the player, or an NPC. A certain death animation for the Non Player Characters (and the player, too, but it is obscured by the "fail" page) may happen where they sink into the molten rock, hideously screaming as they burn. This would be bad enough, but there is a glitch that makes it worse. If there is a surface under the lava, the creature will sink, and their legs bend oddly, the kneecaps high in the air, the legs just above the lava, the rest of the body in a morbid position that looks as if it's been forcibly crushed. The glitch reaches its peak, because after several seconds, the NPC will without warning reappear, and the death animation will repeat, making them DIE TWICE.


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