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Just because Spooky wants to scare you doesn't mean her mansion is all doom and gloom. Even she has a good sense of humor.

  • In the beginning of the game, Specimen 1 (cute cardboard cut-outs) instances might get a chuckle out of players after the build up... at least, until Specimen 2 arrives.
    • Endless mode dials it up, with some being rather random, like a bar of soap, a cake, a doughnut, a show, an unamused bucket, pudding, a to do list, and many more.
    • Even the Expy-based ones are rather funny, like the Scream with a cartoonishly small face, a chibi Alien, and an anime version of Jeff the Killer that's blushing.
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  • Spooky's "reward" for beating 250 floors is a box with a note saying "look behind you". What happens if you do? Instead of a monster killing you, you get a CRAP ton of Specimen 1's popping up at once. Considering how she trolls you in later "rewards", this one's actually pretty funny.
  • The image for the December update, of Spooky smiling over the corpse of Santa Claus, is a little disturbing. But it becomes a bit of Black Comedy when you notice that he was killed by Specimen 1.
  • One of the Apocalyptic Logs has a Genre Savvy character with Medium Awareness; hoping that they are the protagonist of the game and not a doomed side character leaving exposition behind. Of course, the notes stop when they realize that they are such a character.
  • Spooky leaving the GL Lab scientists to die at the hands of Specimen 3? Pretty morbid. The note making mention that she ignores them by laughing and then floating into the ceiling? Hysterical.
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  • The driving minigame. While the other minigames features Spooky bloodily killing others, the driving minigame is a pretty humorous parody of racing games where you drive a purple armored vehicle ramming other vehicles while awesome music plays.
  • One of the endings where after defeating the Final Boss, some debris from the ceiling fall and anti-climatically kill the player, turning them into a ghost. However Spooky reveals that this was all a part of her plan and dramatically reveals that she used the house to create an army of ghosts so that she would be taken seriously. A line pops even saying that of course the game wouldn't end seriously (the other ending has the same message, although it is much less funny).
  • What happens when you complete all 1000 rooms. You find yourself outside, and it's utterly gorgeous. Then the music skips, an error message pops up in the sky, and Spooky flies in with a disappointed face to "congratulate" you. She then blatantly pushes you towards fighting Specimen 9, saying it's a final test "of dedication, or fortitude, or something".
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  • In Karamari Hospital, Spooky doesn't even bother trying to explain why there are new rooms, being just as lost as the player is and immediately leaving.
  • A sign in one of the hospital's rooms says "Joint Pain?" Be afraid, it causes cancer. Being afraid, that is."
  • The end of the credits for the Karamari Hospital DLC: In memory of Konami. Especially if one happens to be a fan of Silent Hill and are still sore about the cancellation of Silent Hills.
  • As creepy as "Ghost Cow" looks, he also can look kind of... derpy.
  • One of the monsters for Karamari hospital is a ghost woman nicknamed "Bekka". She looks creepy, sure, and her chase music has a strangely familiar tempo. And when you die to her, she displays the message "Don't get up before Saturday". That's when you realize why this seemingly creepy ghost is actually pretty funny: It's all a huge reference to Rebecca Black and her infamous "Friday" song.
  • In a meta sense, the creators' reaction to having to change their name? Changing the logo so the new name is literally taped over the old one.
  • The July 4 update added a few more sets of notes, revealing that the Romantic Victim is still around! As a ghost. And he doesn't realize it. Spooky has to take his pen away before he gets the message that he has a job in the ghost army.
  • The random chance of the game's title being changed to "Spooker's Homecooked BBQ" on the main menu.
  • Unknown Specimen 2 (Otto the Otter) might be a Take That! towards the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom asking the creators to add a animatronic specimen. They did, but they made him the weakest out of the bunch of new specimens. Not to mention that his speed is as fast as a crawl and his animation has him waddling towards you, his death screen is a Stylistic Suck version of the Five Nights at Freddy's jumpscares and it doesn't even get a Leitmotif.
  • How does the game punish you for cheating in Endless Mode by editing the save file? By treating you to this video.
  • The death screens for the barbed wire and furnace in The Dollhouse call the player a fool.
  • The game over quotes in The Dollhouse tend to be a lot funnier than in the main game. Some examples include "You ain't winnin, son" and "Your soul OwOs in agony"
  • While the escape sequence in The Dollhouse is tense the fact that Spooper in inexplicably standing in front of the tram that is required to escape is a bit of a humorous surprise.
  • For the Golden Ending, one of the steps requires you to summon one of the previous specimens and guide it into the hellgate using a game console. The console describes Specimen 11 as "100% Beef".

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