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Funny / SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

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  • The pirates in the final level, who seem way too obsessed with their "booty" (treasure).
    • The first pirate.
      Pirate: Avast, matey. Who goes there? Be you here to steal my booty?
      SpongeBob: Oh, believe me, I have no interest in touching your booty. I just want to find my friends and get them home.
      (when you give him the booty)
      Pirate: Now that was one loaded booty sack!
    • The second pirate, who turns out to be the owner of the booty given to the previous one.
      Pirate: Hold it right there, you thieving little scallop! Aren't you the one who's been digging around my booty sack?
      SpongeBob: Oh do you mean the booty stuffed in the crack of your ship? Um, no. I don't know anything about that.
      Pirate: It was probably the Dutchman again. His booty is bigger than anyone's, but he still comes out here to get his hands on even more. He just can't get enough booty!
      SpongeBob: Will you let me use your cannon if I bring some fresh booty?
      (when you give him the booty)
      Pirate: That sack was so big, I could barely get my hands around all that booty!
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    • And then the third pirate. You'll be sensing a pattern by this point.
      Pirate: None shall pass, especially booty thieves!
      SpongeBob: No booty thieves here. Just us pirates. Arhh!
      Pirate: I could've sworn I saw someone who looked like you just before my booty was pinched. I used to love warming my booty in this place, but now I have no booty at all.
      SpongeBob: So if I understand this correctly, you wouldn't turn down some new booty, even if it came wrapped in dirty, old canvas?
      Pirate: Are you kidding me? Everyone wants more booty, no matter what package it comes in. And I'd much rather by playing with my booty than guarding this old cannon.
      (when you give him the booty)
      Pirate: Wow, where did you get this? You must really know where to find the best booty.
    • By the final pirate, SpongeBob's clearly gotten fed up with this.
      SpongeBob: Let me guess. You lost some booty. You want some more booty. (groans)
      Pirate: Gee, uh. How did you know?
      SpongeBob: That's the way it is with you pirates. Booty this, booty that! Just stand aside and let me get you some more so you'll let me use your cannon, okay?
      Pirate: Er... okay. I'll just wait for you here.

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