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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
You don't look so good, Mr. Patrick.

216A - Cave Dwelling Sponge

  • The cave-sponge at one point uses his club to hit a fish in the butt, causing it to become red and swollen.
  • SpongeBob and the cave-sponge dancing atop city hall after being handed top hats and canes by the police.
  • This exchange:
    SpongeBob: Good Morning, Squidward!
    Squidward: It was.
  • Perch Perkins was pretty funny in this episode as a whole, but this final lines stand out especially:
    Perch Perkins: And everything went back to normal. If only until next episode...
  • This exchange:
    SpongeBob: Patrick, are you enjoying our early morning nature hike?
    Patrick: It's cutting into my early morning nature nap.


216B - The Clam Whisperer

217A - Spot Returns

  • Karen shutting down and needing to reboot after gushing over how adorable Spot's puppies are.
  • In this episode, Patrick is Mr. Krabs' guard dog.
  • Plankton's approach to giving people amoeba puppies.
  • Plankton's puppies for his plan include Acrobat Puppy, Twin Puppies, Demolitions Puppy, and Comic Relief Puppy. While the other puppies steal the formula, Comic Relief Puppy hits himself in the face with a pie and squirts water at SpongeBob with a squirting flower.


217B - The Check-Up

  • The nurse's comment on SpongeBob:
    Nurse: You seen fine... Physically, at least.
  • Many SpongeBob and Squidward interactions in this episode are pretty darn funny:
    SpongeBob: Wow! Imagine if it was this easy to get your boating license!
    Squidward: The world shudders at the thought.
  • Squidward being told to give an ink sample and him treating it as a urine test. He even asks the nurse for privacy.
  • "We had to give you your physical without you knowing, or the Krusty Krab would've been shut down, and I'd have to get a real job!"
  • Over the course of this episode, Mr. Krabs completely freaks out over getting a checkup... completely blind towards the fact that the nurse doesn't intend to hurt him at all.
  • Later on in the episode, he successfully gets the Krusty Krab to pass inspection via having Larry the Lobster fill in for him.
    Larry: My name is Mr. Krabs, and I love money! Ark-ark-ark-ark!

218A - Spin the Bottle

  • Plankton, after being spun around in SpongeBob's bottle twice already, slowly slides out of the bottle when he gets to Mr. Krab's wish with a goofy expression on his face. Then he suddenly shoots up and starts singing.
    Plankton: Al—Alakazoom! Your swish is my com—my com— [claps his hands] My wishy wishy wishy wish fish! [blows raspberry and tosses sparkles]
  • Patrick wanting to play the "real" spin the bottle game.
    SpongeBob: So the rules are whichever one the bottle points to...
    Patrick: ...has to kiss!
  • In the end, it turns out that the bottle Plankton used in his genie plan belonged to an actual genie, who is less than thrilled about what Plankton did to his bottle and dishes out punishment toward him, Squidward, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs by stuffing them all inside a ketchup bottle.

218B - There's a Sponge in My Soup

  • The entire plot takes a step into absurdity, as a group of hippies end up moving into the Krusty Krab's soup vat. While ridiculous, the characters and humor made from this absurd situation really help the episode stand out.
    Crystal Dave: Make soup, not war.
  • One of the ingredients for the Krabby Soup is smashed potatoes that look like Squidward.
  • SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs try to attract the hippies with a drum circle. While initially it starts working, they end up hurting their hands from drumming too long, causing SpongeBob to place a drumming sea monkey toy in their place. The hippies leave, thinking that "drum machines ain't cool."
  • One of the hippies comes out of a fish's soup and kisses him. A fish next to him says, "Obviously you love your soup more than you love ME!"
  • After SpongeBob's potatoes are eaten by a hippie:
    SpongeBob: Guess I bought the disappearing kind of potatoes.
  • SpongeBob himself becomes a hippie.
  • At the end of the episode, the hippies move into Squidward's bathtub.

219A - Man Ray Returns

  • Immediately after SpongeBob and Patrick decide to take matters into their hands after seeing that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are frozen, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's eyes widen in terror.
  • After seeing that Mermaid Man is frozen, Patrick is very excited over his "Mermaid Man ice pop."
  • Man Ray almost calls the police when he hears SpongeBob and Patrick making a mess of the place, but stops when he remembers that he is a villain.
  • This... Just, this:
    SpongeBob: Here's your unmentionables...
    Patrick: I won't mention this bra.

219B - Larry the Floor Manager

  • Bubble Bass holding up a line because he feels the need to specify his preference for every single detail of the Krabby Patty he wants to eat.
  • This piece of dialogue:
    Squidward: Go on without me... Oh, wait, don't.
  • Mr. Krabs' Imagine Spot of the Krusty Krab being burned down after only leaving Squidward and SpongeBob to run things in his absence.
  • The big action scene in the end, which is both awesome and funny.
    SpongeBob: Give into the flavor, Larry!
    Larry: Never!

220 - The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom

  • Patrick tries to assure SpongeBob not to freak out on Halloween by telling him of an old saying. However, he misremembers the saying as "You have nothing to fear but yourself" and then screams after seeing his own reflection in a mirror he holds up.
  • "WHO DARES LAUGH AT ALL HALLOW'S EVE?!?! I'm going to find out."
  • The trick-or-treaters egging Mr. Krabs and Squidward's lifeless bodies after the Flying Dutchman takes their souls.
  • SpongeBob's skin and skeleton talking to each other.
  • Doubling as an Awesome Moment, SpongeBob scaring the Flying Dutchman with the Sugar Bowl inside his mind and a manifestation of himself as a giant naked baby.
  • Plankton being mistaken for candy and chewed up by a trick-or-treater.

221A - No Pictures Please

  • When Squidward sees the tourist and Patrick in his bathroom, he gets so mad that his entire body turns red, then proceeds to toss both of them from opposite sides of the window for taking pictures of him with taking a shower, then opens the door and slams it shut in a fit of rage. Then he proceeds to do the same to the face of his house, and lastly, the flower in the sky.
  • SpongeBob notices he is late for work, and runs over what seems like the outlines of Patrick and the tourist. When the two move, it is revealed there are mountains shaped exactly like their heads off in the distance.
  • Patrick shows the tourist a fish who "called him a bad word once."
    Fish: You were tryin' to eat my mailbox!
    Patrick: I thought it was meatloaf!
    • When Patrick is thrown out of the house, there's a bite mark on the mailbox. The mailbox later appears as a Brick Joke in SpongeBob's refrigerator.
  • This exchange:
    Squidward: They got pictures of me naked!
    Mr. Krabs (as he walks by): No one wants to see your moles.
  • When the tour guide bus drives around, the guide says, "If you will look on to your left... You miss everything on your right."

221B - Stuck on the Roof

  • SpongeBob notices Squidward is lonely, and decides to shine a shadow puppet on him to give him company. It turns out, the shadow puppet can physically interact with Squidward. Then SpongeBob gets a hand cramp...
  • SpongeBob, too afraid to get off the Krusty Krab's roof, eventually builds an entire rooftop diner. However, when it rains, he decides to turn it into an entire second Krusty Krab, stacked on the first.
  • Mr. Krabs referring to SpongeBob's inabilty to get off the roof: "...You know, boy-o, at first I just thought you were being a lily-livered, spineless, crybaby, scardey-pants, invertebrate loser..."
  • When it starts raining, one fish asks, "Rain? But we're under—"

222A - Krabby Patty Creature Feature

  • The Overly Long Gag of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs laughing while making weird and distorted faces.
  • The two hipster fish who pressure Mr. Krabs into making a new version of the Krabby Patty.
  • Bubble Bass assuming the Krabby Patty zombies are part of some kind of publicity stunt for the Krusty Krab.
  • SpongeBob hides in a dumpster, hoping that he'll be able to be safe when everything blows over. "Moments Later..." the entire town is in flames.
  • Patrick eating the new Krabby Patty he just vomited and becoming a Krabby Patty zombie again immediately after SpongeBob cures him by feeding him chum.

222B - Teacher's Pests

  • The traffic officer slipping into Angrish after seeing the destruction Krabs and Plankton have caused in traffic.
  • SpongeBob being in the instructional video Mrs. Puff shows to Mr. Krabs and Plankton.
    • And subsequently bursting out of the video to enter the classroom.
  • Mr. Krabs and Plankton initially dismiss the star sticker rewards as childish, but they quickly become enamored with how shiny the stickers look and attempt to outdo each other in giving Mrs. Puff fruit, which eventually results in Mrs. Puff hitting them with an apple tree.

223A - Sanitation Insanity

  • The trash inspectors are hilariously over-the-top.
  • The creepy doll SpongeBob finds:
    Creepy doll: I wanna get good grades.
    Squidward: Well, you should stop say "wanna", then.
    Creepy doll: ...I wanna destroy you.
  • Towards the end of the episode, out of nowhere it transforms into an anime mecha fight between Squidward and Patrick, Patrick trying to keep his garbage and Squidward trying to collect it.

223B - Bunny Hunt

  • Bunny Wunny plays a background music track on his ukulele.

224A - Squid Noir

  • Bubble Bass eagerly showing off an action figure of a suburban dad to other nerds at a comic store.
  • This exchange of dialogue:
    Squidward: I don't have friends, I have suspects.
    SpongeBob: Oh, Squidward, don't you know a suspect is only a friend you haven't cleared of charges yet?
  • SpongeBob is eager to be the Bad Cop in a "Good Cop, Bad Cop" scenario. Instead, unsure how to be mean, Squidward and SpongeBob both end up being the good cop and pamper Mr. Krabs in the process.
  • SpongeBob and Bubble Bass fighting with action figures to see if he knows anything about the location of Squidward's lost clarinet.
    Squidward: It was a real knockdown, drag-out fight. Or it would've been if it hadn't been just two sad adults playing with toys.
  • Squidward's description of SpongeBob:
    Squidward: When it comes to paying the stupid bill, SpongeBob always tipped 20%.

224B - Scavenger Pants

  • When Patrick knocks a bust of Squidward into the air, Squidward catches it in time... and his head shatters instead.
  • The return of SpongeBob and Patrick's shocked faces.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick are heading into the Mariana trench, so SpongeBob ties a rope to a rock to start his way down. He asks for more rope, and Patrick provides some, noting he got it off of a nearby rock.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick row a boat upside-down in Loch Ness.
  • Squidward sends SpongeBob and Patrick to find the "desert sandwich." They return with a desert sand witch, who does make a sandwich, which promptly bites Squidward on the nose.
  • Squidward tries to keep SpongeBob and Patrick away by having them search for an imaginary "lost brother" of his. Eventually, they find his mother, who reveals Squidward is an only child, so SpongeBob and Patrick let themselves get adopted by his mother so they can win the scavenger hunt.

225A - Cuddle E. Hugs

  • SpongeBob feeding his hallucination causing rotten Krabby Patty to the other citizens, resulting in them being able to see Cuddle E. Hugs... and getting eaten by him. When Squidward sees the mayhem, he quickly exits the Krusty Krab.
  • Cuddle revealing why he ate everyone. The Mysterious Middle Initial in his name E? It stands for "Eat".
  • The ending. SpongeBob throws the last piece of rotten Krabby Patty into Cuddle E.'s mouth, and he turns into a live-action hamster trapped in a cage in a child's room full of SpongeBob merchandise.
    Cuddle E.: ...What? Aw, pellets...

225B - Pat the Horse

  • Squidward insulting Patrick.
    Squidward: What the? (laughs upon seeing Patrick) So Patrick's a horse now? (laughs again) Your phony-baloney pony's more like an old grey mare! Pffft. Sorry to say, but, uh, this one's ready for the glue factory!
  • Which is then followed by Squidward making the mistake of slapping Patrick in the rear, which leads to him getting kicked so far he actually bumps into Mr. Krabs on the opposite side of the screen.
  • Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to eat his dust in the middle of a race. SpongeBob gladly stops, takes out a fork and knife and gets to eating.

226A - Chatterbox Gary

  • The fact that Gary's translator voice is Keith David of all people is good for a laugh.
  • SpongeBob getting his package sent to him through a time warp as the fastest available option.
    Saleswoman: Very well. Your package was delivered last Thursday.
  • This exchange:
    Squidward: Why would you want to talk to him?
    SpongeBob: Who wouldn't want to talk to their pet?
    Squidward: I was talking to Gary.
  • Gary insults SpongeBob's art. When Squidward gets mad, SpongeBob says, "Don't worry, Squidward, I'm taking notes for you!"
  • Some of Gary's wishes... are a bit scary:
    Gary: Mostly, I dream of flying above it all...
    SpongeBob: Aww, that's sweet!
    Gary: While I breathe fiery destruction upon my enemies.
    SpongeBob: Well, if you gonna dream, dream big, right?..

226B - Don't Feed the Clowns

227A - Drive Happy

227B - Old Man Patrick

  • SpongeBob gets Patrick to recognize him by singing the theme song.
    SpongeBob: Patrick, it's me. Remember? Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
    Patrick: I don't know... a wizard?
    SpongeBob: Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
    Patrick: SpongeBob SquarePants!
  • SpongeBob trying to remind Patrick how much fun it is to build cushion forts, only for Patrick to put himself in a cushion coffin.
    SpongeBob: Remember when we used to look forward to rainy days and building cushion forts?
    Patrick: These days, I only look forward to my final exit. (closes cushion coffin)
    Old Lady: Oh, he was too young.
    Patrick: No, I wasn't!

228A - Fun-Sized Friends

  • This piece of dialogue:
    SpongeBob: Our world is just too big for them. Oh, I have an idea.
    Patrick: Oh, I hope it's not another one of your crazy plans to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.
    SpongeBob: You're thinking of Plankton, Patrick.
    Patrick: Oh, yeah!

228B - Grandmum's the Word

  • Plankton's grandmother develops a crush on Squidward and imagines him being her slave. There's also this bit of dialogue:
    Squidward: (to Lily Plankton) All right, lady, I don't normally say this, but get off my nose.
    Plankton: [quietly] Go along with it, Squidward.
    Mr. Krabs: [quietly] Or you're fired.
    Squidward: (sighs) So, Grandma Plankton, where have you been all my life?
  • After Plankton's grandma gets away:
    Plankton: Why? Why did I lie?
    SpongeBob: Why? Why did I pretend?
    Mr. Krabs: Why? Why did I give her my formula?
    Squidward: (on the phone) Why? Why wouldn't we be open on Tuesday? Idiot!

229A - Doodle Dimension

229B - Moving Bubble Bass

  • When Patrick learns Bubble Bass ate the food he had originally offered SpongeBob and Patrick in exchange for helping him move, Patrick angrily stomps up to Bubble Bass and warns him "If my friend SpongeBob doesn't get his free lunch, things are gonna get CRAZY!". This is accompanied by a close-up of Pat's face, which is animated in Synchro-Vox. Bubble Bass is so shocked and frightened by this outburst he briefly melts.

230A - High Sea Diving

  • A married couple shows up to their home, but it turns out, the groom was only able to afford the front door, with nothing else.
  • When SpongeBob and Old Man Jenkins are battling on the trash heap, Old Man Jenkins claims he's actually King Neptune. SpongeBob plays along, saying he's Poseidon.
  • When the Bikini Bottomites stop noticing trash falling from above, they believe it's because Neptune has betrayed them, and one of them tries to hold a public execution for another.

230B - Bottle Burglars

231A - My Leg!

  • The episode takes the Running Gag of Fred and his "My leg!" scream Up to Eleven. So much that EVERYONE screams "MY LEG!", "HIS LEG!" and any other variation about it. And the one time "MY LEG!" isn't screamed...
    Patrick: I think I hurt my leg...
    Fred and SpongeBob: Your what?
    Patrick: MY LEG!!
    • The montage of Fred's leg breaking. Highlights include him seeing his leg on TV (complete with him screaming in confusion) and his leg shattering after a leaf falls onto it. Oh, and it starts off with a shot remake of "Boating School".
  • Fred is warned that if he breaks his leg one more time, it'll have to be replaced with a robot leg, which Fred of course, finds awesome. The doctor, explains that while perhaps cool for him, it is actually the severed leg of a distressed robot, who doesn't want it taken away.
  • SpongeBob tries to protect Fred's leg however he can, following him to the factory, only to learn his job is shoving logs of wood into a buzzsaw with his legs.
  • Fred is at therapy, with a doctor who claims he can find inner peace by walking over hot coals while repeating the mantra "my feet are cold." SpongeBob tries to protect him, only to be overwhelmed by heat himself, knocking the therapist into the hot coals causing him to shrivel up. The word "TRANSCENDENCE" is created by his ashes.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick act as Fred's bodyguards. Patrick knocks Bubble Bass into a building, SpongeBob picks up and throws an old woman, and when a girl scout tries to sell them cookies, Patrick takes them, causing her to get angry and beat him up.

231B - Ink Lemonade

232A - Mustard O' Mine

  • SpongeBob flings himself into a mine shaft to find out how deep it is, screaming all the way. He comes back from behind, screaming all the way, just to tell Squidward and Patrick that the pit has no bottom, and they should just take the escalator instead.
  • The simple facts that condiments can be mined underground like minerals.
  • On the escalator, the group passes coal miners, sulfur miners, and unaccompanied minors. (cue Rimshot)
  • Patrick is disappointed at only finding "dumb ol' diamonds."

232B - Shopping List

233A - Whale Watching

  • Squidward is horrified that Pearl doesn't color inside the lines.
  • SpongeBob does nothing but make weird faces and laugh for the entire episode.
  • Pearl makes a gravestone labeled "R.I.P. Squidward" out of papier-mâché.
  • When Squidward tries to chase down Pearl and Dylan, he runs to his bike... And then casually pumps air into it, puts on his elbow and kneepads and even takes the time to adjust the straps on his helmet before taking off after them.

233B - Krusty Kleaners

234A - Patnocchio

  • Pretty much the entire episode, as it's pretty much one giant parody of Pinocchio.
  • Karen, as the "Computer Fairy," narrating the beginning and end of the episode.
  • Plankton tells a lie, and his Pinocchio Nose grows. Patrick wants one, so he tries to tell a lie.
    Patrick: Uh, I ate a hot air balloon for breakfast! (Beat) I mean, um, I did not eat a hot air balloon for breakfast. [his nose grows]
  • The Gush and Flush sequence, which is a parody of Product Placement.
  • Characters playing air guitar.
  • Patrick (as "Patnocchio") and Plankton (disguised and pretending to be Patrick's conscience) meet Geppetto and the real Pinocchio inside Pearl's stomach.
    • When the four get blown out of Pearl's blowhole, Geppetto and Pinocchio celebrate their freedom, only to almost immediately get eaten by a giant clam.
  • At the end of the episode, just before Plankton can get away with the Krabby Patty, Patrick's real conscience shows up, having overslept, and comes to the conclusion that Plankton must be a bug, prompting Patrick to repeatedly stomp on Plankton. All the while, Karen is ending the story while Plankton is screaming for help.

234B - ChefBob

  • After Mr. Krabs manages to get SpongeBob out of hiding in the closet:
    Mr. Krabs: Break a leg! Break two legs!
    Fred: MY LEG!
    Mr. Krabs: Shut up, Fred!
  • Pretty much ChefBob's sassy attitude in general.
    ChefBob: Get a load of him, folks! He must've been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen!
  • How is ChefBob defeated? Mr. Krabs gets out a puppet of himself and fires ChefBob.
    • Squidward then takes out a puppet of himself to kick out ChefBob.
  • The ending. Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Spongebob are horrified that ChefBob is alive!

235A - Plankton Paranoia

  • Mr. Krabs' increasingly outlandish behavior.Special mention goes to what happens when he thinks his own customers were helping Plankton, topped off with him throwing them out of the Krusty Krab, with the Krusty Krab sign shouting "YOU'RE ALL BAAANNED!!!!!"
  • The group pretends Plankton kidnapped Squidward in order to lure Mr. Krabs in the restaurant. It works, but no one ever unties Squidward, who attempts to eat a Krabby Patty while bound and gagged. He later bounces out of the Chum Bucket after everyone else.

235B - Library Cards

236A - Call the Cops

  • SpongeBob threatens to shoot someone... a dirty look.
  • The police station has a closet full of donuts.

236B - Surf N' Turf

  • Mr. Krabs destroying Sandy's bottles, telling her to try again.
  • SpongeBob gives the secret formula bottle to Sandy. He then realizes that he threw away the formula, so he gets on a plane and flies to Plankton's lair, then takes it from him and returns to Sandy's treedome.

237 - Goons on the Moon

  • Squidward ending up in the studio working on the show where he meets his voice actor. Their reaction upon seeing each other is priceless!
    • Even better, Bumpass screams in his Squidward voice upon seeing Squidward's head sticking out of the hole in the middle of his storyboard.
  • Sandy accidentally hits the "lunch" button instead of "launch."
  • SpongeBob turning into the moon at the end of the episode.

238A - Appointment TV

  • There's a funny Freeze-Frame Bonus when SpongeBob looks at his VHS tapes: one is "Mr. Krab's [sic] Birthday Party," and the one below it is "Plankton Ruins Mr. Krab's [sic] B-day."

238B - Karen's Virus

  • Karen, while under the influence of a virus and acting like a drunk, starts hitting on the cash register.
    Karen: Hello there, baby! Where've you been all of my life?
    Mr. Krabs: (Screams, then snatches the register out of Karen's hands) Please don't break up our happy home. I forgive you, baby. (kisses the cash register, heads into his offices and closes his door)
    • Plankton's reaction following that whole debacle...

239A - The Grill is Gone

239B - The Night Patty

240A - Bubbletown

  • The Dirty Bubble can be seen escaping the prison.
  • This episode has a lot of Black Comedy. SpongeBob ends up destroying the entire town and injuring its citizens.
  • In the aftermath of SpongeBob destroying Bubbletown, a bubble with Fred's voice is missing his legs and yells "My bubble legs!".

240B - Girls' Night Out

  • While Sandy calls Mrs. Puff, SpongeBob keeps saying, "Tell her I said 'hi!'"
  • Karen's Mr. Krabs impression:
    Karen: Plank-ter-ren, me old nemesis-ser! I've got good news-erer! I'm leaving town and going back into the navery, so I'm giving you me secret formuler-er-rer!
  • Mrs. Puff gives SpongeBob a playing card, which he believes is his driver's license.

241A - Squirrel Jelly

241B - The String

  • SpongeBob pulls off the letters of the Krusty Krab. A cab driver then asks, "Someone order a Rusty Cab?"
  • The Running Gag of SpongeBob unraveling Squidward's clothes. It goes from his normal shirt to a new shirt to a sweater to a suit of armor. All of them get unraveled.
  • How does the episode end? SpongeBob unravels the entire universe and finds the end of the string. Patrick appears out of nowhere and unravels SpongeBob.

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