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Well, he was "spoiling" himself, until this happened.

61A - Fear of a Krabby Patty

  • Krabs hangs the sign detailing the Krusty Krab's new hours in the front window, but then sees that the Chum Bucket is now open 23 hours a day:
    Mr. Krabs: What the-? The Chum Bucket, open 23 hours!? So that little piece of flotsam Plankton thinks he can stay open longer than me, does he? (a fish customer walks up as Krabs says this)
    Fish: (not really listening) Sure, I don't know. Why not.
    Mr. Krabs: Well, he's wrong!
    Fish: (still not really listening) Oh, okay. Sure. (walks off)
  • The Tiredness Montage. We see a view of the ocean island, changing between night and day as images of Mr. Krabs announcing the day, Plankton scheming, and SpongeBob working. However, during it, an image of confused Old Man Jenkins floats by randomly, saying "Wait, what's going on? Whoa, whoa!"
  • SpongeBob's face after being overworked is absolutely priceless, as is the scene that follows in which he hallucinates Mr. Krabs as a giant talking Krabby Patty.
    SpongeBob: (after Mr. Krabs slaps him out of his overwork-induced spasms) Oh, hey, Mr. Krabs, when did you get in here?
    Krabs: Boy, I'm worried that- (turns into a giant Krabby Patty and speaks in unintelligible gibberish, then turns back to normal) Got it?
    SpongeBob: (rubs his eyes in confusion) Uh, I'm sorry, Mr. Krabs. Uh, could you run that by me again?
    Krabs: Sure. I said I'm worried that- (turns into a giant Krabby Patty again and speaks in unintelligible gibberish, then turns back to normal)
    SpongeBob: (calmly) That's what I thought you said. Now let me offer this as a rebuttal: AAAHHHHHHHH!! (runs off in a panic)
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  • "I told you that shirt was hideous!"
  • This exchange:
    Krabs: I think maybe you should see a professional.
    SpongeBob: Wrestler?
  • Plankton tries to find out the secret formula by pretending to cure SpongeBob's insomnia-induced fear of Krabby Patties. He starts by telling SpongeBob to close his eyes:
    Plankton: Now, tell me what you see.
    SpongeBob: I see... giant Krabby Patties!
    Plankton: Good! (produces microcassette recorder) And what are they made of? (presses "Record")
    SpongeBob: (shuddering) HATRED!
    Plankton: No, I mean ingredients, what are the stinkin' ingredients!?
    SpongeBob: They're coming for me! No! NO! NOOOO!! Stay - back! (reaches out of frame and grabs a grand piano)
    Plankton: Wait, where'd you get that piano?... (SpongeBob smashes the piano over Plankton)
  • Plankton's next scheme is a word association test... but SpongeBob doesn't quite understand the premise of the test.
    Plankton: We're trying something else. I'm going to say a word, and I want you to say the first word that pops into your head. Ready?
    SpongeBob: I'm ready!
    Plankton: Work.
    SpongeBob: Work.
    Plankton: (frowns) Spatula.
    SpongeBob: Spatula.
    Plankton: (scowls) Bun.
    SpongeBob: Bun.
    Plankton: See, the key is to say something different than what I say.
    SpongeBob: Ohhh, okay, I got it. (gives "OK" sign)
    Plankton: Potato.
    SpongeBob: Po-tah-to.
    Plankton: Tomato.
    SpongeBob: To-mah-to. (Plankton sighs)
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  • Next, Plankton spreads a set of cards with common kitchen ingredients on the floor and tries to goad SpongeBob into picking out the ones in the secret formula. Instead, SpongeBob arranges the cards into the shape of a (three-dimensional) grand piano, which promptly flips over and crushes Plankton.
  • Later, Plankton attempts to use hypnosis to get SpongeBob to tell him the Krabby Patty secret formula. Unfortunately (for him), he can't get SpongeBob to wake up, even after shouting and using cymbals, trumpets, and drums. Plankton runs himself dry, and asks, "What else is loud and obnoxious?" He then pulls out a cell phone with the ring tone playing.
  • The giant Krabby Patty visits SpongeBob in his hypnosis-induced dream:
    Giant Krabby Patty: Hey SpongeBob, I heard your brain was sick, so I brought you this cookie pizza. (hands SpongeBob a giant cookie)
    SpongeBob: Gee... thanks!
    Giant Krabby Patty: And here's some chocolate milk. (hands SpongeBob a glass of chocolate milk)
    SpongeBob: The king of flavored dairy drinks! (drains the glass, then tosses it aside)

61B - Shell of a Man

  • "You're alive! And...naked."

62A - The Lost Mattress

  • The Running Gag of Mr. Krabs being relocated to far less comfortable locations. (From the hospital room to the hallway, then just outside the hospital, and finally pushed down to hill to where his mattress is thrown out.)
  • Squidward's plan to retrieve the mattress:
    Squidward: (to SpongeBob and Patrick) You two sneak in there, remove the mattress from underneath the guard worm, without waking the worm.
    Patrick: Why not?
    SpongeBob: Because that would be rude, Patrick.

62B - Krabs vs. Plankton

  • Plankton's opening statement to the court about his accident at the Krusty Krab:
    Plankton: But the worst part of it is, my dreams of completing a marathon like I promised my old Grammy have been dashed. (he cries) I'm...I'm sorry, Gram-Gram! Sorry. (the jury cries, too) Thank you for your kind attention. (under his breath) Suckers.
    Judge Stickleback: (trying not to cry) Does the defense have an opening statement?
    SpongeBob: Yes, Your Honor. (sobs) Poor Gram-Gram!
  • Squidward on the witness stand:
    Mr. Krabs: Ahh, Squidward, a loyal employee.
    SpongeBob: Mr., uhh, Squidward, is it? My client has been called cheap. Would you agree with the ludicrous statement?
    Squidward: Yes.
    Mr. Krabs: WHAT?!
    SpongeBob: Allow me to rephrase the question: Can you tell the court of some instance of Mr. Krabs' generosity in any way?
    Squidward: No. Can I go now? One day off in three years, and I have to spend it testifying?
  • SpongeBob attempting to cross-examine the mop he was using earlier that caused the accident in the first place:
    SpongeBob: So it was you who made the floor slippery, wasn't it? (it doesn't speak; it only drips water) Answer the question! Need I remind you that you, sir, are under oath?

63 - Have You Seen This Snail?

  • The Dirty Bubble becoming a paddleball champion, which is odd, considering he's a bubble. (Though there is a picture of him actually holding a paddleball and playing it, strange as it sounds.)
  • While SpongeBob and Patrick were looking for Gary:
    Squidward: (taking a bath) What are those neanderthals up to? Don't they know that I'm busy spoiling myself? (SpongeBob and Patrick barge in his bathroom) AAAHHH!!! AAAHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!! (pants)
  • While "Gary's Song" may be incredibly sad, it did give us this scene:
    Patrick: (SpongeBob is sky-writing "Gary, come home!") I want peanuts. (Presses a button)
    SpongeBob: PAT, NO! (both scream as the plane flies out of control, erasing the message and creating one that says "Lisa, will you marry me?" as a fish couple sees the message)
    Girlfriend/Wife: Who is this "Lisa" person?
    Boyfriend/Husband: What? (Girlfriend/Wife slaps him)
  • While Patrick is comforting SpongeBob after failing to find Gary:
    Patrick: (Patrick is comforting SpongeBob) Just let it all out buddy, that's it.
    SpongeBob: I can't cry anymore, Patrick. When Gary left, he took all my tears with him.
    Patrick: Did you just say "Gary"? SpongeBob, I just remembered! Earlier today at the craft store, I SAW...these huge chunks of balsa wood, they were awesome!
    SpongeBob: Gary loved balsa wood! (starts crying)

64A - Skill Crane

  • Squidward doesn't want to try Skill Crane at first before Krabs coaxes him into the first free try.
    Mr. Krabs: (holding out a quarter) C'mon, Squidward. You know you want to.
    Squidward: (sighs) Okay, if you insist. (accepts coin, pockets it and walks away) Thanks.
    Mr. Krabs: (angry) Squidward! In the machine!
    Squidward: All right, all right.
  • When Mr. Krabs empties the coin bin containing all the quarters Squidward spent on the Skill Crane, he finds that Squidward paid it using the deed to his own house at one point.

64B - Good Neighbors

  • Squidward blowing up at SpongeBob and Patrick.
    Squidward: (opens the door) Alright, you two! OUT! (SpongeBob and Patrick slowly walk out) And don't even think about dragging your empty skulls around here for the rest of the day! Or tomorrow! Or next week!
    SpongeBob: Squidward, does that include—
    Squidward: YES, IT DOES! (slams door)
    SpongeBob: Gee, Patrick, do you think Squidward was trying to tell us something?
    Squidward: (literally bursts his head through door) YES, I WAS! You call yourselves good neighbors?! You're the worst neighbors ever! (deep breath) You don't deserve to wear those fezzes! (takes SpongeBob's and Patrick's fezzes off, flings them onto the ground and stomps on them)
    SpongeBob: Gee, Pat, maybe President Squidward's right.
    Patrick: Yeah, I guess we're not good neighbors after all.

65A - Selling Out

  • Mr. Krabs gets so bored with his retirement that he goes out to play golf. Then he stops in the middle of the game, saying to himself "Wait a minute...I hate golf!"

66 - Dunces and Dragons

  • SpongeBob reminds the Renaissance Faire guard why he hates his job:
    Guard: Right this way.
    SpongeBob: Excuse me, my good man, but I believe thou meant to say, "Righteth this way-eth!" (giggles)
    Guard: (holds his spear up to his throat, gulps, and then puts it down) Someday, but not today.
  • This small dialogue:
    SpongeBob: (to Medieval Sandy) I must fulfill the prophecy while you untie Patrick and the royal doofus!
    Squidly: That be royal fool.
  • Also Squidly cursing his great, great grandson. Take a guess who that grandson is.
  • Squidly singing a song that mocks the king.
    Squidly: You are bad, you are to blame, so hang your kingly head in shame!
    SpongeBob and Patrick: The king is bad, the king's to blame, he hangs his kingly head in shame!

67A - Enemy In-Law

67B - Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture

68A - Patrick SmartPants

  • Patrick is seen studying an "amazing subspecies" under a microscope.
    Plankton: I'll show you subspecies!"

68B - SquidBob TentaclePants

  • Spongebob and Squidward, in their new conjoined body, ride Squid's bike to work, and straight into the Krusty Krab. A customer watches them ride by, drops his Krabby Patty, and laments out loud "I gotta lay off the hot sauce."
  • Squidward's last line of the episode when he gets fused to the entire cast.
    Squidward: It all started...when I was born.

69A - Krusty Towers

  • A classic Cloudcuckoolander moment from Patrick:
    Squidward: (lifting Patrick's suitcases) Patrick...what's in these bags, rocks?
    [the suitcase falls open to reveal they are rocks]
    Squidward: Hey, these are rocks! Why is your suitcase full of rocks?
    Patrick: I don't tell you how to live your life!
  • Squidward attempts to ride an elevator to deliver Patrick's suitcases, only for Mr. Krabs to show up in it and inform him that the elevator is only for guests before telling him to use the employee elevator. Squidward drags the suitcases to it, only to find out once the doors open that the employee "elevator" is actually a flight of stairs. He is not amused.
    Patrick: I would like a Krabby Patty and one room. With cheese! Oh, and can I get cheese on the Krabby Patty too?
    SpongeBob: Sorry, Mr. Krabs! We were all outta cheese.
    Patrick: (in a cheese-covered room) HOORAY!!!
  • When told to write his name, Patrick draws a picture of himself as a giant monster being shot at by planes.

69B - Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

  • A representative from the BSTAB has reminded Mrs. Puff of her unusual amount of failings in her classroom. Mrs. Puff retorts and says that only one student has failed her class (SpongeBob) and the representative tells her that he failed the test approximately 1,258,056 times while showing a folder where the failed files of SpongeBob are shown. He flips them over and the pictures of SpongeBob are shown laughing.
  • After Mrs. Puff is fired, she is enjoying a scenery while painting. She quickly notices the boat and attempts to paint something really quick. When the boat runs into her, the painting is shown to be SpongeBob, the instructor and Mr. Fits fearing for their lives.
  • When Sgt. Roderick arrives to replace Mrs. Puff, he lays down the rules:
    Sgt. Roderick: First rule: no talking.
    Student #1: Does that mean—
    (Roderick grabs him and throws him out of the class, through the wall, smashing a hole in it)
    Sgt. Roderick: Second rule: no eating in class. (he then holds up a box of bonbons and speaks more sweetly) Would anyone care for a bonbon?
    Student #2: Uh, I'll eat one.
    (everyone gasps)
    Sgt. Roderick: Pick your favorite... (this student takes a bonbon and eats it) How's it taste?
    Student #2: It's a delightful taste sensation.
    Sgt. Roderick: (grabbing student) NO EATING IN MY CLASSROOM!!
    (Roderick roughly throws this student out of the class as well, also smashing a hole in the wall in the process)
  • Then Sgt. Roderick commands Spongebob to take a boat apart and put it back together again.
    (Roderick is asleep)
    SpongeBob: It's ready, Sarge! (Roderick wakes with a start)
    Roderick: JUMPIN' JELLYFISH!
    (the camera pans over to reveal that SpongeBob has somehow built a rocket, which then takes off)

70B - Chimps Ahoy

  • SpongeBob tests out one of Sandy's inventions, a helmet that lets the user talk to nuts. When he attempts to communicate with a peanut, it tells him "It's dark in here (its shell)", then Sandy shows him her nut-achino machine, which can blend nuts into coffee. Huge Black Comedy Burst as she puts the peanut in the machine and it screams in agony as SpongeBob looks incredibly forlorn and takes off the helmet while Taps plays.

72B - Wishing You Well

  • When SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are stuck at the bottom of the well, we have this exchange:
    Squidward: (to Patrick) Could you not stand so close to me? You're making me claustrophobic.
    Patrick: What does 'claustrophobic' mean?
    SpongeBob: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
    Squidward: No it doesn't!
    Patrick: (waving arms) HO HO HO!!!
    SpongeBob: Stop it, Patrick! You're scaring him!
  • SpongeBob giving a shocked gasp when Mrs. Puff says she wants to be a hot rod mama.

75A - Squidtastic Voyage

  • Squidward's reed acting up in his larynx when he talks.
    Squidward: It's called a re—EEED!
    SpongeBob: What's a re-EEED!?

75B - That's No Lady

  • The fact that Squidward and Mr. Krabs (and every male patron at the Krusty Krab for that matter) believed Patrick's disguise as "Patricia".
  • Patrick's first attempt at a disguise is to wear kelp on his head and call himself "Mr. Seaweed Monster Man". Unfortunately, SpongeBob then points out that there's already a Mr. Seaweed Monster Man.
    Mr. Seaweed Monster Man: Hey!

76B - Hocus Pocus

  • This scene:
    Kid: (crying) But I don't like pistachio!
    Tom: Then why did you ask for it?
    (The car runs over a rock and the kid's pistachio ice cream goes flying. He proceeds to cry and annoy Tom)

77A - Driven to Tears

  • Patrick does the one thing (in one try) that SpongeBob could never do in over a million times... pass Ms. Puff's boating exam. With a perfect score. Of course, SpongeBob slowly breaks as Patrick continues to brag about it, even to his parents. The moment they drive off:
    Mr. Squarepants: Even Patrick has a license.
    Mr. & Mrs. Squarepants sigh.
  • Mr. Krabs isn't very good at consoling people.
    SpongeBob: I used to have a dream.
    Mr. Krabs: Yeah? I used to have a kidney stone. Everything passes eventually. Now stop dreaming and work for a living.

77B - Rule of Dumb

  • Patrick believes he's being hunted by the library for overdue library books, so he burns the books at SpongeBob's house.
  • Patrick blowing up at SpongeBob, who shrinks to the size of a bug and then high-tails it out of there as Patrick freaks out.

78A - Born to Be Wild

  • SpongeBob says he has to take the 'shortcut' to the Krusty Krab. The shortcut is the bubbles they use to change scenes. Mr. Krabs' reaction to SpongeBob suddenly being there is priceless.
  • Later, SpongeBob tries asking for Squidward for help to deal with the Wild Ones. He then tells him to get a good grip on his pants and turn around. And then he kicks him so hard and high that he lands next to Patrick in the next scene.
  • The duo hide themselves in a clam, who then spits them out and then gargles some mouthwash.
  • The reveal that the vicious biker gang called the Wild Ones are really... a bunch of old men who are really called the "Mild" Ones. And are so mild they allow Squidward, originally begging for mercy before realizing who they are, to ride away with them.
    • The leader of the gang even gives this epic roast to Mr. Krabs before they ride off, which could also be a Moment of Awesome for those who hate Krabs for his stinginess.
    Mr. Krabs: Don't you want to spend any money?
    Mild Ones leader: Don't you want to kiss the seat of my pants?

79A - The Pink Purloiner

80B - The Gift of Gum

  • SpongeBob having to karate kick the giant wad of gum into his house. His legs poke out from under it... and SpongeBob is using them as pickaxes to pull him out from under the gum.
  • In trying to "steal" the gum away from the dead of night, Spongebob slips in to find a bunch of fish stuck inside for who knows how long, and all frolic outside with glee of freedom.
  • A truck driver telling his truck "Old Blue" to keep pushing, not even aware of the gum lasso Sandy threw at it.
    Truck Driver: Don't you talk back to me! Do as your told! Do it! Do it! Do it! Come on girl, do it! Come on!
  • Squidward's involvement in the plot:
    Squidward: (looks out his window to see all the gum) What the...? (stops himself) Just let it go, Squidward. Let it go. Don't get involved, Squidward. (Squidward's house attaches itself to SpongeBob's. Squidward is sent out his window and onto the sticky gum) Of course.

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