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179A - Extreme Spots


181B - Squid Baby

  • As squicky as this episode is, even it has one after "Baby" Squidward draws on Nat's face:
    Nat: My face! My face! (stops walking) Also my leg, (continues walking) but mostly my face!

182A - Little Yellow Book

  • Squidward, in order to unlock SpongeBob's diary, uses Mr. Krabs' hairpin that was keeping his weird hair from showing.
  • When reading the diary, Squidward sees the extent of SpongeBob's delusion about the world around him, from saying how Squidward used bad curse words to show that he cared for his neighbor (not) and how he and Mr. Krabs "worked together" on one of his most favorite days at the Krusty Krab: cleaning day.
  • Squidward gets SpongeBob's attention by putting a funnel in a barrel hole that he's in and then screams his name at the top of his lungs. It causes the sponge to pour out of the funnel like water.
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  • Office Nanny's scene,
    Officer Nanny: I had a diary once. My brother read it! I had a brother once!

183A - Eek, an Urchin!

  • SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs make Plankton disguise as a female urchin who tries to get the urchin out of the Krusty Krab, but then more urchins appear and he gets attacked as usual.
  • When they finally catch the urchins (in a trash can), Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob take them far from the Krusty Krab. He eventually finds a spot and lets them go... right next to the Krusty Krab.
  • Also:
    Squidward: Nothing ever happens in this dump...
    SpongeBob: (pops up) SQUID!!!
    Squidward: Why did I say that?
    SpongeBob: (pops up again) WARD!!!


184A - Jailbreak!

  • One of Plankton's jail inmates tells a backstory where he used chum as a disguise (deforming his face by rubbing chum on it). When he horrifies the cashier into giving out money, it is revealed that his face morphed to look like Squidward's face.
  • At the beginning of the prison escape sequence, Plankton tells one of his inmates - a whale - to launch him to the front gate with his blowhole. Considering "One Coarse Meal" from two seasons earlier...
  • Also a failed attempt by the security guards to stop the crooks from escaping. After a hole is blown through the wall, every cop blocks it by stacking themselves over one another. They end up getting stuck and the prisoners escape through the front door.

185 - It Came from Goo Lagoon

  • When the giant goo bubble is headed toward a statue of King Neptune and is about to get punctured by his trident Sandy regretfully tries to destroy the statue with missiles, only for the statue to merely be reduced to a skeleton, trident still intact.
  • Sandy and SpongeBob's conversation right before.
    SpongeBob: Sandy, why do you have rockets on your sub?
    Sandy: Ya know, in case I get stuck in traffic.
  • SpongeBob getting rid of the goo on his hands by ripping his arms off then throwing them away and growing new ones, then when Patrick tries to do the same his arm doesn't grow back and he's left in Stunned Silence.

186B - Plankton's Pet

  • When Plankton tries to look for a pet, he said that the animals are too big, sloppy, and dumb (especially when Patrick was sitting in the cage acting like an animal).
  • Plankton tells spot to retrieve a Krabby Patty, but warns him that security is tight. Not a minute later...
    Plankton: Holy Plot Twist! It's a Krabby Patty!

187A - Don't Look Now

  • SpongeBob and Patrick are scared out of their wits after seeing a Slasher Movie about a killer fisherman. At one point, they see an ominous shadow from the moon and freak out because it might be the fisherman. Turns out, it's a frightening-looking man with a hood and a hockey mask riding a bicycle.
    SpongeBob: (cheerfully) Oh, that's just Slasher McGee.

187B - Séance Shméance

188B - Yeti Krabs

  • This:
    SpongeBob: Squidward and I are as close as brothers!
    Squidward: (quietly) Lllllludicrous.

189 - SpongeBob, You're Fired!

  • We are treated to Patrick entering/exiting the SpongeBob home by throwing himself through a window, an alternate version of the 'Serious Face', and Old Man Jenkins, among others.
  • Anything with that...thing...that grows on Patrick's head.
  • The ending, showing how Mr. Krabs can save money without firing SpongeBob: charging people to go to the bathroom.
  • Also, SpongeBob cleaning the entire Krusty Krab and putting it back to normal... And putting Squidward in a frilly pink princess dress, complete with crown. Squidward is not phased at all by this.
    Squidward: Hmm. (examines dress) Not exactly my color.

190A - Lost in Bikini Bottom

  • SpongeBob's clumsy morning routine.
  • It's shown that SpongeBob has a watch of Patrick that says "tick" or "tock" in his voice every minute.

190B - Tutor Sauce

  • Mr. Krabs says to SpongeBob that he taught Pearl how to drive. Right on cue, she speeds in right through the wall, crashing into some barrels next to them.
  • The various ways SpongeBob crashes into the Krusty Krab, the most ridiculous example being when SpongeBob uses a driving simulator, and still crashes into the physical Krusty Krab.
  • Mr. Krabs' auto-calculating rearview mirror, especially when we see Squidward whacking a customer with a spatula.
    Mr Krabs: (The Lawsuit is $150,000,000,000) Oh, that's a lot of zeroes.
    • What's funnier is that it's never explained WHY Squidward was beating the customer, he's just standing above some poor fish and repeatedly smacking him.
  • The fact that Gary is a better driver than SpongeBob.

191A - Squid Plus One

  • Squidward having conversations with his own reflection.
  • The elderly widow coming on to Norton the mailman.
  • When Squidward tries to look up names in his business card holder, he find that all of the cards are blank, but when he finds a phone number it turns out to be just some bugs in the shape of one that scurry out of the way.
  • Squidward pissing off Larry the Lobster by telling him that protein shakes are for idiots.
  • All the fakeouts of Squidward seemingly about to ask SpongeBob to go with him to the gala.
  • In the end, Squidward chooses SpongeBob as his "plus-one"...who holds up a mirror showing a reflection of himself as he walks the carpet.

192A - Company Picnic

  • The beginning of the episode has SpongeBob playing with a bunch of figures made out of patty ingredients. His college girl imitation is hilarious.
  • Squidward interrupting Mr. Krabs twice before the latter is able to say "The greatest company picnic ever!".
  • SpongeBob saying this in Slow Motion:
    SpongeBob: Simmy, look out! There's a candy pen headed straight for your eye due to my act of swatting it away without first considering the trajectory! Oh, I wish I could get my words out faster, but everything's in slow motion!
  • Squidward rubbing his tongue in disgust after finding out that the fried delicacies he ate and the candy pen he's sucking on are really chum and an insect respectively, both of which were disguised by Plankton's hologram projector.
  • Mr. Krabs throws a frisbee (which is really just a paper plate covered in mustard) for SpongeBob to catch. Instead, it splatters all over Squidward's face. Then Mr. Krabs proceeds to pick Squidward up and plop him down on the same mustard-covered plate.
  • Every time Simmy explodes.

192B - Pull Up a Barrel

  • When Mr. Krabs tells Squidward and SpongeBob about his days in the Navy, Patrick Star represents Krab's superior and Sandy appears as a pirate who is implied to be attracted to Krabs.
  • At the end of Krabs' story, he secretly helps Pirate Sandy escape by giving her a key made from cotton candy and they share a wink. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs both wink after the flashback ends, but Squidward has no idea why they are doing that.

193A - Sanctuary!

  • SpongeBob testing the baby snails' formula on his suddenly live-action arm.
  • SpongeBob becoming a Crazy Cat Lady when he ends up with more snails than he can handle taking care of.
  • The weird customer who actually likes Squidward sneezing all over his food.

193B - What's Eating Patrick?

  • Mr. Krabs mentions that he had to grease a few wheels in order to cater for this year's annual eating contest. A Cutaway Gag shows that he literally greased the wheels of the Commissioner's boat.
  • A file photo of SpongeBob and Patrick shows SpongeBob sitting in a chair while Patrick is wearing a chair around his neck.
  • Patrick and Oswald McNulty casually greeting each other before the contest begins.

194A - Patrick! The Game

  • Patrick's first attempt at creating a game is to make a shorter version of Tic-Tac-Toe called Tic-Tac. After Squidward keeps beating him, he states that he should have gone with his first idea, Tic.
  • When Squidward lands on the "Jail" square on Patrick's board game, he is forced to put on a cardboard box that reads "Jail" that somehow has the head of a prison convict inside asking him what he's in for.
  • Patrick's head has a miniature version of himself dispensing Idea Bulbs.

194B - The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

  • Pretty much everything involving Charlton Hawkfish. Highlights include chewing out Mr. Krabs and the stadium owner for cutting corners and rolling up the skin on his arms as if they were sleeves as he prepares to fight the giant sewer snake.
    • Helps that he's played by Kowalski, both in English and Korean.
  • Squidward and SpongeBob flushing stuff down the toilet for fun, especially when they freak out after they realize they accidentally flushed the safe containing the Krabby Patty formula.
  • After SpongeBob flushes himself down the toilet to get the safe back, Squidward makes the mistake of telling the customers that the food will be ready once he gets the cook out of the toilet. The customers are understandably grossed out.
  • SpongeBob crosses off "digested by sewer snake" on his "to-do" list. Other items on the to-do list include "Have tea with Squidward", "Eat 500 chocolate bars", and "take road trip to moon".
    • Squidward starts freaking out when he realizes that he and SpongeBob are inside the snake's stomach. The former proceeds to freak out and run around on the stomach walls, with the latter helping out. The snake proceeds to get nauseated.

195A - SpongeBob LongPants

195B - Larry's Gym

  • Everything Mr. Krabs does in this episode is hilarious. Highlights include magically appearing out of nowhere when Larry mentions everything being free on the first day at his gym and accidentally cooking himself in the steam room.
  • SpongeBob calling a bro-hug a "brug" and Larry asking him not to call it that.

196A - The Fish Bowl

  • Squidward not getting his free ice cream.
  • When Sandy first decides to experiment on Patrick and SpongeBob, she shouts "Eureka", which then cuts to a gold-fishing prospector saying "That's my line". As a Brick Joke, Sandy later says "Double Eureka" and it cuts to two prospectors saying "That's our line".
  • When Patrick is told that he's in charge, he's so surprised that he repeatedly thinks the words "I'm in charge" and has an Imagine Spot of being the head of his own corporation and doing nothing but playing with the telephone and spilling a cup of coffee on the ground.
  • Squidward flipping out over all the ice cream being gone while SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick, and Gary take notes.

196B - Married to Money

  • Plankton attempts to coerce Mr. Krabs into revealing the Krabby Patty formula using sea bears he trained, only for SpongeBob to tame them by tickling their tummies and then luring them out of the Krusty Krab by covering himself with jellyfish honey.
  • Plankton mocks Krabs' love for money by giving him the old "Then why don't you marry it" mockery. When Krabs says that he would marry money if he could, it gives Plankton the idea to disguise himself as a sentient woman of money named Cashina and marry Krabs to learn the secret formula.
  • After all these years, it turns out that Pearl's "lipstick" is actually just some kind of weird rash and that her "boots" are actually coral infecting her feet.
  • When Pearl gets fed up with Cashina trying to understand her, she vows to from now on never be understood again and shouts gibberish before storming off.
  • The concierge at the end of the episode appearing to comfort Mr. Krabs over Cashina turning out to be Plankton in disguise, only to demand that he get a tip.
  • Both times Krabs and Cashina kiss, Krabs gets electrocuted.

197A - Mall Girl Pearl

  • When Pearl runs up to Mr. Krabs to say she's getting a job, he assumes she's going to ask him for money so he padlocks his wallet and swallows it. Then she asks him for $10, and he pulls his wallet back out.
  • Bikini Bottom's mall has two sublevels, the first of which has a 49¢ store and the second has a store among several decrepit, boarded-up storefronts. There's also a Funny Background Event with an officer chasing a thief.
  • The fact that SpongeBob gets very little screen time in the episode and then appears at the very end when Pearl gives her employer a powerful handshake that causes her hand to fall off, leading to SpongeBob giving it back to her.
  • SpongeBob is also seen in a Funny Background Event throughout the episode stalking Squidward through the mall.
  • When Pearl attempts to get a job at Scorched Coral, her goth friend turns her away because they've already hired. The new employee turns out to be a goth version of Pearl, who scares Pearl away by snarling at her.
    • The Scorched Coral also has a phone with a scream for a ringtone.
  • Pearl's employer at Grandma's Apron mentions that her employee Myrtle is no longer with them. We cut to Myrtle's framed picture appearing while a somber theme plays, but it then turns out that Myrtle is still alive when she comes back to get her sunglasses back and rollerblades away while saying "So long, suckers".

197B - Two Thumbs Down

  • When SpongeBob initially breaks his thumbs, they react to it like fighter pilots caught in a tailspin.
  • SpongeBob gives two thumbs up to a man asking for directions. The man misinterprets this as directions for where he should go and proceeds to drive his boat vertically into the sky.
  • In the montage of SpongeBob training himself to regain the use of his thumbs, he is seen playing what appears to be a video game. The scene pans out to reveal that he's actually playing with a life support monitor, causing the patient to go into seizures.

198A - Sharks vs. Pods

  • Donnie accidentally blowing his hair off with a hairdryer.
  • After the entire episode makes it seem like the Sharks and the Pods are rival gangs, it turns out that they're only a pair of dance troupes with a hilarious explanation for every calling card, such as the fruit vendor giving the Sharks all his stock out of concern for their health rather than intimidation and the fainting girls being the Sharks' fans.
  • The Irish cops turning out to be hula dancers and the internal affairs agents turning out to be breakdancers.
  • Patrick showing up just to say that they saved the rec center, followed by Squidward remarking "What rec center?"
  • The Sharks' leader Shark Face compliments SpongeBob by calling him a popping porifera. SpongeBob looks through a dictionary before thanking him.
  • The Sharks make a big deal about losing their member Johnny, who is initially implied to be dead. When it turns out that the Sharks are a dance troupe and not a gang of criminals, it turns out that Johnny actually injured himself while trying to do a dance move. What sells it is Shark Face stating that Johnny won't be able to dance for days or even a week as if days or weeks are incredibly long times to recover.

198B - CopyBob DittoPants

  • When Squidward sees the two SpongeBobs, he begins to think he's dreaming. First, he tries to hit himself to wake up. After that, he does extremely rude and suicidally dumb things like knocking a customer's burger out of his hands and pantsing Mr. Krabs. Eventually, he concludes that he can fly because he's in a dream and runs around with his arms flailing.
  • The second SpongeBob clone putting Plankton in his mouth and being lectured by Karen not to put dirty things in his mouth. Plankton remarks that this may be why he never had children.
  • When the SpongeBob clones cease to exist, several of them are seen licking a happy Patrick. When they vanish, Patrick becomes somber and remarks that "Life is but a walking shadow". He then gets happy again and rolls around on the ground, afterwards being shredded into tiny Patricks by a lawnmower that was being used by one of the expired SpongeBob clones.
  • When SpongeBob chooses not to step on Plankton for his latest scheme, Plankton initially thinks that he's getting off scot-free, but his gloating comes to an end when Squidward, still believing that he's in a dream, comes crashing onto him while trying to fly.

199A - Sold!

  • Squidward pretending to be a family of Germans living in SpongeBob's house.
  • In a similar context, SpongeBob speaking German.
  • Squidward pretending to be a New-Age Retro Hippie rock star living in Patrick's house.
  • The whole premise of the episode is that SpongeBob and Patrick thought they got kicked out of their homes just because of Nick Fishkins' commercial having him say that he wants to buy the viewer's house.
  • Squidward's happiness song when he wakes up after Patrick and SpongeBob have moved out.
  • Squidward at one point takes a bag of trash from Mr. Krabs... along with Mr. Krab's whole arm.

199B - Lame and Fortune

  • Plankton tries to explain to Karen how to take advantage of Mr. Krabs profiting from fortune cookies.
    Plankton: What's hollow, filled with lies, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth?
    Karen: Our marriage?
  • Two customers at the Krusty Krab are given a fortune claiming that they'll fall in love after they eat their own hats. Like the other fortunes, it comes true.
  • One customer gets a fortune saying his legs will be injured. A piano falls on him and he actually considers it a good thing because he wanted an excuse to get out of jury duty. A subtle reference to the ever famous "My Leg!" gag doesn't hurt either.
  • Mr. Krabs' Imagine Spot of his funeral, where Pearl mourns the loss of her father before giddily taking his money to spend on shoes and SpongeBob cries so much that Krabs' coffin overflows with tears.
  • At the end of the episode, Plankton is given a fortune saying that he'll go through a journey where he'll get everything he deserves. Plankton ends up at a Chinese restaurant where he falls out of someone's fortune cookie and then gets eaten offscreen.

200 - Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

201A - Sandy's Nutmare

  • Patrick attempts to eat nutty butter by spreading it on his belly and then biting it.
  • The Shalmon's story about the star playing with the sun and moon, with the star represented by Patrick, the sun represented by SpongeBob, and the moon represented by Squidward.

201B - Bulletin Board

  • The hippie fish who calls out Mr. Krabs for taking down a scathing criticism of the Krusty Krab from the bulletin board.
  • It turns out that P-Star7 is actually Patrick and that his insults towards the Krusty Krab were actually poorly-phrased compliments.

202A - Food Con Castaways

  • Patrick eats all of the krabby patty samples and claims that it was an accident because they fell in his mouth.
  • When Patrick and SpongeBob start to tire from dragging the trailer on foot, Squidward tells Mr. Krabs that the two will need to rest if they want them to live. Squidward is quick to add that it's not that he would prefer Patrick and SpongeBob to live, it's just that he's stating the facts.
  • When Squidward tries to lull SpongeBob to sleep by playing on his clarinet, Squidward being Squidward, he ends up playing awfully and a flying snail monster that tried to fly off with the Krabby Patty earlier swoops down and carries him in the air before dropping him.
    Mr. Krabs: Did I say 'soothes?' I guess I meant 'enrages.'

202B - Snail Mail

  • SpongeBob's Imagine Spot of the funeral for his pen pal. The highlights are his pen pal's corpse being inside a giant letter and said letter being put into a mail bin before being buried.
  • SpongeBob being freaked out by what appears to be Death, but it turns out to be a scythe salesman in a cloak named Steve.

203A - Pineapple Invasion

203B - Salsa Imbecilicus

  • Plankton's plan to use idiot sauce made from Patrick's DNA backfires when he becomes the first person made a moron by it.
  • According to Karen, Plankton apparently once boiled his own underwear.
  • By the end of the episode, the only one who hasn't had their intelligence restored is Plankton.
    • Before that, Karen and Sandy's attempts to try and make Plankton smarter (such as feeding him nuts, shining a bright light on him and then simply yelling at him).

204A - Mutiny on the Krusty

  • A live-action cow inexplicably appears among the people and objects being blown in the wind current in the beginning of the episode.
  • When SpongeBob turns to Squidward when the Krusty Krab is attacked by a monster, he sees Squidward's hat floating in mid-air and an ink stain on the ground. SpongeBob states that he knows where Squidward is and he finds him inside a pickle jar.
  • SpongeBob attempts to get Mr. Krabs to fight the monster by threatening to destroy his first dime. When that fails because of the dime being indestructible, he decides to spend the dime on candy from a candy machine instead, which works in motivating Krabs.

204B - The Whole Tooth

  • Squidward's epic Jaw Drop when Spongebob reveals to him and Patrick that there's not a tooth fairy, but a tooth ferry.
  • Patrick tries to get out of going to the dentist by pretending to be a stuffed animal prize at a knock-over-the-bottles game.
  • Everything about the dentist Dr. Mundane. It helps that he's voiced by Rodger Bumpass using a Ben Stein impression.


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