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  • Connor from Angel is this, due to being a Dhampyr. Other Buffyverse characters could be described as this too, but Connor is notable because his fighting style is designed to exploit this as much as possible. (unlike, say, Buffy, who, as a Slayer, is supposed to be this, but draws on her power way more than her speed or her durability)
  • Most of the Mirakuru soldiers on Arrow qualify as bruisers, but an enhanced Slade Wilson fits the bill to the point of being unstoppable (a one-off, extremely specific bluff notwithstanding).
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  • The White Star-class gunships in Babylon 5. Thanks to a combination of Minbari and Vorlon technology, these comparatively small ships pack quite a punch and have the maneuverability of a fighter. They're also the only ships of that size that can open their own jump points. They're far from invulnerable, though, and many are lost during the Second Shadow War and the Earth Alliance Civil War. Also, compared to the cumbersome EarthForce ships (no Artificial Gravity or Reactionless Drive) during the Earth-Minbari War, the much larger Minbari ships were this. And let's not forget the Vorlons and the Shadows.
  • Deadliest Warrior: The Samurai. Much more agile and precise than the Viking and later the Spartan, his katana and especially his kanabo meant he hit like a truck despite his size, and his steel armour was quite resilient as well. Also, the Vampires from the Season 3 finale were much stronger and faster than any human could ever hope to be, and also would survive injuries that would kill humans outright.
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  • The Flash (2014) has the Reverse-Flash. He's a lot faster than Flash himself and he's strong enough to toss grown men around like rag dolls. Season 2 introduces Zoom, who's even faster and stronger than Reverse-Flash. Zoom runs circles around Flash and then effortlessly breaks his back. Season 3 continues the trend with Savitar, who is absolutely huge and strong enough to toss Flash around like a rag doll, and so fast he makes Flash look like he's in slow motion.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Brienne is both very big and strong (the actress who plays her is 6'3" in real life) and very fast (after losing her weapon in the melee, she is able to defeat Loras by ducking inside his defenses and tackling him to the ground before he can bring his weapon to bear to defend himself).
    • If you are stronger than Sandor Clegane, he will be faster and more skilled. If you are faster or more skilled (there are almost none who could accurately claim both), he can simply brute force his way past your defenses. This is how he's become such a feared swordsman, and how he stands toe-to-toe with Gregor at the Tourney of the Hand.
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    • Bronn describes Sandor's brother Gregor as "freakish big and freakish strong and faster than you'd think a man of his size." Though after Qyburn's treatment he seems to have lost this aspect, becoming more of a Mighty Glacier.
    • Drogon. As big and great as he is, this Dragon has very quick and sharp reflexes. Even when Dany was a sitting duck and hadn't fully removed the ballista bolt, Drogon quickly swivels his neck and lights up his throat to burn down Jaime.
    • In an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, Daario kills both Mero and Prendahl, captains of one of the more dangerous and organized mercenary bands in Essos, even though they draw first. In "The Rains of Castamere" he seems to kill more Yunkish soldiers than Grey Worm and Jorah combined! And then, in "Breaker of Chains", he becomes Daenerys' champion against Meereen's champion (allegedly on the ground that, of all the volunteers, he's the most expendable, but it's clearly part of his and Daenerys' extended Ship Tease). The Meereenese champion is mounted, and charges him with lance. Daario responds by throwing his knife into the horse's head, killing it instantly. Then he kills the dismounted rider with one stroke.
    • Despite defying the conventional berserker tendency and wearing head-to-toe halfplate in combat, Euron moves and hits like a storm at sea: hard, implacable, and lightning-fast.
  • Eliot Spencer in Leverage. The guy Does Not Like Guns (but is still a pro at using them). His introduction involves a flashback of a retrieval mission in the den of some mob boss with a dozen of the latter's guys armed to the teeth. A few seconds, and tons of gunshots later, we are once again shown the inside of the den with all the guys down and Eliot unharmed. In the same episode, Eliot takes out two professional security guards before a dropped bag hits the ground.
  • Clark Kent, naturally, on Smallville. This version has no compunctions about dropping into 'Clark time' and using his superspeed to take opponents out.
  • Gannicus from Spartacus fits this. He's one of the smaller characters, prone to bouncing around everywhere, but it takes and incredible amount of damage to knock him down and is shown to be surprisingly strong.
  • The original U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series is highly maneuverable at warp speed, packs a powerful arsenal of phasers and photon torpedoes, and can take a pounding thanks to her Deflector Shields.
  • The U.S.S. Defiant, first of her class, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine qualifies. Due to being a Pint-Sized Powerhouse, it's small and fleet compared to ships several times her size, but thanks to very robust powerplants (meaning very robust shields), experimental hull armor, pulse phasers, quantum torpedoes, she can match them evenly.
  • The Borg Cubes are utterly massive and dwarf any ship Starfleet fielded in the TNG era. They're also insanely fast. The U.S.S. Enterprise (another contender for this trope) was in danger of damaging her engines when giving chase to a fleeing cube.
  • Castiel from Supernatural is this, relative to his human friends. Due to his angelic powers, he can dish out and take significantly more damage than Sam or Dean and bounce back from injuries much more quickly. In one episode, Dean has him move a very large anvil for them; in another, he slices a magical sigil into his chest and then engages in combat with no ill effects from the injury. He can also teleport, allowing him to appear suddenly behind or in the pathway of enemies before he smites them. Relative to other angels, however, he's either stronger or weaker depending on the rank/power level of whomever he's facing off with. Archangels can generally kill him with a fingersnap.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman could stop a tank with her bare hands and rescued soldiers by throwing a telephone pole at the bad guys. She could also run over 700 mph (shown in "Death in Disguise") and, for example in "Flight to Oblivion", chased down a bus and stopped it by grabbing onto the back bumper and overpowering the engine.


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