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Characters / Dice Funk Rallyball

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Rallyball Characters

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Gabriel Pangolins

    Dominique Hasek 
'Played By:' Austin Yorski
Half-orc monk who acts as team goalie. She has an unhealthy fixation on the team's mascot, Pennysworth.
  • Honor Before Reason: She believes in fair play above everything else; her philosophy is that a victory earned by cheating isn't a real victory. She even calls out Jacq for poor sportsmanship (not that she needs to; the referee is a Beholder and sees everything.)
  • Stalker with a Crush: She's obsessed with Pennysworth.

    Dirk 'Slippy' Mc Nabb 
'Played By:' Johnny Maloney
Half-elf rogue who's mostly in it for the brand deals.

    Ellis Fartek 
'Played By:' Nik Freeman
Dwarf fighter and a veteran of the game. He's suffered numerous concussions as a result.
  • Back in the Saddle: Accidentally. He'd been retired for a good while, hinting at a comeback whenever he needed new brand deals, but he accidentally signed a new one without noticing the stipulation that he'd have to actually come out of retirement.
  • Dump Stat: His intelligence is actually fairly high, but his wisdom is definitely not. Nik characterizes this as Ellis knowing every single play but having no idea when to use them.

    Jacq Henson 
'Played By:' Peter Bowman
Human barbarian who just likes hitting people.
  • Dumb Muscle: He's really only in the game because he likes fighting people. Sometimes he even forgets there's a point-scoring part of the game.
    • He completely forgets about how he'd stomped on an opposing player's leg by the time he goes back to the locker room even though doing so caused him to have to sit out the next round.

    Coach-Mascot Pennysworth 
The team's mascot and coach, whose species is currently unknown due to his giant pangolin costume(?).
  • Ambiguously Human: Is he a humanoid in a pangolin costume? Is he a giant pangolin? Is he a pangolin outfit that has been animated by some sort of sapience magic?
  • Ambiguous Situation: When the Pangolins come out to the field for their second game, the lights flicker off and back on to reveal Pennysworth's costume(?) lying empty in the middle of the field.

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