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  • Two moments from his A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) review: A) Putting his opinion of the movie as a whole to a holiday song and B) Almost perfectly syncing him mouthing his speech as he is typing it (similar to Lemony Snicket in the film) with his voice dubbed over.
  • For the Dungeons & Dragons review, ERod was about to bust the movie, when the normally shy Nerdlinger goes with a sword and busts it in full angry nerd-rage. Even ERod was impressed by this.
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  • In the Jumper review, ERod teleports to another place where he runs the DVD over with a truck.
  • At the end of Halloween Havoc 2011, ERod busts Eclipse, Red Riding Hood, and The Little Vampire with a chainsaw.
  • Also, at the end of his X-3 review, ERod gives us a montage of clips from the movies...set to the 90's cartoon theme. Hell. YES.
  • Then in his Honest Review of The Avengers, he finishes with clips set to The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!.
  • And in his Honest Review of EMH, he finishes it with clips from the show set to the movies' glorious score.
  • Meta example from his commentary from his Eragon review: how about the fact that ERod had run out of money to sustain himself, and was consequently going to be evicted from his home. With a week's notice prior to this, the guy's only thought was that, since his next video was likely to be his last, he'd better make it goddamn incredible. The fact that making another video was even on his mind at his time blows me away - whatever you might say about him, this is a guy who clearly loves his fans. The Determinator indeed.
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  • Doubles as a Funny Moment. The cameos for Top 10 Hispanic Heroes by The Film Renegado and Angry Joe, marking this as his first video featuring other reviewers
    Angry Joe: "Fine then, I'll go play The Witcher 2 BY MYSELF!" (leaves with a bottle of lotion)
    That SciFi Guy makes a cameo in the Jason X review as well.
  • In his Sucker Punch review, having the grace to admit he didn't get it. That means a lot to those of us who actually like it.
  • His sword-flipping at the beginning of the Gulliver's Travels review. To the music of Tenacious D.
  • With no doubt, ERod really can dance.
  • His anger and disgust at the deaths of a child, a father in front of his daughter, and a pregnant woman in AVP Requiem.
  • Playing the Mortal Kombat theme during the duel between armored talking polar bears in The Golden Compass.
  • ERod getting ready to bust The Smurfs by using a "Wavebird Controller" to pick himself out of a bunch of pixel sprite icons, including the likes of The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, AVGN and more, then posing in the same pose as the sprite, all to Street Fighter music.
    • And he used this art
  • In the scene from Jason X where Rowan seals Jason in the Cryogenic chamber, he plays the music from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Not only is it perfect for this scene, but he blended it in so seamlessly that this troper (who hasn't seen Jason X) actually wondered if it had been in the movie. Bravo ERod, bravo.
  • For Breaking Dawn Part 1:
    • References precisely the situation of supernatural birth in Angel on why Joss Whedon wrote it better than the movie.
    • Unable to show the birth scene because of it's seizure warning, ERod describes the scene and gives his personal opinion, stating that it was a wasted oportunity to represent in an artistic way the contrast of the beginning of life (the birth) and the end of life (the upcoming war). "But, hey. What do I know. I'm just the guy on the Internet!"
    • Without his weapons or Lucille, ERod transforms his arm into Hellboy's fist and busts all five movies.
      • Then catches SHE-Rod mid-fall and they stand in the middle of all the busted movies. Like a Boss!
  • When sending message to the backlash two times (the backlash for his TGWTG parodies and his storyline in ERod vs. Episode One), ERod stablishes that being a reviewer and an entertainer himself can't get upset at the negative feedback or at jokes of himself by other people, because if he did, he would be a big, fat hypocrite. And never loses his cool at the haters either.
  • At the end of the Conan the Barbarian (2011) review he gets...the Master Sword! And he then proceeds to the bust the movie with it!
    • The ending as well, with ERod pulling an Orcus on His Throne while 'Mako' narrates.
  • The entire busting of Battleship! ERod discards Lucille and goes full on rampage with his fists.
  • Getting Doug Jones to appear in his The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle review.
  • The defeat of Lazarus Dark and the reveal of his careful manipulation of the events leading up to it, with the Doctor Who theme in the background.
  • His Top 10 Bruce Campbell Characters video was tweeted by Campbell himself and approved of. See the tweet here.
    • His introductory quote on how he got introduced to Bruce Campbell also counts.
    ERod: When I was a kid, I was a bit of a coward. I was afraid of nearly everything, especially monsters. Movies like Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, and Enemy Mine would send me screaming to my room and characters like Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and the Cryptkeeper haunted my nightmares. This all changed one night when I was staying at my grandmother's, and saw a film in which a man picked up a boom stick and told the monsters to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!
  • Busting Garfield 2 with Mjolnir.
  • ERod suiting up after regaining his memory and powers with Hometown Hero playing in the background.
  • His Honest Review of Kick-Ass not only is awesome because ERod calls out Jim Carrey's straw-anti-gun position by not promoting the movie, ERod also told he was a Gun-Shot survivor and, after growing up in a dangerous neighborhood, is this what makes Kick-Ass so special for him.
  • When he got Linkara, to do an awesome crossover review to mark E-Rod's anniversary. Bonus points for it being the first time E-Rod has so much as been seen in the same room as a TGWTG review, let alone do a crossover.
  • The duel with Stephenie Meyer.
  • Him beating up Uwe Boll at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine... and forcing him to watch a marathon of his infamous game movies.
  • He gets angry at how Martian society as portrayed in Mars Needs Moms essentially commits mass-murder (both Martians and non-Martians) on a regular basis. What really inspires his anger, though, is the fact that it's a kid's movie, as well as one of the protagonists' major complaints about her society is that it has no color, even though one would think she would complain about the mass-murder. At the end of the review he calls out the film for not just looking ugly, but being ugly and mean-spirited all around.
    • He's challenged to think of things more awesome than a world full of trash. Instead of doing the obvious and giving mundane pictures (as anything would be better) he pulls up pictures of Sean Pertwee dressed as the Third Doctor, Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion having a lightsaber battle, and Ming-Na Wen cosplaying as Princess Leia.
  • His Top 10 Un-amazing Spiderman 2 Moments has a couple of great moments. Whether it's harping on the casting, ideas and what have you, but his best awesome moments are when he's talking about Spiderman's character in the film vs his character elsewhere. Stating that Spiderman would never kill someone without trying to find another way first, and would never say no and not help someone just because they might get hurt in the process.
  • In his Honest Review of Iron Man 3, even thought he loved the movie and defended it, he assured that he didn't plan to give it a perfect score. Why? Not because of the divisive parts, but because he felt the movie overdid with the Stuffed into the Fridge trope by killing two of Tony's love interests just to motivate him and also reviving Pepper, rendering her death scene pointless. Doubles also as a Heartwarming Moment as well.
  • The commentary for his review of Batman: The Movie reveals it was intention when he wrote the script for ERod to come of as being in the wrong for criticizing the movie. That's right, he wrote his own character as the straw man.
  • His review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice he rips into the fight between the two titular characters comparing who Captain America: Civil War did the same premise much better. He points out that while Captain America and Iron Man's fight was about the same length, the two of them had already had their verbal engagements, and battle with their teams of superheroes leading up to their fight at the climax of the movie. In Batman V Superman however there is only one real fight and consists mostly of Superman getting beat up because he's firmly grasping the Idiot Ball and walking into every obvious trap set by Batman.
    • In his commentary he states that he's exaggerating his opinions on most of the films he reviews, but he truly does hate Batman V Superman. Growing up he led a tough life where everyone believed that if somebody had power they would abuse it, so he actually admired the comic book superheroes like Batman and Superman who used their power for good with no abuse. Which is why he hates the film for its abysmal portrayal of them.
  • In his honest review of The LEGO Batman Movie, despite it having his favorite incarnation of Batman on film and actually being about Batman throughout its entire plot, unlike other films which he feels Batman is often reduced to a Supporting Protagonist, he still only gives it a nine out of ten. Why? Because of the entire plot with Batman hating Superman doesn't get a satisfying resolution and Batman suffers no comeuppance for being such a jerk to Superman, along with breaking crystals that had Superman's memories of Krypton and stealing his Phantom Zone Projector.
    • The Lego Superman in the review gets a moment for no longer putting up with Batman's abuse and punching him. In response to the famous "Do you bleed" line from Batman V Superman, he replies he does bleed, Batman's blood all over his fist. This quickly shuts Batman up.
  • The Justice League (2017) review, featuring him teaming up with Linkara and Lupa to take down Una, is full of these. Starting with ERod using his Busterforce powers to give them the powers of DC's Big Three.
    • Una successfully turns Super Linkara against the other two, forcing ERod to remove his and Linkara's powers. It almost works perfectly, except for Linkara using a redirected bullet from the Magic Gun.
    • SheRod, E-Joy, and Doctor Effect arriving as The Cavalry in the final battle against Una. Cue some rather awesome combo movies (like Sherod and Linkara pulling an Iron Man 2 on Una) while ERod powers through the lightning surrounding his hammer.
    • It all leads to a Macross Missile Massacre from all parties, which still doesn't manage to kill Una. What does? The hammer's failsafe, turning her to dust, something that ERod and the rest had actually been trying to prevent. They were holding back the entire time.


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